As they reached the lobby of the Bed and Breakfast, they were quick to notice that no one else was there, not even Shelly nor Kimmy were there.

"Um, Zoro? Isn't it kinda odd that there isn't anyone here?"

"Maybe. Maybe everyone went out for breakfast?"

"Zoro, you idiot! This place is a Bed and BREAKFAST. Everyone would meet up here to go to the main room to start eating. It's already 9, the fact that no one is here means that they are either A, already eating, B, have already eaten, or C, NOT HERE!"

Zoro gave Nami a quick sideways glare. "Look woman, I'm no idiot and I know what a Bed and Breakfast is. All I was saying is that maybe everyone decided to go out instead of eat here. Now calm down and quit screamin in my ear before I decide to stop being nice and drop you!"

Nami huffed at Zoro while he turned away from her and kept looking around until he spotted a note on the front desk. He carried Nami to a couch in the waiting area and went back to retrieve the note.

Hello to whoever reads this! We've run out of supplies! Kimmy and I will be back soon! Until then, try to find a place to eat breakfast. We will serve lunch at noon in the main room. Hope to see you there! –Shelly.

"See Nami, they ran out of food so all the other guests must have gone out to eat. Seems like I'm not the idiot around here."

"What was that?"

Zoro turned to give Nami a smirk when he noticed something odd around her. Sure she had a pretty angry look on her face, when doesn't she? But that isn't what caught Zoro's attention. It was like a cloud was surrounding her. One that did not look like the fluffy white ones in the sky. No, this cloud had a dark gray tint to it and was in the shape of a person. In fact, the more Zoro stared at it he realized it was a person.

"Um, Nami. Don't freak out but um…."

"Zoro, why are your eyes getting bigger? Oh I see, you're trying to freak me out to show that I am the true idiot in this room. Haha, very funny. Now cut it out before I do something you will regret."

Nami had been too consumed with being angry and getting on to her stupid shipmate that she had ignored the chill in the air. When Zoro started getting closer and his eyes were locked behind her, Nami decided to humor him by turning around, only when she did, she was in for a surprise. Behind her was a silhouette of a young woman around her age. She had long hair that reached to her kneecaps. She had striking features, you know for a ghost at least, and looked lost and sad.

"Help me. Help me achieve my dreams. Help me find my killer. Send me home, please."

Nami could only stare with her mouth wide open. She had never experienced a ghost before. No words or sounds where coming out of her mouth until…

"Umm, ubbbb, ehhhh…..HUUUUH?!"

Well that sounded smart. That's when Zoro decided to take action and scope Nami up in his arms and run right out of the building. He didn't stop until he thought they were a pretty safe distance from the hotel. Nami still had her mouth open with her eyes still looking towards the building they just ran from. Zoro looked down at Nami to ask if she was ok, but noticed that she wasn't breathing.

"Nami? Nami breathe. Seriously, come on breathe…. Oi WOMAN BREATHE ALREADY!"

Nami gaped up at Zoro and then realized she wasn't breathing and was being shaken to death by the swordsman. She then took a deep breath and started hyperventilating.


She started up at Zoro who turned his head up to look in the direction they just came from.

"More like who. Now calm down, I wasn't shaking you that hard. What we just saw was a ghost. She looked to be around our age. I wonder if she was a local that died in an accident around here and now haunts all those who stay in town."

Zoro looked down at Nami to see her having a panic attack. He told her to calm down once more and then decided that they should find a place to eat and rest. Maybe explore and get some answers from the townspeople. He started walking towards a restaurant near the middle of town. He stopped, however, when he felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned his head to see the ghost they had just run from. Zoro's eyes grew in size and Nami just started screaming.

"Run Zoro!"

And he did just that. He ran back towards the Bed and Breakfast and was only going to stop when they were safely in their room. However, he wasn't looking where he was going and ran straight into a person. Zoro fell back on his back with Nami sitting on his stomach while the other person fell in the opposite direction and made a loud 'oaff' noise.

"Zoro you idiot! Watch where you're going! I'm so sorry…Oh, hey! Tom!"

Nami looked towards the mayor that led them around town the day before.

"Ah, Zoro and Nami! Sorry I got in your way. Were you two headed back to the hotel? Did you eat breakfast?"

"Oh actually mayor we were running from…hey where did she go?" Nami turned away from the mayor to see if the ghost was still there. To her surprise, the ghost was gone.

"That's funny, she was just there."

"You know what's not funny, when you can't breathe because SOMEONE IS SITTING ON YOU!"

Nami looked down to see that she was indeed sitting on top of Zoro. Actually, more like straddling him backwards. Her body faced the mayor, but her bottom was sitting directly on Zoro's stomach with her legs on either side of him. Her back was facing him and was glad that he couldn't see her face at that moment. She could feel a strong blush coming on and if he saw, he would only tease her. She tried to stand only to remember that her ankle was hurt. Again she started falling towards the ground, only this time, the mayor caught her.

"Are you ok Nami? Remember your ankle is still hurt."

Tom looked at Nami with much concern and she couldn't help but smile and blush a little at his compassion towards her. He is such a sweet guy!

