by Gunman

Disclaimer: I do not own Evangelion or Highschool DxD or their characters.

Summary: The continuing adventures of Shinji Ikari and his life as a Devil under Rias Gremory.

My thanks to Reisfriend for the majority of content for this first chapter.


Chapter 1
Loves Promise

Shinji Ikari awoke to the feeling of a soft body hugging against him and when his eyes saw that his head was being hugged against the chest of his master Rias Gremory, he smiled lightly.

Rias had defeated Akeno in a game of Blackjack and got to sleep with him, and as usual she used him as a hug pillow.

Not that he minded as he had started to enjoy getting hugged against his sexy masters nude body, which felt pleasant and her smell was also relaxing.

It had been 2 weeks since the battle against Riser Phenex, the arrogant and elitist Devil who was supposed to marry Rias and unite their houses, only to have been defeated thanks to Shinji's special ability to absorb his powers. (In Riser's case his stamina that fueled his healing abilities) Since then, Rias had been even more affectionate to Shinji, kissing him whenever she felt the urge, and insisted most of the time that he take a bath with her.

This lead to the discovery that Rias was indeed selfish when it came to things she wanted, and she wanted to spend as much time with Shinji as she could. This made Issei jealous, and there were even rumors that he was two-timing Rias and Akeno.

Shinji and the said girls didn't care what people were thinking about them, since he was happy to have people who loved him and he could love them in return.

He recalled the time when Venelana had come to visit with Grayfia and Millikas.


Lady Venelana Gremory was talking with Rias in the kitchen while Grayfia and Millikas were talking with Akeno, Asia and Shinji.

"Rias, do you realize what you have done?" Venelana asked her daughter.

"I simply settled the matter with Riser through a Rating Game. He wins, I marry him. I win, I don't marry him. As simple as that. And the Rating Game is used for settling matter such as this one." Rias answered.

"While that is true, there has never been a Rating Game where two High-Class Devils fought over an arranged marriage. There has been Games where two devils fight to see which one marries the daughter of another family, but never has a daughter fought to not marry the one who was selected for her." Venelana said.

"Is it too much to ask that I be able to choose the one I marry myself?" Rias asked.

"You do know that many of the family heads are sticklers for traditions and it is a tradition that the head of the family chooses the one most suited to marry the next heir. Your resistance, which seemed futile for everyone, actually got you out of it, and it would have caused the other families the shun our clan because our daughter apparently doesn't care about the future of devils. But your brother and father managed to settle this matter in a way that our clan won't face a crisis of reputation and get renounced by the clans we collaborate with." Venelana said sternly.

"The tradition is antiquated! The next heir should be trusted enough to choose the one he/she marries!" Rias stated.

"And while that is very forward thinking, it is not so right now." Venelana said with an exasperated sigh. "Rias, my daughter, this whole thing might seem like special treatment, but this is as far as you can go right now. If there is another arranged marriage for you, then you can't object." Venelana said.

Rias sighed, annoyingly upset. Being a noble was a real pain sometimes.

"But I am proud of you Rias." Her mother said.

Rias looked at her, shocked to hear her say that.

"I didn't like Riser either, and the idea of him marrying you and treating you like an object was something that caused me many sleepless nights. I objected to the idea when it was suggested, but I didn't have authority over the matter. But you made it through the battle with Shinji's help and won. Now I don't have to worry about my daughter being unhappy." Venelana assured and Rias looked like she was going to cry.

(In the living room)

"You were incredible Shinji onii-sama!" Millikas shouted in an excited tone.

Shinji blinked when the son of Maou called him onii-sama.

"Rias Onee-sama defeated Riser thanks to your power." He said cutely.

Then Shinji remembered Akeno mentioning one time that Millikas had a habit of calling Rias and her servants as big brothers and sisters.

"I also wish to congratulate you for making something that was thought to be impossible possible." Grayfia said.

"Thank you Grayfia-sama." Shinji replied simply, blushing a little.

"Truly your power is surprising. I have met many powerful Devils, but I have never met a low-class Devil with a power that makes defeating a Phenex possible. You should be proud for showing Riser that even he can be defeated." Grayfia complimented.

"But you didn't blow something up!" Millikas pouted/whined at Shinji.

"I will blow something up in the next Rating Game Millikas-sama." Shinji felt weird when an eight-year old noble was pouting at him for not blowing something up. "But Akeno-chan blew up the gym. Wasn't that good?" He asked.

"It was, but I wanted to see how your power works. But the way how you used that whip to the defeat that knight was cool." He said.

"Thank you. But it was Akeno who actually defeated Siris. She would have eliminated me with her speed. I hadn't promoted myself yet." Shinji said.

Before anyone could say anything more, a hand landed on Shinji's shoulder and he turned to look.

"Shinji, come with me." Venelana said.

"Mother, you can't talk with my servant without me!" Rias protested.

"I have something to tell him and it is for him alone." Venelana countered and Rias couldn't object to that, because she didn't want to anger her mother.

Because most of her servants had lost their families in a wrong way, Rias had come to treasure the fact that she had a family all her life.

Venelana took Shinji by the wrist and lead him to the bedroom where he slept with Akeno.

Inside the room, she conjured several seal all around the room to prevent anyone from hearing what they said and no one could teleport in either.

She turned to face Shinji, who was a little confused and nervous about what was to happen. Mostly since he didn't know what was to happen.

"Shinji-kun, what do you think about my daughter?" She asked with a serious face.

Due to their difference in status, Shinji had to speak truthfully. But he would have done so even if he didn't have to.

"I love Rias because she saved me from my rather terrible life, and treats me like a person. She doesn't make me do things I don't want to and she has my best interest at heart. I wish I could have met her a lot earlier, but I am happy to serve her and make sure that she is happy." He answered.

"Did you want her to marry Riser?" She asked.

"If she wanted to marry him, I wouldn't have objected. But I didn't want her to marry him because we both agreed that Riser would only use us, not caring about our opinions or wants. We would have become someone else's property We would have been miserable." He answered.

