It has been two years since they have seen each other. The Strawhat crew is now heading to the New World with everyone back together, safe and sound. Nami was sunbathing next to Nico Robin on the upper deck of the Thousand Sunny. Her long, orange hair was tossed carelessly to her side as she stared up at the sky. Robin was reading a new book she had picked up on her journeys with the Revolutionary Army. Nami looked around the ship at her other crewmates. Zoro was napping against the mast, just like he did two years ago. Chopper, Luffy, and Usopp were all playing a game of tag. Franky was building some type of new weapon downstairs. Brooke was sitting on the grass testing out some new songs he wrote on his violin and Sanji was cooking lunch in the kitchen. After seeing what everyone else was doing, Nami turned her attention back on the sky.

It amazed her how after two years, everyone was still the same. Well, from a personality stand point. Looks wise, they had changed. She had developed a lot more as well as grown taller. She had grown her orange hair out long enough to reach her waist and it also carried more of a wave to it than it did before. Robin had also become more developed over the two years apart and has also grown out her dark black hair past her waist. Franky had turned himself into some SUPER robot (that's what he calls himself) and now has huge arms, a huge chest, and a nose that can change his hairstyle by clicking on it. He still, however, wears his signature speedos. Usopp has grown manlier. He no longer wears a bandana on his head but a white beach hat. His hair has grown curlier and he has grown more toned since she had last seen him. Chopper looks relatively the same (you can't really change a reindeer). He now has a blue helmet over his hat and can now apparently change into many different forms now instead of just three. Brooke looks exactly the same except with more of a rock star look. Luffy has changed somewhat. He has grown a lot more muscular and now daunts a painful looking red x across his chest. He wears a quarter length sleeve, red shirt that remains open with his blue jean shorts. He still has his signature sandals and of course his strawhat tied around his rubber neck. Sanji has now parted his hair to the other side (he does have two matching swirly brows) and has grown a small goatee. He still wears his signature suits, but you can tell he has grown a lot more muscular as well.

Nami then drew her full attention to the sleeping swordsman. To her, he has changed the most appearance wise. He no longer wears a white shirt but a dark green yukata. He has his black pants a black shoes from before as well as his green haramaki. He now also supports a red sash that safely keeps his three swords in place. His black bandana is tied over his left arm. He still also has his three earrings dangling from his ear. He has grown a lot more muscular and tan. His mossy green hair is also slightly longer. What has changed the most to Nami is the dramatic looking scar that runs across Zoro's left eye. If she thought that the scar across his chest was scary, this one (with the other one combined) makes him look like a demon.

Nami had been staring at the swordsman for a while now and it didn't go unnoticed. Robin looked up from her history book to look at the navigator. "Find something you like, Navigator-san?"

Nami turned to the woman who asked her the question. A blush started staining her cheeks.

"Huh? Oh, um, no I was just, um, you know…checking out how everyone has changed over the years…"

Robin started chuckling, with a small grin forming on her face. "I understand very well. I did the same on the first day back. It is quite amazing how everyone can remain the same, however, still be changed."

Nami stared at the woman with a confusing look on her face. "Huh? Be the same but be changed? Oh, I guess you are talking about their appearances. Well yeah. It is interesting I guess."

Robin just looked at Nami with a grin on her face and then turned her attention back on her book. While reading, she said to Nami, "I also agree with you that swordsman-san has changed the most. He is much more attractive now. Don't you think?"

Nami's mouth dropped open. "Yeah he really i..wait..what! No, Robin! You are crazy! He is still the muscle-headed, debt owing marimo head from before. That will never change."

"Whatever you say miss navigator." And with that Robin's full attention went back to her book. Nami turned back to look at the sleeping swordsman. She has to admit. He looks a lot more attractive. When she had first joined the crew, she had noticed how handsome he really was. Especially when it was just her , him and Luffy. I mean, a girl can look can't she? He is also strong and extremely loyal. Not to mention a good drinking partner. But, he can be mean, rude, and downright stupid. Nami sighed and turned her head to look back up. That's when she noticed something . There was something big, blue, and round coming towards her. Before she could figure out what it was, she was soaking wet.

Nami shot up in her chair and turned to find the source of the sudden water. When she looked, she found Luffy holding a bucket, with Usopp slowly backing away from the scene while Chopper was hiding behind a door (the wrong way). Luffy looked at Nami's face, which was slowly turning red with anger.

"Luffy, what was in that bucket a second ago?"

Luffy looked at the bucket then back at her with a blank stare on his face. "Water? Duh, Nami. What else do you put in a bucket? Shisisish, your funny."

That was not the response Luffy should have given the now soaking wet navigator. Nami sent him flying across the deck and over the side into the ocean. Usopp and Chopper fled the scene as quickly as they could. Hearing the whole scene, Zoro got up, took off his coat and shoes, and dove into the water to save their hammer of a captain. He emerged a couple of minutes later and threw their unconscious captain unto the deck of the ship. He then lifted himself up and began stepping on Luffy's stomach, pumping the water out of his body, all the while, mumbling every profanity under his breath.

"You had to go and do something stupid, didn't ya Luffy."

After a couple of pumps, all the water had exited Luffy's body and he was back on his feet running around with Chopper and Usopp on the opposite side of Nami. Nami looked from the trio to Zoro, who was getting the water out of his pants. She took the time to admire his toned, tanned body and wet green hair that was hanging just right over his handsom….WHAT WAS SHE THINKING?! She can't have these thoughts about Zoro. Stupid, swords-for-brains Zoro. She quickly shook her head and resumed her seat next to Robin. At that moment, Sanji came twirling out of the kitchen with some type of smoothie for the two ladies. Before depositing the drinks, he turned to look at the shirtless swordsman. "Oi, put a shirt on marimo head, no one wants to see you looking like that."

"Shut up, dartboard brow. Why don't you just make your sissy drinks and let me be."

"What did you just say to me?!"

Nami, not wanting to deal with an argument at the moment, spoke up and said," Oh Sanji-kun! Is that a smoothie? I am so thirsty. Do you think I could have it?" No sooner had she spoken the words that Sanji was at her side, flaunting all over her.

"Of course my dear Nami-swan! A beautiful princess, such as yourself, deserves only the best to quinch her thirst. And I am here to serve your every need! And the same goes for you to Robin-chwan!"

And with that, Sanji did his noodle dance while delivering the drinks, and made his way back to the kitchen.

Nami took a sip and sighed with how delicious it was. Sanji has really gotten to be a better chef than two years before. Nami looked back at the now again sleeping swordsman and sighed. What was her deal? She suddenly wished Zoro would draw his attention up here towards her. Every other guy would be all over her, especially since she is only in a skimpy bikini. She looked to Robin, who was still reading, and then sighed again. That's when she turned her head back to the left. A large island was right in from of them. She suddenly got up and screamed "LAND HOOO!" Everyone came to the large figurehead at the front of the ship. They all had huge smiles on their faces. Luffy was sitting on top of the lion figure head, grinning as large as he possibly could.