by Gunman

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Chapter 12
Decisive Battle At Kuoh

(Gremory/Himejima/Ikari/Argento Apartment)

Shinji was the first one to wake up. It was 3 hours before they would have to leave for the Peace Summit at Kuoh. Looking down at Asia, who had a happy dream-face on, made him smile because seeing his love Asia happy was something that made him happy as well.

Carefully untangling himself from Asia's rather firm embrace, Shinji left to get ready. Taking a quick shower and then putting on some shorts and a shirt, he went to the kitchen to make something to eat before they had to head out. His thoughts wandered to the current events that would affect his life once again.

The Angel War, being one of the things that lead him to the life of a devil, felt surreal when he first heard Akeno and Rias telling him that he died at Raynalle's hands and they resurrected him as a devil servant to Rias Gremory. But now, he was loved by Asia, Akeno and Rias, and he loved them all in return. It still felt unreal that his life had any kind of love in it, but he welcomed the feeling.

And when he heard that another war could break out if any devil made a wrong move, he got scared again because he didn't want to go through that, which would mean he could/might/very well lose his newfound friends that loved him. But thanks in part to him, a peace treaty was going to be signed and a truce made. The fear of war looming over him and his friends would be gone, and he could finally live peacefully with his loves.

Although there were issues of jealousy between his three lovers, since they all wanted to be the 'only' girl in Shinji's life, those problems were more preferable to war between the Three Powers.

Shinji was finished making breakfast for four (something he had gotten into a habit of doing), and started to make some tamagoyaki and simple sandwiches for lunch. That was when Asia arrived, with a sleepy look on her cute face and dressed in one of Shinji's t-shirts.

"Mornin' Shinji-san. Huuuaaahhh!" Asia yawned sleepily.

"Morning Asia. You look more relaxed now considering that we have an important day ahead of us." Shinji stated.

"Hai, our love making helps me to calm down afterwards." Asia said cutely and took one of the tamagoyakis.

A hand suddenly landed on Shinji's shoulder.

"Shinji-kun, we need to discuss that matter in detail!" Shinji heard his master Rias speak in a pleasant voice but when he turned around, she had a cute smile but her aura was flaring like she was upset.

"I asked Shinji-san to make love to me so don't hurt him!" Asia cried out, now fully awake and worried that something was going to happen to her lover.

"Ara ara, Asia-chan is so sneaky when I'm not looking. I just can't leave my Shinji-kun alone." Akeno said as she came in, her aura was glowing like she was trying to hold back her wrath.

"I want to be loved by Shinji-san as well. It's unfair that only you two get to have him all the time!" Asia protested.

Shinji turned around and Rias started to say: "Shinji, why would you..."

Rias was suddenly cut off when Shinji kissed her lips in an attempt to calm her down. Which succeeded because Rias's aura vanished.

"Rias-chan, I love you very much, but I also love Akeno and Asia, so you'll just have to endure the fact that you have to share me." Shinji told her, which made Rias pout cutely.

Just then Akeno took the chance to kiss Shinji and slipping her tongue in his mouth. Shinji then did something what Akeno loved. He started to caress her ponytail and suck on her tongue. The queen started to moan softly from the small pleasure.

Asia and Rias watched the love scene between the pawn and queen with mixed feelings. Both of them were jealous because they knew that it was Akeno Shinji loved the most but were happy for the both of them because both Akeno and Shinji had difficult lives before meeting Rias and now both of them had someone they could love.

When Akeno stopped kissing Shinji, she looked Shinji straight in the eye before speaking.

"Shinji, when we move into our new home, let's share the room." she said/asked him.

"New home? Are we moving out of the apartment?" Shinji asked, confused.

"Yes. Onii-sama bought some land just outside the city, and constructed a home for me and my peerage. Since peace will be declared, the Khaos Brigade and other factions who don't want peace will most likely start to operate more openly against the Three Powers. So he constructed a safe house for us where we will be safe from them, considering that both Angels and Devils placed protective spells around it. No one outside my peerage can enter if I don't allow it." Rias explained.

"Oh. Then we should definitely share a room, Akeno-chan." Shinji replied and kissed her again.

Rias's eyebrow twitched as she took in the scene. Being selfish, she wanted Shinji to do those lovey-dovey things to her. Asia felt the same way.