"And you would do anything for her?" She asked.

"I would. She's done more for me than anyone in my old life ever did." He answered.

Venelana smiled as she moved to Shinji and pulled him into a hug.

Shinji felt her motherly care and it made him melt.

"I really hope that you become a High-Class Devil, Shinji-kun, so you can marry Rias. Someone like you is someone I want my daughter to marry." Venelana told him lovingly.

Shinji made a questioning noise for that statement.

"Riser was someone I didn't want my daughter to marry but there wasn't anything I could do about it. My daughters happiness is something that is very important to me, and you Shinji can make her happy. Rias once told me what her ideal husband would be and you fit the description." she said to him.

"I fit the description of her ideal husband?" Shinji asked.

"That's right. So I want you to become stronger and when you become a High-Class devil, would you marry Rias?" Venelana asked.

"I love Akeno as well." He replied.

"Devils can have other wives as well. You could marry Rias and Akeno, and even Asia if you wanted." Venelana said, still not releasing him.

"This is still quite sudden, asking me if I want to marry your daughter." He said hesitantly.

"I understand. But I'm sure that in time you will want to marry her." She said and released him.

Venelana then made the seals disappear and they walked out of the room.

"Don't tell Rias what I told you." Venelana ordered.

"I won't." He replied.


"Uunnn..." Rias moaned in her sleep as his face rubbed against her skin.

She opened her eyes and looked to see her servants head in her cleavage.

"Morning Shinji-kun. You slept well?" She asked with a teasing smirk.

"Of course. Having my sexy and affectionate master as my hugging pillow is the best." He teased back, which would have surprised anyone from his old life.

Rias giggled from his statement. "Oh, so you were using me as your hug pillow instead of the other way around?" She said and moved on top of him.

"But what should we do now? Maybe some bonding with my cute slave would be good before we have to get up." She stated before she kissed him on the forehead and then to his lips.

Shinji kissed her back and combed his fingers through her silky hair. She gave into the kiss and moaned from the feeling that was fairly new to her.

She broke the kiss and looked into his eyes.

"You have become a really good kisser Shinji. Your lessons with Akeno have paid off."

"And with you as well." He countered.

She was about to kiss him again when the door opened and Akeno came in, enveloped in a pale gold aura. She was not pleased with the scene in front of her.

"Buchou, it's time for Shinji's morning training." She stated and pulled Shinji out from under her. A feat that shocked Shinji as well as Rias.

"Mou! I was having such a pleasant morning with my cute Shinji!" Rias whined after flopping down on the bed.

"He might be your servant but he is my lover who makes me happy." Akeno countered, putting herself between Shinji and Rias.

Shinji calmed her by wrapping his arms around her belly hugging her from behind.

"Akeno-chan, I'm not going to leave you. I love you too much for that." he whispered to her.

Akeno calmed down quickly from his soothing words and turned around to kiss him. Her arms wrapped around his neck, her left leg raising up and coiling around his right leg.

Rias pouted when her Queen got the upper hand in Shinji's affection. Asia came in and saw them. She started to pout harder then Rias.


After the morning practice with Asia and Akeno, Shinji was waiting for the class to start once again and he kept thinking about Rias, Akeno and Asia.

All three of them were kind to him, they loved him and he loved them, but he felt like he was betraying Akeno by being nearly intimate with two other girls, even if it was a common thing for devils to have more then one female at the time. Some of his old teachings were still affecting him about monogamy, so he just had to let go of that.

"Ikari." He heard someone say his name.

He looked to see Issei's two human friends glaring at him.

"What do you want?" He asked in an annoyed tone.

"We want to know how you managed to complete Himejima-senpai's route and have sex with her." Motohama stated, but it was more like a demand.

The people who were in class heard his 'demand' and the part where Shinji had sex with Akeno was a shocking revelation. Boys immediately started plotting assassination attempts and the girls had mixed feelings about their onee-sama's purity being taken.

"My relationship with Akeno-chan is none of your business." Shinji said to them.

Matsuda grabbed his shirt and almost shouted: "It's not right that you of all people would get to bang her!"

"What is that supposed to mean?" Shinji asked, trying to be civil with them first.

"You're ordinary, boring, simple, uninteresting, dull, and someone I would have pegged as gay." Matsuda said.

"At least I'm not a perverted hentai who has no respect for women, or their privacy, who cries like little girl when a bokken strikes him and his friend." Shinji declared, now trying to piss them off.

"Bastard!" Matsuda growled as he slapped Shinji across the face.

Everyone gasped at what had just happened, now wondering what Shinji would do.

"Get your hands off me!" Shinji ordered in a way Gendo would have.

"And if I don't?" The bald hentai asked, still gripping the front of Shinji's shirt.

Shinji's head flew forward, colliding with Matsuda's nose and causing the bald hentai to not only release Shinji's shirt, but stumble backwards and collapse to the ground, his crushed nose now leaking blood onto his clothes.

"You Punk!" Motohama shouted and tried to hit Shinji, who caught it and with his other hand he smacked the nerds face on his desk.

Everyone just gasped. The boys were reevaluating their assassination plots, and the girls were all but swooning at Shinji's actions.

Off to the side, Asia was getting some feedback about her 'caretaker'.

"Ikari-san finally gave those idiots what they had coming." Katase told her.

"I never thought I would see any boy do that to those hentai's." Murayama said.

"Your boyfriend has a mean headbutt." Kiryu Aika said.

" ..boyfriend?!" Asia stuttered and blushed a little.


After class, Shinji was congratulated and thanked by the girls who had been victims of the hentai's attempts to peek at them, but he was being escorted to the teachers room for questioning. Issei felt great that for once it was his fellow slave who he felt had been too lucky for too long was getting in trouble.

On his way to the teachers room, one of Souna's servant's, the pawn Ruruko Nimura, walked past them and when she saw that Shinji was being escorted by the strict teacher, she immediately started running to her master.

