by Gunman

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Chapter 9
Vampire Kouhai

The three Phenex Peerage members had left the clubroom shortly after Rias's older brother had left as well. Though Xuelan and Siris had winked at Shinji while leaving, which irked Akeno, Issei and Rias a little bit. Mihae simply bowed to Shinji before she left. It seemed a little odd, since she only bowed to him when she left.

Shinji, Raynalle, Calawana and Xenovia were at the meeting room of their clubhouse where Rias sat in her usual place and Akeno was next to Shinji on his right, and Asia was on his other side. Issei was using the toilet. Irina was trying to make tea.

"So Buchou, who was that Kuroka?" Xenovia asked.

Koneko and Kiba hadn't arrived yet because their classes hadn't ended. So Rias decided to answer her.

"As you heard, Kuroka is Koneko's older sister. Koneko's real name was Shirone before she became my rook." Rias explained.

"Koneko seemed to resent her. What happened between them?" Shinji asked.

"Kuroka and Shirone used to serve another master where Kuroka learned to master Senjutsu and Youjutsu, where she eventually surpassed her master in magical prowess. Nobody is sure why, but it is assumed that she became drunk from her power and killed her master." Rias explained.

The ones listening got shocked about that revelation. Koneko's sister did something like that?

"Kuroka escaped, so Shirone was apprehended to force her out from hiding, but she didn't. Koneko was almost executed, but Nii-sama saved her and gave her to me. And because of her sisters betrayal, she has been depressed ever since, losing almost all of her emotions. It is also the reason why she doesn't use Senjutsu and Youjutsu." Rias finished explaining.

"So that's why Koneko is always so stoic. Now I understand her better." Raynalle said.

"So she suffered like I did." Shinji stated, now knowing why their cute rook was like that. Akeno hugged him tighter to comfort him, which Asia did as well.

However, Shinji suspected, after meeting Kuroka, that there was something else behind it all. Maybe it was him playing 'Devils Advocate', but he got the feeling that there was something more to the whole thing.

Right then, Koneko and Kiba arrived from their last class, just as Issei came out of the bathroom.

"Now that everyone is here, let's go release my first bishop." Rias ordered and walked downstairs with her peerage following.

"You had another bishop in your peerage?" Irina asked.

"Yes. And the reason why he hasn't been seen with us is because he had to be sealed. I couldn't regulate his massive power because I hadn't matured enough, but now because of Issei's and Shinji's powers I can maintain his as well." Rias answered.

They came to the door which had yellow 'Keep Out' tapes and heavy chains with a sturdy padlock. The very door which made Shinji and those who joined after him curious.

"So your first bishop was sealed in this room which has been nagging at my mind." Calawana said, glad to finally know what was behind the mysterious door.

"And he doesn't mind being locked away like this?" Raynalle asked.

"He was given the option to wander around campus at midnight, but he refused." Rias said.

"So he is a recluse who doesn't want to leave the house?" Issei wondered.

"But he is the top earner of the peerage." Kiba told them.

"EEEEHHHHH!" Shinji and the others who didn't know the bishop gasped.

"He makes contracts via a computer and he does it most of the day." Kiba added.

"But to have his power sealed away... I wonder what kind of person he is?" Asia mused.

"You will see now." Rias said and cast a spell that made the chains, tapes and the magic seal on the door to dissipate. "The seal is released. I'm opening the door now." Rias said and everyone prepared to meet the secret servant.

Once the door opened, they all heard a high-pitched scream.


"What the hell was that?" Issei asked in surprise, unintentionally flinching.

"Was that your bishop?" Irina answered.

"It has been a while." Rias said towards the coffin that was laying on the middle of the room.

"What was that!?" The person yelled from the coffin.

"The seal has been lifted. Come out with us." Akeno said as she removed the lid without effort.

"NO! I DON'T WANT TO! I LIKE IT HERE!" The person in the coffin shouted and turned to look at the people. The screamer was dressed in Kuoh girls uniform and had violet eyes and platinum hair.

"WHOA! A girl! And a blond bishoujo! We have two blond bishop bishoujo's!" Issei said in delight.

"I thought you said your first bishop was a boy, Buchou." Shinji said.

"This person IS a boy." Rias said.

"EH!? But, but..." Ise stuttered as he pointed at the 'girl'.

"He might look like a girl but he is without a doubt a boy." Rias said.

"He likes to cross-dress." Akeno added.

Issei sank to his hands and knees. "Reality is too cruel. I can't accept this." He muttered.

Akeno and the former fallen angels smirked in amusement.

Rias gently embraced the shy cross-dresser.

"This is my first bishop Gasper Vladi. He is a first year student in Kuoh. He was a half-human half-vampire before I made him into a devil." she introduced.

"Vampire?" Asia said in amazement. Xenovia and Irina also got surprised along with Issei.

Shinji found it hard to believe that a shy person like this was a vampire.