Deciding to drop the subject for now, they started eating the breakfast Shinji had prepared, and as usual Shinji heard their enjoyment through their moans as they ate.


After they finished eating and Rias made sure that they were ready to leave, she transported them to the clubroom where the rest of Rias's peerage were waiting.

"Alright everyone, there is still one hour before the meeting begins so I can tell you what you need to hear. First of all, after the meeting we will be moving into our new home which my brother had built for us." Rias stated.

"Why are we all moving into the same place?" Calawana asked.

"Onii-sama told me that we should all live together from now on because the factions that oppose this treaty will start to act more openly against the Three Powers so it will be safer for us to live together. Sona is also having all of her peerage to move into her new home." Rias answered.

Calawana and the others seemed to accept this. Issei was happy to hear this because he would be living with several bishoujos in the same house, even if that also meant sharing the house with Shinji and Kiba. Xenovia started plotting how to approach Shinji since now she wouldn't be living in a different building then him and could talk with him more often. The only real obstacle, as she saw it, was her Queen, who had a definite claim on the Golden Dragon wielder.

"And secondly: Koneko, Gasper, Raynalle and Calawana will be staying here during the meeting. Gasper will be staying because we don't want him to accidentally use his Balor View on the leaders. Koneko will keep him company. Also, the Angels might not be happy to see Raynalle and Calawana so they will also stay here." Rias explained.

The former Angels were glad to hear this because they hated standing still in meetings. They would most likely be on guard duty for something like this, and that was boring. Koneko didn't mind because she wasn't into meetings either.

Just then Koneko slammed a giant box of snacks on the table, startling everyone and getting them to focus on her.

"I was prepared for that." the neko-girl said calmly.

"Alright then, let's go to the meeting room." Rias told her servants, the group heading out towards the most important meeting in their entire lives.


As Rias and her peerage approached the school building, they passed through a barrier similar to the one Sona and her peerage had conjured up during their battle against Kokabiel.

"Buchou, that barrier... it's to prevent anyone from showing up if they're not invited, right?" Shinji asked.

"Exactly, Shinji-kun." Rias said. "We don't want anyone disrupting this meeting. Sona and her sister made sure that this barrier will prevent any unauthorized persons from entering. The delegates and their entourage, as well as security guards, are the only ones allowed inside."

In the yard they all took notice of the several dozen Angels, Fallen Angels and Devils floating around with weapons in hand. They were wearing their respective uniforms, and all of them in teams of three.

"The Grigoris are from Heaven, The Fallen Angel guards you can tell, and the Underworld military forces I'm sure you recognize. They're here to insure our safety, should anyone attack." Rias told them.

"Anyone would have to be suicidal to come in here with this many guards." Issei said.

"Why didn't we have this kind of help when we faced Kokabiel?" Irina asked.

"Because that's exactly what Kokabiel wanted." Shinji said.

"An armed military presence by either Angels or Devils would have been seen as an act of aggression on the part of the other, and would have lead to war." Akeno explained.

"I know, I know." Irina huffed, already knowing that, but it would have made things easier for them had they had this kind of back-up to fight off the rogue Fallen.

They reached the Student Council Office, which was emptied aside from the round table in the middle of the room, with magic barriers on the windows to prevent anyone from seeing inside.

Shinji noticed that the meeting room looked far nicer than a Kuoh Academy student council room should have been. Even for an exclusive private school, this seemed like it was made up for royalty. The table cloth on the table was divided up into three sections, a different color to denote which side was which. White for The Angels, Black for The Fallen, and Red for the Devils.

The chairs looked to be finely polished gold with plush velvet cushions, and there were banners hanging around the room with the symbols of various clans and groups of the Three Great Powers.

So far only Sona and her peerage were present. Rias went to talk with Sona about the arrangements.

Shinji's fangirls came over to ask him questions about his recent endeavors, Akeno and Asia staying close to him to make sure the other girls didn't try something, (which included Xenovia too), while Shinra tried to keep her eyes off of Kiba. Saji went to talk with Issei and Irina.

After about 20 minutes of idle chatting, a bright mandala appeared in the room and from it there emerged Michael and a young woman who was as endowed as Akeno, garbed in an elegant white and silver dress. She had long silver hair, bright blue eyes, and perfectly flawless skin.

Sona and Rias went to greet the pair.

