Scully sat alone in the basement office staring at the report that sat unfinished on her computer screen. Agent Doggett had long since left for home as had most of the other agents who worked in the building; only the occasional sound of a janitor fetching something from one of the nearby utility cupboards distracted her. She sighed and stretched, watching the words blur together on the screen. She would tackle this next week.

"Agent Scully?"

She jumped at the sound of a man's voice at the door. Looking up she squinted at his silhouette, his face obscured by the bright light in the hallway behind him.

"Yes?" she replied hesitantly, "look I'm sorry but the office is closed. This will have to wait until Monday."

The man took a step forward and she could see him a little better. He was tall, dark skinned and there seemed to be something strange about his face. Was he wearing an eye patch?

"I'm here on a personal matter," the man explained, "I'm putting a team together and I think you would be a valuable asset"

"A team?" Scully repeated back blankly. If this was to do with Agent Wilson's stupid Bureau softball team again she'd wring his neck.

"Yes," the man continued, "I'm here to speak to you about the Avengers Initiative."