"I still can't accept this!" Issei shouted and everyone turned to look at him. Gasper got scared of him.

"For a moment I thought that we had two blond bishop babes, but no. He has to be boy who likes to cross-dress and he even looks like a girl!" Issei cried out.

"But it really suits him." Asia complimented.

"That's why it's so shocking. How are you going to show that off if you're always cooped up in here?!" Issei asked.

"Because these clothes are cuter." Gasper answered cutely but he seemed to be scared of Issei.

"Don't say that so cutely!" Issei said in frustration.

"It does actually suit him." Irina added her own opinion.

"Now Gasper, come outside with us." Rias asked him.

"I don't want to! It's scary outside!" The vampire boy cried out.

"Come on, Buchou asked you to do it." Issei said and grabbed Gasper's arm which made him gasp and he suddenly vanished.

Everyone looked around and saw that Gasper had somehow transported into a corner of the room instantaneously.

"What happened?" Calawana and Shinji asked in surprise.

"That was strange." Asia said in amazement.

"Something did indeed happen." Xenovia said.

"It's called 'Forbidden Balor View'. Gya-kun's Sacred Gear can stop time in his field of vision." Koneko explained.

"Stop time?" Shinji gasped, his mind going over how this could be so powerful.

"But because he can't control this power, he was sealed away as ordered by Sirzechs-sama." Akeno added.

"It is also possible that he has already achieved Balance Breaker with this ability because it's power is still growing." Rias said to everyone.

"Uuuhhh! I don't like being the center of attention and I don't like to talk about that!" Gasper cried out and he had somehow managed to hide in a cardboard box without anyone noticing.

"Where did he get the box?" Shinji wondered.

"Why are you hiding there again!?" Issei asked the vampire.

"I just want to be left alone!" Gasper cried out again.

"Aren't you even going to greet your new peerage mates? We have seven new members." Rias said.

"Even more people scare me!" Gasper stated in fear.

"Buchou, it's almost time." Akeno said.

"Right. I'm going to a meeting with Onii-sama. Kiba." Rias said as she turned to her knight.

"Hai Buchou." Kiba said.

"The Maous are interested about your Balance Breaker so you're coming with us." Rias ordered.

Kiba nodded and went next to Akeno who was preparing the teleportation spell.

"Take care of Gasper while we're out. Try to get him to open up." Rias ordered and they teleported away.

"And how will we do that?" Issei asked once Rias and the others were gone.

Raynalle and Calawana were walking out.

"Where are you going?" Irina asked.

"We don't have any experience dealing with someone like this. We would just be in the way." Raynalle answered and they just walked away.

"I know how we can get him out." Xenovia said.

The others looked at her with questioning eyes.

Then the blunette made her Durandal appear and she sliced the top portion of the box away.

"NOOOOO!" Gasper screamed when his box was destroyed.

"Run, or you will be cut in half." Xenovia said and lunged at Gasper who vanished again and appeared at the hallway.

"Oh, for crying out loud!" Issei groaned as he raced after Xenovia with Shinji, Irina, Asia and Koneko on his heels.

Xenovia ran at him ready to cut him up. The others followed after her and once outside, Xenovia and Gasper were running in circles.

"This looks like a vampire hunt." Issei said, in which Irina agreed.

"More like a vampire chase." Shinji said, getting Asia and Koneko to nod.

After 10 minutes of running Gasper stopped and fell to his knees.

"Why are you doing this to me?" He asked in terror.

"It is imperative that we train you physically so your mind will grow stronger as well." Xenovia said with a smile of enjoyment.

"Xenovia seems to enjoy things like this." Asia commented.

"I won't move from here!" Gasper shouted.

"Gya-kun." Koneko said and got his attention. "Eat this and you will feel better." Koneko held out garlic for him.

"NOOOOOOOO! I HATE GARLIC!" Gasper screamed and ran in circles again with Koneko walking really fast behind him.

"Koneko looks like she is just teasing him." Irina said.

"Oh, so this is where the Gremory devils hang out." Someone said behind them.

Everyone paused as they turned to look. The person was a tall man in his late twenties with an average build, black hair, golden bangs and black goatee. He wore a reddish trenchcoat with two belts around his waist, dark gray pants and brown shoes.

"Who are you?" Shinji asked politely.

Issei was the first one to speak. "That's my customer Koichi."

'Koichi' suddenly revealed his twelve pairs of wings.

"My name is actually Azazel. I am the Governor General of the Fallen Angels." Azazel introduced.

Everyone gasped and surrounded him. Gasper hid behind the tree.

"Even if you all attack at once, you won't win." The Fallen Angel said and retracted his wings.

"What are you doing here?" Issei asked.

"I was simply taking a walk and felt your powers around here. I also wanted to see what kind of Sacred Gears there were. And to see Boosted Gear, Twilight Healing, Forbidden Balor View and the Golden Dragon Gear in person is a real treat. And not to mention meeting the Angel Slayer Shinji Ikari himself." Azazel said.