"Lady Lillith, Michael-sama, welcome." Sona greeted them, bowing to the pair.

The others who hadn't seen Lillith before were gaping at her with wide eyes. The new ruler of Heaven, whom Shinji had once saved, was now standing in their presence and her power felt like it would just blow them away at any second.

Issei of course had a quick fantasy about corrupting her with pleasures of the flesh.

This was the first time Shinji actually saw Lillith in person and was awed about her human appearance.

She turned to look at him and he almost had a heart attack.

"Shinji Ikari." She called out in a harmonious voice.

"Hai." He replied nervously.

"As Michael thanked you for your actions, I would also like to thank you freeing me and making these peace negotiations possible. I would have taken you to my side in Heaven but I never got the chance. Yet, from what I have heard, you are happy with your life now, and I wish you the best of luck for the challenges you will face on your road to High-Class." Lillith told him with a sincere smile.

"Thank you, Lady Lillith." Shinji replied back.

Issei felt a tick grow on his head as he heard that. What was she talking about?

Just then, Serafall Leviathian and Sirzechs Lucifer appeared from their Underworld portal. Sirzechs was dressed in his gold armor and gray and white robes. But Serafall's appearance shocked everyone: she was dressed in a business suit with a dark green blouse, black skirt and stockings.

The low-class devils kneeled before them. Serafall came over to Shinji.

"Hi Shin-chan, good to see you again." She said in her usual upbeat voice.

"Serafall-sama, good to see you as well." Shinji replied back, hoping that she wouldn't tell him to call her Levi-tan in front of the others, again.

He was glad that she didn't and went to hug Sona to her breasts.

"Urphmm!" Sona groaned. Her older sister was once again embarrassing her in front of important people.

"Sona-chan, finally we can end this war and I can stop worrying about endangering you." Serafall cried out to Sona.

Sona's servant's were amused and had a hard time not laughing.

Just then another mandala, a black one, appeared and Azazel emerged from it.

"Now that everyone is here, we can start this meeting." Lillith announced and they all took their seats on the table while the witnesses went to stand next to the wall.

Azazel spoke first after a few seconds of silence.

"Can we just move on to the point where we declare peace?" the Fallen Angel leader asked.

"While I would prefer that as well, there are several things that we need to discuss. Specifically, the recent developments." Sirzechs answered.

Rias, Sona and their peerages wondered what the Crimson Satan was talking about.

"You mean about the Khaos Brigade?" Azazel asked.

"Yes. Are they going to attack us here?" Lillith asked.

"No, my informant told me about the plan to attack this meeting. When I heard about it, I informed Sirzechs about it and our forces stormed the Brigades hideout. Everyone in there was eliminated, including Katerea Leviathan." Azazel answered and Serafall gasped.

"What did she hope to gain if we were killed?" Lillith asked.

"She hoped to take control of the Underworld along with Rizevim Lucifer because they believe that the Underworld today is a disgrace and that devils should be pure evil who destroy everything." Sirzechs answered.

"And also, Vali was secretly spying for the Brigade and when we found out, he escaped." Azazel added.

"You mean the current possessor of The Vanishing Dragon?" Lillith asked.

"Yes, he was the one who brought us Kokabiel and Freed Selzen. Kokabiel is currently imprisoned in Cocytus and under close guard in the Underworld. He can't escape from there. And Freed Selzen's body was also discovered from the raided hideout. They were going bring him back to life as a monster to aid in the attack, but his body was destroyed by Sirzechs Power of Destruction, so he won't be coming back anymore to wreak havoc." Azazel answered.

"Thank God!" Asia sighed happily, getting a sharp pain in her head for saying that, even as she grabbed onto Shinji's arm for support.

Shinji just wrapped his arm around Asia's shoulders, comforting her as he too was glad Freed would no longer be a threat to them. He still wanted the blood of the rogue priest for trying to rape Asia.

"And you didn't order Kokabiel to do what he was trying to do?" Lillith asked Azazel.

"No. He wanted to start a war on his own, to prove he was superior. I want peace so I can focus on my hobbies." Azazel answered the Queen of Heaven.

"And what about Rizevim and Vali?" Lillith asked.

"We discovered that Vali is Rizevim's grandson, and Vali is also a human/devil hybrid who was conceived by Rizevim's son and a human mother. Vali wants to fight strong opponents so he was against the peace treaty. Rizevim is the current leader of the Khaos Brigade and Vali joined him when his allegiance was discovered." Sirzech answered.

