Chie no Kitsune

Chapter 1: Clandestine Welcome.

Narumi never believed in Destiny, and she still didn't. Not completely, anyway.

She believed a persons life was what they made of it, and she'd believed that since she was a small child, ostracized and beaten down by the Village she was sacrificed to protect.

Jinchuuriki, she had begun hating the word ever since she'd learned of it at ten, after she went too far into a meditative state and met the Kyuubi sealed within her.

For two years she'd played the fool, acted as if she hadn't a clue about why the village disliked her, that she didn't know about Kurama.

It wasn't that hard, she'd been down playing her own intelligence for years.

Partially to keep people off her back, because Kami forbid the demon brat was actually showing competence mentally, and because it kept her skills as a shinobi a secret.

She wasn't a prodigy, or ungodly intelligent, but she did excel in strategy and battle after having time to think and process the information given to her.

She'd revealed a bit of this intelligence in Nami no Kuni when team seven had their first C-rank mission.

Narumi smiled slightly at the memory as her back hit the ground and the dust began to clear. Beside her, about ten or so inches away landed a equally as injured, if not more so, raven haired boy.

The two were polar opposites.

The boy was about 5'9, with pale skin, onyx eyes and raven black hair that stuck up like a ducks ass.

On anyone else it would be hilarious, on Sasuke it actually made sense.

Narumi was tanner, about 5'5 with angular features, cerulean blue eyes that were mixed with stormy gray (a stormy gray that people swore they turned completely when her emotions ran away from her).

Her hair was a bright blonde, like the sun, was shin length, and held by a braid, which had barbwire braided into it. This was to stop enemies from grabbing onto it.

She'd worn her hair like this for so long, the tiny picks of the braid hitting against her back or other body parts didn't even registrar to her anymore.

They hardly ever broke skin, the barbs were like thorns, but small and only someone unfortunate enough to grab her braid would be hurt by them.

They were also conductive of her chakra, which made the wire even deadly if she channeled her lightning affinity through it.

"Di-did we get him?" Narumi forced out, the pain of her injuries impairing her speech.

Both were injured badly, blood, both theirs and others covered them morbidly. Both knew they probably wouldn't recover from this, not even with Sakura's healing.

Even Kurama was exhausted, and he was having a terrible time trying to stay conscious and heal her body.

Narumi doubted he could, and was content knowing she'd made adjustments to the seal that would release Kurama at an unknown location instead of dragging him to whatever waited after death.

Some would call her crazy for that, but Kurama had been with her since birth, and though they had started out bitter and resentful of each other, by the time she was sixteen they'd had a common goal.

Now at eighteen she could honestly call Kurama her good friend, a best friend of sorts.

Sasuke turned his head to look at the blonde and he had to bite his cheek to stop from groaning in pain. He too knew the chances they'd live through this was slim to none.

"I doubt Madara could withstand having his body disintegrated with Kirin and a Rasenshuriken," he said, his usual tone intact despite his pain.

Narumi smirked, and met his eyes.

"Good enough for me," she replied, and closed her eyes.

Sasuke did the same, as if to rest, before both pairs of eyes snapped open.

Standing above them were two figures. The one standing above Narumi wore a gray cloak, hood hiding their face, yet the figure had a feminine frame so they were both sure it was a female. The cloak was lined in white.

The one above Sasuke wore a navy blue cloak with gold lining, a hood also covering his face. Both were positive it was male from it stature.

"You've done well," the one in gray said to Narumi. "My daughter."

Narumi's eyes widened, though she had known Uzumaki Kushina wasn't her real mother, she'd thought her birth mother was dead.

When she met Kushina in the seal the redhead had told her that while she did have Uzumaki blood inherited from Kushina it was because of a blood adoption seal she'd created.

Basically making them siblings or cousins, it wasn't enough of an adoption to make Kushina her mother, or erase her other genetics.

It was the reason she looked only a little like Kushina, and more like her father. Other features which she had, the gray in her eyes for instance, having come from seemingly nowhere.

Or the way her hair would attempt to wave gently down her back instead of staying straight like Kushina's.

Narumi's hair was still rather straight, and the bangs that framed her face were a bit spiky, not wanting to obey her similar to her father's, yet very different. It was more apparent when it was wet, or in a humid climate.

"You have also done well, grandson," the one in blue said, and Sasuke's onyx eyes momentarily widened.

"Father, we should go. The other Leaf Shinobi will notice soon," the one in gray said, her head raised to look over at the other.

