They fit, they just do.

Thanks to Good Old James for the prompt 'a 221B with fireworks'. Written and posted very quickly, without a beta, so apologies for any inconsistencies. Let me know if any stick out!

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Sharing is not his strong point. Nor personal boundaries, or tidiness, or general consideration for others . Thinking of someone else is difficult at the best of times, but when you just want to lose yourself in your own thoughts and there's someone bothering you with talking and moving and breathing it's impossible. He often wonders why John puts up with him at all. Then he gets that look, that fond exasperation with a hint of wonder, and Sherlock understands all over again.

If Sherlock is the delicate soaring chase of a violin solo then John is the deep resounding steadily drawn notes and rhythm of the base line. They fit together like a perfectly composed sonata; two voices blending and bleeding together. They sound adequate on their own, quite good actually, but together they complete each other and the tune becomes a masterpiece.

Working together on a case comes naturally. John's knowledge is useful, but the way he knows exactly how to draw Sherlock to a conclusion is marvellous in itself. Sometimes it's accidental, he simply doesn't understand and questions. This causes Sherlock to look from a different angle and see something else entirely. Now he can see that John does it deliberately, sees the sparks beginning to slow and lights a whole new fuse to sets the fireworks blasting.

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