"Clearly the Khaos Brigade is a serious threat to all of us. Alone we could be easily wiped out. So I agree that we must declare peace and unite in order to stand against them." Lillith said.

"I want to hear the Dragons wielders opinion first." Sirzechs said, to which Lillith and Azazel nodded.

A figurative spotlight seemed to shine upon the pair as well eyes from everyone in the room.

"Shinji Ikari, Issei Hyodo, do you want peace?" Sirzechs asked the pair.

Shinji answered first.

"I have already fought in one war and I don't wish to fight another. So I want peace between the Three Powers." he said.

"I wish to live peacefully as well, and build my harem." Issei declared, a bit too honestly.

Rias sighed as Irina seemed to scowl at that.

Sirzechs and Azazel laughed a little at this.

"So, are we in agreement about peace?" Sirzechs asked.

"Yes!" Both Lillith and Azazel answered.

While the trio talked out the little details, Michael approached Shinji.

"Shinji Ikari, what was it that you wanted to ask me?" the Archangel asked the Golden Dragon wielder.

Shinji stepped forward. "I wanted to ask if it would it be possible to make it so that Asia, Xenovia and Irina can pray without feeling pain?" he asked.

"Three devils wish to pray?" Lillith asked curiously at hearing Shinji's request.

The three young women in question stepped forward, bowing to the ruler of Heaven.

"You wish to continue praying to Heaven, even though you are Devils?" she asked.

"Yes. I still wish to pray because I cannot quite let go of my old faith." Xenovia answered.

Irina and Asia couldn't have put it better so they said nothing.

"Oh, dear." Lilith said. "I know who you are, and for what the Church has done to you, I am sorry."

"The fault is not yours, Lady Lilith." Irina said.

"We do not regret becoming Devils, for we have found love and acceptance in our new life." Asia said, smiling at Shinji, who smiled back at her.

"Even so, I am going to have to have a little talk with those priests. Because of their arrogance, the side of light has lost three valuable people, to the Underworld." Lillith groaned. "I think that wouldn't be a problem. The system won't be corrupted by three praying Devils." she answered.

"Very well. We shall do the necessary modifications and by tomorrow you three will be able to pray without causing yourself pain or damage." Michael answered.

Issei wanted to cry. Why hadn't he thought of that? He could have scored love points with Irina, Xenovia and Asia.

Then Azazel approached Issei and Shinji.

"And in case you are wondering who Vali is, he is the white armored man who defeated Kokabiel when you fought him." Azazel said.

"Defeated Kokabiel? He swooped in when I..." Issei started to say.

"AHEM!" Rias coughed.

"When Shinji and I..." he corrected himself. "..kicked Kokabiel's sorry ass. He didn't have to do much of anything."

"That's your perspective. Vali has his own." Azazel said.

"I'm sure." Shinji said with mild annoyance in his voice. "So we should expect an attack from him as well?" Shinji deduced.

"Correct. But it will be a while before they dare to make any moves. And Issei, you wish to build a harem correct?" He asked.

"Yes! It's my most important mission." Issei answered.

"Then next time I summon you, I will bring some beautiful fallen angel women to keep us company as well. I have experience with harems so I can teach you how to make one." Azazel offered.

"WOULD YOU?! I WOULD BE SO GRATEFUL!" Issei shouted in excitement.

While the other Devils just glared at the hentai, Rias and the Sitri sisters just laughed.

"With this meeting concluded, we shall..." Lilith began to say, only to get interrupted by a sudden explosion that shook the grounds.

"What was that?" Rias asked.

"I sense something... evil, and powerful." Sona said.

"Devils sensing something evil?" Michael asked.

The group rushed out of the council room and saw their guards scattered around the yard in various states of consciousness. Several of them had large gashes in their bodies, their wings bent at odd angles, their armor slashed through, and their weapons in shreds.

Standing in the middle of the devastation was a single figure, tall and imposing, with what looked like dark green scale-like armor, long curved claws for hands, and a spiked, whip-like tail. It's eyes were a fiery red that glowed brightly, and it's hulking figure looked like something out of a nightmare from ancient history.

"What is that?" Irina asked, terror running through her body.

"Looks like... our Scale Mail armor... but... really ugly." Issei said.