Gasper gasped as he recognized the name. The legendary hero himself was in his presence and was his peerage mate. He hadn't really paid attention to the new members when he had been released so he didn't recognize him right away.

"I must thank you for stopping Kokabiels plan for Third Impact and stopping him with Sekiryuutei some time ago right here. If war had broken out, I wouldn't have had time for my hobby and I like living peacefully and having fun." Azazel explained.

"So what do you want?" Shinji asked.

"Nothing from you. I just wanted to meet you. And if you want, I can give you advice on how to train the vampire in controlling his Gear. You can either absorb the excess power from him with your Gear so it doesn't go out of control, or he could just suck blood from Shinji or Issei here. Your blood could give the vampire more control over his Gear." Azazel explained.

Gasper seemed to become even more terrified.

"Drink our blood?" Issei asked.

"That's right. Drinking blood with a dragons aura could give him control over his Gear." Azazel said.

They all seemed to consider it.

"But I'll be going now. It was a pleasure to meet you all." Azazel said and walked away.

"So that was the Governor General. I was expecting something else." Xenovia said, sounding disappointed.

"Twelve wings were disappointing for you?" Issei snarked at the blue-haired girl.

When the leader of the Fallen Angels was gone, Shinji turned to Issei.

"The leader of the Fallen Angels was your customer and you didn't know?" Shinji asked.

"He was the one paid me with that expensive painting, remember?" Issei answered.

"But you never mentioned that he was the one paid you with it." Koneko said.

"I didn't know he was the leader of the Fallen Angels." Issei said in his defense.

"Must have been powerful to hide his aura from you." Irina said.

"Even if you are inexperienced." Xenovia said, causing Issei to grumble.

"But anyway Gasper, would you... Where did he go?" Issei asked as they all looked around and found that their vampire friend was nowhere to be seen.

"Maybe he went back to his room?" Irina said.

They all ran to Gasper's room and the doors were closed and locked up as they heard crying.

"Gasper, why did you run?!" Issei shouted.

"It was scary outside!" He sniffed.

"Come out and continue your training or my Durandal will..." Xenovia started but Shinji interrupted.

"ENOUGH!" He shouted and everyone looked at him in surprise. "Can't you see that he is scared to death of you? Of all of us? Everyone, just leave, and I will talk with him alone." he said.

Everyone quickly realized he was right, and decided to leave, but Asia stayed behind.

"Can I stay Shinji-san?" she asked.

"You go as well Asia. He might calm down if there is just one person talking with him." Shinji said.

Asia nodded and left, feeling a bit sad that she couldn't help her love.

Shinji wondered a little bit why he acted like he did. It might have been that Gasper reminded him of himself before he went to NERV, or maybe the fact that everyone kept pushing things on to Gasper when he was obviously scared. She much like himself.

"Gasper, calm down. It's just me, Shinji, here now. Can we talk?" Shinji asked, a bit unsure how to talk with him. Playing a therapist was something new to him.

"Talk about what?" Gasper asked.

"Is there anything you want to talk about?" Shinji asked.

"Nothing in particular. I just want this power to be gone. I don't want to see my friends stop moving when I look at them." He cried.

"Gasper. I can understand that you are afraid of your power because you can't control it. When I learned that I had a Sacred Gear, I was scared. But I had Buchou and Akeno helping me to control it. And since it has a mind of it's own that helps me, it's easier to control it." Shinji said.

"My power works on it's own and I don't want it." Gasper said.

"I don't know what you had to go through before you became Buchou's Bishop, but you can't let the opinions of others hold you back. You just have to learn how to control it, and let go of your fears so they won't rule you." Shinji assured Gasper. Even if he doubted his words a bit.

The door to the vampires lair cracked open a little bit and Gasper looked at him.

"How could you be scared? You are the hero who saved the world and fought enemies unlike any other."

Shinji smirked as he said that.

"And I was scared the whole time. I had no training, no experience, and no real support the first time I fought the Angels. And when I became a devil, I was terrified. Not only that I had an incredible power with a mind of it's own, but also the new enemies and challenges that I had have to endure. And still have to endure. But thanks to Akeno-chan and Rias-sama, and now Asia-chan as well, I have a reason to live and endure what life throws at me." Shinji explained, wondering if Gasper would like to meet Rei as well.

"Why are you calling Akeno-senpai as chan?" Gasper asked.

"Because Akeno and I are lovers." He whispered to Gasper.

"EEEHHH! You and Akeno-senpai? I thought she hated men." Gasper gasped.

"Apparently she did before she met Kiba and me. She said that she thought men were only carnal creatures until Kiba changed her opinion with his behavior and because of what I went through, she felt that she could relate to me because we both suffered. Ever since I saw her, I had a crush on her because of her gentle manners, but I thought I could never even speak with her." He paused for a bit.

