Luna was skipping along the halls as she had just secured a rather amusing series of articles for the Quibbler courtesy of her favorite club founder.

Sakura was almost as interesting as her, only people actually took her seriously!

Tomorrow they would be letting people put names into the goblet, and it would be going on for three days. Jamie had asked his fellow Otaku fifth year and above to guard it. Dumbledore, he said, had the rather disturbing habit of using very lax security measures when a stricter guard was often needed.

It was little wonder that people liked Jamie more than they did the illustrious Headmaster...Jamie did more for others than Dumbledore did unless there was some other motive in mind!

Hermione, for all her love of books, was in a rage. Today was Sakura's first article, set shortly after she left the school and still one day left to submit names.

Her hands trembled with anger as she started to reread the article.

"Hello Great Britain! It is lovely to see these shores after I graduated, and what a mess I've found since my return!

Many of you enjoy my fiction series about the world-hopping Gabriel and his sidekick fox-demon Fireball, so now you can enjoy my often non-fiction articles for a fraction of the cost! Don't worry magical Britain, I will be sure to at least warn you when I slip some of my stories into this publication, unlike a certain wizard so many witches previously adored who turned out to be a fraud.

Why don't I start my first article with a high note...

During my brief return to my alma mater Hogwarts, I noted with approval that students were using a formerly feared area in the school many of you know as the Chamber of Secrets to do something constructive with their free time.

All of them had dismissed house boundaries and pure blood ideals to help each other work on their homework, learn a new spell, or study the old arts. Some were even taking up the old way of using swords in Japan, a way that is sadly no longer remembered, or learning how to shoot a bow.

Sadly, this is not the case above ground, as I was disheartened to discover that in the school proper, there seems to be a minature war brewing between those of old families and the new bloods that the teachers have done very little to stop.

I fully pin this blame on Dumbledore, who seems to thrive in causing as much pain and chaos in the classroom as he can by forcing known rivals to share a class despite the complaints of his fellow teachers. One such case is that of Professor Snape, who has to do more oversight and thus less time on his own projects because of his Slytherin/Gryffindor class.

Another thing I've noted with some dismay is the state of the Hogwarts library. It is one of the biggest magical libraries in Europe...and to my great horror as a Ravenclaw, almost completely out of date.

You've read this correctly my fellow Ravenclaws. The Hogwarts library is almost completely out of date compared to the rest of the world. The alchemy texts were almost falling apart, the enchanter's dictionaries and guide was nearly eaten by bugs (it appears that the spells to keep them out had fallen apart) and the only copy of the reactive tables for the potions class had half the pages missing.

My question to you readers and fellow alumni is can we allow this horrifying fact to continue? How will the children learn from an outdated text? What if they use the wrong information and get killed from something like a vampire because they had bad intel?

And so my first cry is 'Help me restore the Hogwarts Library to its original glory!'. We, as adult witches and wizards, cannot allow our children and future to leave school with an incomplete education!"

Hermione was in a full rage because she had looked up the books mentioned and found that the insane author was entirely correct. The Hogwarts library was badly out of date and most of the more interesting books had been more or less destroyed over the years without anyone realizing it. Jamie wisely avoided bringing her ire about this knowledge down on him by keeping the subject well away from it.

He didn't want to get hexed.

It was the last night of the time period Dumbledore had given the students to enter their names, and the guard around it was still tight.

Several underage students had tried to get past them, only to be caught by the Otaku club and handed over to Snape, who was very delighted by the change in pace.

He was willing to overlook the Otaku being in the hall overnight if it meant they were able to make his job easier. So long as they didn't go wandering in the corridors it wasn't his problem.

Several of the fifth years and above were keeping a strict eye on the cup, only interfering when someone who clearly wasn't seventeen tried to enter.

The only time they looked the other way was when the twins came to enter, as they would be seventeen in a few months. They trusted Fred and George to handle it.

It was because of this guard over the cup that they prevented Filch, a man they knew to be a squib, from dropping a single piece of paper into the cup.

