Unlike Natsu, Gray walked out of the shared cage and coolly sat in the chair. Infuriating all of the guards wanting to ruff up the two to let out their anger. The doctor conducted the same tests on Gray.

"Everything normal, sir. I'm just going to start the special test now. Over," The doctor spoke into his walky talky.

"Just get it over with!" Jude barked at the other end. The doctor hurried around, leaving Lucy's line of sight to bring drag a human sized chamber. He unstrapped Gray and dragged him to the chamber, pushing him in and locking the door shut.

"Can you hear me in there?" The doctor yelled.

"Yes." Gray yelled back.

"Good, what you'll do is yell if it gets too cold. And we'll let you out." The doctor inputted into the small keypad and stepped back to watch. The temperature started to drop, and within one minute the temperature was at 0 degrees C. Gray was still quiet, and some point the guard questioned if he was even alive as the temperature continued to drop. Lucy began to pay more attention now.

"He's going to freeze!" She exclaimed, but received only a laugh.

She looked up to the security guard, "Now you've piped up, birdy. But it's too late. It's at -10. He's probably dead! No human can stand that cold temperature. Oh look, -11, -12, -13" He continued to count down to -20 degrees, laughing all the way.

"Right, let's get him out. And call out the clean-up team."

"What's the accident this time? Hit by a car while saving a child." The guard laughed sadistically. The door was opened. The doctor, slowly grabbed for his walky talky.

"Sir," He whispered.

"What? Has he made it or do we have to make up some dumb excuse?" Mr Heartfillia growled.

"Not quiet, sir, in fact… the opposite."

"Spit it out, doctor, I don't like to be kept waiting."

"You see, he's alive. And he's stripped."

"What? That's ridiculous, this is NO time to be joking." They could hear him spit out.

"I wish I was."

"Well, extract it then. This is wasting. My. Time." The grabbed Gray by his arms, and started to pull him out of the room. Lucy's eyes widened, this was happening a lot faster than in the past. She was sure they had paperwork to fill in beforehand – you know scientific experiments and all that jazz. She pushed her hands through the bars, and grabbed the lab coat of the scientist with his guard down.

She hissed in his ear, "You put him back in the cage – just get him tomorrow and I won't kill you when I get out."

"You're alright, love. Just sit back and relax, your mate is next after all," He laughed, but Lucy blushed.

"He is not my mate, how dare y-" She was cut off by a laughing Natsu but, all he got was bizarre stares.

"Mate is another word for friend, you idiot!" He snorted, but was still faced with silence, "I know, we're trapped in a cage but you should lighten up. These scientist don't have an excuse."

"OI! Ashe for brains, we have a bigger issue. The fact that I'm about the fucking get pulled apart then PUT TOGETHER AGAIN!"

"Alright! Stop being so dramatic, Ice Princess. Luce, I'm sorry but I'm starting the plan now. You with me." He held his hand out of the cage in a fist, to which the hit it with hers.

"Let's go!" Both Natsu and Lucy in the cage rocked back and forth, scientists trying to call for back-up as they couldn't control a fighting Gray, and an escaping Natsu and Lucy. The pace of rocking increased faster and faster until the two cages toppled over – door side down. Timing was critical, as the back-up would be there soon, and Gray was already almost out of the room – it was a matter of time before they sedated him. Natsu and Lucy had to break the electric protected locks. Natsu broke his easily – the rubber soled shoes he wore meant that he didn't get shocked, unlike the bare foot Lucy who got shocked time after time just attempting to smash it with her foot.

"Come on… break you stupid thing," She muttered under her breath to herself and Natsu being, well Natsu heard. He lifted his cage over himself – with very little struggle – and ran over to the side of Lucy's.

"Luce, back up is almost here, and they've sedated Gray, you gotta hurry up."

"You think I don't know that! May I remind you I'm bare foot trying to smash something electrocuting me!?" She hissed back, continuously trying to smash it, wincing at the pain each time.

"Luce, back up is here. Look, use your heel – put all of your weight into it, like when you did that really high jump. Okay?" He could only see her nod and reel her foot back for a final kick. It smashed open, and he helped lift the cage over her head.

"Thanks," she huffed, "Let's go get Gray and get out of here." The back-up arrived, and tried to slowly surround the two.

"You know that really high jump, I just mentioned?" Natsu whispered.

"On it!" They both ran towards them, Natsu grabbing Lucy just in time to jump over them. It wasn't as high as before – but it done the job.

"Lucy, they just cocked the guns. We need to run!" They ran towards the door, smashing the release button letting out the monstrosities they had created savage them. The things they created will survive after all – they're built that way.

