by Gunman

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Summary: Shinji is kidnapped, thrown a party, and gets a special series of gifts.


Chapter 7
Hectic Surprise

Shinji felt light headed and his hands hurt a little.

When he fully regained consciousness, he noticed that he was tied to a comfortable chair with black chains that seemed to radiate magic that made him weaker. What's more is that he was fully clothed and wearing a pair of black sneakers. The outfit looked like a version of his school uniform, but was pitch black, including the t-shirt.

The last thing he remember, he was being chased by his master, his lover, and his three peerage mates, all because of Xenovia attempting to seduce him.

While it seemed odd to Shinji that all of them were chasing him, mostly because it was Xenovia who had caused the situation and she was chasing him as well, his natural instinct to survive added electricity to his feet, and he was off.

He remembered ducking into a nearby storage shed behind the gym, and as the girls ran past his location, he suddenly felt a strange wooziness come over him, before passing out.

Some kind of spell. He thought to himself. Someone used a magic spell on him while he was distracted by the beating he was possibly going to receive for a situation he could not explain. This would have made it easy for me to be captured. Argh! How could I be so stupid?!

The room where he was being kept was rather elegantly decorated, with antique furniture all around and a full floor carpet which was made from black fur. There were a couple paintings of elegantly posing people, that looked like they had been made during the Renaissance. There were about a dozen black candles positioned around the room, giving the only light to where he was. On a small table next to him, was a file with his name on it and a couple recent pictures of him, and his master, Rias Gremory.

"Where the hell am I?" He asked from no one. Then he heard voices from behind the door.

"Good work Rick, Jack. You deserve this money for succeeding." an obvious female voice said.

"Thank you mistress." The two male voices said in unison.

"Get ready. Here they come." Shinji whispered to himself, wondering who could be behind all this.

The door opened, revealing a young woman about Rias's age in a black silk yukata which showed off her highly athletic and long legs and the top was open a little bit, revealing that her bust was in the same league as his masters. Her hair was jet-black and as long as Rias's, and her eyes were very light blue, almost transparent. Her skin was just as white as his masters and he could see no blotch marks or blemishes any other imperfections to mare her beauty.

Well, at least it was a beautiful young woman who kidnapped me instead of a gruff old man. Shinji thought, finding something positive out of the situation.

Something that surprised him, despite the better life he now lived.

"Comfortable, are we?" the young woman asked.

"Not really." Shinji replied. "You do know that my master will avenge this. If you release me now I will ask her not to punish you." Shinji said to the woman.

"Ghihihi. I don't have to worry about that. I will just compensate Rias for this." she laughed.

I hope it's a large compensation. He thought to himself. "Who are you?" he asked his 'host'.

The woman took a chair and sat in front of him and crossed her legs. A small blush formed on his face when her thighs rubbed against each other.

"I am Talia Balam of the Balam Clan. Maybe you've heard about us?" the young woman asked.

"Your clan is known for super strength and high magic resistance." Shinji answered. When the woman had entered the room, Shinji had sensed a Yoki similar to his master so he figured that she was a devil, possibly high-class like his master.

"Correct. So Rias explained to you about the clans that are still active." Talia deduced.

"I read a book about it." He corrected her.

Talia seemed to grumble. She would have liked to have someone like Rias mention her, at least.

"But what do you want with me?" Shinji asked.

"You are Shinji Ikari, the Destroyer of Angels who saved humanity and the devils way of life in the process. So of course I wanted to meet you face-to-face before the young devils gathering." Talia answered him.

"What are you going to do to me?" He asked.

"I'm not going to hurt you. I just want to talk with you and learn more about you. And I also find you cute." Talia admitted with a small blush.

Shinji was visually surprised from the high-class devils confession.

Great, another high-class devil with a crush on me. He thought. "But won't this make your clan look bad?" Shinji asked.

"Not at all. It is common for devils to kidnap someone they want to meet and compensate for it afterwards. If I kidnapped you with intentions to kill you or blackmail the Gremory clan, then my clan would look bad. I'd face repercussions. I had extended numerous offers to Rias for the opportunity to meet you, but she always refused." Talia answered.

"You know Rias-sama personally." Shinji asked, wondering why she had refused to let others meet him if she could have made money out of it.

Then again, Shinji was well aware that Rias didn't like to share him with anyone, and was having trouble doing that with Akeno, who was like a sister to her.

"We were classmates and rivals in junior high. Rias always beat me in looks and smarts, but in magic battles I often won." Talia replied, a little smugly. As if she was proud of herself.