Gasper seemed eager to hear more.

"When Raynalle killed me, Rias-sama resurrected me as her pawn and I could finally tell my feelings for Akeno, she told me that she had feeling for me as well, and we have been bonding ever since. We're now happier then ever before in our lives. I love Akeno and she loves me. I have never been this happy before. And also..." Shinji whispered to him that he had already made love with her 3 times.

"WHOAH! That's very amazing Shinji-senpai. Not only did you push forward with all your fears, you even managed to win the love of the beautiful and deadly Akeno-senpai. That is something I could never match up to." Gasper said, now impressed of his senpai.

"That is not true. I'm sure that there are plenty of girls who would want you as their boyfriend. Because you are a pretty boy and I heard rumors around the school about some girls who like younger boys. You would just have to get out there and stop being afraid." Shinji told him.

"But my powers will..." Gasper started.

"I think I understand. When you get agitated, the Balor View activates and freezes everything in your sight. So in other words you just have to stay calm so it won't activate. You have to get over your fears and start getting more comfortable with other people. Not everyone out there want's to hurt you." Shinji told him.

Gasper squeezed his black bunny plushie a bit tighter, making Shinji wonder where he got it, and spoke.

"But it's scary outside." he said.

"How so?" Shinji asked.

"I'm not comfortable in large crowds." Gasper answered.

"But don't you want to interact with people?" Shinji asked.

"I do miss being able to talk with someone like I am doing now, but what if something bad happens because of me when I'm out?" He asked.

"That's why you should learn how to control it and to do that you have to overcome your fears so you can control it." Shinji assured.

"I fear open spaces." Gasper suddenly said.

Shinji processed the info he just heard. "But you were outside moments ago."

"There were trees that I could hide behind." Gasper elaborated.

"But school is not a very open space so it should be okay. But why are you afraid of the open spaces?" Shinji asked.

"My vampire family would often beat me if I went outside. And I was neglected when I stayed indoors." Gasper mumbled, getting Shinji to gasp when he heard that.

"But nobody is going to beat you if you go out. How about if we go just outside the building now?" Shinji asked.

Gasper seemed to think about it. "You won't let anything happen to me?"

"I won't." Shinji assured.

Gasper followed Shinji to the door while squeezing his plushie for comfort. So far Shinji hadn't made him feel afraid or loathed.

As they exited the building, Gasper started shaking a little when he was outside of his comfort zone.

"Stay calm Gasper. Nothing is going to happen. Sit down." Gasper calmed down a bit and sat down on the stairs.

Feeling a little brave, Gasper decided to look up at the sky and see the color of it when the sun was setting and felt wonder he hadn't felt since he was sealed.

"Gasper, are you feeling okay?" Shinji asked.

"It has been a while since I just sat down and looked at the sky. I had forgotten what it looks like. He then made a little gasp when a gust of wind hit his face.

"Just wind Gasper." Shinji immediately calmed him.

"I had forgotten what that felt as well. I only experienced these little things briefly when I ran away from home and was found by Buchou." Gasper explained.

"You don't have to tell me what you went through if you don't want to. But if you want, I can listen." Shinji told him.

"Maybe later. But... can I ask you something, senpai? What does it feel like to have an intimate relationship with someone?" Gasper asked.

"My relationship with Akeno is a good one. She is understanding and accepts me with all my faults and I do the same for her. I guess she is my soulmate. I'm glad that I met her." Shinji answered.

"Could I have a relationship like that with someone if I tried?" The vampire recluse asked.

"I can't say. It's up to you to try and if you have good fortune then you might find someone who can make you happy and vice versa." Shinji answered.

"NOW HOLD ON!" Issei shouted.

Gasper almost had a heart attack from the shout and Shinji was mildly surprised.

"Issei, what is it?" Shinji asked.

"I can't let you do all the work. Let me talk with Gasper now." The hentai stated.

In truth, Issei wanted some credit for getting their recluse bishop to open up and score some love points with Buchou and Irina for showing his caring and helpful traits.

"What do you think Gasper? Would you be alright to talk with him?" Shinji asked the vampire who hugged the rabbit tighter.

"I think I can manage." Gasper answered.

"I'll come and see you tomorrow Gasper." Shinji told him and left to find Asia so they could go home together and hoped that Issei wouldn't freak out their shy comrade.

Shinji found Asia at the room where they usually gathered.

"Asia-chan, let's go home. Issei is talking with Gasper now." Shinji called out and Asia hurriedly put away her books so she could go home alone with her love for a change.

"Shinji-san, how did you do with Gasper-san?" She asked in her usual cute manner.

"Well he seemed to respond well to me, and didn't freak out. I even got him to go outside for a bit with me and he seemed to like the light and wind." Shinji answered.

"Amazing. You can do anything when you try." Asia complimented.

