Chapter 1: The Beginning

"Sure, I like a little challenge as in keyword: little. Did I really know what I was getting into? I thought I did. Something that seemed so simple ended up being a lot more complicated than I could ever imagine, but I don't regret it. Well, maybe there were one or two minor things I really regret...but that's all in the past now, right?" TK spoke into his camcorder.

"Stop talking to yourself and shut that camera off! You're gonna be late for school, dammit!"

"Okay Mom!" TK yelled. He shut his camcorder off and carefully put it inside his camera bag.

"Hey, are you planning to run for prom princess?" a girl walked up to Mimi with a clipboard.

"Of course, silly! Sign me up!" Mimi snatched the clipboard and and wrote her name in obnoxiously huge letters so that it took up the entire page.

"Thanks...," the girl took her clipboard back and left.

"Oh my gosh! You're running for prom princess! I'm so excited for you!" her friend Meg squealed. Meg was an adorable girl with short, wavy blonde hair and honey-colored eyes.

"Yeah, but that doesn't mean you're going to win," Miki said. Miki was the polar opposite of Meg. Meg was optimistic and friendly, but Miki was a lot more cynical and blunt than her. Not only did they act opposite of each other, they also looked opposite. While Meg was universally considered cute, Miki was dripping with sex appeal. Miki had narrow violet eyes that made her look mysterious, and long, straight black hair that seemed to be really popular with the boys. Mimi was so lucky to have such attractive girls as her friends. After all, birds of a feather flock together.

"Come on! I totally have it in the bag! I'm pretty, I have designer clothes, I have gorgeous best friends-which is you by the way, I have a hot boyfriend, and I'm totally rich! I'm obviously going to win!" Mimi scoffed.

"Yeah, but Natalie Kelly's going to be some tough competition," Miki tilted her chin toward a pretty blonde girl. The girl from earlier handed her the clipboard to sign.

"Whatever, I'm still much better than she is! Everybody loves me!" Mimi said.

"But she's cheerleading captain. That totally earns her popularity points," Meg said.

"I don't know how you're going to top that," Miki said.

"I could have been a cheerleader if I wanted to! I just didn't feel like being one, they're just so passé, total überholt," Mimi crossed her arms.

"We're holding the cheerleading tryouts here in five minutes. I suggest you take this time to warm up," Natalie said. Natalie was a petite girl with dirty blonde hair, green eyes, and cute freckles across her face.

"This is going to be so easy," Mimi smirked at the other pathetic girls. There was no way these girls would ever make the team; they just weren't on the same level as she was.

"Alright, I'm back! Here, I need you girls to pin these numbers on your shirts," Natalie handed buttons out to each girl.

"Um, I can't put this on! I'll poke holes in my shirt!" Mimi grimaced at the button.

"If you don't have your number on, then you can't audition," Natalie sternly said.

"But this is Diane Von Furstenburg! I'll ruin my shirt!" Mimi pulled at her yoga top.

"Oh, why didn't you say so?" Natalie softened her gaze.

"I knew you'd understand," Mimi smiled.

"I don't care! Put the number on or leave! No exceptions!" Natalie growled.

"Fine," Mimi pouted.

"Okay, now that everyone has their numbers on, I'm gonna need you to wait in the hallway. Stacey's going to draw random numbers out of a hat, and when she announces your number, you can come inside. You girls better impress me!" Natalie said. "Now shoo!"

"Hey," Kari waved at Mimi.

"Hi," Mimi coldly said.

"How are you doing? I haven't talked to you in a while," Kari nervously wrung her hands.

"I'm doing fine," Mimi said in a crisp tone.

"Tryouts sound like they're going to be tough, huh?" Kari continued to try striking up competition with her.

"Only for losers," Mimi looked at her fingernails.

"Um...okay. Well, good luck," Kari raised her eyebrows and sat closer to the door.

"Number 5, you're up!" a cheerleader announced.

"Oh, that's me!" Mimi sprung up and dashed inside the gym.

"Number 5...where's your button?" Natalie looked annoyed.

"I decided to pin it on my Juicy shorts. See?" Mimi lifted her shirt up a bit to reveal her button.

"I didn't ask you to pin it on your butt. On your shirt, now!" Natalie commanded.

"What does it matter anyways? You already know I'm number five!"

"That's not the point. All of the other girls pinned their buttons on their shirts. What makes you think that you have special privileges over them?"

