Working Title: 'Psychoshipping Done Right'; but then the thing ended up messing around with a lot of other pairings.

Average Chapter Length: About 1500-1800 words.

The Reasoning: Having played with crackfics for a while now - can I write something serious?

Updates: Sundays, if not on multiple other days of the week.

Warnings: Pretty dark despite the summary, some kissing scenes in later chapters (which will be tagged for your convenience, that you may avoid them if you wish), weirdo concepts. The current plot, including all unposted buffer, explores the following ships:

- 'Chikan' Marik (the Yami Marik equivalent for this fic, created from Marik's love instead of his hate - er, don't worry, it's all explained) X Yami Bakura

- Chikan Marik X Ryou

- Chikan Marik X Marik

- Marik X Anzu

- Marik X Yami Bakura

- Marik X Ryou

- Yami Bakura X Ryou

- Jounouchi/Honda/Yugi X Anzu

Names: This one uses the manga names for the most part, so here's a quick translator for you:

'Anzu' = Tea

'Jounouchi' = Joey

'Honda' = Tristan

'Marik' = Nice Guy Marik

'Yami Marik' = Marik possessed by hate

'Chikan Marik' = Marik possessed by love

'Ryou' = Nice Guy Bakura

'Yami Bakura' = Bakura possessed by the Millennium Ring

Note: The following passage is a shortish foreword; the actual story kicks off over on Chapter One. Feel free to skip or skim this part if you wish.


Before you read any further, you should probably know that this is a very silly story - oh, and it's a story that might just make you very angry. With that in mind - I don't want to start getting angry letters from you guys, all right?

As for the why... well, it's a controversial story, sort of - or, at least, the most controversial you could make it without it being that offensive outside of a fandom hellbent on shipping. See, this is a story about what is perhaps the most addictive of any human emotion, and certainly one of the most destructive. This tale concerns a feeling which, if left unchecked, will ultimately destroy you, ripping apart your very soul - it is the story of an emotion which has adorned fanfics aplenty, one which has long been the focus of plays and poems alike.

Dramatic, yes?

Well, in not so many words, this is a story about love – and love, as it turns out, is a long way from the innocent little thing many claim it to be. Contrary to popular belief, love is not the fake pink heart on a cheap Valentine's Day card, nor is it to be found described in the mindless, auto–tuned 'Baby, baby, babyyyyy, ohhhhh' so often inserted into pop schmop by a million hopeful crooners. If love is a heart, it is a burnt one – a heart perhaps consumed by its own passion in the heat of the moment – and if love is to be expressed in sound, it is a scream, a painful sound, a distorted guitar ascending a smoldering riff into the stratosphere. Arguably, it was love (or lack thereof) that was responsible for the death of at least Juliet, if not Romeo as well – two young minds, tender and impressionable, soon driven insane by the incredible passion each felt for the other.

Love is a strong emotion, a primal desire – and much like any other strong emotion, love is destructive in too large a dose. Give into your every urge, and your love will take over your mind, your every decision becoming biased, your whole life condensing into a single obsession. Let it go on for long enough, and you will surely become a monster; pure, undiluted passion, with no reason to temper it. Perhaps love is the opposite of hate, but that makes it no less dangerous – hate simply gets the worse reputation, due to the negative social connotations. When one really thinks about it, both love and hate may be classified as obsessions; the former being a desire to be with people, places, objects or ideas, and the latter being a want to be without the aforementioned (be this in simply avoiding the hated thing, or annihilating it to prevent any chance of another meeting). To love without measure is to give into that desire to have; to let that want conduct your life, and I'm fairly certain that that's not a good thing.

People kill each other in a display of hatred, certainly; but people murder for love; that sick infection telling them that money is all that matters, or that anything goes as long as you get the girl, or the car. Wars are sometimes caused by bitter ties between two countries – but more than a few can be linked back to a leader's love for extra land leading to an invasion.

If hatred is Juliet's falling on the dagger - a quick taking of the sanity - then love is Romeo's downing the poison, an agonizing and slow descent into madness.

And in the end, no matter which way you come at it, this story...

This story is about that descent.