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Chapter 2- The Explanation

Mack's POV

I looked around as the bikers and surfers happily ate the pizza and drink the 'Pops' as they called it.

"Ya gots any shakes?" Butch asked and looked up at me. I shook my head in response, still trying to figure out how Brady and I where going to get these guys back into Wetside Story.

Then there was Brady... who was sitting on the couch laughing and talking to Seacat and Tanner.

I sighed, it was probably going to be up to me to figure it out, I cleared my throat and stood up from the chair I was sitting in. "Alright guys, listen up. You guys aren't supposed to be here, obviously." I said and rubbed my hands together, "So we have to find a way to get you guys back to where you belong."

Brady nodded and stood up, he went over to the TV and grabbed the Wetside Story DVD and handed it to Lela. "You guys are apart of a musical, Wetside Story."

It was silent, Lela stared at the DVD. "Hey... Butchy... guys look it's us." She handed the DVD to everyone else.

"But what does this mean, what's a DVD?" Butch asked with a raised eyebrow.

"A DVD is a modern day movie." I explained. "You guys are now in 2013."

"So you're saying we're all characters from this ah, here movie?" CheeChee asked.

Brady and I nodded.

"Don't you get it? That's why everything was so 'perfect' in your world." I said.

Lela and Tanner looked at each other and frowned.

"So what we gots to do now?" Butch asked.

"When can we go home?" Tanner asked after him.

"Well I don't know how we're going to get you guys home..." I said slowly after I thought it over.

"Maybe we can get you guys home the way you got here? The storm." Brady suggested.

"Yeah, but you know how rare it storms here." I said. "And we have school in two days."

Brady frowned and we looked at each other, then at the gang.

"I've gots an idea." CheChe said suddenly and did one of her famous giggles.

"Oh great, this will be good." Butch said teasingly.

"Leave her alone Butchy." Lela said with a smile.

"I'm only teasin' ya Che." Butch said and laughed slightly.

"Well what if we go to this school with ya? Just until there's a storm?" CheChe suggested.

I raised an eyebrow. "You know what? That's not such a bad idea now that I think Bout it, you guys can just go to school with us for a few days." I said with a nod and looked at Brady who was grinning brightly.

"This is going to be so cool!" He said brightly.

I grinned and looked at my phone.

"Oh! We saw one of those on the beach. The boy called it his... Cellphone." Tanner said excitedly.

I nodded. "Yeah, they're different kinds of cellphones, I have a iPhone." I said and tossed Tanner the phone, the gang crowded around him quickly and began looking through the phone. The looks on their faces where priceless as me and Brady watched them.

Lela and CheChe got up and walked around the shack, looking at the different electronics. CheChe picked up the headphones, "what's this here?"

"Oh, those are my headphones. It's what I use if I want to listen to something without disturbing anyone else. See..." Brady pulled out his phone, and plugged the headphones into it. He hit play on his phone and put the headphones in CheChe's ears.

CheChe's eyes lit up and she scrolled through the music on the phone.

Giggles stood up and walked over gtop CheChe, watching her with bright eyes.

Brady came back over and stood next to me.

"So... How are we going to enroll them in school?" I asked him.

Brady narrowed his eyes as he thought. "Foreign exchange students?" He suggested.

"There's nothing foreign about them, maybe we can say that they're relatives?" I suggested.

"But they can't all be our relatives." Brady said, I frowned, he was right.

"We need help." I said...

Brady and I thought for a moment, before we both looked at each other and said, "Sonic.,"

"Who's Sonic?" Struts asked, and they all looked up at us.

"Sonic is a friend of ours, he's big on this electronics stuff and is a huge nerd about it." I explained.

"Yeah he once hacked in the school's computer and changed my English grade from a D, to a B." Brady said with a grin and I laughed slightly.

"What's a computer?" Butch asked.

Brady laughed. "Oh, you guys are going to love this, come on!" He yelled and ran to the back room, where grandpa kept his computer and laptop.

They followed Brady out of the room, eager to learn about some more electronics, and I just watched with an amused grin.

It was going to be hard, getting them back home, that much was for sure. But at least we would have fun doing it.

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