Anti-Bugs Bunny Alliance


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Bugs and Daffy stared at the Hunter in confusion for what seemed like a whole hour, until Elmer finally spoke up again.

Elmer: Guys, thewe's this open window on the othew side of the war...

Before he had a chance to continue, Daffy grabbed him by the shirt and pushed him into a nearby crate.

Daffy: Justh one minute Busther. You've hunted usth for yearsth, and now you justh expect usth to trusth you justh like that.

Elmer: I know, I'm sowwy, but that's how things wowk. I'm a stwong and intewwagent human, whiwe you guys awe just dum, cwazy, wiwd That..'s

Elmer struggled to continue you speaking, because Daffy put his feathery hand around the hunter's neck after he tried to "justify" his hunting them for so many years. Bugs managed to slap the duck's hand of him, so he could get some breath, earning an annoyed stare from his friend.


Judge Doom has finally reached the two police waiting for him outside, while clutching the toon hammer behind his back as he got closer to the two men.

Police Officer: What seems to be the problem, sir?

The Judge only responded with a small smirk, confusing the officers. Then in a matter second, the Judge slammed the hammer into the officer's face. His partner quickly whipped out a his revolver, but it was too late, the Judge slung the hammer right into his skull.

Judge Doom: The problem is, gentlemen, two toons have just kill two human police officers. They go by the names; Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck, and I am just about to place a warent out for their arrest.

The man said coldly, as he flipped open a gold pocket watch to check the time. He then dropped the hammer and stated to walk a little further away.

Back with the Bugs, Daffy, and Elmer.

The three tried to slowly sneak their way to the other side of the building, while the duck and the rabbit were still uneasy about trusting their "friend". The small group ducked behind one of the crates to avoid detection, wich also gave a certain rabbit a chance to try to get one thing straight. Bugs grabbed the hunter by the shoulder and spun him around, startling him.

Bugs: Hay doc, how about a little word real quick.

Before Elmer had a chance to answer, the rabbit continued, trying to keep his voice to a whisper, as a few of the Judge's hinch men were scanning the area with carbine rifles.

Bugs: All dose years of tryin to kill me and Daff, what for? Do you dank we just like bein shot at or sometin?

Elmer got real nervous and had to take a long moment to think of something to say, as he looked into the rabbit's unusually serious eyes. But before he could say a thing, they all heard rounds whizzing over and started sprinting to their destination. They sprinted for what seemed like miles, while enduring thousands of bullets flying at them from every single direction. Not toon ammo, wich they could shrug off in seconds, but real killer bullets. The goons eventually started to fire RPG(rocket-propelled grenades) at them, blowing up the surrounding crates and sending large swarms of splinters at them. The trio was forced to duck down and crouch to the rest of the distance, as the weasels loaded a 50. machine-gun(a gun that can instantly tare apart armored vehicles.) and began to fire it at full force.

Finally, after crawling the finale few yards left between them and their way, an end to this horrible nightmare felt in arms reach. At very far edge of the warehouse, there was a large window hanging near the roof, letting in a stream of sunlight that felt like the most beautiful thing the two ever saw at this point. Right below the window stood a giant crate, with another large crate right on top of it. Together, these two crates caught in the stream of sunlight looked like a tower leading up to heaven. Wile E. was standing on the very top of the crates, right next to Sam, who was helping him lower a rope for everyone to grab onto. As luck would have it, the mooks finally stopped firing their guns(presumably to check to see if the two were still alive) and it seemed as if they were home free, as they all started to scale up the two crates. As they scaled the "tower" Wile held up a sign saying: Hurry up already, I have a way for us to get out of here. The three of them were starting to pull themselves over the ledge with relieved smiles on all of them. But...

They may have let their hopes up too soon, as Bugs felt a strong and all too familiar jerk. They looked down and saw Nasty Cannaster's ugly face staring up at them with an evil grin, while he tried to pull the rabbit down. In a heartbeat, everyone was struggling to pull Bugs back up, but it was useless. Even as beat up as the man already was, he could still easily over power all of them combined.

Cannaster: Looks like your mine rabbit.

The ruthless thug said, with delight. Just as they were starting to give in, Elmer saw a something that might help. Hanging just about over the edge of the crates, there was a large net loaded with bricks. Not even thinking about where exactly they would land; Elmer snatched his shotgun and jumped straight on top of the bandit, causing him to lose his grip. As they were both falling, Elmer used his shotgun to hit the net full of bricks, causing them to fall right on them both.