"Magic battles?" He asked, getting more comfortable in her presence since she seemed to be honest with the whole kidnapping thing.

"In junior high, young devils often compare their magic powers against others and I was the winner quite often because of my resistance to magic." She explained.

"Did Rias ever defeat you at all?" he asked.

"Yes. A couple times. Mostly because she used her Power of Destruction that she inherited from her mother." She answered. "But Shinji-kun, do you have a girlfriend or lover?" She asked suddenly.

Shinji hesitated in answering.

"Don't worry, I don't want to harm you or the Gremory's. I simply want to know more about you because Rias has been refusing to let other young devils meet you." She assured.

Shinji finally answered. "I have a lover. She is Rias-sama's queen: Himejima Akeno."

He didn't reveal his intimate relationship with Rias.

"Oohh! So she does have strong feelings for you. I saw the video where she defeated Riser's queen Yubelluna and declared how she will destroy her for even thinking about hurting you. I never would have imagined that she would fall in love with you." Talia said in amazement.

Shinji looked a little hurt from her statement. "Jeez, thanks." he muttered quietly.

"Don't get me wrong. Himejima-san is known for her hatred of men. Many young male devils wanted her traded to their peerage, but when they learned of her hatred against men, they felt like it was the end of the world because she is among the top 10 most popular and wanted queens in the underworld." Talia explained.

Shinji inhaled from this info. His lover was so popular?

"She didn't tell you about her popularity?" Talia asked.

"No, she didn't." He answered. "I mean, I knew she was popular, but not THAT popular."


(Occult Research Club)

"Still no sign of him?" Rias asked. Her face was upset and her voice as dark.

"No, Buchou." Xenovia answered.

"Tch. Where the hell could he be?" Rias wondered out loud.

Shinji had been missing since he escaped her and the others yesterday, and she had to let three of her servants look for him while others attended school. Namely Kiba, Reynalle and Akeno.

Akeno was the most adamant about going to find her lover and would have gone without Rias's permission. Kiba was the fastest amongst them, and Reynalle was good at tracking. She didn't want to send Xenovia to look for him, mostly since she might try and seduce him again.

So far they didn't have any leads as to where he could be. Rias couldn't even telepathically call him and even his phone was still in his room. It's almost like he just vanished.

So the only conclusion they could draw was that something supernatural had nabbed him.

It wasn't Riser who kidnapped him. So who could be so satanic that they kidnap my favorite slave? Especially when I had a surprise for him. Rias wondered.


(Balam Mansion, outside of Osaka, Japan)

Talia had released Shinji from his bonds and one of her rooks had brought them something to eat.

The said Rook had been a so-called bishounen like Kiba, which was only a minor surprise to him. Devils loved beauty after all.

"It's too bad really. I wanted Kiba to be in my peerage, but Rias wouldn't give him to me." Talia said almost with a pout as Shinji looked up from his delicious soup.

"You wanted Kiba to your peerage?" Shinji asked, wondering why she said that so suddenly.

"The Rook that brought you your food looks like Kiba from farther away. You must have thought that." Talia said before taking another sip from her glass.

"Well, he did." Shinji answered.

"Not only does Kiba-kun have a Sacred Gear Sword Birth, he has cooking skills and good looks and gentlemanly behavior. He could have been my bedmate if only Rias had handed him to me." Talia explained.

Issei will be upset when he hears that one. Shinji thought with an amused smile.

Though a part of him wondered briefly if she would be a good girlfriend for Kiba. But he thought differently of it when he remembered that Rias wouldn't give him up.

"But is there someone in Rias's peerage whom you care for? Aside from Akeno that is." Talia asked.

"Asia Argento. Our Bishop." Shinji asked.

"She is that blond healer who dresses up like a nun?" Talia asked.

"She used to be nun before she was excommunicated because she healed a devil." Shinji answered.

"How did she end up in your group." Talia asked.

"A lot of things happened and I ended up saving her." he said.

"Oh? Please tell me." Talia said with baited interest.

"She was kidnapped by a pair of Fallen Angels, who wanted her sacred gear. She was going to be sacrificed and killed. I tired to help her, but was captured and going to be killed along with her. My master, Rias, and her peerage, came to rescue us. We fought, and killed a lot of them, two of the Fallen dying in the process. I was injured trying to protect Asia-chan from a psychotic priest named Freed. When I woke up, Asia had accepted my masters offer to become a devil. Because of her magic talents she became our Bishop. And I'm glad that she is with us now because she is someone I have wanted in my life for a long time." Shinji answered.

