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"NO!" Tooth cried out, tears now threatening to spill. "It...it can't be! We couldn't have left Jack for two years! We..." She paused to wipe away her spilling tears. "We're his family! And...and I-I promised him we would be back soon!" She sunk to her knees as she burst into tears. "What happened?!"

"I don't know, but we can't sit around crying all day! We've go to go find Frostbite and sort this whole mess out!" Bunny exclaimed.

"Bunny, Jack was alone for two more years." North looked at him with a saddened expression.

"I don't think we'll be able to sort things out this time." Tooth whispered.

'We couldn't even sort things out before these two years.' Sandy looked up at them with tears in his eyes.

Basically, to sum it up, the guardian of hope seemed to be the last one who actually had any hope left. The others quietly sniffled, wiping their tears away, while Bunny was looking at them all, his eyebrows furrowing with confusion and sadness. Sadness that his fellow guardians would give up so easily.

"Come on." Bunny looked at them with a stern expression. "Jack is counting on us. Every second you spend here feeling sorry for yourself frostbite is spending all alone. What kind of family are we if we don't go help him?!"

"Not a very good one at all." Tooth stood up, grinning, feeling full of hope. Bunny gave hope to them again. It was what he did.

"Come on, let's go find our youngest guardian!" North cried happily.

'But where is he?' Sandy's message was clear in the golden dream sand question mark that floated above his head.

Suddenly the door burst open for the second time that hour. In walked

Sunray, one of the summer spirits.

He was wore a bright yellow shirt and jean shorts. His light brown hair was an atrocious mess, and he looked like he hadn't slept for days. He was also covered in bite marks and scratches. From what, the guardians didn't know.

His eyes widened when he saw them, and then his face contorted with anger. He quickly marched up to them.

"WHERE THE HECK HAVE YOU BEEN?!" He practically screamed. He looked at their shocked, confused faces and took a deep breath before continuing. "Do you have ANY idea of what your youngest guardian has put us through?!"

"What are you talking about?" North asked him.

"Jack?! Did you say something about Jack?!" Tooth buzzed back and forth midair with excitement.

"Yes I said something about Jack. In fact I've had quite enough of Jack." He groaned and rolled his eyes.

"Please, tell us what happened, mate." Bunny just wanted to know where Jack was and if he was ok.

"He's been causing all the seasons trouble. Even his own!" Sunray exclaimed. "He won't spread winter, in fact, he hasn't for centuries, and he won't let the other seasons come to Burgess. Things seem to stay frozen in his presence, and since he refuses to leave that lake of his, Burgess hasn't had anything but cold air, freezing wind and a frozen pond for the past two years! We tried to contact you all, but you wouldn't answer, and Manny kept absolutely everyone out of your homes. Even your eggs, fairies and yetis! Only just now did I try one last time to get in to talk to you guys, and it finally worked! And then I-" Tooth interrupted his rant with a tap on his shoulder.

"Sunray, I'm sorry that you've gone through so much trouble, but Is Jack ok? Have you tried talking to him? Can he talk back?" She Looked at him with eyes full of concern for her poor sweet tooth.

"Oh, he can talk alright, and I'm quite sick of it too."

"WHAT?!" The guardians all exclaimed at the same time, Sandy using his dream sand.

"Mmmhmm." He looked at them like it was no big deal. "And I tried talking to him, and well, look how that turned out." He gestured to the scratches and bite marks.

"But-how...he-"Tooth stuttered, but Sunray quickly cut her off.

"Look, I don't know whats going on with you guys, but just get him under control, ok?" And with that he marched up to one of the open windows and called a summer breeze to carry him off.

"Sunray, wait!" North called out to the summer spirit.

"Sorry. Got to go." He said just as the breeze arrived. Before they could call back to him he let it carry him out the window and off into the distance.

"Ugh." Tooth pouted. "Now how are we going to find out about Jack?"

"By going to him our selves." North grinned as he pulled out a snow globe from his pocket.

"Ah, clever, mate. Very clever." Bunny grinned.

As North was about to whisper the coordinates Tooth grabbed his arm.


"What is it, Toothie?" He turned to her.

"Do you think Jack can really talk now? And get out of bed and go places without the wind and-" Sandy interrupted her rambling questions.

'Only one way to find out.' He said with his dreamsand. Tooth nodded and cracked a small smile.

"Don't worry, sweet tooth." Tooth whispered. "Your family is coming."

A few minutes later the guardians found themselves tumbling out of North's portal and into a clearing. They looked up to see stormy skies and tall, frosted over trees. The grass beneath their feet was decorated with frost as well, and before them was a beautiful, frozen lake. They recognized it as the lake Jack became a guardian on. They hoped it was a good sign that he chose to come here.

"It's looks as if winter is about to start, but apparently Burgess has stayed like this for the past two years." Tooth said in a thoughtful voice, admiring the beauty in the wintry scene before them.

"Does this mean frostbite's got his powers back?" Bunny asked her.

"Sunray said it was just his presence that did this. And remember what happened to his staff?" Tooth turned to him with a sad gaze, and Bunny nodded.

"Where is Jack?" North asked, interrupting their thoughts. Tooth turned around and quickly scanned the area. It was true, the winter spirit was no where in sight.

At least, until they heard a rustle behind them.

All four guardians whipped around and looked up to see the young winter spirit, perched on the highest branch of a frost encased tree, staring at them with a look of both curiosity and confusion.

"JACK!" Tooth called out to him. She was grinning ear to ear when she saw him. The others were happy of course, but cautious. He appeared to be fine physically, but who knows how he was, mentally.

'Jack! Come down!' Sandy said with his dream sand, waving his arms, trying to get the winter spirit's attention.

"I don't think he can understand ya, mate." Bunny said, rolling his eyes at the sand man.

"I can talk, you know." A very clearly annoyed voice came from above them. They looked up to see Jack crossing his arms and pouting.

That really shocked them. Especially the fact that he looked so much like his old self when he did that.

"You...you can talk?!" Tooth stared up at him, shocked.

"Yes." Jack called back down to them, clearly offended.

"Oh-sorry...I-we...already knew that, it's just-" She stuttered in shock, only to be interrupted.

"SOUP!" Jack yelled, much to the guardians confusion. "I don't like soup very much, thank you."

"Um, we weren't really offerin ya soup, mate." Bunny said, utterly confused.

"But we are not talking about soup, no Jack, no thats wrong." He muttered to himself, but it was still loud enough for others to hear.

"Um...are you ok, Jack?" Tooth asked cautiously.

"Why are you in my house?" He called down to them, looking at them with curiosity and mild annoyance.

"Jack, this is not your house." North gestured to the lake behind them. "This is just a lake."

Jack's eyes widened in utter shock, and then his face contorted with rage. "Just. A. Lake?!"

"Well North, this is the lake he became a guardian on. Maybe it's special to him." Tooth shrugged.

Let's just say, the next scene wasn't pretty. It involved scratching, kicking, angry insults, nonsensical phrases and one very offended winter spirit. To sum it up, the guardians thouroghly regretted saying anything about the winter spirit's lake in the first place.

The whole ordeal ended when Sandy hastily made a ball of dream sand and through it at the winter spirit, instantly sending him into a good dream. The winter spirit had fallen asleep before he could say another word.

The very frazzled guardians all stared at the sleeping winter spirit with shock. They had no idea he could talk so much, and they certainly didn't expect him to have such a...colorful vocabulary.

Tooth decided it was probably time to get Jack home. Silently, she scooped up the sleeping boy and nodded to North. He opened a portal once again, and together they stepped through.

They knew that they would probably be in a whole lot of trouble once their youngest member woke.

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