"Who are you, and what are you doing here?" Sirzechs demanded of the creature.

"I am... death. Your... death." the creature growled as it attacked.

The Three Great Powers leaders threw their hands forward, erecting a barrier around themselves.

However, the barriers energies came into conflict with each other, weakening it enough for the creature to hurl a powerful fireball at it, and shattering the barrier.

"ARGH!" Serafall shouted.

"OH!" Lillith gasped.

"OOWWWW!" Sirzechs shouted.

"That thing is powerful!" Saji shouted, trying to protect Sona.

"We have to stop him!" Shinji said as he rushed forward, summoning his gauntlet.

"SHINJI! STOP!" Rias shouted in a panic.

"Let's go, partner!" Shinji shouted as he leapt into the air, summoning his gauntlet and transforming into his golden Scale Mail armor. Golden armor and white eyes flashed in the sunlight, his wings spreading out as he took to the air.

"Oh, like Hell I'm gonna sit this one out!" Issei shouted as he summoned up his Boosted Gear, and rushed towards the green-scaled monster. "SCALE MAIL!" he shouted, his bright red armor wrapping around his, green eyes flashing brightly as he charged at the creature.

Shinji struck high while Issei struck low.

"It's amazing how well they fight together." Azazel said.

"But what are they fighting?" Xenovia asked as Shinji struck the creature from behind.

"It's aura! It... feels like... Trihexa!" Lillith said as Issei punched the creature in the gut.

"What?" That's impossible!" Michael gasped as the creature shrugged off their attacks.

"Trihexa?" Reya asked as Shinji used his whip to strike the creature in the face.

"The beast of the Apocalypse. The one referred to as '666'." Irina explained.

"It can't be. Trihexa was sealed away by GOD! How can he be here?!" Michael asked.

"That's not Trihexa!" Lillith said as Issei kicked at the creature's side.

"What?" Tsubasa asked.

"I think this is something else. An avatar of some sort!" the Queen of Heaven said.

The green-scaled monster lashed out, smashing Shinji and Issei in their faces and knocking them to the ground.

"You Are Correct!" the creature roared. "I Am MONOHEXA!"

"Monohexa?" Akeno gasped/asked.

"Trihexa has been sealed away from eons, by God, who used thousands of seals to contain him! I, however, have been in hiding, waiting and slowly building my power, so as to destroy you when you least expected it!"

"But what are you?" Lillith asked as Shinji and Issei got back up to their feet.

"Your end."

"He's only a part of Trihexa. Not even a fraction of his total power!" Lillith explained.

"He still packs a heck of a punch." Shinji groaned.

"We have to do something!" Asia shouted as Shinji and Issei attacked as one.

"No, we cannot interfere in this fight." Sona said.

"What? Why?" Akeno asked.

"Because he came here to kill the leaders of the Great Powers. If that happens... war will begin." Rias said.

"Buchou is right." Kiba said. "As much as it pains me, we must let the Dragon Wielders deal with this."

"Now what?" Issei groaned as Monohexa once again punched them down.

"I have a plan, but you're not gonna like it." Shinji said to his crimson-armored partner.

"I'm sure." Issei said.

"If you are part of Trihexa, then you can be defeated by those who are assembled." Lillith shouted at the slowly advancing creature.

"I will kill you before that happens!"


"What?" Monohexa gasped as he turned around and saw Shinji, in his golden armor, glowing brightly. Almost blinding.


Shinji's armored body was now bursting with power, and power that was threatening to tear him apart.

"What? No! You're power is growing! I can sense it!"

"One More Time, Issei!" Shinji growled, all eyes on him.

"It could kill you, Shinji!" Issei shouted.



Shinji's body was glowing with such intense power that everyone couldn't even look at him. It was like staring into the sun.

"What are..." Monohexa asked, right as a fast and furious onslaught of fists and feet slammed into him over and over and over. Every inch of his body was not spared the relentless wrath that Shinji delivered into the creature.

Shinji finally ceased his onslaught, and grabbed Monohexa around his neck, before pouring all of his energy into his body.

"RAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Monohexa screamed as his body exploded with energy... and suddenly went limp.

Shinji dropped the creature to the ground, which suddenly turned into a large dark green talon.

"A talon? It was one of Trihexa's... talons?" Serafall gasped when she saw the large, six-foot long talon.