Several of the older students apprehended the fake when they saw a wand sticking out of Filch's back pocket.

Filch was a man who wouldn't like to keep reminders of his curse. The fact he was a squib working in a magical school full of children was bad enough...he didn't need a wand to do his job, and the only magical thing he could claim to own was his familiar.

When the polyjuice wore off, they could see the form of another Death Eater who had gotten off because of a flimsy defense. One of the students picked up the paper and his scowl said it all.

"Who was it?" asked Derrick, a seventh year Slytherin.

"Jamie. These bastards are seriously trying to get him killed this year," spat Micheal, a Gryffindor.

Dumbledore was beyond shocked that mere students had caught a seasoned Death Eater and refused to let the man up until the Aurors showed up.

"Now boys, be reasonable..." started Dumbledore.

"We'll be reasonable when you quit being such a pansy. This man is a known criminal who got off on a flimsy excuse, and Jamie asked us to keep our friends safe from things like this. You are not a proper authority figure, and this man is not a teacher. We are only going to release him to the custody of Madam Bones," said Micheal angrily.

"And I'm here. This is the second time I've had to remove a known Death Eater from this school Albus. This had better not become a habit," growled Amelia. She didn't appreciate the rude awakening.

"Sorry Madam Bones, but Jamie was quite clear when he gave us guard duty. Anyone not a student or teacher was only to be handed to a trusted authority figure, especially if they were Marked. He said Dumbledore wasn't the best person to give any prisoners to, since he let them go free before," said Micheal.

Amelia didn't show any sign of her surprise. She hadn't known there was hostility between Dumbledore and the Potter family...though it made sense because of how he mishandled the boy-who-lived's fame before his grandfather turned up alive.

She took the Death Eater into custody and threw him in the worst cell they had. She could deal with this in the morning.

It was Sakura's second article, and she was attacking the security of the school.

"Are Our Children Safe?

Many was think that having someone as 'powerful' as Dumbledore would keep the danger level to a bare minimum at our beloved school.

This is sadly not the case at all.

Three years ago there was an incident in Halloween involving a rogue mountian troll in the halls. Mountain trolls, particularly adult ones, are known to eat human flesh. What was the headmaster's response to this clear threat? Was it to keep the children in the Great Hall and have the teachers deal with it?

NO! According to multiple sources, the students were told to return to their house dormitories in an orderly fashion.

The problem I have with this is the fact that the DADA teacher who alerted the staff to the problem, one Professor Quirrel, said that the troll in question was in the dungeons...close to where the Slytherin dorms are. And yet Dumbledore still had all the children return to their dorms without considering this known fact.

Two years ago, there was the threat of a basilisk at over ninety feet long, and yet it was a student, one Jamie Potter, who came up with the solution that kept our children from fraying from this threat and even dealt with the snake in question.

This year we have had two, count it, TWO known Death Eaters infiltrate the school. One in the form of Mad-Eye Moody and another in the form of Filch, both under Polyjuice potion. Both were apprehended NOT by the teachers who are supposed to protect the children from outside threats, but by students who saw the danger and acted accordingly.

It is to be noted that nearly all the children seem to follow Jamie Potter's lead when it comes to keeping our school safe...which begs the question, just how safe is Hogwarts if we are forced to rely on a military trained student who should be more concerned with his tests to keep it protected from outside forces?"

Dumbledore fumed. His plans had fallen apart because the students were taking action on their own, no longer trusting him to do what was right.

All because he hadn't known Charlus Potter was in Privet Drive the entire time. And that he had managed to keep Petunia from ever learning her nephew was supposed to live with them.

To make matters worse, information he had kept secret by screening the children's mail had been made public for all the world to see. The girl was entirely correct that he had briefly forgotten the Slytherin dorms were in the dungeons that night, even if the only student unaccounted for until later was Jamie.

He took another pull of calming draught. Perhaps it was time to bring matters to a close in some cases...

Sakura had numerous muggleborns in her new home adjusting the internet connections and rewiring the place.

