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"I love you. I can't wait until you become Mrs Mellark"

I wake up in the morning to a stirring Peeta. His arms are wrapped protectively around me and my head resting on his sculptured chest. He shifts to see if I'm awake

"Morning babe"

"morning" just as I'm about to give him a morning kiss, Gale comes crashing onto the scene looking madly out of breath.

"You're alright!" he breathes a sigh of relief and rests on his knees. Peeta and I look at each other in confusion.

"Of course I'm alright! Why wouldn't I be?"

"Haymitch said he went round to your house last night but no-one was in. He's gotten everyone searching for you. Have you been out here all night?"

"Yeah, we decided just to stay instead of going back...come on we better get back to haymitch and...let him know we're safe" I think Peeta was going to say that we should tell Haymitch the good news but decided against it because of Gale's presence. Good decision.

As we walk through the village we get the same reaction we saw from Gale. I didn't know that anyone cared so much about us, although we are still a form of entertainment for them and Haymitch has become a true friend to us since the games, he's become more of a father figure to me now as well because he's stopped drinking so much to look after the geese. Maybe I should ask him to walk me down the aisle? Or will mum want to do it? Honestly, I've only been engaged a few hours and I'm already stressing over the wedding details!

When we reach his house in victors village he comes crashing out of his house flinging his arms around us both.

"Oh, I thought the Capitol had taken you for something" I suppose it was a logical explanation for our disappearance but he did take it a little too far in the search party respect. We explain what was going on and I show him the ring to conclude. He invites us into his house and makes us some hot chocolate. We spend a few hours talking to him and helping him to call off the search parties.

By lunchtime Peeta and I are starving having had nothing to eat since our picnic last night so we head home. Peeta gets started on making us some cheese buns as I set up a movie in the lounge with popcorn, sweets, drinks, pillows and blankets. It's like a cozy sleepover with your fiance! Wow. That sounded wrong but I didn't mean it to! Promise!

I yell to Peeta when I'm done setting things out telling him to hurry up and I turn off the lights ready for the film to begin. By the time he makes his way into the lounge I'm already sitting on the floor with my back against the sofa and as he sits down next to me I immediately snuggle into him and fold my hands in his lap. He smiles and wraps his arms around me bringing me closer to him every time he reaches for a snack. I try to be romantic but fail tremendously as I try to feed him some chocolate but it melts in my fingers. This is the downside to having a romantic guy in your life - anything you do seems stupid compared to is huge gestures. Instead of trying that again I decide to leave the romance to him and simply plant a kiss on his sweet tasting lips.

I look down at my glistening ring and smile knowing that I am going to spend the rest of my life with my boy with the bread.

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