A/N: This is set in Ch 14 of the manga, during the battle with Blastmon where Kiriha calls Taiki a coward, and written for the 50_digifics challenge on livejournal for the pairing Taiki/Akari and prompt #011: courage.

Stand up! Akari no Heart!
Drabble 1: The Courage in Taiki's Dream

Her blood boiled, and the scene before her faded slightly before coming into focus again.

How dare he?!

She could have shaken him, rattled his flimsy body until his teeth fell out and his eyes rolled about on the debris-covered ground. Or…perhaps she couldn't have, because she wasn't quite sure whether or not Kiriha was above hitting women or not. Sometimes it seemed his ruthless drive would allow anything, but the way he looked whenever they talked about Nene…

He treated Kotone alright too, and Akari had to admit that if it hadn't been for his attitude towards Taiki she would be satisfied with his treatment of her as well. But it wasn't an insult to herself that had ignited her anger, but to her friend.

And after everything Kiriha had just heard, how could he turn around and call Taiki a coward? Especially since, knowing Taiki, he would probably agree if he heard.

That settled it; Taiki would not be hearing about this little incident from her.

Kiriha, on the other hand, would. Though perhaps she wouldn't shake his body parts loose, now that a little sadness and agreement had dusted the flames. Because it was sad, to watch Taiki tear himself apart for something he had long since been forgiven for. Tatsuya had never blamed him, and hopefully Shoutmon would be able to show him that, since she had tried and failed.

It looked like she had something else to show though, and this time she would succeed, because Kiriha lacked Taiki's advantage in being immune to her wrath.

Because Taiki was not a coward; to let go of his dream and strive for the completion of others might be a foolish thing at times, but only the brave were willing to undergo such sacrifice.