"But it's DVF...," Mimi whined.

"So what? Everyone knows that in a couple of weeks, you're gonna toss it anyways because it was soooo two seconds ago," Natalie rolled her eyes. "Besides, I think you can afford to ruin one shirt. God knows you buy new stuff every day."

"Fine...," Mimi whined.

"Good. Now show me what you got," Natalie said.

"We're the school that can't be beat, our competition can't take the heat-"

"Next!" Natalie yelled.

"But-" Mimi's jaw dropped.

"What part of 'next' don't you understand?! Get off the court and wait in the hallway along with the other girls!" Natalie yelled.

"..." Mimi reluctantly trudged her way out of the gym floor. She sat in the hallway far from the other girls. She watched as the girls exited the gym, with nervous looks on their faces. After waiting for thirty minutes, Natalie called all of the girls back into the gym.

"Okay, after careful deliberation, we've decided that numbers 9, 4, 1, 3, 7, 6, 2, 10, 8...," Natalie paused for dramatic effect. All of the girls except Mimi held their breaths in. Mimi just stood there with crossed arms and a confident smile on her face.

"You've made the team! I'm sorry, but the rest of you just didn't cut it," Natalie shrugged.

"What do you mean the rest? I'm the only one who didn't get in!" Mimi gasped.

"You just don't have what it takes to be a cheerleader," Natalie began to pack up stuff.

"Which is what?" Mimi made a face.

"Sportsmanship. How do you expect me to let you in when you don't follow directions or listen to anyone? There's no Mimi in team! I'm the captain around here, and in my team, nobody gets special treatment," Natalie said.

"Whatever! I didn't even want to be on the squad anyways," Mimi stuck her nose up in the air.

"Then why did you audition?" Natalie smirked.

"Everyone knows that you're just jealous of me because I'm prettier, richer, and more popular than you," Mimi flipped her hair in Natalie's face and stomped out of the gym.

"I love you, baby," Matt kissed Mimi on the top of her head.

"And I love you," Mimi snuggled closer to Matt.

"Hey, have you guys seen my-"

"What are you doing here?" Matt asked.

"I didn't want to be in my apartment alone," TK said.

"I did. You're seriously killing the mood. Don't you have any friends to hang out with?" Mimi glared at TK.

"No," TK said.

"If only you were as popular as Matt, you'd actually have friends to hang out with, and me and your brother can finally have some alone time," Mimi smirked.

"Hey, that's my brother you're talking to!" Matt lifted his arm away from Mimi.

"Oh, I'm sorry...," Mimi insincerely said.

"You should be," Matt curtly said.

"Thanks, Matt," TK said.

"You seriously overstepped the boundaries. Only I'm allowed to talk to him that way," Matt said.

"Glad you have my back," TK sighed. "I'm leaving. Tell Dad I went home."

"Alright, just make sure to lock the door on your way out," Matt shooed TK away.

"Bye," TK rolled his eyes and walked out of the apartment.

He couldn't stand those two together. Matt was a pretty cool guy, when he wasn't around Mimi. Yeah, TK and Mimi used to be friends, but when junior high came around, Mimi ditched her friends and started hanging out with the popular crowd. After Mimi departed from the gang, everyone else went their separate ways too.

Tai and Davis were well-liked in the school for their athletic abilities. Sora was also good at sports, and she befriended other girls who were enthusiastic about sports just as much as she was, including the cheerleading squad. Yolei, Ken, and Izzy created their own niche with other computer geeks, as Kari effortlessly floated through all of the social classes. She was the girl next door; she was on the cheerleading squad, she was kind to everyone, and she was one of the prettiest girls in the school. Although most kids at the school liked her, she wasn't popular. That only got TK to conclude that in order to be popular, you had to be a huge jerk. After all, look at Mimi. She had to be one of the biggest bitches in the school, and she also happened to be one of the most popular girls in school. On the other hand, Matt was popular for different reasons. Not only was he attractive, he was in a rock band, and he was best friends with Tai. Him and Tai were so close, sometimes Mimi would get paranoid and think that Matt was cheating on her with Tai.

