He never snuck into her room, ever. At least, not after the time he and Cyborg got hurled through a magic mirror and landed inside her mind. After that he stayed clear, leaving Raven's room and all the mystical-mumbo-jumbo inside of it alone, except for today.

Today, on his way out of Titan's Tower, Beast Boy had spied a perfectly shiny, heads-up, lucky penny. The same kind that he had given Raven for good luck the day Trigon came to Earth. It was silly and superstitious to think so, but a part of him thought that the penny, that very lucky penny, had helped bring Raven back. So despite the silliness and the superstition, ever since that battle, whenever Beast Boy found a lucky penny, he gave it to her.

He had no idea what she did with them, his bet was that she tossed them, but that didn't really matter. What mattered was that she had them, and the good luck, even for just a little while. He hadn't been able to find her, and everyone else said that hadn't seen her either, which brought him to this point.

"Override, Beast Boy 005." He said out loud, waiting for the voice activation system to work.

"Override acknowledged."

He heard the clicks of the automatic door locks and watched as Raven's door slowly opened. He walked in.

The Doom-and-Gloom décor had hardly changed from his last visit, and while the air was clear, it was heavy with something that smelled like incense. He didn't take much time to observe his surroundings, his mission was simple: enter, deposit, and then exit before someone caught him. Quickly placing it on a nightstand, he turned and fled towards the door.

"Can I help you with something?"

The cold, low, and rather malicious voice could only belong to one person; Beast Boy knew it would be no use to ignore her. He stopped and with a sheepish grin, he faced a glowering Raven.

"Hey there Rae, uh, what's up?" He noticed the mirror in her hand, "Oh! A trip to Nevermore, huh? Hehe. Things going well there?"

"They were."

Raven was glancing around the room, trying to see what damage he had done while she was away. Everything looked intact, except for a small glint that shone off her stand.

"What is that?" She asked her voice no less cold than before. Beast Boy chuckled nervously and shuffled over to grab the penny.

"I, uh, couldn't find you, so I thought I would just leave it here…" He handed it to her, the Lincoln head facing up at the other Titan. She studied it for a moment, without comment; then she summoned a small trinket box from her dresser.

"Listen, I'm sorry for coming into your room Rae, I know how much you hate-"

Beast Boy's apology faltered when Raven silently opened the lid and deposited the penny inside.

"Whoa, wait, is that all? All of them?" He asked in half belief. There in the box were countless pennies, each carefully flipped to show Lincoln's profile. Had she kept every single one?

"Most." She replied nonchalantly, using her magic to send the now closed box back to its table.

She turned back to him, wondering why he was still there after delivering his penny; usually he would excitedly grab her hand, thrust it in, and then bolt off to whatever he was originally doing. After all these years she still didn't like people being in her room, especially the way he was gawking.

"Is there something else? Or can I be left alone now?" She asked impatiently.

"Uh, no, um, sorry." Beast Boy backed away, eventually walking through the door.

Raven sighed, turning her back and summoning a book to read.

"Actually!" Beast Boy stuck his head back through the door. "I was going to go to the store, wanna come with?"

Raven blinked and looked back at him, "You want me to come with you?"

"Unless you're like meditating or something, yeah!" He grinned with all sincerity.

"Um, sure, just give me a second." She said.

Nodding, he left, leaving Raven to wonder at him for a moment, before she left too.