The blond healers compliment always made Shinji feel good because there wasn't a single bad bone in her and her kind nature always made him want to protect her from any harm or corruption.

"I'll be going with you as well." Xenovia said and came over to them.

Asia pouted. "Xenovia, can't you find your way home?" Shinji asked.

"I do, but my home is along the way to your home and I don't want to get lost by accident." Xenovia countered.

"Fine then, you can follow us." Asia said, but she was still pouting because Xenovia couldn't let her be alone with Shinji.

"I'll see you tomorrow." Irina called out as they left.

On the way back home, Xenovia kept asking about Gasper and how did Shinji manage to get him to open up to him when she gave it her best effort with Shinji saying that he was terrified of the blue haired knight.

Xenovia parted them when her home was close and Asia was finally alone with Shinji.

"Shinji-san... fuaaaaaaahhhhh!" Asia yawned before she could continue.

"Are you tired?" Shinji asked.

"Hai, it has been a long day. Could you carry me?" She asked cutely.

Shinji didn't answer. Instead he ended up carrying Asia to their apartment on his back. Who anyone who saw them, they would see a teenage couple just laughing and having fun with each other. A cute scene overall.

"I finally get to be alone with you Shinji-san." Asia stated as she hugged Shinji around his neck.

"That right. We don't get a chance to be alone too often." Shinji replied. "There's always someone from our group around us."

"Like Akeno-san." Asia said with a small pout.

Shinji smiled at that. While he knew that Asia and Akeno loved him, they were also competing to be his Number One. Much like Rias was.

Asia was following her friend Kiryu Aika's suggestion on how to seduce Shinji and so far it had been going perfectly. She just didn't expect the opportunity to be alone with Shinji to come so soon.

First part was to get him to carry her back to their place and then get the mood going with intimacy.

After a quick meal, Asia asked Shinji to wait in the bedroom for her. Curious, the powerful Pawn of Rias Gremory sat on his bed and waited.

It was several minutes later when Asia emerged from the bathroom. Shinji gasped when he saw her.

Asia was dressed in a cute pair of pink lace bra and panties with white frills around the edges of her breasts and the sides of her panty. Her hair had been brushed out and waved behind her gently. There was a look of nervousness in her green eyes and a flush of pink adorning her cheeks.

"Asia..." Shinji said softly, staring at the beautiful young woman before him.

"Shinji-kun, I... I want to do this, but..." she said softly to him, slightly stuttering as Shinji stood up from the bed.

"You've never done it before." he said as he walked over to her.

"You know I have not. I... don't want to do this with anyone but you. Do you... want to do it with me... too?" she stuttered a little.

"You're so cute, Asia-chan. There isn't anyone who wouldn't want you." he said, causing Asia to smile that she was at least appealing to her Shinji. "Do you still want to do this?"

"Yes. I love you, Shinji-kun. I... I want you... to make love... with me." she said with nervousness in her voice, her fingers touching in classic Hinata-style.

Shinji smiled as he gently touched her cheek with his fingers.

"I love you too, Asia-chan." he said softly, leaning in to touch her lips with his own, causing her heart to beat faster. "I'll be gentle with you. I promise." he said to her, as if he could feel the anxiety wafting off of her.

Shinji quickly shed his clothes, until he was only in his black silk boxers. (A gift from Akeno)

Asia blushed at seeing his athletic body revealed to her. She had seen him naked before, but that was when they were taking a bath. This time, they were going to get dirty.

Shinji drew her into his arms, around her torso as he lifted her up to his height. Her arms wrapped around his neck, her lips kissing his as passionately as she could, her feet dangling in mid-air. Shinji held her close, kissing her from her mouth down to her neck.

Asia moaned softly, her legs wrapping around Shinjis body as he carried her to the bed.

The blond ex-nun felt her heart beat rapidly as she felt herself sandwiched between Shinji and the bed. Their lips found each others again as Asia felt his hands reach up behind her back, unclasping the lace bra she was wearing.

Having no experience in these matters, Asia let him take the lead.

She was nervous, and rightfully so, but she trusted Shinji with her life. He had been nothing but kind to her. Helpful, supportive, honest and protective. She also knew that Shinji had had sex with Akeno, so he had experience in this matter.

Her bra fell from her modest yet perky breasts and she felt Shinji's lips kiss and suckle her aroused mounds. She gasped at his warm and moist touch, her pulse racing even as he kissed his way down her chest and stomach, slowly pulling her panties from her moisten womanhood.

Asia's mind was a haze of lust and love, the beating in her chest reaching the ears of her lover. He gave her a delicate lick, which sent a jolt through her entire body.

"AHHH!" she gasped aloud, the sensations so unfamiliar to her. Yet pleasant as she knew where they came from.

Shinji looked down as the beautiful blond-haired nun, her slender and shapely body glistening with sweat and quivering with ecstacy as she breathed deeply from the effects of her small orgasm.

