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This is just a prologue for a story that has been following me for AGES, but that I've never had the time to type. Depression is back, so to avoid jumping off a building, I need to overwhump Tony and the rest of the Avengers. As a result this happened.

This was never supposed to happen. Not to the people they promised to protect. Not to their friends and loved ones. It was not even supposed to happen to any of them, the Avengers, and especially not those who made it clear enough that they were not soldiers and didn't want to go into other people's battles.

But here they were. In an abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of NewYork, staring at a motionless form of Tony Stark, blindfolded and chained to the wall opposite the entrance. The moment they entered the room they had to fight hard to keep their calm. The stench of vomit, urine and the unmistakable, metalic odour of blood were overwhelming. By the time Steve, Natasha and Bruce reached the body hanging limply in the corner of the room, Clint's stomach was emptying itself of its contents outside. Natasha kept her hand on the handle of the gun tucked into her belt, because the colour of Banner's skin was turning danerously green, and they were in enough trouble already.

Steve was faring no better himself. The body kneeling on the ground was not moving. Why the hell was it not moving? It should be. No one was asking Stark to jump around as his usual self or perform acrobatic tricks. All they needed was a steady rise and fall of his chest indicating breathing, but even this was absent. Steve needed to punch something. No, he needed to punch the people who did this.

That was until the moment he realised that this was all their doing. They led to this. They made their teammate suffer. They…oh God, please no…did they…did they kill him?

Natasha was trying to calm Banner down, to talk reason into him, so it was up to Steve to free Stark's hands from their bindings and check for pulse. The Captain was on his knees now, in a pudle of blood and some other things that he wasn't sure he wanted to identify. As he caught the billionaire's wrist in his hand, he was quietly hoping to be welcomed by a cheeky remark accompanied by Stark's trademark grin. All he got was a flinch and a hardly audible groan of protest, as the genius was turned onto his back.

Steve could swear that his heart just broke in half. This was not supposed to happen. Not to a civilian. Not to Tony. And especially not by their own doing.

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