I yawned, "Bunny," I said, "It's time to get up!"

"Just a couple more minutes!" Bunny teased.

I made him release his grasp on me as I got up slowly, Bunny's eyes slowly opening.

"Well another day huh," I told the half-awake Bunny.

"Yep, and also time ta patrol, your with Tooth this time Jack."

"Aw," I whined, "Can't you go to?"

"I guess I could if I wanted ta," Bunny replied stretching. I was standing up straight now, looking down on the tired Pooka.

"Well c'mon we don't have all day!" I said, I walked to the side of the room and picked up my staff. I also grabbed Bunny's boomerangs and sash, I walked over to the bed again and threw the sash on the bed, "C'mon Cotton Tail!"