In the teachers room, he asked: "So Ikari, care to explain why you assaulted your classmates?"

"They were harassing me and I asked them to leave me alone, but they wouldn't." Shinji answered.

"So you almost severely hurt them because they refused to leave you alone?" Sensei asked.

"That, and Matsuda slapped me in the face. Motohama then attempted to punch me. They wouldn't listen to reason." Shinji clarified.

"Even so, one of them is bleeding and the other has a possible concussion. This is something that we cannot..." Sensei started, but was interrupted when Souna came in.

"Excuse me." Souna Shitori said.

"Kaichou, what is it?" Sensei asked.

"I came here to hear why Ikari-san is being questioned." Souna answered.

"He assaulted two other student's." Sensei said.

Shinji started to explain why he did that to the members of the Perverted Trio and then Souna did something he wasn't expecting.

"I think we can let Ikari-san go." Souna said.

"Let him go? He needs to be punished for breaking school rules and severely injuring his classmates, even if he was only protecting himself." Sensei protested.

Souna stared at the teacher, her hypnotism washing over him as she spoke.

"He was defending himself from two student's who are infamous for being peeping toms, so he will get off with a warning this time." Souna said.

Sensei just repeated what she said, gave Shinji a warning, and he was allowed to leave with Souna behind him.

"Souna-sama, thank you for helping me out." Shinji thanked her, which made her smirk.

"Of course. If you were expelled, then life wouldn't be as interesting. And I get to ask for a favor from Rias with this." Souna said.

Shinji sweat-dropped. His master wouldn't be pleased with this.

(Lunch break)

"I am not pleased with you right now Shinji." Rias said with an upset tone, pacing back and forth in front of Shinji and Akeno who were sitting on a bench underneath their favorite tree.

"They started it. And besides, those two deserved it." Shinji tried to protest.

"Maybe they did, but even so I now owe Souna a favor and I hate owing her. She will definitely ask for something that won't please me." Rias said, a tick forming on her head.

"It shouldn't be that bad. Souna won't ask for something that harms Shinji-kun." Akeno tried to help her lover as she held his hand firmly.

"But it will be something that makes me even more upset." Rias said.

"Actually, it will be something that you will find quite pleasant." Souna said, having appeared behind the trio.

"And what is this request then Souna?" Rias asked, preparing to protest if the request involved Shinji.

"My servants and I want a rematch against you and your peerage in a dodge ball game." Souna answered.

Rias looked surprised and relieved at the same time.

"So the defeat left a sour taste in your mouth?" Rias replied.

"Yes. Not only did you get to have familiars first, but Koneko hit Saji in the groin with a ball and Shinji nailed Shinra in the face. So they want a rematch and this time no magic." The Sitri heiress clarified.

Rias thought about this for few seconds. While Shinji had hit Shinra accidently, and Koneko did it on purpose, at least she didn't have to agree to let Souna and her crew have Shinji to themselves for a day. Both she and Akeno would be protesting that one for weeks.

"I accept. When do you want to play?" Rias asked.

"Tomorrow after school. Be prepared to lose, because my servants will not hold back." Souna warned and walked off.

"Well, Shinji, it seems like this time I won't have to put up with you spending time with Souna and her servant's." Rias stated and sipped her can of ice coffee.

"And we get to have some fun winning against Souna in dodgeball." Akeno stated and wrapped her arms around Shinji's neck.

"Exercise like this is much more fun." Shinji added and kissed Akeno, which made Rias jealous.

"Oh. How so Shinji?" Rias asked and it could have been his imagination, but Rias appeared to have one fang sticking out from her mouth when she was upset. (1)

"Because playing against someone else is much more fun then just pushing forward in getting stronger." Shinji explained, which mellowed Rias a bit from her upset mood.

"I suppose, but Shinji, you are going to have to make up for making me this upset." Rias stated, more like demanded.

"And how could I cheer you up?" He asked, having an idea about it.

"You will go out with me to a monjayaki restaurant." Rias said with smirk.

"U..unfair! Shinji hasn't gone out with me yet!" Akeno protested calmly.

"You spend time together every day, and you even had sex with him already. Since I haven't done that with him, I get to go out with him at least once." Rias reasoned. "A date!"

Akeno gritted her teeth. Why couldn't Rias go after Kiba or Issei and leave Shinji to her alone?

Shinji sweat-dropped. Which had become a rather frequent thing, because the girls he loved were getting jealous over him almost every day.

(Occult Research Club, after school)

Rias and her servants were handling summons with clients with Koneko waiting that her most frequent client Morizawa would summon her. She didn't like the guy much because he always had her do things she found vulgar or childish.

Reynalle returned from her summon in her adult form and leather bikini dominatrix outfit. Sans her wings, of course.

"What did you do this time, Yuuma?" Rias asked the ex-Fallen.

"Haruka wanted me wash her when she took a bath and afterwards had me massage her. If she wasn't a dike, you could give this to Issei." Reynalle answered.

Rias giggled. "And the payment?" she asked.

Reynalle handed Rias a 10,000 yen bill and a pair of gold rimmed glasses.

Rias seemed satisfied with the payment. Just then, Issei materialized into the room with something big and flat strapped to his back.

"Issei, what did you do?" Rias asked her perverted servant.

"This client wanted to share a drink with someone. I might have a hangover tomorrow, but he signed the contract and paid with this expensive painting." He answered and showed her the painting after unwrapping it from the cloth.

Just then, Calawana appeared from a circle in the east wall, wearing an amused smirk. She was also in her adult form and was wearing her trench-coat like top and a matching mini-skirt.

"What happened, Ruko?" Rias asked, wondering about her expression.

"It never ceases to amuse me how happy some poor humans get whenever they get some attention from sexy women. This client of mine wanted to watch a movie while resting his head on my lap." She answered and handed Rias the payment of 50,000 yen.

Rias smirked. Some humans were just so amusingly desperate.

