Rating: Rated "T" for [probable] language and [very, very, very] slight suggestive comments [we all know who comes up with those…!]

Pairing: Well, I'm hoping for a little bit of romantic 10/OC but maybe I'll make it a Friendship thing because she's like eighteen…

Setting: The main girl, Pearl, lives in Thunder Bay, ON, Canada. I chose this place because I have relatives there and it's a great and beautiful city!

Time: Just after The Runaway Bride, Series-Wise… Real-Time-Wise, March 2013.

Point Of View: The entire thing will be in Pearl's POV

Disclaimer: I don't own Doctor Who. There are so many reasons why I'd like to, though… [Including, but not limited to, full possession over David Tennant]… I own Pearl, her friends, her relatives, and the Grunts.

All of this stuff is only on the first chapter. No more disclaimers after this. Don't complain.

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A sudden shift in the walls of my really old house causes me to wake up, and I groan, shifting my body weight so I'm lying on my side rather than my stomach.

I was having the best dream, too…

I look over at my alarm clock [which is across the room to try and prevent "Snooze"… it works] and almost curse aloud.

It's three o'clock in the morning.

I groan again and lie on my back. I stare at the ceiling, thinking.

My mom was out of town for a very long business trip at the time, and both my siblings live away from home. So, of course, I was alone. She left last night and I'm alone until the Saturday Night… and it's only Saturday morning.

I hate March Break. I want to go back to school… to see my friends, of course. [Yeah, right. I just was bored and missed Math Class]

I realize I'm thirsty so I get up and head for the kitchen. As I'm walking I notice that I slept in my clothes—socks and all—again. That's the third time this week. I need to stop being so lazy.

I grab a cup and pour some water from the water cooler. Then I head back for my bedroom, pondering life [don't we all do that at three in the morning?].

And that's when I hear it.

I freeze in my tracks, listening again.

No, I definitely hear it. I'm not hallucinating from exhaustion again. [Yeah, again… long story]

I drop my cup, and my mind barely registers the sound of the glass smashing against the wooden floor as I run for the door, jumping into my sneakers and bolting outside.

I leap down all four steps from my door [ouch!] and I look left and right…

There it is. Just in front of my next-door-neighbour's lawn.

I sprint as fast as my legs will go through my [not even mown… I should do that later] grass and come to a halt six feet in front of the forming mass…

As it materializes, I can see every detail of it, up close, like I've always wanted to.

Except this time it's different. This time, it's real. It's no movie prop, it's not something that Russell T. Davies paid somebody to construct.

It's here, it's really here.

The beautiful, fantastic, magnificent, amazing thing that I admire [almost 'very'] most is right there.

The T.A.R.D.I.S.!