There was a knock on Jim Moriarty's door. He walked to the door and opened it. The man grinned and looked at the red head standing before him, "The doctor is in the bedroom, ready."

"Good." Jim said.

The two men walked in the direction of the bedroom.

"Why are we doing this?"

"Sebastian. We want to make Sherlock suffer by hearing his pet's cries of pain."

Jim opened a door to a darkened room and flicked on the light, he saw John laying on the bed covered by only a sheet. He had been stripped of all his clothes and his wrists tied to the bed, not to mention he had been blindfolded. The short dark haired man walked up to the bed, placing a hand on John's abdomen. He saw the blond jump at the touch; Jim kneeled down to John level.

"So glad you could make it Johnny-boy." Jim said with a grin.

"Why are you doing this?" John growled out.

"I want to hear you scream. I want to make sure Sherlock knows what I am capable of."

Sebastian stood on the other side of the bed; he was just waiting for Jim to tell him what to do. Jim stood up and looked at Sebastian, "I am not the only one who is going to have fun with you." Jim could see John's body freeze from fear. "My partner Sebastian wants to have some fun too."

"You will never get away with this." John hissed.

Jim gestured for Sebastian to start; the red head straddled the doctor as John started to struggle against his restraints. Sebastian brought him in for a bruising kiss, John kept fighting to get out but he felt the red head bite down on his neck. John screamed from the pain of the brutal bite, the pain making him stop fighting momentarily. Jim just grinned; he enjoyed his lover torturing Sherlock's pet. Sebastian undid his pants so John could feel just how excited he was. Jim walked over and placed a hand on the bite mark.

"Undo his restraints, he won't be trying anything." Jim told Sebastian.

Sebastian undid the restraints and pulled John in for another bruised kiss, he grabbed the doctor's waist digging his nails into the other man's skin. He grinned at John groans of pain; Jim turned his phone on to video and aimed it towards the bed. He intend for Sherlock to see John taken by him and his lover. Jim propped the camera against a small box and went back over to the bed.

"I think the good doctor is excited." The red head grinned.

"I wonder what your dear Sherlock would think of that." Jim grinned, "Maybe we should find out."

Jim and Sebastian looked at each other and nodded; Jim went to the end of the bed undoing his pants exposing his hard member.

"Now, Johnny-boy get on your knees." Jim ordered, the man obeyed and he felt his hair roughly grabbed. Sebastian roughly shoved his hard member inside John mouth, the blonde just about choked. Jim grabbed John's waist pushed inside John's entrance; he heard the doctor groaned loudly from the pain. Jim dug his nails into John skin; he was turned on even more by John muffle groans of pain. Sebastian was thrusting in the doctor's mouth his hand entangled in the blonde locks, Sebastian was reaching his limit and John choked on the hot seed spurting into the back of his throat. Jim was still thrusting deep inside him but soon reached his own limit.

Soon enough John laid in the bed unable to move from the pain, he still had the blindfold on. He felt it removed, and Sebastian was standing before him.

"I see why Sherlock keeps you around." The man said.

"You can go to hell." John growled out.

"We aren't done yet, the show isn't over yet." Sebastian said, John looked at him, "Sherlock will see the video Jim took."