Koneko went to teleport to her client when her GPS device beeped. When she was gone, Kiba and Shinji appeared.

"Kiba, what did you do with Shinji?" Rias asked, curious about her handsome knights request to have Shinji accompany him.

"Those super model sisters wanted to play poker against a pair of devils, and afterwards they wanted to cuddle us while watching television. I didn't think they would like Shinji, but they found him cute." Kiba answered.

Rias sighed. Why was it that women found Shinji cute? Sure she thought he was, but other women doing it irked her.

"And they paid what?" Rias asked.

Shinji handed her an envelope with 124,000 yen. Rias gave Shinji a pleased smile.

A minute later, Asia appeared in the clubhouse, carrying a big bag in her hands. Shinji helped her, which made her smile.

"Asia, your contract?" Rias asked the blond girl.

"I had to heal the clients 3-year old son from a bad fever. They paid with an expensive antique vase." She answered.

"This looks like a Yuan Dynasty vase!" Rias gasped as she examined it. "Well done."

Eventually Koneko came back, wearing her usual neutral expression. Rias noted that this time she didn't look like she had to do something annoying.

"What did you do Koneko?" Rias asked.

"I played a few rounds of a fighting game with Morizawa." She answered and handed her master the rare special edition of a shoujo manga, wrapped in a plastic cover.

"Only Akeno hasn't come back yet. What is she doing right now?" Shinji asked.

Just then Akeno appeared behind him and wrapped her arms around him. "Hi Shinji-kun. Did you miss me?"

Shinji turned around and kissed her, which she returned. He then pulled back and saw what she was wearing. He almost gasped. She was wearing a very revealing sadist outfit. (2)

"Ufufu. You like my outfit Shinji-kun?" Akeno asked, spinning around and allowing her lover to admire her in her skimpy leather outfit that was only a little less than what Reynalle wore. Especially around her waist, which looked like a thong.

Issei had an instant nosebleed. Akeno's voluptuous body was barely covered.

"Ah, somehow it suits you really well." Shinji answered, since he found that his sadistic lover was incredibly sexy like this.

"Fufu, Maybe I could give you the same treatment I gave to my client." She stated sultrily.

"And the treatment was?" He asked, almost fearing the answer.

"A sadistic foot massage." She answered, enjoying her lovers cute reaction of relief.

Meanwhile, Rias was examining the painting Issei brought and noticed that it was indeed an original and not a fake.

"Issei, this painting is worth millions with the right buyer." she said.

"Seriously Buchou!?" Issei gasped.

"Yes. You deserve a reward for getting this. Come with me." She ordered and led him to the bathroom. Issei followed like puppy and was already going through all kinds of scenarios in his head. All of them naughty in nature.

The others wondered what would their master do to the hentai.

In the bathroom, Issei's heart was almost exploding while he waited for his master to reward him.

Could this be the moment when I experience my first!? He shouted in his lust filled mind.

"Take your shirt off Issei." Rias ordered and he hastily did so.

She undid the button of her shirt and took off her bra, exposing her milky white breasts to him.

Uuuu! They are as beautiful and round as I remembered! He recalled and wanted to reach out and fondle them.

"You really love breasts don't you Ise-kun?" Rias asked huskily.

"Hai, I love them!" He replied immediately.

"Then, enjoy this feeling." She said and hugged him.

Issei's mind overloaded when his senses were enveloped by Rias.

The only thing he felt was the sensation of her oppai against his chest and her scent filling his nose. The rest of the world disappeared from his senses.

O..oo..ooooohhhhhh. Oppai! Buchous oppai! I can't describe this feeling with words! I will treasure this memory for eternity! BUCHOU YOU'RE THE BEST! Issei began crying from the most wonderful sensation he had experienced in his life.

Fufu! Issei's reactions are just too funny. Rias giggled in her head and thought that if Shinji hadn't joined her peerage, Issei would have been the target of her eternal affection and attention.

Rias released him after a minute and Issei began wobbling in his place like jelly and mumbled: "Buchou, thank you. This wonderful sensation takes all my troubles away. I finally know what woman's body feels like."

Rias giggled. "Issei, you really are so funny. Did you really wanted to so badly know what a woman's body feels like?"

He nodded vigorously.

"Then, work hard and one day you will get lucky with someone." She said and started to get dressed again.

"With you?" He asked.

"Perhaps. As your master I need to reward you and take care of you so maybe I will. One day I might give my first to you, unless you get someone else then." She said, thinking that she still wanted to experience her first with Shinji.

When they returned to the others, Rias called everyone to attention.

"Everyone! Tomorrow we will be playing dodgeball against Souna and on Saturday we will hold the club meeting at Issei's home because this building will be spring cleaned." Rias said.

"Why are we playing dodgeball against Kaichous group again?" Calawana asked.

"I owed Souna a favor and her peerage wanted a rematch in dodgeball. So I agreed, because it's not something costly. Any other questions?" Rias answered.

No one said anything.

"Then this is everything for the day. Prepare for tomorrows' game." Rias said they started to file out.


Meanwhile, Souna and Shinra were walking out from the school yard, having finished their student council work.

"Kaichou, why did you ask Rias to have a rematch in dodgeball?" Shinra asked.

"My other servants wanted it, and I also wish to defeat Rias." Souna answered.

"Is that the only reason?" The Sitri Queen asked.

"No. I want to see how much Shinji-san has improved in his training. It will also help me to devise a plan to defeat him in the Rating Game when we face Rias." She answered.

"And you are not interested in Shinji-san personally?" Shinra asked.

Souna Sitri was always calm and collected, but when it came to relationships, she was quite inexperienced and talking about it made her a bit nervous, but she managed to answer without stuttering.

"Shinji is interesting. Rias has told me, more like bragged, about what Shinji can do and will do for those he cares about. Which makes me regret it, to no end, that I didn't recruit him." Souna answered.

