The anti-Bugs Bunny alliance Ch1: the meeting

A/N: This is a story I thought of about all of Bugs' old enemies trying to team up to kill him. I always thought about to what extent Daffy and Bugs were friends and to what extent they were enemies, so I centered this story on, whether Daffy's jealousy of Bugs was enough to kill him or not. That said, enjoy and remember to read and review please. P.S. I don't know what Elmer does outside of hunting, but a few episodes implied he was a good business man and was pretty wealthy.

It was a full moon out at Fudd manor, as several individuals sat in a make shift meeting room in the parlor. Elmer Fudd stood up to speak.

Elmer: That wascally wabit has pushed us aww too faw and now it's payback time!

they all cheered at this, till Elmer said.

Elmer: And I will finnawwy kiww him!

They all went silent.

Sam: You! why in tarnation should you get the honors!? I should be the one to kill the varmint!

Yosemite slammed one of his guns down for enthuses.

Rocky: Shut up! If I didn't have a good lawyer, I would be doing 25 to life, because of that fucking rabbit.

Rocky argued, as he and Mugsy slammed their guns down.

Shalack: Would've! I did time after, that sick rabbit ruined my dam!

Black Jack Shalack said, in a French Canadian accent, as he put his gun down.

Marvin: Because of him, the Martian queen demoted me. It'll take me 4 and a half centuries to earn my command back.

Marvin said, as he pulled out his disintegrater gun.

Sam: Fuck, you and your queen Martian! Satan said, this is the "last" chance I'm going to get, or I'm fucked.

Yosemite said, pulling out his other gun, but instead of slamming it on the table, he pointed it at Marvin.(who looked most agree indeed.)

As everyone argued, there stood a black duck in the back. His name was Daffy Duck, and he was one of Bugs Bunny's oldest friends. He had always been jealous of his friend after all, he seemed to get everything his way, while Daffy tried and tried, but alway seemed to be on the wrong end of things. Still, he was his friend and in all fairness, Bugs did save him, from getting his head cut off on several occasions. But, Daffy had always thought of the possibillities if he could just "get rid of him", but he didn't want to litterly get rid of him! True, they had their differences, but...

Daffy's thought were interrupted, by the sound of Elmer shot gun going off.

Elmer: Ok, we can decide who get to finish him off later, wets just agwee to wowk together now. Agreed.

Together: Fine

They all said, in a disappointed voice. while Marvin thought, to himself.

Marvin's thoughts: At least, till I'm done with you Earthlings.