"Yes," he answered his companion, his daughter apparently. "Let us go."

The last thing that either Sasuke or Narumi thought, was about what the hell was going on, before there was a bright flash and they were gone.

When Narumi woke next she noticed she was in a room, which was sparsely decorated. She was also healed, something she wasn't counting on.

Standing up, the blonde noticed she now wore a new pair of orange shorts that went to mid-thigh, and a orange mesh armor shirt under a black sleeveless kimono-blouse with a dark blue obi.

It didn't take her long after she'd swung her feet over the bed to realize she'd shrunk. Instead of her normal 5'5, she couldn't be taller than 4'6 ½, something she hadn't been since she was eleven years old.

Her breast had also become nearly nonexistent, barely an A-cup. They had once been a C-cup, fairly large when you saw how flat she was before the ages of thirteen and fourteen – a late bloomer.

Her hair was also shorter, falling just barely past her inner thighs.

"It's about time you woke up, dobe."

Turning around Narumi blinked at the boy standing in the doorway. Shorter, at 4'9 or so, shorter black hair which stuck up in a duck-butt style, guarded onyx eyes, and pale skin.


But he was younger, instead of eighteen he couldn't be more then eleven. She now realized what had happened to her as well, she was once again eleven.

"What the hell is going on here, Teme!" she exclaimed.

"We defeated Madara, but a few minutes later two people showed up. One called you her daughter, the other called me grandson... now we're here."

Narumi's eyebrow twitched.

"Yeah, I got that. Why are we eleven again?"

Sasuke sighed.

"You might want to read this," he said, handing her a piece of paper.

Raising an eyebrow, Narumi reached out and took the paper. It was written in another language, not Japanese, or even English.

It took her a moment to realize it was Ancient Greek, and how she realized that she wasn't sure. She wasn't even too sure what Greek was.

Dear Narumi and Sasuke,

You probably have many questions, and that is to be expected. The first I imagine is who I am, who the cloaked figures from the battle were. That is simple enough to explain.

First, you both must understand that in the world there are higher powers, and there are also separate dimensions or realities. Sometimes the realities mirror your own world but with different outcomes.

Narumi, I believe you and your teammate experienced this once when you met Minato and Kushina of another reality and your counterpart, Menma?

This is similar, but very different. Back when the Rikudō Sennin was alive the creation of his world created, somehow it connected to another world, rather different from his own.

It too had deities, gods. It was nearly a mirror of his world but one difference, Chakra did not exist as it did in the Elemental Nations.

All living creatures need chakra, but in this connected dimension people could not utilize it the same as the ones in the Elemental Nations could. Chakra coils, did not develop, in other words.

Now, sometimes deities came down to earth to... have affairs with mortals. It is rare in the dimension you grew up in, but not exactly uncommon either.

In the Greek dimension – as I will now call it to take away some confusion – it was much more common, and things were much more dangerous for the demigod (half god, half human) children of the Greek gods.

I believe I should be blunt now, my name is Athena, and I am the Greek goddess of Wisdom, War, and Useful Arts; one of the virgin goddesses. I am also your mother, Narumi.

Before you ask how I could be your mother and a virgin goddess, you were born the same way I was. You are basically a brain child.

I suggest brushing up on Greek Mythology as it will make more sense that way. I've left many books in the apartment me and my father have set up for you and Sasuke.

I want to apologize for never being there for you, Narumi, but there are rules I must abide by as a goddess. There are laws, one is that gods may not raise their demigod child. After your birth I had to leave, and return to my own dimension.

I never foresaw the Kyuubi being ripped from Kushina, or the attack. By the time I found out both Minato and Kushina were dead.

You are probably wondering how exactly I found my way to the Elemental Nations, the answer is simple. Sometimes the Greek deities take short vacations into the Elemental dimension.

Sometimes we have children there, and because it lacks the monsters of our dimension they are much safer there. Some never find out, a few do.

Your father for instance was a demigod, a son of Hermes, but with more connections to the deities of that dimension.

The Shinto gods, as we call them in my dimension, the dimension you two are currently in. Minato was the grandson of Tsukuyomi, god of the moon, and great-grandson of Susanoo, god of the sea and storms.

This means you, Narumi, are the great-granddaughter of Tsukuyomi, great-great granddaughter of Susanoo, and granddaughter of Hermes while being the daughter of myself.