"Wow. That's amazing!" Talia said with awe. I wish I had someone like that who would fight for me. She thought. "And it's nice to see that Rias is still as affectionate as ever to her servant's. I am quite jealous of her for having such powerful servants in her peerage." Talia said.

"Don't you have powerful servant's?" Shinji asked as he finished up his meal.

"I do, but I wanted a unique peerage like the one Rias has. Kiba-kun with his Sword Birth, Asia Argento with her Twilight Healing, Akeno with her elemental magic, Toujou Koneko-chan with her fighting skills and Senjutsu, those two former Fallen angels with their light powers and you and Hyodou Issei with your dragon gears. Even if he is a pervert. And now Xenovia and her Durandal." Talia explained.

Shinji was impressed at how well-informed Talia was about his masters peerage. And now that he thought about it, Rias did indeed possess servant's whose abilities combined could make a formidable force when properly trained.

"Do you have any special skills Shinji-kun?" She asked.

"What kind of skills do you mean?" He asked.

"Are you good at cooking like Kiba-kun or any other skill that is not related to fighting?" She clarified.

"Well, Kiba has complimented me on my cooking skills, so it's possible I'm better than him. I play cello and I'm a fairly good artist. And I learn new skills quickly." He answered.

"Then I am even more jealous of Rias! She really does have a dream-like peerage." Talia admitted.

This was very unexpected for Shinji. His masters old rival kidnaps him, asks him a few questions and admits how jealous she is of Rias's peerage. And she found him cute.

"But I think it's time that I send you back. Rias must be quite worried about you right now. But I really enjoyed meeting you Shinji-kun. Now I get to brag to my friends how I met you before them." She said and went to the desk.

Shinji sweat dropped. Devils could be quite flippant whenever something good happened.

"You mean kidnapped me, right?" he asked.

"Pa-ta-to, po-ta-to." she said dismissively with a wave of her hand.

Shinji just shook his head, a smile on his face at how 'little things' didn't seem to matter to some people.

Talia seemed to write something on a piece of paper and handed it to him.

It was a photo of her in a cosplay outfit which resembled a sexy black witch and her autograph on it. Her pose was quite provocative and she was winking as well.

"You should be honored Shinji-kun, since you are the third person to receive my autograph on a rare photo of me." She said with a smile.

"You do cosplay?" He asked.

"I think it's fun and I love to see how desperate devils ogle me in sexy clothes." She said.

Shinji wondered just how many people would think the same of Rias and Akeno in outfits like this.

"Well thank you." He said as he pocketed the picture.

"You're welcome. I'll look forward to seeing you at the young devils gathering." She said and waved her hand to create the portal that transported him to the clubroom.

It was only after he had stepped through the portal that he wondered what she was talking about.


When Shinji appeared in the clubroom, through a black mandala, it was Irina who saw him.

"Shinji-san! Where were you?" She asked, jumping up from the couch where she was doing her school work.

"Perhaps you should call the others here first before I explain." He explained to her.

Irina didn't answer and called Rias.

About half an hour later, everyone was in the clubroom where Rias was looking at Shinji with a displeased face.

"You were kidnapped?" She asked.

"Yes, she said her name was Talia Balam and she was your rival in junior high." Shinji confirmed as he sat on the couch drinking tea.

"She was. And because I refused to let her meet you, she resorted to a more direct way. She Must Be Sentenced To Death!" Rias shouted, causing everyone to look at him.

Shinji just shook his head, knowing that he was right about how Rias would react.

"She said she would compensate you for it." Shinji said.

"It won't be enough." Rias grumbled, but knew her brother wouldn't execute Talia since she didn't harm Shinji or try to blackmail the Gremory family.

"Why are you so upset, Buchou?" Issei asked.

"Because those other high-class devils are not coming anywhere near my servants!" Rias answered Issei while looking at Shinji.

"I'm just glad that you're safe." Akeno said as she hugged Shinji tightly on his left.

"Me as well." Asia said and also hugged him on his right.

Kuuuhhh! This is so not right! Issei whined mentally at the scene before him.

Akeno and Asia released him and Rias took her chance to hug his face to her breasts.

"But I am relieved that you are alright." She cooed softly.

Shinji allowed Rias to smother him in the familiar softness of her cleavage and when she released him, she smiled at her favored servant.