TK wasn't Olympic athletic, or Mensa smart, he didn't have his own rock band, and he sure as hell wasn't suave enough to be on the cover of GQ, so TK spent most of his time by himself. The filmmaking club was the closest thing he had to as friends, but they didn't necessarily count. The filmmaking club basically consisted of other friendless losers who could barely tolerate each other, let alone themselves. Even the Nerd Herd (aka Computer Club dorks) had more friends than TK did. TK couldn't wait to get out of school, so he was desperate graduate as soon as possible. He was only a sophomore, but he was already taking junior and senior classes. Most days, he couldn't help but to blame Mimi for breaking up the whole gang. They would have still been together if she wasn't so hung up on being popular.

"Another day, another battle...," TK sighed. He opened the door to his apartment and dropped his bag down on the couch. Since his mom was always at work, TK learned how to make his own food. He always sure he made enough for leftovers, so that his mom would be able to eat them for lunch. But today, he was too tired to cook. He scrounged around for his wallet and opened it to see that he had four dollars in it. "That's barely enough for a Happy Meal...," TK groaned. Since Friday was a couple of days away, TK had no choice but to make do with what was already in the fridge.

"Greta, I'm home!" Mimi yelled. "Greta? Where are you?!" she stormed throughout her entire apartment, but her maid was nowhere to be found. "Now who's going to make my dinner?" Mimi whined. She walked over to the kitchen to find a Tupperware box sitting on the counter. A pink sticky note was attached to the container.

"Your father gave me the night off, but I made you some dinner before I left. Just put in the microwave for 2 minutes and it should be ready to go. Ich liebe dich, mein Apfelstrudel," Mimi read. "I don't even know how to use the microwave...," Mimi whined. It wasn't fair. Mimi shouldn't have to cook her own food; that's what Greta was for. How can Greta just leave her beloved Apfelstrudel to fend for herself? Obviously, if Greta did love Mimi, she would have stayed for the evening, like she was supposed to. Mimi shuffled her way to the microwave to find another sticky on the microwave door. "Instructions: Press big rectangle button on the bottom of the door, place container inside the middle of the microwave, then gently close the door. Press the number 200 and press the green start button. When the microwave makes a ding sound, press the big rectangle button again and take your food out. Don't forget to close the door after you take out your food and be careful. The Tupperware may be hot." Mimi instantly felt bad for thinking badly about Greta. Even when she wasn't around, she was still there for Mimi.

"Hey, princess! How was school?" her dad entered the apartment.

"It was okay, I guess...Matt's dopey little brother kept getting in my way though, but I guess that's usual," Mimi huffed.

"Didn't you all go to summer camp together?" Mr. Tachikawa gave his daughter a puzzled look.

"What's your point?" Mimi asked.

"I thought all of you camp kids were buddies. Come to think of it, I haven't seen any of your camp friends in a long time, except for Matt," Mr. Tachikawa noted.

"Things change, people grow apart," Mimi nonchalantly shrugged. "Daddy? Where's Greta?"

"I let her have the night off, since I got out of work early. Now we can spend daddy and daughter time together. What do you want to do?" Mr. Tachikawa asked.

"I'm always in the mood for shopping!" Mimi smiled.

"I knew you would say that," Mr. Tachikawa chuckled.

"How do I look?" Mimi twirled around. Mimi felt so confident in her new outfit. It took her a while to find it, since she basically already had all of the fashionable clothes that was in the mall. Mimi hated when other people criticized her for being a mall brat, but they just didn't understand. Shopping was just as challenging as physics!

"Wow, cute!" Meg squealed.

"Super cute," Miki added.

"You girls are so right! I look amazing-well, I always look amazing," Mimi grinned.

"Mimi, watch-"


"Ahhhh! My clothes!" Mimi shrieked.

"I'm so sorry," TK stuttered.

"Look at me! I look like the Red Lobster right now!" Mimi wiped off some of the clam chowder that fell on her.

"Whoa, step back," Miki said. She and Meg distanced themselves from Mimi, so they wouldn't get food on them.

"Look, I'm sorry!" TK squeaked. He could barely talk, somewhat because he was scared of Mimi, but mostly because he tried to hold his laughter in.

"You should watch out where you're going, dweeb!" Mimi yelled.

"You should have watched where you were going! This is all your fault too, you know. If you were paying attention, then you wouldn't have bumped into me!" TK firmly said.

"Are you seriously blaming me for this? It's all your fault that I'm covered in this...yucky stuff!"

"And it's all your fault that I don't have lunch now," TK said.

"You want lunch? Here!" Mimi flung some of the clam chowder at TK's face. "I can't believe you and Matt are related! It's not fair that cool people like me have to live in the same planet with people like you! Girls! I have to go home! I don't think I can make it through the whole day in this condition! I'm like a wounded soldier!"