"I would have preferred to have him as well. He could have taught me how to cook as well as he. And he is rather kind and cute, for a boy." Shinra stated. The Queen had most often found boys rather irksome with their raging hormones and desires to stick their thing inside women. But Shinji, along with Saji to some degree, and Kiba to a more greater degree, were rather tolerable, even pleasant company.

"You're not upset that his cooking is more delicious then yours?" Souna asked, sensing that her Queen had begun to like Shinji a bit.

"No, because it's a fact that there is always someone who is more skilled. And if Shinji were to cook with me, then it would be" She answered, not finding the right word for it. But she wouldn't have minded if her first romantic experience was with him.

Before Souna could say anything more, she stopped and looked at the two people in white hooded cloaks standing in the corner of the street. Sona noticed the long object strapped to other person back in cloth with a small crest.

"A holy sword?" Souna wondered.


(Akeno's Apartment)

Akeno was finishing her homework while Rias was making dinner. However, the mood of the Crimson Ruin Princess was not too happy, as Asia had succeeded in getting all her contracts sighed, and was now enjoying a bath, alone, with Shinji.

While Rias was pleased that Asia could get good results, the drawbacks were that she was getting to spend time with Shinji. But she had agreed to it, so she couldn't simply go back on her word just for her own sake.

Asia and Shinji were relaxing in the warm, herbal-tainted bath when Shinji asked the girl: "Asia, do you miss your old life?"

The blond healer almost gasped when Shinji asked that.

"No, I don't miss my old life. I didn't have any friends or anyone who loved me. I do miss helping people, but I get to help people now if a bit differently." Asia replied with a smile.

"So you don't regret becoming a devil?" Shinji asked.

"No. Because I get to be with you." She answered and turned to look at him with a smile.

Shinji smiled at her, raising his hand to gently caress her cheek. She smiled and blushed at the rather intimate moment they were sharing. He suddenly pulled her into a hug, which made her blush like mad, having her beloved Shinji holding her while they were naked. It was still somewhat new to her but she relaxed soon enough.


(Kuou Academy, the next day)

Rias and Akeno were taking their shoes from the locker when Souna appeared next to Rias with Shinra.

"Rias, I have something urgent to tell you." Souna stated.

"Oh? What is it?" Rias asked, seeing that her friend/rival looked even more serious then usual.

"We have to postpone the dodgeball game, and we have to talk about this in my house, since no one can interrupt us there." She explained.

Rias was getting curious as to what could be so important that she had to go to Sounas home where they could talk alone.

"Alright, I'll tell my servants that once they finish their duties they have a day off today. I'll meet you after school at our club." Rias answered.

Souna just nodded and walked to her class. Akeno also got curious about the matter Sona had to discuss in private, and the fact that Asia would get to be alone with Shinji.


(After school, Sounas house)

Souna, Shinra, Rias and Akeno were in a sauna which was in the basement of her house and was very spacious with a round seat where at least ten people could fit in and the stove was in the middle of the seat.

Akeno and Shinra, out of the corner of their eyes compared their bodies. Shinra was a bit jealous that Akeno was bustier then her and curvier even. But Akeno thought that Shinra's body was very 'senpai', which was attractive in it's own way and her boobs almost screamed to be fondled. (3)

Shinra managed to hide the expression when she thought about the rumor she heard at school about Shinji having gone all the way with Akeno. The idea that someone put his thing inside her was scary.

Before they had started talking, Rias had also looked over her rivals body and had to hold back her giggling because even if Souna was beautiful, Rias still had the upper hand in appearance and breast size. Souna was only a tad bigger then Koneko in that region.

Issei would probably love to see this. The four most popular girls of school naked and dripping with sweat. Maybe I could take Shinji to the summer home's sauna, just the two of us. She thought dreamily.

"So what was it you wanted to talk to me about?" Rias asked.

"Yesterday, I was approached by two affiliates of the church." Souna started.

Rias made a surprised face along with Akeno.

"I haven't seen them in this city for a while. What did they want?" Rias replied.

"They wanted to speak to you." Souna answered.

"Affiliates of the church wanted to meet a devil? You're kidding!" Rias asked.

"I'm not joking Rias. They asked me to ask you if you'd meet them." Souna stated.

"And what did you say?" Rias asked.

"I said that you'd meet them on Monday at your clubroom once it's cleaned up." Souna answered. "But there is one thing that concerns me."

"They had a holy sword with them." Shinra added.

"Church affiliates with a holy sword in this city? What are they doing here?" Rias wondered.


(Issei's home)

Two people in white hooded cloaks looked at the home of Hyodou Issei.

"Is this the place?" The one with a holy sword on her back asked.

"It is. I used to come here often before my family moved. I wonder how my childhood friend is doing now." The other one stated with an upbeat tone.


Authors Notes:

Well, Reisfriend and I have been working on this all week, and hopefully you all enjoyed it. This is only the start of the new story, so please enjoy it as much as possible

Also, below are the numbers for the specific scenes that can be found on the Highschool DxD Wiki gallery pages.

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And now, Omakes!


OMAKE 1 (Alternate Version of the Client Summons part of this chapter)

Just then, Shinji returned, looking someone somber.

"Is something wrong, Shinji-kun?" Rias asked.

"No. Not really." Shinji said.

"Oh? Then why the look?" she asked.

"I just finished the two client summons who wanted almost the same thing, and they gave me the strangest payments." he replied.

"What did the clients want, Shinji-kun?" Akeno asked.

"And what payments did they give you?" Rias asked.

Shinji was hesitant to answer but his master eventually forced it out of him.

"Well, the first client wanted me to pretend I was her son, which meant hugging me a lot. And the second client wanted me to pretend I was his son so he could get that promotion for his job." he said.

Rias and Akeno felt their eyebrows tick at some woman, even a client, hugging up their Shinji.

"Uh... what did they pay with?" Rias asked, trying to regain her composure.

"These keys." he said, taking out two sets of strange looking keys on a keychain.