"Which means that the boys were fighting a creature with... 1, maybe 2%, of Trihexa's full power?" Sirzechs mused.

"That's a dark prospect, if anything." Michael said.

"And another reason Trihexa must never be unleashed."

Shinji himself was sitting on his knees on the ground, his armor smoking like it had just been on fire. Piece by piece, his armor evaporated, returning to his gauntlet, as an exhausted Shinji slumped to the ground.

Akeno, Rias and Asia were the first to get to his body, Akeno cradling it while Asia went right to work to heal him.

"Issei-kun, are you alright?" Irina asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Issei said as soon as his armor vanished.

"That was impressive, Issei." Azazel said. "Both you and Shinji. I didn't think you could boost another persons power like that."

"I didn't think it would work either. But Shinji insisted." Issei explained.

"That was crazy!" Sirzechs said. "I mean, it worked, but... he could have been killed!"

"He said he could handle it." Issei said. "For peace for everyone."

Once Monohexa, now sealed up within his talon, was safely sent back to the Underworld in order to be contained, the leaders of the Three Great Powers were finally able to conclude their conference.

"With this meeting concluded, and our treaty signed, we shall depart for our duties." Lillith declared and teleported back to Heaven with Michael.

"Rias, you can start moving your peerage in to your new home. All of your belongings have already being moved there and Issei's parents won't ask questions. For now, rest and relax. You've earned it." Sirzechs told her and teleported with Serafall back to the Underworld.

"Yes. I think we're all going to need a good rest after all this." Rias said as she looked at her unconscious lover still cradled in Akeno's arms.


(4 days later)

The new house where Rias and her peerage resided now was a rather luxurious one, considering that it had six stories and two underground floors and the house had everything one could hope for in a home. There was an outdoor pool, an onsen, a gymnasium, a large kitchen, a library, a small movie theater, and even roof-top garden.

Each bedroom had their own full-sized bathroom, a king-sized bed, a computer in every room, desks to work out their homework on, and even a balcony.

All the technological devices were the latest things on the market and they also had every game consoles imaginable in the Game Room.

Much to Rias's annoyance, Akeno and Shinji were sharing a room and both of them would sleep late nowadays when they had free days. She wanted to enjoy some alone time Shinji in bed but she was busy with her duties.

Koneko was keeping a close eye on Issei to make sure that he didn't try to steal their underwear or peek in their rooms or bathrooms when they were using them.

(In Akeno's and Shinji's room)

Both the Gremory Queen and Pawn were enjoying the feel of each others naked bodies against the other, softly kissing while Shinji combed his finger through her hair.

"Ufufu Shinji, you just love touching my hair, don't you?" Akeno asked in an amused tone.

"Yes. It feels so good." Shinji retorted.

"We can enjoy our lives much more now that we don't have to worry about war erupting every other week." Akeno said with a smile.


"Akeno, Shinji! You better get up now and prepare! We have to help Sona in her new house!" Rias shouted at them through the door.

"Why did she agree to help Sona in the first place?" Shinji groaned.

"Because Sona offered to pay us a good amount of money and her place wasn't set up like ours was." Akeno answered, also annoyed that her Shinji time was interrupted. "Serafall isn't as prepared or thorough as Sirzechs-sama."

"Well... we'll have to continue this later. In the bath, if you wish." Shinji suggested with a smirk.

Akeno giggled at the suggestion. Her lover certainly knew what she liked to do.


Authors Notes:

Sorry this took so long to update. I've been so busy and some things have pulled me away from my work focus. Anyway, this is the last chapter for this Volume of Evangelion/Highschool DxD. Look for the next volume sometime later.

So, anyway, hope everyone enjoys this and for extra reading, here are some omakes.


Omake 1

"Correct. But it will be a while before they dare to make any moves. And Issei, you wish to build a harem correct?" Azazel asked.

"Yes! It's my most important mission." Issei answered.

"Then next time I summon you, I will bring some beautiful fallen angel women to keep us company as well. I have experience with harems so I can teach you how to make one." Azazel offered.

"WOULD YOU?! I WOULD BE SO GRATEFUL!" Issei shouted in excitement.

"And what about you, Shinji? Would you also like to build a harem?" Azazel asked.

"No thanks. I've already got one." Shinji replied.