Shinji removed his silk boxers, tossing them down to where Asia's panty and bra lay on the floor. He then carefully lifted the incredibly cute nun into his arms as he sat up, on his knees, and pulled the girl onto his lap.

They embraced tightly, Asia wrapping her arms around his neck as his arms encircled around her torso. His right hand caressed the back of her head as his left hand caressed her smooth skin from her back to her pert rear end. Their chests were pressed against each other, skin rubbing against skin to arouse them both.

He could still feel her nervousness through their physical contact, but he could also feel her love and want for him through a more spiritual connection.

His hands moved down to her hips, glowing as they worked their magic into the super cute girl who wanted this more than anything she had ever known.

Her hands cupped Shinji's face as his hands rested on her hips, holding her gently over his raging member.

She kissed him lovingly, with desire and full affection, silently giving him the signal that she was ready to proceed.

"I love you, Asia." he whispered to her.

"I love you too, Shinji." she whispered back to him.

All at once, Shinji lowered her down onto his member, piercing her womanhood and filling her most intimate place with his length.

Asia gasped as she felt him enter her. First the tip, then inch by inch, causing her to gasp and shriek in surprise at how large he really was.

By the time Shinji was fully inside her, Asia had tears in her eyes.

Shinji's magic had removed the pain of her first time having her hymen broken, but her mind was overflowing with the intense pleasure of having all of him inside her. It was more than she had ever known could be possible. She felt her body involuntarily spasm and convulse, another orgasm shooting through her body as she held on tightly to her lover and protector.

It took her several minutes to recover her thoughts as Shinji just held her comfortingly.

"Shinji..." she whispered, tearing falling down her cheeks as he held her close.

"It's alright, Asia-chan. I'm sorry if I was too rough for your first time." he said kissing her neck and shoulder tenderly.

"No. It's me. I'm... I'm not strong, like Akeno-san, to handle such... pleasure." she said as she cried into his shoulder.

"Asia. I love you for who you are. The sweet, kind, compassionate person who only wanted to help people out of the goodness of her heart. You're not just an incredibly cute girl, or a talented healer, but someone whom I wish I had met years ago. Before I became a devil."

Asia smiled as she pulled back to look at Shinji, her tears still staining her face.

"But... don't you love Akeno... and Buchou... the same way?" she asked.

"Yes. I love all of you equally in my heart. And I would do anything for any of you, to make you happy." he smiled at her.

Asia's tears of joy exploded from her eyes as she threw herself at Shinji, kissing and hugging him tightly and passionately, even as the pair writhed on the bed, holding each other close.

"Then, please. Make me happy, Shinji-kun. Love me lots tonight." Asia laughed cutely as her face was red with love for the young devil beneath her.

Shinji made love to Asia all through most of the night, bringing her to the edge of bliss and to ecstacy over and over again, yet being as gentle as he could. She promised herself that she would get stronger so that Shinji could fully express his love for her like he did with Akeno. Despite that it was her first time, Asia's voice was both sweet and erotic as she came over and over again. She was his, and though they both served Rias Gremory, Asia swore that she could never leave her Shinji.



Rias entered the room where her lover and second bishop were sleeping and Asia was still smiling in her sleep. Her crying had stopped, but Rias could smell the tears that had dried up on her cheeks. While she was glad that Asia was happy, the fact that she got Shinji to do erotic things to herself irked her.

"Shinji, wake up." Rias shook Shinji a bit after she moved Asia away from him.

"Buchou?" Shinji mumbled sleepily and opened his eyes halfway to see his masters displeased face.

"As much as I want to punish you for doing it with Asia, I have to prepare you for the open house today." She said.

Shinji gulped. Rias was angry that he made love with Asia when he knew that his master wasn't good at sharing.

"Prepare me? Why?" Shinji asked.

"Because my father might come." Rias said. "And if he does, he might want to talk to you."


Authors Notes:

I worked on this for a long time, and now I am finally finished with it. Hope everyone likes it, and I hope that everyone enjoyed Shinji and Asia making love to each other. That, and Gasper appearing and Azazel making an appearance.

Look forward to more adventures from myself and Reisfriend.

And now, Omakes!



It was late afternoon when Sona Sitri burst into the Occult Research Club Room and stomped up to Rias Gremory, who was sitting at her desk.

Rias's peerage just looked at Sona as she entered the club room.

"Can I help you with something, Sona?" Rias asked politely, mildly surprised to see the student council president looking so upset.

"Yes! You can tell me what you did to that freaking vampire Bishop of your to make him so... so..."


Sona calmed down, regaining her posture and straightened out her hair and readjusted her glasses.

"Your Bishop, Gasper Vladi, and my Knight, Meguri Tomoe, started dating a week ago."

"Yes. Gasper told me. Good for them. But why are you so mad?" Rias asked.

"They aren't coming to school! They've been at my mansion doing nothing but having sex!"