"Car Keys?!" Akeno gasped as she took one of them. "This is for a Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren!"

"And this if for an Aston Martin Vanquish!" Rias gasped, holding up the second key.

Issei's mouth dropped like a fish when he heard that. He was going to have a hangover, and all he got was a painting. Shinji gets to pretend he's someone else's child, and he gets TWO cars? It wasn't fair!

"Great! Two things I can't use yet." Shinji said.

"Well, Shinji, Akeno, you better go and get them and bring them to my summer mansion. The one we used during our training to defeat Riser and his peerage, remember?"

While Rias didn't like the idea of sending Shinji and Akeno off alone together, she knew that Akeno had the best chance of getting the cars back to her summer mansion intact.

"Of course, Buchou!" Akeno said as she snatched the other key, wrapped her arm around Shinji's arm and vanished into a portal.

"AND NO SIDE-TRIPS!" Rias shouted.



"Order!" Souna Sitri declared as she wrapped her hammer on the wooden table

"We are here to discuss the incident that took place on the 7th of this month, involving three students here at Kuou Academy." Souna stated to the student body.

While Sona, being the student body president, was acting as judge, and her queen Shinra was her clerk, the two parties were seated at two tables adjacent to her.

For the defense was Rias Gremory and Akeno Himejima. Their client: Shinji Ikari.

For the prosecution was Issei Hyodo. His client: Matsuda and Motohama.

While this might have seemed odd to the two groups of Devils, Issei had actually wanted to do it seeing as 1-the pair were his friends, and 2-it would get Shinji into trouble.

The 'courtroom' was filled with the members of Sounas peerage as well as Riass peerage, and several other students and teachers. The students were mostly the kids from their class who were witnesses and audience. The teachers were there to ensure that the students got an education in how an actual court system worked. Souna and Rias had actually 'convinced' them that that was the reason for this 'hearing'.

"Now, Prosecution will make their opening statement. Please begin. And remember, you have one minute to state your case." Souna said.

"Shinji Ikari assaulted two of my friends." Issei stated. "He provoked them by having sexual relations with one of the hottest girls in this school, Akeno Himejima, as well as two-timing her with the other hottest girl in this school, Rias Gremory, when it should have been us that gets the girls. This is nothing special about him and therefore it is a crime that he should get all the attention that we so righteously deserve. Denying us the opportunity to feel up their silky smooth legs, fondling their soft, warm mounds of chest-flesh, sticking out hardened manho-"

"MISTER HYODO!" Souna snapped, banging her gavel. "One more perverted remark like that and I'll have you and your clients fined for contempt!"

"Uh... sorry." Issei said. "I got carried away."

"Defense, your opening statement. You also have one minute." Souna said to the Gremory peerage.

"Shinji Ikari was defending himself from an assault by two students who are known, reputed and admitted perverts who have on numerous occasions violated the privacy of every girl who go to this academy. Furthermore, Motohama and Matsuda are jealous of Shinji because he has an honorable rapport with several females at-"

"We Are Not Jealous!" Motohama and Matsuda shouted.


"Mr Hyodo, your clients are out of order for disrupting the Defense. You will wait your turn or be held in contempt!" Souna shouted, banging her gavel again.

"Yes. Your honor." Issei snarled under his breath while glaring at his two friends.




(The Unofficial Rating Game)

Raiser Phenex just stared at Rias Gremory.

"Now you will be mine, my dear Rias." Riser said.

"Not if I can help it!" a new voice declared.

The pair looked over and saw Shinji Ikari approaching them. He leapt into the air and summoned up his Sacred Gear. The second he did, Shinji was garbed in black and silver armor, a flowing red cape behind him, a winged-helmet on his head, and a rectangular Asgardian hammer in his hand.

"Is that..." Riser gasped.

"Mjolnir, the Hammer of Thor. It's Shinji's Sacred Gear!" Rias cried out with laughter.

"FOR RIAS! FOR CLAN GREMORY!" Shinji shouted as he blasted Riser with enough lightning to set fire to a forest.

Riser vanished instantly.

"Huh?" Asia gasped, confused.

"Well, I am his master." Rias shrugged her shoulders.

(For those who don't get this, Thor usually shouts "For Odin! For Asgard!" whenever he charges into battle)


OMAKE 4 (Remember the Omake in Chapter 8 of Devil Warrior Volume I where Shinji drank the magic tea and started to sexually please Rias when she came out from the shower? Here is the continuation for that.)

Akeno and Asia come back from their contract summons duties and find Rias passed out naked on the couch.

"Buchou? What happened?" Asia asked.

"You like... satisfied." Akeno noted.

"Shinji. He... oh, by the Maou's! He's...

"Shinji-kun did this to you?" Akeno gasped.

"Where is he?" Asia asked.

"Behind... you..." Rias moaned weakly.

The two girls were suddenly trapped by Shinji's arms. Akeno on his left, Asia on his right.

"Well, well! Two more beautiful ladies for me to pleasure." Shinji said in a low tone that made Asia quiver.

"Why Shinji-kun! I didn't know you were so... wait. (sniff, sniff) I smell something." Akeno said as she spun around in Shinji's arm and thrust her lips against his, lovingly sucking his tongue. "Ah-Ha! I thought so! You drank the Love Tea!" she asked as soon as she pulled away from him.

"Love Tea?" Asia asked.

"It's the Devil's equivalent of a Love Potion. The only difference is that it makes the person who drinks it incredibly amorous towards members of the opposite sex, as well as gives them nearly unlimited stamina."

"And I will prove that, by making love to you two beautiful ladies." Shinji said as he scooped up the pair and carried them into Rias's private bedroom. Neither of them protested.

Kiba and Issei then wandered into the clubroom. Kiba noticed a small pot of tea off to the corner and went to get a drink, while Issei made his way over to the couch.

The second he saw the naked Rias, his nose exploded with blood, skyrocketing him into the ceiling and knocking him cold. The boy landed behind Rias's desk and was unconscious for the rest of the day.