"WHAT?!" Issei roared. "WHO?"

Akeno, Asia and Rias raised their hands. Xenovia then raised her hand, followed by Tsubasa Yura, Momo Hanakai, and Reya Kusaka.

Issei's mouth dropped wide like a fish, but it got even wider when Serafall grabbed Sona's hand and raised it up.

Sona looked at her sister, scandalized.

"WHAT? I'm not part of Shinji-san's harem!" Sona declared.

"Not yet. But I'm going to change that." Serafall grinned to her younger sister.

At hearing that, Saji began crying while Issei fainted from disbelief.

"Damn." Azazel gasped.


Omake 2 (From StraightedgeWingZero)

The Great Asuka Langley Sohryu, Devil Hunter extraordinaire, stood before the assembled group of Devils, defiance in her eyes.

Shinji Ikari stood with his four lovers: Akeno Himejima, Rias Gremory, Asia Argento, and Xenovia Quarta, as he faced his most relentless foe to date.

Despite what they had done to her, many things over a course of only a few months, Asuka relentlessly pursued Shinji as if he was the only Devil worthy of dying at her hands.

"This is unnecessary, Asuka." Shinji said. "Besides, five against one is hardly a fair fight for you."

"You're right. Maybe I should close my eyes to fight you then." she said, haughtily.

"Does your arrogance know no limits? You'll die!" Rias declared.

"I will not be beaten by a bunch of lousy, low-class devils. I will rise above all of you monsters! I will cut down this filthy pack of soul-stealing, blood-drinking, spirit-crushing, heathens who seek to do nothing but take for themselves without any thought of giving! I will start with you, male Devil!" she snarled at Shinji. "Then I will eliminate each of your little whore-harem, by cutting off their heads and spitting down their..."


All at once, everyone gasped in shock as an RPG flew through the air and blasted the ground on which Asuka stood, catapulting her up into the air and dropping over a hundred feet away from them in a big, heaping pile of battered, bruised, and burnt human parts.

Amazingly, Asuka was still alive.

The group looked over at Xenovia, who was holding a rocket launcher in her hands, the end of the weapon resting on her right shoulder.

Xenovia looked at the group with her usual expressionless face.

"No one insults my Shinji. Or my friends." the blue-green haired girl said.

Shinji just sweat-dropped at what she had done, as Akeno looked at the ex-Church assassin.

"Where the heck did you get an RPG?" Akeno asked.

"The Internet." Xenovia dead panned.

Rias face-faulted into the ground at hearing that.

"I also found this lovely custom-made weapon called a... Hellfire Enforcer. I believe it was made in the Underworld." Xenovia said.

"Great. Now she's a weapons freak." Rias groaned.


OMAKE 3 (From StraightedgeWingZero)

"This is really getting annoying, Asuka." Shinji groaned as he looked at the cybernetic Devil Hunter.

"How do you think I feel! Your little whore's RPG forced me to get these cybernetic implants over my left eye, my right arm, my left leg, and around my stomach!" she declared.

"I can see that." he said.

"Ugly, I know. Fortunately, I have the great equalizer!" she said as she opened her stomach up.

"What the... is that what I think it is?" he gasped.

"Upper-Roo! A specialized miniature atomic bomb! Custom made, and with a blast radius of one mile! Even you can't get away when I detonate this baby!"

"She's gone crazy!" Asia shouted.

"Gone? She's already there!" Akeno stated.

"We have to stop her." Irina said.

"But how?" Issei asked.

"Asuka, Stop!" Shinji shouted.

"What?" Asuka gasped.

"Hammer Time!" Shinji shouted as he started dancing like MC Hammer.

"What... are you... doing?" Asuka just glared at the dancing devil.

"Dance competition for the fate of the world!" Shinji stated as he started thrusting his pelvis and twisting his leg like Michael Jackson.

"Or the city!" Kiba stated.

"Seriously?" Asuka asked.

The devils (Shinji, Akeno, Issei and now Rias) continued to dance, while Asuka just glared at them.

"Are you for real? You really think that a little dancing is going to stop me?" Asuka declared.

"Stop you? No. Distract you? Yes!" Shinji said as he started moonwalking.

"Distract...?" she gasped when she looked over and saw a revived Gasper open his eyes and blast Asuka with his Balor View on her. "Noooooooo!" Asuka cried as she tried to push the button on her detonator, only to literally pause in place, her eyes darting left and right to see the Devils quickly moving to disarm her and the bomb.

