Now that the games have been exterminated higher education has been made possible and Peeta and I being victors of the games have, of course, been selected to show the people that it isn't necessary any more to help with the work at home. We can get a good education and make our own way in life. Today is the last day of the school year, our first year of university is over! Tomorrow we will travel home to be paraded around like well taught show dogs. I thought I'd be distraught, the memories of the victory tour and rebellion flashing through my mind but now that it's finally here I can see that my hard work and yes help from Peeta in art and Cinna in D.T has payed off. My good marks show that when I say "I'm not stupid you know" I can prove it.

Today's the day. The last day of school. Everyone's hugging, shouting, smiling. I run up to Peeta and cuddle into his open arms. I let myself get as far into his strong shoulder as I possibly can. Suddenly I feel him looking at me and my smile starts to fade as if I'm completely under a spell by his consuming stare. I turn my head and feel myself leaning in, entranced by his lush pink lips slowly creeping towards mine. Why is this happening? There are no cameras here to make us be a couple so why am I not stopping it? I don't want to stop it. Our lips meet and it's over so fast. "Sorry" he whispers ever so sweetly, I just can't help myself. "For what?" I lean in again and this time we don't stop. Whoops and wolf whistles surround us but we just block everything out. I think that everything over the past few years has just made me feel so comfortable with him, it used to be so awkward when I'd realise that I'd let him hold me in his arms at night but not anymore. Now it feels real. I think it always was real for him but I was never sure. It's so strange but so natural at the same time.

I stand up on my tip toes to get further into the kiss and he lifts me up by my waist. I feel flashes on my face and know that the cameras have turned up even though we agreed they wouldn't. I feel Peeta pull back and give me a quick peck on my lips. I bury my face back into his shoulder as he ushers me away from the prying camera lenses.

Let the summer begin.