The group looked around at each other in surprise and amusement. Issei was crying that someone else besides him was having sex, while Shinji was trying not to make eye-contact with anyone.

"So that's where's he's been the last few days." Rias mused to herself.

"And you weren't concerned?"

"I would have known if something bad had happened to him. Since nothing has, I wasn't overly concerned."

"Well, you should be! I can't get into Meguri's room because Gasper has sealed it with powerful magics. I can't even get Meguri to come out of the room. It took everything I had not to call my sister to help me."

Rias looked shocked at that. For Sona to even consider asking her overzealous elder sister, Serafall, for help meant that things were very serious.

"So you came here to demand I bring Gasper out of this." Rias said.

"Yes!" Sona snapped. "This whole thing is completely disruptive to our activities."

Rias looked over at Shinji before she cleared her throat and called Shinji over with a 'come-hither' gesture of her finger. Shinji stood up and walked over to the desk, with his head down, which surprised Sona, since she didn't understand why Shinji had been called.

"I'm sorry, Buchou. I was only trying to help." Shinji apologized.

"I know, Shinji-kun. But it seems as if your little technique has gone overboard." Rias said.

"Overboard? Technique? What are you talking about?" Sona asked.

"Gasper is a vampire, you know this right?" Rias said to Sona.

"Of course." the president said.

"Well, in order to get Gasper to be less introverted, Shinji suggested that he let Gasper drink his blood in order that my bishop would learn how to eventually break out of his shell. Like Shinji did." Rias explained.

"You mean... the blood memory technique?" Sona asked.

She had heard that some vampires could absorb the knowledge and memories of other people just by drinking their blood. But this some times had side-effects.

"So... what happened?" she asked.

"Well, it worked. Gasper became more open and social, but he also became incredibly... lustful." Rias said.

Sona waited patiently for Rias to explain what she was talking about.

"Gasper absorbed Shinji's most potent thoughts, his most pleasant memories." Rias said as she fluttered her eyebrows at Sona, as if she was silently hinting about something.

"Of him having sex with Akeno?" Sona surmised, knowing of Shinji's relationship with Rias's queen.

"And with me. And with Asia. Why, I'll bet we've all done it at least a couple dozen times already." Rias bragged to the now-blushing Sona.

Though Sona was mentally cursing since Rias was once again ahead of her in something. Sona herself was still a virgin, despite how many times she and her Queen Shinra had been intimate.

In the corner, Issei was crying while Irina was rubbing his back gently trying to comfort him.

"So... you're telling me that your vampire Bishop has become a horny jackrabbit because of Shinji?" Sona asked, getting Shinji to blush a little more at being singled out here.

"Yes. Gasper just needs to get it out of his system. A few more days at least."

"A few more days? It's Been A Week Already!" Sona snapped.

"We did A LOT of things with Shinji." Rias laughed and Shinji blushed even more at hearing that.

Sona glared at Rias and then at Shinji. But when she looked at Shinji she also blushed a little, as if thinking what sex would actually be like.

"You owe me for this, Rias." Sona said to the Occult Research Club president.

(Sigh) "Somehow, I kinda figured I would." Rias sighed in dismay.



It was noon as Shinji entered the Occult Research club house and saw Xenovia by the Snacks Table.

"Hello, Shinji-kun." Xenovia said with a small smile.

"Xenovia." Shinji said with a smile as he sat down at the main table and started to do his homework.

"I have made some tea. Would you like some?"

"Uh, okay. I didn't know you knew how to make tea."

"I am learning many new things since I have come to live here." she said.

"So... you're using me to test out your new tea?"


She's always so honest. Shinji thought as he took a sip of her tea.

However, the second he did he realized two things. 1 - the tea he was drinking tasted familiar, and 2 - he was starting to feel extremely amorous.


"Yes, Shinji-kun?"

"I want to practice making babies with you!" he said in a lustful voice.

Xenovia smiled as she pulled out the box of condoms she had purchased for just this occasion.

(Some time after school...)

Xenovia was lying on the bed of Buchou's personal bedchamber beneath the club house, which Shinji had teleported themselves to as Rias had given him permission to use it whenever he wanted. She was naked, sweaty, dehydrated, sore and thoroughly exhausted to the point of paralysis. The entire box of condoms was all used up and scattered all around the room.

Shinji had been as relentless and tireless as a machine and as fierce as a wild beast on an adrenaline rush. He ravaged the former church assassin over and over again, every position he knew, every trick and technique a person could manage, all the while stimulating her in ways she had never imagined. He had taken her on the bed, on the floor, on the dresser, in the chair next to the makeup mirror, against the mirror, up against every wall, and had even tried to do her on the ceiling.

Her mind was a lust-filled cloud, barely able to hold a single conscious thought to anything before they started to have sex. She didn't even remember why she had wanted to have sex with Shinji, only that she needed and wanted it more than anything else in her life. Her body was still tingling with euphoria from the sexual stimulation Shinji had given her. However, she was practically in a coma from the marathon of lovemaking Shinji had put her through.

