John woke up not sure how long he had been asleep; he still ached from the torture. The door opened and it was Sebastian, he had a bag with him.

"You need to get dressed, we are seeing your Sherlock soon." Sebastian said putting clothes on the bed, "But first I am to make sure you clean up."

"Don't trust me eh…" John said.

"Just get up and shower." The red head demanded, John noticed the gun in Sebastian back pocket and just got out of the bed. He was pointed to the bathroom; he felt weak still and struggled to get into the shower. He could see Sebastian in the doorway; John could still feel the pain as he got out of the shower and dried off. He got dressed in the clothes provided, he saw Sebastian watching him.

As Sherlock paced back and forth he was starting to wonder where John was, he had stormed out after an argument ten hours ago. The tall brunette was starting to get worried, the flat door opened and Sherlock looked to see Lestrade.

"Sherlock, what is wrong?" Greg asked.

"It is John; he stormed out ten hours ago and hasn't returned, his cell phone is off." Sherlock rambled

"Maybe he doesn't want to talk to you yet."

"No something is wrong!" Sherlock all but yelled. His cell phone buzzed he quickly went over to it and saw he had a message, he checked the number and his expression changed quickly from worry to horror. Lestrade got worried.

"Sherlock…" Lestrade said carefully. He heard a video playing and walked over and looked, "Oh my god." Lestrade said walking away.

Sherlock closed the message and almost threw his phone, but stopped when he got another message. He looked at it.

'Want your pet back?' JM

Sebastian was standing in the doorway of the room John was being held in, he laid in bed unsure what was going to happen. He heard footsteps and looked up seeing Moriarty at the door talking to Sebastian, the red head man grinned and pulled out a pair of handcuffs walking up to John.

"Time to go meet up with your precious detective." Sebastian said roughly pulling the blonde up by his arm turning him so John's back was facing him, he slap the handcuffs onto his captive. John looked at Moriarty and was dragged out of the room; Sebastian had a tight grip on John's wrist as he was lead outside to a waiting car.

Sherlock stepped into a warehouse and looked around, he saw a figure come out of the shadows.

"So glad you could come." The man said.

"Where is John?!" Sherlock demanded.

"Don't worry he is still alive, he wouldn't be any use dead." Jim grinned, "Did you enjoy the video?"

"I want to see John!" Sherlock yelled even angrier than before, Jim rolled his eyes and gestured to his left. John walked out and as soon he stepped into view a red dot was on his chest, Sherlock looked around.

"Sebastian only waiting for the signal so no funny business." Jim stood close to John; he played with the blond hair. "He really is a good pet; I see why you keep him around."

"He isn't my pet!" Sherlock all but yelled, the detective held back from grabbing the gun in coat. Jim looked at Sherlock.

"I told you I burn the heart out of you." Jim said, "I know just the way by killing your heart."

Sebastian was waiting up on a higher level above waiting for Jim signal; the dark hair man's plan was to kill John Watson from the start. The red head had his hand on the trigger but he heard a noise and looked quickly, the last thing he saw was a man hitting him in the head with a hand gun than everything went black. Lestrade handcuffed the man in case he woke up; he kept a tight grip on his gun just in case there was more than one sniper.

Sherlock phone buzzed and he grinned pulling the phone out, he opened the text message.

'Sebastian knocked out.'

"Looks like your sniper is unavaible at the moment." Sherlock said. Jim glared at him.


"Sorry he's knocked out at the moment." Lestrade said stepping out into the light, Jim looked at Sherlock.

"You want Sebastian, let go of John." Sherlock stated. He saw how mad Jim was but the consulting criminal pulled a key out of his pocket; he got behind John and unlocked the cuffs.

"Now let Sebastian go." Jim snarled. Lestrade went over to the red headed sniper and unlocked the cuffs walking away, he joined Sherlock and John was now by his side. "Now I need to go check on my right hand man." The shorter man walked by quickly.

Was originally posted in Drabbles but i wanted to try it out as a one-shot.