(Five days later)

"I'LL GET YOU DEVILS FOR THIS! YOU HAVEN'T HEARD THE LAST OF THE GREAT ASUKA LANGLEY SOHRYU!" Asuka shouted as she was dragged away from two large men while she was wrapped up tightly in a straightjacket.

"You'd think she would be grateful." Rias said as Akeno was snuggling up against Shinji. "We healed her body, removed all those ugly cybernetics and regenerated all her destroyed body parts. She's pretty again. You'd think she'd be at least a little thankful."

"That's Asuka for you. Never a grateful response, if it not on her terms." Shinji said.

"You should have just let me shoot her, Shinji-kun." Xenovia said, as she sat behind Shinji and Akeno.

"You already got to do that, and look where that got us." Shinji said.

"I know. But I could have ended the threat of the Devil Hunter once and for all." Xenovia said.

"Maybe you'll get your chance." Rias said to Xenovia.


Omake 4 (From Amaterasu30)

'Rias-sama's pawn has retired.' Grayfia announced and Shinji weakly looked to see Raynalle vanishing when Xuelan defeated her.

The Chinese fighter soon noticed him and began running towards him.

Shinji tried to stand up, but the pain was too intense. He thought that Xuelan would take him out immediately and would then get to do whatever she wanted with him while Rias was married off to Raiser.

However, the Chinese Rook stopped right next to him and using her foot she rolled him onto his back. She stood over him and looked at his face with an anticipating expression.

"You have no idea how much I was looking forward to this Shinji-san. I wanted to fight you, defeat you, and then have my fun with you. But if I finish you off now, then it won't be satisfying for me." She stated with a smirk and she took out a small vial of her Phoenix Tears.

Shinji stared at her in shock, realizing what she was going to do: administer her Phoenix Tears to him so that she could fight him at his full strength. However, he was even more shocked when she popped the top of the vial and poured the healing liquid into her mouth. Her cheeks bulged slightly as she bent down to him, taking the back of his head in her hand, and pressed her lips to his mouth. She forced his mouth open with her tongue and Shinji felt the Phoenix Tears pour into his mouth and down his throat. But even once the liquid had entered his body, Xuelan continued kissing Shinji, her tongue caressing both his tongue, and his teeth. As if she were counting his teeth while sucking on his mouth.

The healing serum surged through his body, the pain slowly fading and his body healing within just a few seconds. She pulled away from his lips, reluctantly, and he felt completely healed, he stood up as Xuelan faced him.

"Get ready, Shinji-kun!" she smirked, getting into a fighting stance.

She charged at him and attempted to strike him in the head, but he ducked and she punched a hole in the wall of the school instead.

She pulled her fist out from the wall and advanced towards him. Since Xuelan was too focused on fighting him, she didn't even consider the possibility that he had promoted himself into a stronger piece and thought that she had the upper hand.

Shinji raised his arms up, getting ready to fight her. He was confident that his promotion gave him enough strength to block her attacks.

But being a man, he couldn't help but think that Xuelan was very pretty and felt a little bad about hitting her. But he had to defeat her in order to save Rias from being married to Raiser.

Xuelan attacked once again, throwing punches and kicks in a furious onslaught of pure strength. She tried to kick him in the head, the face, the chest, the legs, even his feet. But Shinji dodged or blocked her attacks with an ease she didn't realize right away. It wasn't until she threw a roundhouse kick to his head that she realized her mistake. And she realized this, right as he caught her foot. She was surprised when her kick didn't have any effect on him, but was shaken out of it when he pulled on her leg, bringing her towards him, her arms suddenly pinned against her sides by strong arms. She gasped when she realized Shinji had her back pressed against his chest, a warm breath whispering in her ear.

"I thank you for healing me, Xuelan," he said into her ear, causing her to blush a little. "For that, I won't ruin your features, despite what you have done to my teammates. But I won't lose, either. You should have just eliminated me when you had the chance." He told her as his golden gauntlet gripped her shoulder, the Chinese fighter suddenly feeling very weak, to the point she vanished from sight. But right before she vanished, she heard Shinji say one last thing. "And thank you, for such a sweet kiss."

'Raiser-sama's rook has been retired.' Grayfia announced.