An hour later, Souna and Shinra entered the Occult club with a stack of papers.

"Rias, we need to talk to you about your new budget." Souna called out after closing the door.

"Huh? No one's here?" Shinra wondered.

"Souna..." Rias called out from the couch, raising her hand over the back of it.

Souna and Shinra ran to the couch and saw a naked Rias.

"Rias, what happened?" Souna asked in shock.

"Shinji drank magically enhanced tea and changed. He pleasured me until my body turned into jelly." She explained weakly.

"Where is he?" Shinra asked.

Just then, two Gremory crests appeared on the wall, and the Sitri members were pulled on to them.

They both tried to get loose but the magic was too powerful for them break loose.

"Kaichou, fuku-kaichou, I caught you." Shinji appeared and came close to them.

"Shinji, what are you doing!" Souna shouted, noticing that he was naked, his athletic body and raging manhood apparent to them.

"I am simply going to make you feel so good that your bodies can't live without me. And I want to see your serious faces warped in pleasure." He said and went to Shinra first.

"NO SHINJI!" Shinra shouted when her shirt was opened. Her upper body was soon exposed.

"My my Shinra, your body is so beautiful. It's a real sin to keep it hidden from men." Shinji stated and licked his lips.

Shinra gasped when his finger touched her belly, feeling her skin. He trailed it up and cupped her other breast gently.

"GYAAH AH AH!" Shinra gasped in pleasure.

"Fufu, Shinra's face when she feels pleasure is so erotic." He stated. "Let's see if we can make you feel even better."

"W-We?" she asked in confusion.

Just then, Yuuto Kiba walked in.

"Kiba-kun?" Shinra gasped when she saw her secret love. He was also buck-naked and eyeing Shinra was fervent desire.

"Oh, my darling Shinra. I've been waiting for this moment." Kiba said slyly as he approached her.

"Kiba..." she gasped, her eyes quivered in terror when his mouth came closer to her breasts. He's going to... She thought before pleasure filled her body and she could only scream when her love pleasured her.

Souna could only stare when Kiba pleasured her queen by licking and sucking her breasts, fondling her in all the right spots, using his mouth on her sex and finally making love to her so gently that she didn't feel pain, even when it was her first time.

However, this left her vulnerable to Shinji's attack. The Kaichou, having forgotten Shinji, gasped aloud when she felt her own body stripped of clothing and exposed to the young man before her.

"Now kaichou. It's our turn to know pleasure." Shinji said his hands roamed over her body.

"WAIT! DON'T SHINJI! I'M NOT EMOTIONALLY PREPARED!" Souna protested in vain when he felt and marveled her luscious body.

"Kaichou, you should eat something with more nutrients so you could have a bigger chest. But somehow this size suits you well." He complimented and kneeled to fondle her thighs.

"AHH! SHINJI!" She gasped in pleasure.

"Your legs are quite steely, kaichou. I like that." He complimented and licked her inner thighs.

"UAAH! NO SHINJI! DON'T TEASE... AAAAHHHH!" She screamed when she was enveloped in pleasure.

Souna tried to keep her mind from breaking apart when Shinji licked her every sensitive spot and gently sucked her nipples before finally taking her virginity and making her feel pleasure she had only read and heard about.

Ultimately Souna declared that this was not rape, as she knew the effects of the Love Tea only made a person more amorous and not a sex fiend. Shinji pleasured her until she couldn't handle any more. Fortunately, he took her into the bedroom where Akeno, Rias and Asia were waiting for him.

Kiba and Shinra eventually got married because of this incident.

Shinji ended up marrying all four of the she-Devils he had seduced, mostly because they ended up pregnant.



Shinji had quit NERV. The incident involving the 13th Angel that had possessed Unit 03 and forced Gendo Ikari's hand in activating the Dummy Plug System that forced Unit 01 to destroy Unit 03 and cripple it's pilot, Toji Suzuhara, had left Shinji completely devastated, not to mention physically and emotionally drained.

He had had enough of NERV, its secrets, its seemingly uncaring personnel, and above all, its ruthless bastard commander that he unfortunately called 'father'.

It was in this that Shinji now found himself wandering the darker parts of Tokyo-3, looking for a way out.

Death, was always a possibility, but Shinji didn't have the guts to take his own life. He wanted to live, but not in this life. He wanted a new life, a different life, away from NERV and all the horrible memories they had given him.

He was so lost in his thoughts, he didn't notice he was being followed, nor that he had just walked into someone else.


"Ohh, ah! Sorry!" Shinji blurted out.

"Watch where you're going, kid." the girl shouted as she glared at him.

"Sorry." Shinji said, noticing that the girl was tall with blue, shoulder-length hair and matching eyes. She had a bishounen face, and if it wasn't for the strange gray and wine-colored school uniform and skirt he would have sworn she was a boy. Maybe a tomboy.

The girl looked over the boy. He was shorter than her, short brown hair, sad blue eyes, and dressed rather simply in a white shirt, black pants and a pair of brown shoes.

The pair stared at each other for a few seconds before Shinji lowered his head and walked away.

As he did, something inside Yura sparked and she turned around to stare at him.

"Hey! Something wrong?" the girl asked, racing over to him. "I'm Yura, by the way. Tsubasa Yura."

"Oh. Uh... Shinji. Shinji Ikari." he said to her.

"So, something up? You look like you had a bad day."

"You could say that."

"Maybe I could help."

"I doubt it."

"Oh? Why? You don't know who I am or what I'm capable of."

Shinji looked at her for a few seconds, before his anxiety and depression got the better of him.

He spent the next few minutes telling her all that he knew. He told his story rather quickly, leaving out some details, but Yura was transfixed by his story.

"I think I know someone who could help you."

"You do? Who?"

"My master."

"Master? Are you a slave or something?"

"Servant. But I can understand your confusion."

"Oh. Sorry."

"Not at all. So... shall we go?"

