I walked into the lunchroom the next day, the kinda kiss still on my mind, when I noticed that Edward was sitting alone. I couldn't believe it, Mr. Popular himself was sitting alone. He caught me looking and waved me over. I looked behind me to see if he was telling someone else to come over, but no one was behind me. I turned back to him, pointed to myself, and mouthed "Me?". He smiled and nodded.

I walked over slowly, scared that this was a trick. Don't get me wrong, I'm ecstatic that he wants ME to sit by him, but I'm the school freak and he's the school king, these things are so rare that 90% of the time that they happen it's either a trick to humiliate the freak or their friends dared them to do it.

I sat down cautiously, "Is this a trick?" "No." "A joke?" he sighed, "No Bella." "Did your friends dare you?" "Why are you suspicious?" "Because whenever the most popular kid in school asks the school freak to sit by them at lunch, It's some kind of trick." "Well this is the exception then, and stop basing your knowledge on things you see in movies, on TV, or read, you'll get a lot farther in life if you base it on life." "Right, okay, now why do you want to sit by me?" "It looks like you could use a friend." "I have friends, Alice and Jasper." "You need more than two friends Bella." I huffed, "Fine." He chuckled, "Why are you so stubborn?" "It's in my DNA, I can't help it!" "Calm down, and don't worry, I think your cute when you act stubborn." Oh that son of a- wait… did he just call me cute? "Did you just call me cute?" "There's no denying that your pretty Bella." "If I'm pretty then why am I the school freak?" "Because you're emo, though I don't see what's wrong with that." (A.N. I THINK EMO CLOTHES ARE SO FRICKEN' CUTE!) Aww, he's so sweet.

"Since your being so nice to me… does this make us friends?" Is that the right word, or are we frenimies? Or can only two people that are the same sex be frenimies? "Friends, that sounds alright."

The bell rang, signaling the end of lunch, "What class do you have next Bella?" "Um… Spanish." "My class is right next to the Spanish classroom, I'll walk you there, if you'd like." What a stupid question, of course! "What a stupid question, of course!"

Then he did something that made my heart flutter, he grabbed my hand, and I held on tightly.