I brushed out my long brown hair while admiring my blue highlights in the vanity mirror. Once I was done with that I walked over to my bed and picked up my black denim jeans, squeezed them onto my body (not that I'm fat), then proceeded to do the same with the rest of my outfit. A blue and black striped tank top, black jeans, black jeans, black All-Star Converse sneakers and a dark blue denim jacket to top off the outfit.

I walked into the bathroom and examined my face in the mirror. Yep, still me, damn it. I pulled out my makeup kit and applied black eyeshadow, black eyeliner, a large amount of mascara (I have sucky natural eyelashes), and a layer of purple lipstick. I looked semi-decent.

I ran down the stairs and grabbed my backpack off of the bottom banister, then ran into the kitchen and grabbed my car keys and a strawberry poptart from the counter, my sister, May, mumbling a dull "Hey," as I ran past the couch. I ran outside to my black Chevy, got in, then slammed the door shut and drove to school.

I pulled into a parking spot in the Forks High School parking lot. A new school, yay.

My sister (who is 27) and I (17) moved out of our old town (Salem, Oregon) after our father was arrested for drug dealing. About a year before he was arrested my mother was shot in the chest and died instantly (A.N. drug dealing father and a dead mother, I know, Dawson's Creek. Shut up I couldn't think of anything interesting on my own!). We left Salem together to escape our past, to escape the looks of disapproval. They probably thought that we were doing drugs to, judgmental assoholics. I'm not sad though, I really had no friends there, though I did have a jerkoff ex-boyfriend.

So that's how I got where I am now.

As I walked across the lot towards the main office building, people stopped and stared , pointed and laughed at the new emo girl, me. I sighed, great, even though I left my old school, I'm still the freak at my new school!

My phone buzzed, signaling a text, so I pulled it out of and read, MAY: How's your first day? Any sexy guys? ME: :(. MAY: Sorry 2 hear that, txt me during lunch to give me an update. ME: k. MAY: Stay emo!

She always knows how to cheer me up.

I walked into the main office building and walked up to the large wood desk. As I approached the desk the woman sitting behind it looked up at me and examined my appearance, judgment written on her face, not that I care. "May I help you?" "Um… Isabella Swan, I'm new." She handed me my schedule and a map of the school, "Thanks."

I walked down the hall towards my locker when I felt someone slap my back. A boy ran past me down the hallway laughing. I reached back and felt something taped onto my back. I tore it off and brought it around to read it. It said Emo Freak. I sighed and continued down the hallway towards my locker.