Number Twelve Grimmauld place was going to be their London HQ as it had numerous wards that she had updated and was less obvious than the Veteran's Association next to the Cauldron.

The last thing they needed was for Death Eaters to be able to come in masse that close to a civilian population and near the magical sector.

Besides, as a private residence they would have more leeway if Death Eaters barged in than they would in a public building.

Fortunately Sakura, as a half-blood, had a great deal of pull with her old friends, most of whom were muggleborns. She would have their command center up and running before the idiot Dark lord returned, or she would keep trying. At least Charlie was happy to fund her efforts. Having a secure communication line for them to use that wasn't connected to the base was a valuable asset...and Sirius didn't have any issues with her using the old Black library so long as she didn't use any of the really dark stuff.

"The champion for Hogwarts will be...George Weasly!"

There were many slaps of congratulations from the Gryffindor table, as George went up to where the champions were.

Dumbledore didn't know how the twins got past the age line...they were just under the cut off and shouldn't have been able to get through.

He didn't know the Otaku club had put their names in as a favor, for all the help they had given over the years.

With Jamie working security, he was inelligable as a champion so even if his name had come up, he couldn't have competed. And since he was made part of security before the tournament officially was set in motion, there was little Dumbledore could do about it.

George was pale a month later when he heard Charlie was coming back with a couple of friends to Hogwarts. The only possible reason his brother would be coming to Hogwarts would be if the first task involved dragons.

Which meant he was way out of his league.

"HELP!" he practically shrieked when he heard the news.

"What is it, and how bad?" asked Paul.

"First task is dragons!" said George.

"One word...fireworks," said Jamie, not looking up from his new manga.


"What do you think a dragon's going to do when it sees fireworks coming it's way? Duck or flame. Either way it'll be distracted," said Jamie sensibly.

"Point. Now to other matters...are you aware that there are a large number of new players in the unofficial schoolwide poker tournament?" said George calming down.

Jamie suddenly put down his manga and smirked. All around him, several Otaku did the same.

"Ladies and Gents, you know what this means..." he said with an evil grin.

"FRESH BLOOD FOR THE MANGA GODS!" they replied omniously.

It was a fact that most of the students had difficulty funding their anime/manga habits. So Jamie took aside the best and brightest and turned them into card sharks to pay for the gigantic manga collection that belonged to the collective club.

And with the sudden influx of fresh meat, they would be updating the collection again.

It was a strange thing that even after she graduated, Sakura Hikari still managed to infect new members with her unique brand of insanity.

It was a much poorer, but hardly wiser group of Durmstrang students that left that secret room later that night.

Snape only left them alone because he got five percent of the cut as a bribe to help his personal potion stores. It was an arrangement Sakura made years ago that was upheld religiously to this day.

Jamie was inwardly grinning evilly as he had all those fourteen and over who had vexed him in the room with a wide screen TV. Tonight he was having a movie marathon that would horrify anyone who came in there.

Both the Weasly twins were in attendance as payback for the light joking they did on the Hogwarts Express, and the teachers were overlooking it after Jamie gave them a hefty only worked because the only ones who were working the corridor that night were Sprout and Snape.

"Gents and Ladies, let the movie night begin!" cackled Jamie.

The first movie on the list was Sweeney Todd: the Demon Barber of Fleet Street, followed by Dogma, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Galaxy Quest, Die Hard, and lastly Robin Hood.

The people inside were screaming by the time they realized who the corrupt judge in Sweeney Todd resembled. Since it was a musical/horror movie, Jamie got to enjoy their reactions to a SINGING SNAPE.

All the movies are those who have Alan Rickman in them that I can recall offhand. Sorry if I forgot to include them earlier. Also, the fact Jamie has a crush on Sakura is not a hint towards a pairing, but more of a schoolboy crush on an older woman. I have yet to decide any pairings as of now.

Also, I will be on vacation for two weeks after this post, so I will not be able to make any new chapters. There is also the fact that I am planning to make a new book and not fanfiction. When I finally complete it, I hope to have your full support.