Issei was whimpering like a hurt puppy now.

"Shinji, go outside for a few minutes with Kiba and Issei, we have a surprise for you." Rias said to him.

"Huh?" Shinji looked at her with a puzzled look.

"Just go now." She said.

Shinji went out to the hallway with Kiba and Issei and when the door closed, Issei asked turned to him.

"So Shinji, was she hot!?" Issei asked.

"You mean Talia?" Shinji asked.

"Of course Talia! Who else!?" He shouted.

Shinji pulled out the picture she gave him and showed it to Issei. Kiba also looked at it. His eyes widened.

"AARRRGGGHHH! Why is it that every hot girl wants to do something with you!?" Issei yelled, clearly upset.

"Because I saved the world." Shinji answered.

"Yeah, yeah, you're such a show off." Issei grumbled, dismissing the truth in Shinjis voice.

Shinji didn't start to explain how painful the experience was, because he doubted Issei would understand. Or even believe him. He did hope that Rias would eventually explain it to him so that at least he would stop complaining so much.

"I remember her. She once offered Buchou to exchange me for a knight piece. But luckily she refused." Kiba added.

"What, you too?! Why can't I get to fool around with beauties like you!?" Issei whined loudly.

"Because you are a hentai." Shinji replied.

"Who has little to no respect for women." Kiba added.

"I mean, if you weren't so lecherous all the time and try to peep at every girl around you, then maybe you could have been lucky." Shinji explained.

"I can't help it that my innermost desires take control of my body! I am a weak-minded man with a terrible weakness for the pleasures of the flesh!" Issei explained.

Kiba and Shinji sweat-dropped as they looked at him. Their fellow slave was sometimes too honest with his desires.

"Come on in Shinji-kun." Irina called out.

Shinji went in and was immediately greeted by the sounds of: "HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHINJI!"

To say that Shinji was surprised was an understatement.

Rias came over to him. Her clothing had changed to the red shirt and miniskirt she bought when they went on their date.

"I arranged this party for you because you never celebrated your birthday before Shinji-kun." She told him.

Then Shinji looked at Akeno, who was dressed in her miko outfit, except that instead of hakama pants she had a red skirt with white frills in the hem and white haori was gaped open, revealing that she didn't have her bra and she also had light purple stockings on. Issei was quick to ogle them.

Before he knew it, Akeno had him in a hug again and she whispered: "My present for you is that I will do something for you at night."

The way how she said that made Shinji imagine all kinds of erotic things his uninhibited lover could do to him.

"And my present is that I made you this cake and I'm also giving you this." Rias said and handed him an envelope.

Akeno released him as he accepted it. Shinji opened the fat enveloped and noticed that there was a rather abundant amount of cash in it. And the cake was chocolate layered with cream and strawberries.

Then Asia came over to him. "I couldn't decide what present to pick out for you so I can only offer you this." She raised up on her toes and planted a kiss on his lips.

Issei crumbled that the super cute Asia kissed him.

Then Xenovia came over and said. "I also couldn't pick out a present for you because I have never celebrated anyone's birthday before, but I can offer you this." Somehow a packet of condoms appeared between her fingers and she said. "My present for you is that you can practice with me whenever you want."

Shinji blushed, even while Issei was now crying. He couldn't believe that the super sexy and cute Xenovia offered him such an amazing and spectacular present.

"Fufufu, sorry Xenovia, but Shinji doesn't need practice when he has me." Akeno protested pleasantly.

It might have been his imagination, but Shinji could have sworn that he saw little lightning bolts shoot between the two girls eyes at each other.

While the pair were glaring at each other, Kiba came over. Shinji hoped that he wouldn't hug or kiss him.

"Since I couldn't think of anything to buy for you, I am giving you one of my less frequent clients who has requested me to send someone like you." Kiba said as he gave Shinji a small card which had the clients name and number on it.

"Someone like me?" Shinji asked.

"She has said that she wants someone cute to tend to her. I am too handsome for her tastes. She said that." Kiba answered.

Shinji nodded. At least he could now get an increase in his standing with Kiba's gift.

"But how..."

"I used a spell that would automatically call the person who holds this card. She has the sister-card to this one, so she just has to use it to summon you." Kiba explained.

"Oh. Okay. Thanks."

He looked at Irina, Reynalle and Calawana. The former angels were in their adult forms and the clothing they usually had in those forms.

"I'm sorry Shinji-san, but I can only offer you my friendship." Irina said cutely.