Xenovia had told Shinji that he could do whatever he wanted to her, because she was strong enough to handle it.

She had never been so wrong in her life.

Not only had it been her first time, but she had been completely blind-sided by the overwhelming level of intimacy that Shinji had hit her with.

It would take her days to recover from this.

Which her new master was not prepared to give her as she stared down at the blue/green haired knight.

"You look terrible." Rias Gremory said to Xenovia as she loomed over the girl on the bed. Next to her lay Shinji, who was face-down on the bed, also completely and totally exhausted.

Six hours of hyperactive non-stop sex would do that for a person.

"Let me guess: you used the Love Tea to get Shinji-kun to practice making babies with you, yes?"

Xenovia knew it wasn't really a question. Rias had already figured out what had happened.

Regardless, Xenovia nodded weakly.

"He wouldn't stop, would he? He just kept going and going and going. Like that little pink rabbit with the drums and sunglasses, right?"

Xenovia looked at her with confusion in her eyes.

(Sigh) "Right, you probably don't know what I'm talking about, but still, you deserve this for having sex with my Shinji. You probably got the dosage wrong. Gave him too much, and made him super-horny. He'd probably still be going at you if I hadn't arrived to shut him down." she said with a cruel smile. "This is why proper potion mixing is a must for all Devils. To avoid problems like this. But even from all this, I can tell he got you off as well, right?"

Again, Xenovia nodded weakly.

"Yeah. Probably several times. You're lucky it's called 'Love' tea, not 'Rape' tea. Otherwise, you'd be in far worse shape. He took care of your needs as well as his own. I hope you got it all out of your system, because I'm not going to tolerate this sort of thing again. Once you're fully recovered, your real punishment begins." Rias said as she picked up Shinji and opened a mandala back to their shared apartment. "I'll let Irina know you're here so she can come and pick you up. You're lucky it's Friday, so you have two days to recover before school and then your punishment begins. And you're gonna have to clean this place up too." the Crimson-Haired Princess said as she disappeared with her lover.



Rias just glared at Issei.

"It wasn't my fault, Buchou!" the Boosted Gear wielder said.

"What exactly made you think that you were qualified to give Gasper therapy?" the Gremory heiress growled at her Pawn.

All around them, the entire city was frozen. Literally halted in their life as if someone had hit the 'Pause' button on a remote and frozen the movie at one particular scene.

The only ones not affected by this were Rias and her peerage.

"I was trying to help the guy!" Issei said.

"You call 'this' help?" Rias shouted as she pointed at the frozen city. "My brother finds out about this and I'll have to seal Gasper up again!"

"It's not so bad." Issei commented.


"Exposure?" he asked.

"Yes!" Rias grumbled. "Our ability to operate, as Devils, depends on a certain level of discretion. Even Our Clients Know This! I MUST HAVE TOLD YOU A DOZEN TIMES ALREADY!"

"So... how can we undo this?" Issei asked.

"Gasper can undo this... but he's going to need better control of his powers. To that end... Shinji's going to have to give up his draconic blood for that."

"Shinji?" Irina asked.

"Really?" Xenovia asked.

"How much?" Akeno asked.

"To undo all this? A lot." she sighed.

"Fine." Shinji said.

"Issei, I know you were only trying to help. But you are not qualified for this kind of thing." Rias said as Shinji let Gasper drink his blood from his arm.

"I was only doing what Shinji was doing." Issei said.

"Shinji didn't try to get him to control his powers by unleashing them on the entire city!" Rias growled.

"Okay, I admit, that was... a bit rushed." he said.,

"You think?" she huffed.

"What about me? I could give him my blood as well." Issei said.

"No! You caused this problem, so you're going to suffer knowing you caused it and will not be given the chance to correct it! You're not an apathetic and uncaring jerk, so this will be your punishment!" she said.

"You mean to let the great Shinji Ikari save the day, again?" Issei asked.

"YES!" she snapped

"Okay, okay. No need to shout." Issei cringed.

"Issei... you have no idea how bad this is. Really, you don't. This is huge! You screwed up big time!" Rias shouted again.

"But it wasn't totally my fault!" Issei said.

"You tried to get Gasper to embrace his powers in order to control them, and now look at the city! The entire city, including the suburbs where your parents live, are frozen in suspended animation. The only thing worse would be for them to actually be aware of the time-freeze. To be trapped in time, in the very moment they are doing something fun or dangerous, unable to do anything about it. What do you think about that?" she asked.

However, Issei was thinking about being trapped in time at the exact moment he was having sex with a dozen incredibly sexy and naked women.

Koneko seemed to sense what he was thinking, and kicked him in the balls.


"He just never learns." Rias sighed as Gasper unfroze everything as a very weak and pale-looking Shinji was being held by Akeno and healed by Asia.