"Uh... okay. Sure."

While Yura lead Shinji to where her master was, the pair were followed by a female figure with blue hair and red eyes.

The blue-haired bishounen tomboy lead Shinji to a lavish mansion on the outskirts of the city. It was here that Shinji was introduced to Yura's master, Souna Sitri.

"So... you're the famous Third Child who pilots one of the giant robots against the Angels." Souna said, the slim and attractive, glasses-wearing girl said.

"I'm... not that famous." Shinji said, mentally cursing Kensuke Aida for making him a celebrity.

"Far more than you think." Sona said. "So... how can we help you?"

Yura then went into a more detailed explanation of Shinji's problem than she had been told, which made Shinji wonder how she knew that. When she was finished, Souna smiled at the boy.

"Well, Shinji Ikari... as it turns out, I can help you. Or... help your friend."

"What? How? Toji's crippled! He'll never walk again!" Shinji exclaimed.

"Oh, but he could. If you agree to a little... exchange."

"What sort of exchange?" he asked.

"Become my servant. Allow me to willingly transform you into one of my peerage, and I'll restore your friend Toji to his former health."

Shinji just stared at the girl, shocked and confused.

"Simple as that?" he asked.

"Simple as that." she said.

Shinji agrees.

Souna uses her mutation piece to transform Shinji into her new Pawn.

"Incredible! An 8X Pawn Piece! Even Saji wasn't so powerful." Souna gasped.

"What... am I?" Shinji gasped, breathing hard as he looked around the room.

"You are a Devil, Shinji-kun. Just like all of us." Souna said, the group revealing their bat-like wings, and then Souna causing Shinji's wings to emerge from his back.

However, unlike their black color, Shinji realized his wings were a light brown.

"I'm... a Devil." Shinji said, realization catching up to him. "I guess this is appropriate. I did fight and kill Angels."

"Shinji-kun, listen to me, for this is very important." Souna said, getting the boys attention. "We are Devils, but that doesn't mean we are evil incarnate. We are greedy, and cunning, and even a little selfish, but that doesn't mean we go around slaughtering innocent people, sacrificing virgins and drinking their blood from a cup. We are all about power and survival. And we maintain our power by keeping the deals we make." she said as she turned to her Queen. "Shinra!"

"Yes, Kaichou!" the shapely raven-haired, glasses-wearing girl said.

"Take Reya and go make sure Mr Suzuhara is restored to his full health."

"Hai, Kaichou!"

The pair bowed and left.

"Now then, Shinji-kun, your education in being a Devil begins now." Souna said. "The first thing you must know, is that I am the president of the Student Council at a local school called Kuou Academy. There, I am known as Souna Shitori. While out in public, you will refer to me as 'Kaichou'. When in private, you may refer to me as Souna-san. Understand?"

"Yes... Kaichou."

Souna smirked a little. Shinji was still shy so he needed a little time to adjust. Then again, the rest of her peerage were usually so formal with her, she wondered if she was too strict on them.

Just then, three people entered the room. Two were wearing the same school uniforms that Sona and her peerage were, the third was wearing the uniform of the Tokyo-3 Municipal Junior High student. The two Kuou girls were holding the Tokyo-3 Junior High student by both arms.

"What is this?" Souna asked.

"We caught this girl sneaking around outside." Tomoe Meguri, Sounas knight, stated.

"She said she was looking for a friend of hers." Ruruko Nimura, Sounas pawn, stated.

"Wha... Ayanami?" Shinji gasped when she saw her.

"Ikari-kun. What has happened to you?" Rei asked as she saw Shinji's wings.

"Oh, my. The First Child, Rei Ayanami! This is a pleasure." Souna smirked.

"What have you done to him?" Rei asked, still being held by each arm by the two female Devils.

"What are you doing here?" Shinji asked, getting to his feet.

"It doesn't really matter." Souna said. "Shinji-kun has agreed to be my servant, and I have made him a Devil like myself. He serves me now. I am only telling you this because I am about to offer you a choice. Serve me, or not. If you decline, I will erase your memory of this event and have my servants escort you home."

"Erase... You mean... I will forget Ikari-kun?" Rei asked.

"Yes." Souna said simply

"You won't hurt her, will you, Kaichou?" Shinji asked his master.

"Of course not. I have no reason to hurt one of your friends." Souna said, looking to the girl and then looking back at Shinji. "She is a friend, isn't she?"

Shinji slightly hesitated to answer. "She... I like her. But I don't think she likes me that much."

"Oh?" Souna said, seeing the hurt look in Rei's almost emotionless eyes. "Why not?"

"She... declined my friendship several times. Whenever I invited her over to my place to help her with her homework, she said 'no'. Whenever I asked if she wanted to go for a walk in the park, she said 'no'. Whenever she..."

"I get the point, Shinji-kun." Souna interrupted. "So, I guess I'll just wipe out her memory and send her home." she said as she approached Rei.

"I was wrong." Rei said suddenly.

"What?" Souna and Shinji gasped.

"I... wanted to be friends. My life... my loyalty... to the commander, was not pleasant. I...did not know what friendship truly meant... until you offered it to me. You offered me something special, and I threw it away. I... am sorry."

The group looked at Rei, seeing genuine concern and regret. Shinji actually seemed the most shocked about this. Which was picked up by Souna.

"Well... if you want, you can stay with him. As my new servant." Souna said.

"What?" Rei asked.

"Really?" Shinji gasped.

"Yes. There are underlying reasons for my decision, but if Miss Ayanami accepts, this could solve a lot of our problems. Do you accept? Miss Ayanami?"

"I... accept." Rei said.

Sona took out a red Chess Piece and pressed it to Rei's chest, transforming her into her new Rook.

"With this, you are now bound to me. You serve my will, you live for me, just like Shinji-kun. You have no other masters now. Understood?"

"I understand." Rei said with a bow, her bat-like wings taking on a bluish tint the same as her hair once they were fully stretched out.