"Oh right! Silly me! Thanks Tom. It's sweet of you to ask about me when we ran into you."

Zoro had just gotten to his feet when he noticed Nami starting to fall again. That idiot! She forgot about her ankle again. He started to move towards her only to stop when he noticed the mayor catch her. They were both smiling and he could detect faint blushes on both of their cheeks. Oi, who does this guy think he is? The ruler of this place? Ok well he sorta is… but still, hands off pal! Wait, why do I care. Well she is still nakama and there is something I don't trust about this guy. Luffy would kill me if I let anything happen to Nami. Plus, we have to keep up our couple appearance if we want to get some answers around here. Zoro began walking towards the two and took Nami out of Tom's hands. He held her up bridal style and was turning towards the hotel when the mayor decided to speak up.

Nami had been staring at Tom when she felt herself being lifted up. She turned to see Zoro have a peeved look on his face and was now holding her bridal style. Wow, was he jealous! Oh man this wasn't even part of my plan. Hehe, I will tease him about this later. For now, I will savor the fact that his toned arms are around me and I can look at his face without looking like a creepy stalker. Nami felt Zoro shift and start walking back towards the hotel. That's when Tom starting talking.

"Hey you two! Why were you running in town anyway?"

Zoro and Nami looked at each other and started whispering with their backs facing Tom. "Do you wanna tell him what we saw? He could have answers."

"I don't know Nami. He might think were a couple of nutjobs and ask us to leave town. We can't get kicked out with your ankle the way it is. It would take forever to get back to the ship. By the way, please remember that you do have a hurt ankle. I'm tired of having to dive to catch you just because you decide to be stupid and try to stand or walk. You're lucky Mr. Mayor over there has some quick reflexes, although, I would have gotten to you in plenty of time."

Nami gave Zoro a smug look," My, my, jealous are we? Now Zoro honey, there is nothing to be jealous about. And just so you know, you have raised your debt by 100,000 berries for calling me stupid and an idiot. Now, we need to remember that everyone here thinks we are a couple, so start acting like a loving boyfriend or you can ever forget about getting rid of your debt!"

"Yeah yeah, whatever woman. I'll start acting like a loving boyfriend when you start acting like a caring girlfriend and what the heck are we talking about! Let's not focus on that right now. Let's focus on sorting out what just happened. Oi, and I am not jealous! Far from it! If you want to go hang all over that guy, be my guest. I am only looking out for you because Luffy would have my head if something happened to you."

Nami felt a sinking feeling in her stomach. So he is only looking out for me because I'm nakama and Luffy would kill him if I got hurt worse? Great, I'm getting nowhere with him. But, he did have a jealous look on his face, so maybe he does care…a little at least. He has to if he wants to keep me safe. Even if it's for Luffy's sake.

"Um guys, I'm still here. Can you both be done talking about private stuff and answer my question?"

"Crap, I forgot that guy was here. Look I will explain everything. Just agree. The quicker we explain, the quicker we can get out of here and figure out what to do."

Nami nodded in agreement. Zoro turned around and walked back towards Tom.

"Yeah sorry about that. I'll explain from the beginning. We woke up this morning and got ready to go downstairs to have breakfast. However, when we got down there, we noticed that everyone was gone. Turns out that the hotel had run out of food and the owners went shopping for more. So we decided to go have breakfast in town. Thats when we saw something back at the hotel that spooked us. So we ran to the other side of town. I was about to take Nami to a restaurant I saw when I felt the same thing that spooked us back at the hotel was there with us. So we ran back towards the hotel and that's when I ran into you. You know the rest."

Tom's eyes went wide as Zoro told him what happened. He looked towards Nami for confirmation and she just nodded her head to signal that everything Zoro had said was true. She was a bit curious as to why he didn't mention the mysterious jewelry box or her missing log pose, but she assumed he had a good reason for it. For now, they needed to focus on staying away from the ghost.

"You guys saw Rebecca?!"

Ok, so they weren't expecting that. Zoro and Nami shot Tom wide looks.

"Wait a second, mayor guy, you know the ghost?"

Tom dropped his shocked look to shift his face to a more serious one. "Yeah I know her. She went to the same school as me. She died in a tragic accident 5 years ago. I can't believe you two saw her. I had heard rumors that guests had seen a ghost around the Bed and Breakfast and over town, but I thought that was what they were, rumors. They made for good business, but soon people started getting spooked and didn't come around here as often. Man, I can't believe this. So her ghost is real."

Zoro and Nami were silent while they took in what the mayor said. They also noticed that Tom seemed to be holding back some information.

"Um, Tom? Do you think you could tell her about us? I mean we never got to eat breakfast, so we could talk about it while eating or something."

Tom nodded his head and gave Nami a small smile.

"Sure, why don't you two come to my house? I will make us breakfast and will tell you the story of Rebecca. After all, that is where she died. It is probably more fitting to tell the story there."

Zoro shot Tom a serious look, "What do you mean that's where she died? She died at your house?"

Tom sighed and looked at the couple, "Yeah. I guess is should explain. Rebecca wasn't only a student at a school I went to. She was also my wife."

And that's when Nami lost all consciousness and blacked out in Zoro's arms.