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WARNING: Attempted suicide.

Disclaimer: I do not own Rise of the Guardians or any of its characters.

300. It has been 300 years since the defeat of Pitch.

Since I have spoken with the guardians.

I was with them for three days. Then they left. They ignored me. They didn't talk to me. They didn't invite me to meetings.

They left me all alone. For 300 years.

After 5 years all the children that believed in me stopped believing. Even Jamie and Sophie. I haven't had fun since.

At 100 years the wind left. It flew away and never came back. I haven't flown since.

At 152 years my staff broke. It shattered into a million pieces for no reason. I couldn't fix it. I haven't used my powers since.

At 173 years I stopped talking. My voice wouldn't work. I have been silent ever since.

At 203 years I ran out of tears. They stopped falling and haven't fallen since. I am empty.

At Around 250 years I lost my mind. I know I am going insane.

I have forgotten what my voice sounds like. I've forgotten how food tastes. I've forgotten what I look like. I've forgotten what my name sounds like. I've forgotten the feel of other's touch. All I know is the pain, the loneliness, the insanity, and the ghostly feeling you get when someone walks through you.

Ever since 200 years passed I would have happily gone crawling back to Pitch if it meant talking, feeling, crying, and believing again. But he hasn't come back. I am alone.

Today is 300. 300 years. I can't take it anymore. It's time to end this.

I drag my small, skinny, deprived of touch body to the frozen lake in Burgess. I kneel on the ice. I look up and see the moon watching me.

The moon always watched me. When I could talk I would scream until my throat hurt and my voice was hoarse. I would scream until I passed out from exhaustion.

Now I just stare. I just stare defiantly. Now he will have the pleasure of watching me die.

I bang my hands on the ice until it cracks.

Crack, crack.

I bang on the ice until it shatters like I did, long ago.

Shattered. Never fixed. Thank you, for that, guardians.

I stare up at the moon and then down into the icy waters.

I hear someone.

They are coming but they are too late because I am already falling into the dark waters.

It's cold but it shouldn't be cold because I am Jack Frost.

Cold seeps into me and water burns my lungs.

Hands grab at me, try to save me, but I want to sink down not go up.

Down, down, down.

I drift away into unconsciousness.

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