Shinji smiled, glad that he had another friend at the very least.

"Thank you, Irina-san." he replied to her.

The sexily dressed Reynalle and Calawana came closer to him.

"We can give you this enchantment." Reynalle said, dressed in her sexy, and somewhat skimpy, black leather outfit, sans the wings.

They both waved their other hand over his head and some kind of dark light emanated from them. Shinji felt stronger because of the effect.

"What did you do?" He asked the pair.

"We increased your resistance to light powers. Unfortunately we can't do it to everyone because it makes us weaker against light powers. The amount we gave you won't affect us much but that is all we can give you without diminishing our own.

"Thank you." Shinji said to the pair.

Issei was so jealous that he wanted to destroy Shinji for being too lucky.

Shinji looked at Koneko who instantly looked away with an apologetic face. Shinji deduced that she didn't have a present for him and he didn't mind, because he was also unsure what he would get for someone else's birthday. He saw Rias walk over to Koneko and pat her on the shoulder, almost like she understood what the nekomata was going through.

"We'll talk later, Koneko-chan." Rias said to her rook.

Koneko went back to the couch as Rias turned to look at the cake sitting on the table.

"I made this cake myself Shinji-kun, so dig in." Rias said.

"Thank you, Buchou." Shinji said and went to cut the cake, when a red mandala appeared in the room.

Everyone wondered who could it be and their question was answered when Sirzechs Lucifer and Grayfia emerged.

"Onii-sama!" Rias gasped as she saw her brother.

Rias's servants went down on their knees, except Irina, Xenovia and Asia who were unsure who he was.

"Hello Rias. We heard you were celebrating Shinji's birthday, so I came over to tell you that the Maous have a present for him." Sirzechs said, not caring that three of her servants were not kneeling before him.

Actually, Irina and Xenovia looked a little startled, mostly because they could feel the spike in power that the red-haired man possessed as compared to their master. Asia was staring at Grayfia, almost like she was awed by her beauty.

Just then, a girl who appeared to be Shinji's age came suddenly appeared out from behind Sirzechs. Rias and Akeno seemed to recognize her instantly, and Issei was again to quickly ogle the cute girl dressed like a magical girl. Mostly because she also had large breasts.

"Hello everyone, Serafall Leviathan has appeared!" She chirped in an upbeat tone.

Shinji gasped when she introduced herself. This was Sona's older sister, the one who almost attacked Heaven when she wasn't informed about Sona's class observation.

Serafall skipped up to Shinji and spoke to him.

"Hello Ikari Shinji-chan, I am the Maou-sama Serafall Leviathan. I thank you for saving our way of life when you averted Third Impact and restored the world. My cute sister Sona-chan would have been so sad if the human world was destroyed and that would have troubled me."

"It's an honor Leviathan-sama." Shinji said with a courteous bow. But he was nervous, because it was rare for low-class servants to meet one of the Maous, let alone two.

"You may call me Levi-tan. If Sirzechs-chan hadn't placed that mandate on you, I would have recruited you and nurtured you until you are happy right from the start. I would have offered you a role in my show, and you would have been my bedmate." She added.

Issei was getting even more jealous that the cute Maou-sama said such incredible things to Shinji. Rias on the other hand was happy that she was the first one who got to him.

Shinji gulped when he heard that part about being her 'bedmate'.

"Ghihi, you're cute when you blush like that Shin-chan." Serafall commented about his red-faced expression. "We came here to give you a present from the Maous for your birthday, as we all agreed that you deserve it and I volunteered to give it to you. Will you accept it?" Serafall asked.

"What is this present?" Shinji asked.

"It is called Maous Blessing. It means that I give you a tiny fraction of my power. It won't affect my powers, but the abilities that my Blessing gives you will increase your own abilities. Specifically your abilities in water and ice magic will increase since my clan's specialties are water and ice. So will you accept it? This Blessing was last offered 8013 years ago, so it is extremely rare for a servant to receive it." Serafall explained.

"Then I accept it Serafall-sama." Shinji answered.

"Levi-tan." She corrected him.

Shinji gritted his teeth a bit when she told him to call her that. "Then I gladly accept it, Levi-tan."

"Then get ready." She said and quickly planted her lips on his.

Shinji was shocked that the super cute Leviathan just did that.

Rias, Akeno, Asia and Issei immediately got jealous that she just suddenly kissed Shinji. Sirzechs was laughing and the rest of Rias's servants were giggling. Except for Xenovia, who seemed to be studying the pair.

