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Chapter 10: Bellatrix Lestrange

Warning this chapter contains rape and graphic violence.

Harry was very happy, he had won over Voldemort in their duel, he has finally avenged the death of his parents, the Weasley family, the Grangers, Sirius and many more. He grimaced at the severed head of Voldemort at his feet. He looked around and saw Death Eaters looking at him with fear, he loved the feeling. He trained his wand on Malfoys and before anyone could blink he sent a very powerful Reducto, killing the Malfoys, he quickly ducked and fired another volley of spells around him, he then cast a Fiendyfyre to his left where the largest group of Death Eaters were located he tamed the fire and forced the Death Eaters into the dungeons of Malfoy Manor, he then let the fire consume whole dungeons and moved a rock over its entrance, sealing the sate of those inside.

He then saw some of Voldemort's inner circle Death Eatersrunning towards the entrance of Manor, he focussed on the various knives on the wall and levitated them, he then shot them towards the Death Eaters, some found their target and some were blasted off course. Harry then shot a Confingo at the area of the door, turning the wall down into rubble with Death Eaters taking full blows of the rocks on them, killing them.

Harry went to the rubble and indentified the person, everyone was there except one Bellatrix Lestrange. He wanted to punish her most severely, so he searched the Manor, he couldn't find her there. He came out and casted a Fiendfyre on the Manor after taking Voldemort's wand.

He tried to think as where she would be, suddenly it struck, Grimauld Place, the ancient house of Blacks would recognise her. Harry apparated to Grimauld Place but couldn't enter, he was angry so he tried blasting the door but it didn't even scratch, he then though of Kreacher and called him out.

Kreacher appeared after some time "What does my Half-Blood master wants from Kreacher"

Harry replied "Pop me inside the Black house now, no further talk, NOW"

Kreacher was fighting an internal struggle finally he gave up and popped Harry inside, Harry knew Bellatrix was here, there were muddy footsteps going up the staircase. Harry grinned.

"Kreacher go to Hogwarts and stay there until I call you and you are forbidden to respond to Bellatrix."

Harry then walked as silently as he could up the stairs following the footsteps, he came in front of a room which was open, Harry quickly ducked and casted a very powerful Lumos, he heard a shriek and a green light pass over him, he then cast a expelliarmus followed by Incarcerous. He stood up and saw Bellatrix struggling against the ropes and her wand near his feet, he sent a stunner and Bellatrix was unconscious. Harry then took her wand and snapped it. He wanted to hurt her, a very evil plan came up to Harry's mind : He was going to rape Bellatrix Lestrange. Harry went over to her and cast a scourgify on her, the pain woke her up, she started struggling again, Harry then cast a petroficus on her, he picked her up and started removing her clothes. He saw her eyes widen when his hands removed her robe. He then proceeded to remove her blouse, he tore it open, laughing mercilessly. He then continued until Bellatrix was nude. She had a good body. Her skin was very pale, she had good D cup breast which were a bit saggy, she had a very impressive hourglass figure and a completely shaven body. Harry released her from petroficus and pinned her down with his much stronger hands. He enjoyed listening to her cries. He then kissed her lips and trailed down to her breasts biting then very roughly getting another scream from her mixed with pain and pleasure. Harry positioned his massive cock in front of her hole and pushed with a mighty thrust, Bellatrix screamed very loudly, she was very tight, Harry grabbed her breasts and started kissing her. Harry then started thrusting in and out very quickly, enjoying her muffled screams, Harry was fuelled by anger, he wanted to hurt her he fucked her like an animal, Bellatrix was screaming. By the time Harry was about to orgasm, Bellatrix had already came two times. Harry was feeling his build up and continued ramming increasing it. He quickened his pace, both their bodies were sweating heavily, finally he came with one mighty blow, the orgasm had sent him off the edge, he bit on her neck drawing blood while his penis was still inside her shooting ropes on thick cum inside her. Harry was not complete he started again and fucked her whole night in both her holes. By the morning Bellatrix couldn't stand up. Harry levitated her down, he then erected a pole in the middle on the living room and tied Bellatrix to it. Harry then conjured two vibrators and inserted them inside her pussy and ass. He then left her. Harry enjoyed her screams thoroughly.