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Pairing: Suggestible

She was hungry.

And as such, she went to the closest food place that she could find (one that was intact and willing to serve, that is). After all, it took a lot of energy to purify those strange alien creatures that suddenly attacked New York City, spiritual energy included.

She had stayed low-key on the ground, not wanting to catch any sort of attention, especially that of the news reporters and the group now know as the 'Avengers' on a world-wide scale, and she was proud to say that she probably managed to save hundreds of people without even being seen.

'Sha...warma?' Kagome thought, looking down to the plate of food she had been served. She had never heard of shawarma before, but it looked pretty good and she was absolutely starving, 'I'll wait until after I eat to call Onii-san.'

The door (barely on its hinges) suddenly opened and the three occupants of the food joint looked up, all surprised that someone else wanted to eat at a time like this when the city was just barely starting to even realise what had just happened.

"See, told you guys it was still open!" An amused voice said with amusement and excitement, "I've always wanted to try this place!"

"You didn't even know what shawarma was until earlier today, Stark," A dry tone replied, "Let's just eat without your smart-ass remarks."

"Might want to take that arrow outta your ass– oh, hello~!" The first male voice suddenly changed to something suave and it really reminded her of Miroku and she was a bit wary to see he was staring right at her.

'Iron... Man, everyone calls him, I think,' Kagome thought, watching with furrowed eyes as he slicked back his hair and attempted to wipe off the dirt from his face, though it failed miserably, before walking (limping was a more appropriate word) up to her table with a manly charm that one only gained through years of experience, 'Oh, Amaterasu-sama, I heard he's a womanizer.'

"Hello, beautiful~" He grinned, revealing nice white teeth and leaned suggestively up against her little table, "What brings you to this shawarma place on such a gorgeous day?" He said it as if New York hadn't just been put through a war zone.


"Is she even legal?"

"She's wearing a school-girl uniform!"


"She's a Priestess!"

Each of his companions said their say at the same time and luckily, it was too jumbled for either her or Iron Man to really make out.

"Eh?" Kagome blinked her blue eyes innocently, "No Engrish?" She shrugged with an exaggerated Asian accent and simply went to ignore him as he looked rather taken back by her response.

"Well, I've had non-English speakers all over me with just a 'come-hither' look," Iron Man muttered, obviously seeing this as some sort of challenge for God knows what reason, "You ain't getting off that easy, little girl."

Amaterasu-sama, save her!