The whole building blacked out. Lock down. All they could hear was the clicking of all the doors, and the alarm. Windows gained a metal barricade and all emergency protocols were put into place.

"No-one going in, and no-one coming out. That's not good considering what I just let out will finish with them – then onto us." She groaned.

"Great one, Lucy. Let's just get Gray and leave. We'll figure something out. We have you, you're not human so…" Natsu grabbed her hand and followed signs to the lab.

They reached the lab, they knew they were in the right place because of the absurd amount of curing coming through the door. Natsu grinned, and banged on the door.

"IGNORE THE BRAT," He lowered his voice, pretending it wasn't him speaking, "THE BIRD FREAK HAS BROKEN OUT, SHE IS OUR PRIORITY!" She knew he didn't mean it – it doesn't mean it didn't hurt. They hid around the corner, hearing all the scientists in the room run out.

"AT LEAST LET ME OUT YOU BASTARDS!" Gray yelled, the two ran into to Gray strapped on the tabled, he still looked groggy from the light sedative. They unstrapped him, but he could barely stand due to his jelly legs.

"Shit, we can't carry him out, and they'll figure out we'll be here soon." Natsu yelled. Gray replied from leaning up against the table leg.

"Well, they defiantly know you're here now, loud mouth!"

"Shut-up frost brain!"

"Fire breath!" Lucy ignored the two petty arguments grabbing the lab phone, and dialling the police's number. From her time out, she found out that the police were there to protect them.

"Hello, Police please." She tried to sound as manly as she could and the two boys stopped to look at her, "Hello, I've been kidnapped…. Me and my friend…. My name? It's Natsu Dragneel and my friend Gray Fullbuster… I don't know where I am…. Can't you trace it?... I'm in lab 1…. No I won't move… thank you so much." She put the phone down and looked to the two.

"I do NOT sound like that," Natsu put his hand on his heart in fake hurt. He grinned.

"…Lucy… why did you say only there was two of us?" Gray asked.

"Well, I'll be leaving first. If you haven't noticed, I have nothing to hide these big wings. If I get found out – I'll be treated like those monsters downstairs and I might have well have stayed here. Unfortunately, some humans are the same. I can't risk them being the same as my father."

"But, you'll meet me at home right, Luce?" Natsu walked up to her, and putting his arm around her neck. She couldn't look at him in the eye, but she met the eyes of Gray, and he just understood.

"Let's just enjoy the time we have now." She smiled up to him. She sat on the floor and closed her eyes, "You know I appreciate you all, right? And all you've done for me." She sighed.

"We know, Lucy. And we'll make sure everyone else knows that." Gray nodded to her with a smile.

"But, she can tell them herself, Ice brains." Natsu growled.

"HANDS UP" They heard yell from downstairs, followed by gun shots and yelling looking for lab 1. She stood up, and so did Natsu. She walked over and leant down to Gray and gave him a hug.

"Right, Natsu." She pulled him into a hug, holding him tight. She was going to miss him.

He patted her head, "Come on, I'll see you at home." She pulled away, and kissed him on the cheek.

"Yeah." She forced out, her throat was dry. She was trying not to cry. She just stayed next to him for a second, while his hand was on his cheek.

"Right," She coughed, "Bye." She ran out as fast as could – not allowing herself the time to cry. The building went out of shutdown. And she ran out of the nearest window and headed straight to the roof. She'd wait out the storm there. She lay there, looking to the stars. She didn't realise how late it was.

"Now, I know why you loved the stars so much, mother." She spoke out loud, "I wonder if you're proud of me? I got father arrested – well he isn't my father anymore is he." She sighed, "I'm going to miss them. Wendy, Levy, Gray… Natsu. But, I want to go my own way, you know. You always told me to spread my wings," She laughed to the sky, "Now I will, I think I'll take community exams. Father got me the best tutor after all, then, I'll… I don't know. I just know I'll be free. I'll be safe as long as you're watching over me, Mama." Her conversation to her mother ended, when she heard her father yelling from the front of the building.

"MY DAUGHTER IS IN THERE! SHE IS THE MOST PERFECT HUMAN – BETTER THAN YOU LOW LIVES! JUST YOU WAIT! THERE IS NO WHERE YOU CAN HIDE LUCY!" He laughed manically as he was pushed into the back of the police van. Natsu and Gray followed, their parents ran up for a hug. They stayed there for a while. She sighed, realising she wouldn't be able to go if she watch any longer. She ran and jumped off of the building. She flew above the clouds, until she saw nothing but night sky.

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