"Unbelievable...," TK rolled his eyes as he watched the girls march out of the cafeteria.

"Are you okay?" Zoe gently placed her hand on TK's arm.

"I'm fine," TK huffed.

"Here," she handed him a pile of napkins.

"Thanks, Zee," he said as he began to wipe himself clean.

"What happened?" JP asked.

"The usual," TK sighed.

"You usually get food all over yourself?" Kouichi gave TK a puzzled look.

"No, I mean I got into another dispute with Mimi," TK shook his head.

"I'm sorry," Zoe said.

"Yeah, must suck to have your brother date a bitch," Koji said.

"It does, but what can I do about it?" TK tapped his spoon against his empty tray.

"Change of subject! JP, why aren't you wearing a hat? Everyone's supposed to wear a hat! It's a club rule!" Takuya slammed his hands on top of the table.

"But Koji's not wearing a hat either!" JP protested.

"But a hat is headwear, and headwear is anything that covers the top of your head, and since a hat covers the head, just like bandana does, technically I am wearing a hat," Koji smirked.

"You should be a lawyer...," TK rolled his eyes.

"But I don't have a normal hat like you guys! Do you expect me to wear this?" JP pulled out a tall red-and-white striped hat out of his bag. "I'm already a loser, and dressing like the Cat in the Hat is not going to help my situation."

" know how I feel about that. I am in charge of the filmmaking club," Takuya narrowed his eyes.

"No you're not. I am," Zoe said.

"Then what's your opinion on this whole hat dilemma?" Takuya crossed his arms.

"It sounds like a stupid rule, but I think it would be nice if we all followed it. It's almost like a secret dress code, and that sounds cool, right?" Zoe said.

"Yeah. And that's why you sit with the cool kids," Koji sarcastically said.

"You''re so-ugh!" Zoe tugged her hat down to cover her face.

"I like that look on you, makes you look more attractive," Koji snickered.

"I can't stand you!" Zoe fumed.

"Likewise," Koji shrugged.


"Whaddya know? Lunchtime is over," Kouichi awkwardly said.

"Thank god," JP exhaled in relief.

"You better have a hat by tomorrow! Otherwise you can't sit with us!" Zoe snapped.

"Okay, okay! I'll get a hat! I don't want to be rejected from another lunch table," JP said.

"TK, I need to talk to you," Zoe said.

"Yeah, what is it?"

"I just found out about this filming contest. You can make up a film about anything you want, and they'll show the top ten submissions at a film festival. The audience gets to vote on their favorite video, and the most popular one will win $1,000. I don't know, I just thought you might be interested in it. I would enter the contest, but I'm only good at editing videos, not creating them. If you want, you can talk to Mr. Mueller about all of the details," Zoe handed TK a booklet.

"Uh, thanks. I could really use the money," TK said.

"No problem. I didn't tell the rest of the guys about this. They don't care about filmmaking; they just want to look like they have friends," Zoe said.

"Don't we all? Isn't that why we sit together at lunch?" TK asked.

"No! At least that's not why I do it. How about you?" Zoe looked at TK.

"I have to go to class," TK walked in the opposite direction.

"Oh, so you're interested in joining the competition?" Mr. Mueller grinned.

"Yeah. Sounds like it would be fun," TK shrugged.

"Well, what is your video going to be about?" Mr. Mueller asked.

"I'm not sure yet," TK said.

"You better come up with an idea by Friday because the film committee needs to approve your topic," Mr. Mueller said.

"You know what? I think I have my topic!" TK beamed.

"What is it?" Mr. Mueller asked.

"I'm going to do an exposé on popularity," TK said.

"Oooh, I likey! Tell me more," Mr. Mueller rubbed his hands together.

"The popular crowd will be the subjects of my film. I'll interview them and record their everyday routines to expose them for the corrupt jerkwads they are," TK said.

"Nice, nice! I like it! The committee will definitely like this!" Mr. Mueller exclaimed. "Now, how exactly are you going to follow through with your idea?"

"Oh...I didn't think of that yet. I'll come up with something soon!" TK said.

"Alright sonny boy! As long as you manage to submit your video before the deadline, it doesn't matter. You have a lot of potential, kid. This film has a lot of potential. I'm rooting for you, kid. Good luck," Mr. Mueller said.

"Thanks," TK said. He was going to need all the luck he can get.

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