As for you, Sasuke Uchiha (as in this world, and the country you are currently in, surname is given second to your given name), you are the grandson of my father, Zeus, god of of honor, justice, lightning, and the skies. This is on your mother, Mikoto's side.

On your father's side you are the grandson of Amaterasu.

This makes you a legacy, and a powerful one at that. Nearly on par with a demigod with the two powerful deities you are related too. Because of the fact you have two godly relations you would still be considered a demigod, even though you are not born of a mortal and a god, but two demigods.

Only your mother, Mikoto, knew of her status, if you are wondering.

You both should know, as I mentioned, that this dimension is not quite as safe as the Elemental Nations when it concerns demigods.

Many centuries ago we created a camp for our mortal children where they could live and train. At least until they were ready to go into the mortal world completely, as now days some do choose to do just that.

The reason for this camp and training is monsters.

You will understand more on what I mean by reading the books left, but these monsters track demigods by their scent.

Narumi's will be rather strong, with her heritage and godly decent being a bit more apparent. Sasuke's will be nearly as strong, being a relation to one of the Big Three, and Amaterasu.

I and my father have also left you both weapons. They are a bit different from the ones you are used too, but also similar so you are comfortable.

They are made of celestial bronze, metal of the gods, since it is the only metal able to kill monsters. They will not harm mortals, but pass right through.

When you can, make your way to Camp Half-blood. Currently both of you are in Manhattan, in an apartment as I said before.

It belongs to you, thanks to the mist (which is an unseen force that makes mortals look the other way when a monster attacks or simply makes it seem as something else. It also masks you weapons, but sometimes the mist can be tricky. It is similar to a genjutsu I suppose) no one will question it.

Now, you are probably wondering about your age.

The answer is simple, my father and I decided it would be easier for you to settle in if you were younger physically.

It's also because time between dimensions flows differently, if you'd been raised in this dimension this is the age you'd both be.

This is a chance for a fresh start, for both of you. Hopefully you'll be able to meet us someday, but we did not have time to wait for you both to wake up.

I believe I've covered everything, all other questions should be easily answered through the books I've left.

Good Luck to you both.

Narumi looked up from the paper, and blinked.

"If this is a prank, Sasuke, it's a very poor one," she said, and Sasuke snorted.

"I don't have the patience for pranks, and no, it's real. How else would you explain this all?" he asked.

Narumi sat down on the edge of the bed suddenly and it sunk in.

Her mother was a goddess, she was related to three other gods (no matter the distance the other two held), and Sasuke was the grandson of two gods as well.

"What do we do now?" she asked, placing the letter beside her. "Mom told us to look into the mythology of this dimension and go to this camp."

Sasuke sighed, when just twenty-four hours ago he'd never thought something like this would happen. Actually, he'd thought he'd die with Narumi facing Madara.

He'd thought he'd known just about everything there was to know about his clan and parents.

He'd never met his parents father and mother though, apparently they'd died on missions. Apparently, Akahana Uchiha was not his father's mother, and Shuya Uchiha was not his mother's father.

A few seconds later, he suggested they begin reading some of the books on Greek Mythology.

Both had to admit it was interesting, and unlike most demigods they didn't have dyslexia, which while not common wasn't unheard of either.

It as Sasuke who asked a question, after reading how Athena was born, that would forever annoy Narumi.

"Do you have a bellybutton?" he asked, and Narumi's left eye twitched.

"You know I do, Sasuke," she sneered, shaking her head.

Being ninja, sometimes modesty was the least of their worries. Just as she'd seen him in the buff, so had he seen her.

Nothing was thought of it, since they were trained in the academy that modesty for ones body came last when you were a Shinobi of your village. Of course there were always those few who never really learned this lesson until faced with it.

Sasuke just continued to smirk as they returned to their respective books.

It was the beginning of something new for both of them.

AN: So, I don't know how often I'll get to update this one, I am putting most of my focus on Uzu no Musume, but this idea just wouldn't leave me alone until it was uploaded. For those who wonder, the title means Fox of Wisdom.

I know it may seem Narumi (I've decided this fem!Naruto will break from my usual Naruto or Hotaru since it's a crossover and I am fond of the name) is overly godly with being related to not one, but four gods in total.

In honesty she isn't, Tsukuyomi and Susanoo are more distant so while she has some abilities that could be traced to them she inherited most of her demigod qualities from her mother and grandfather. I haven't exactly worked out what her demigod abilities are yet.

But anyway, tell me what you think of the idea and first chapter and eventually I'll get another chapter updated.