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Warnings : This is slash MXM and FXF main pairings; Butchy/Tanner and Lela/Mack. Maybe Brady/CheeChee (or someone else)

Crusin' For A Brusin.
Chapter 1. Falling For Ya'

(Butchy's Pov)

I don't know how it happened. It was like a click of my fingers and then boom! Here I was in his arms. Someones gonna get a brusin from me for this, it was that damn Rascals fault and I knew it - he ran into me. He lives up to his name that's for sure. I can see Cheechee with a lollipop sticking out of her mouth as she looks at me and him. Damn it! Let go of me you stupid surfer! I look up, he smiles down at me and I feel something - I'll give him that. It's a weird feeling that I get when he flashes me a smile, the moronina! Why did this have to happen? I turn my head to look to where Lela was, only to find that some girl has her in her arms! Oh no way in hell was I just going to stay in this guy's arms while my sister was in another girls arms! I try to get up, but he's holding me too tight. Jeez, he's grips tighter than Hercules, I'm sure.

"Damn it!" I yell up at him. "Let me go Tanner, my sisters in trouble!"

The goof ball just grins at me before looking up towards my sister, who - just to note - is still singing to that other gal. "She seems fine to me." Tanner says, but I could really careless what that daft fool thinks.

"Let me up!" I pout, but it was loud enough so my crew can hear me. Almost straight away the music stops and Tanner pulls me up in a slick motion, unfortunately it was too fast for me as I bash against his chest. At least Lela wasn't singing Falling For Ya' anymore to that other gal. I want to look towards my sister to make sure she's okay, but I can't. Not because I didn't want to, but because I physically can't move - Tanner's holding my hips!

"You've got pretty eyes." Tanner says, dorkishly I might add, anyway - what type of guy says another guys eyes are pretty?! It's despicable! But my face starts to burn and I just want to hide, my god I feel so much like a girl right now.

"Tanner," I said, calmly. "Let go of me, NOW!"

He let's go of my hips in shock, unfortunately I forgot that I was partly leaning against him and so I fall to the floor. As soon as I do, my boys grab me beneath my arms and hoist me up to my feet. I dust myself off while glaring at Tanner. Quickly I turn to my sister, she jumps a little, but at this moment in time - I don't care. I just want to get out of Big Mamma's now with all my biker crew and just...Well, go home and wash myself clean of...Tanner. I grab Lela's arm and pull her away from that Gal' she was with. Lela quickly asks her name; Mack - something was the answer. I was too busy heading for the door to hear right. I see Rascal in the corner and I show him my fist, the dork jumps 10ft in the air.

Just as I was about to leave with my biker crew, someone grabs my arm. I hoped it was one of my crew or even Lela, but luck just wasn't on my side today was it? I turn to see Tanner lackey - Seacat.

"You ain't gonna come back to Big Mamma's anymore, right?" He asks. Surfers, they're all idiots.

"Of course we are!" One of my crew yells, I just roll my eyes.

"Come on!" I call to my crew and leave. Our bikers are there of course, and we all get on and ride away...

After splitting up with my crew, I headed home with my sister. I can tell she's mad at me, when we get home and she storms straight up stairs it clearer than a crystal. Well, dang it all now...

"Lela!" I shout up stairs, in return she put her music on. Shaking my head, I pull off my jacket, placing my keys on the counter. Grabbing the tips of my shirt, I wonder on up stairs and into my bed room - heading straight into the bathroom. Running the water in the bath, I wait until it's full enough and then lock the door. If my sister does want to talk, then I'd prefer it to be when I'm not taking a bath. Dropping my kegs, I pull my top over my head and jump into the bathtub. Closing my eyes, I lean back, but for some reason - a reason I may never know or understand - all I can see is Tanner face locked onto mine. A question runs through my mind: Do I really have pretty eyes?

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