A/N: BBRae fluffy fluff.


"What do you think, Rave?"

Raven thought that Beast Boy's dedication in finding her a perfect nickname was getting a little desperate. He would keep nonchalantly dropping names in random conversations, and then look at her with that innocent puppy-dog look to see if she approved.

Currently, he was trying to decide what to cook for her breakfast, although she'd insisted that she could make her own herbal tea.

"Rave?" she questioned.

Beast Boy put down the spatula he'd been holding and swiftly turned to stand next to her. He often made jerky, lightning fast movements that got right in her personal space (not that it was necessarily a bad thing).

He leaned back on the counter and she followed suit. Beast Boy grinned cheekily. "What's wrong with Rave?"

"Rave, as in, rave parties? Do I look remind you of strobe lights and sweaty teenagers?"

Beast Boy chuckled. "I guess not. Rae?" he tried.

She shook her head.


Raven punched his shoulder, grinning slightly when he flinched. "Not in a million years."

Beast Boy pursed his lips thoughtfully. He reached over absently and took her hand, running his fingers across her palm. "Ven?"

"Nicknames are supposed to come naturally. You're just trying too hard, so they're getting worse," she teased.

Beast Boy's face fell comically.

"Its fine," she told him. " I don't need a nickname, honestly."

Unfortunately, his eyes were distant as he entwined their fingers together. Raven suspected that his quest was far from complete.

The rest of the Titans were out. Raven figured that Robin and Starfire would want to leave the tower as much as possible for 'alone time', but this time, even Cyborg had a date. Raven liked to see all of her friends happy, and this inevitably meant that she and Beast Boy would get to spend some time together too.

They sat on the couch, contemplating what to do. Raven flipped through movies on Netflix while Beast Boy had moved on from variations of her name to rather cliché pet names.


"That's for old couples."

"Honey?" Beast Boy even morphed into a cute little teddy bear for emphasis.

Raven shook her head and he changed back, a frown on his face. He sat silently, still pondering.

"Wow," Raven finally said. "You're actually putting your brain to work."

"Hey!" Beast Boy protested, but stopped when she kissed him on the cheek. His face transformed into that stupid grin she loved.

"Come on," Raven said. "We can watch the Avengers again."

"Oh, that reminds me! So, I have a theory that each of us matches one of the Avengers; so Starfire is the Black Widow, Robin's Captain America, and of course I'm Iron Man…"

Raven settled back, resting her head on his shoulder, and listened to Beast Boy talk enthusiastically. His scratchy voice washed over her, calming her more than her favorite herbal blend.

It was Saturday morning again, and Beast Boy and Raven were the first ones up. Raven stood, listening to the serene quietness in the tower. The sky outside was a stormy gray; she found overcast days a lot more peaceful than bright, blinding sunny days.

Beast Boy snuck up from behind her and threw an arm around her shoulder playfully. "Do you want tofu pancakes, beautiful?"

It slipped so casually from his lips that Raven didn't even notice at first. She stiffened slightly in his grip, but relaxed when she realized that he didn't notice either. Beautiful, he'd called her. Sure, he complimented her a lot, but usually it was about her intelligence or "crazy-awesome powers", but he never said anything so... naturally.

She could get used to that nickname.

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