An ocean blue light covered Shinji's body, as well as Serafall's, and he felt himself getting stronger. The power was almost overwhelming.

When the light died down and Serafall released her lips from his, she said: "Congratulations Shin-chan, you now possess Levi-tan's blessing."

"How are you feeling?" Sirzechs asked.

"I feel stronger." He answered.

"Good. I suggest that you practice your new powers with someone before using them in combat. And I also have a personal gift for you." Sirzechs said.

"Huh?" Rias and her servant's gaped at him.

"It is a gift from me, not from the Maous. But since I couldn't decide what to give you, you get to choose your gift. So what could I give you?" Sirzechs asked.

Shinji wondered about that. It must be rare for a servant to receive a personal gift from a Maou and to get to choose it no less. There was so many thing he could ask, but he decided to do something for Rias instead.

"Then I wish to have a Mutation Piece for my master." Shinji said.

Rias gasped when he said that.

"Oh? You want a Mutation Piece for Rias? Why?" Sirzechs asked.

"Because Shidou Irina here is a human and she wants to become a member of Rias-sama's peerage, but Buchou doesn't have a piece for her." Shinji explained.

Sirzechs seemed to smile at that. Shinji was asking for something for someone else. A rare thing for a Devil to do, indeed.

"Then I shall grant your wish." He replied and held his hands together. Reddish light swirling between his hands, and in a few seconds, a Mutation Piece appeared. He handed it to Rias who channeled her Yoki into it.

"Now Irina, do you still want to become my knight?" Rias asked the twin-tailed beauty.

"Of course. It means that I get to be with Ise-kun." She answered.

Those words made Issei extremely happy.

Rias pressed the piece into Irina's chest and chanted the spell that made her into a devil and her Knight. Irina felt her physical abilities growing stronger and how her humanity was taken away.

When the light vanished, Irina felt her wings sprout out and almost immediately retract back into her body.

"Ise-kun, now we can be together forever." Irina said cutely, which made the hentai even happier.

"Rias, could I have a word with you?" Sirzechs asked.

"What is it Onii-sama?" She asked.

"Could we talk privately somewhere?" He asked again.

"I'm sorry, but I have to go see Sona-chan now. I will see you at the class observation day Shin-chan." Serafall said and sank into her portal.

"This way Onii-sama." Rias said and lead him into the unused storage room.

Once inside, Sirzechs sealed the room with magic spells, which Rias noticed instantly.

"What is this about?" Rias asked.

"I have a mission for you and your peerage. Serafall went to give this same mission to Sona. There are also three of Riser's servants coming over here to assist you in this mission." Sirzechs explained.

Rias started to worry. Her brother didn't come over personally to give her a mission that would be easy. And if three of Riser's servants were involved, and Sona as well, this mission would be dangerous, she realized.


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Sirzechs looked at Rias as soon as he got out of the mandala, and gasped.

"Is something wrong, Onii-chan?" Rias asked.

"You had sex with Shinji!" Sirzechs gasped.

Everyone looked at Rias in shock. Issei looked like he was having a heart attack. Kiba looked jealous. The ex-Fallen were giggling. Xenovia was fuming. And Asia was crying. Akeno already knew about this. Koneko looked indifferent, as usual. Grayfia was trying to help Irina revive Issei.

"What? How did you..."

"I may be lazy, but I'm not a Maou for nothing, little sis."

"I'm not little anymore!"

"Yes. You're a woman now. And mother and father will be all over you to get married now."

"Guess you won't be wearing white, now will you?" Akeno laughed, while hugging Shinji to her.

"Get your hands off my fiancé!" Rias screamed at Akeno.



Shinji looked at the pictures that Talia had given her.

One was of her dressed up as Princess Kitana from Mortal Kombat 9. Another was of her dressed up as Arwen the elf princess from Lord of the Rings. Another was of her dressed up as Elektra from Marvel comics. (The swimsuit one, not the biker outfit) Another was of her dressed up as Ahsoka Tano from Star Wars The Clone Wars. Another was from when she dressed up as Donna Troy from DC Comics, red bodysuit and all. Another picture had her dressed up as Io from the Clash of the Titans movie. Then there was the one where she looked like Megan Fox from the first Transformers movie, where she wore a miniskirt and tanktop. And then there was one of her dressed up as The Baroness from the GI Joe live-action movie.

"Uh... you do this professionally?" Shinji asked the cosplaying Devil.

"We all have our hobbies." Talia said with a shrug.