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A/N: Welcome to my story! As a heads up, I actually don't have an idea in my head of who is going to win in the end. I was hoping your feedback and suggestions will help to shape my story as I go along, so feel free to share any ideas in the reviews! With that said, I hope you enjoy the story. This first chapter is just introducing our Victors who will be participating.

POV: President Snow

Excellent. This 'conveniently selected' Quarter Quell is sure to put the star-crossed lovers at rest, forever. I have no doubt that one of the Careers will win again; they are the only ones with a real propensity for killing and winning. With the exception of maybe Johanna Mason, the other tributes won by luck, some skill, and some determination. Now, to review their files. It is crucial that from previous games, their strengths and weaknesses are identified such that the Gamemakers can plan the arena and weapons accordingly.

District One
Male: Gloss Beacon
Age: 27
Victor of: 63rd Hunger Games
Strengths: Sword, mace
Weaknesses: Slow, long-range weapons
Kill count: 8

Ah, Gloss. One of the Capitol's most beloved Victor's along with his younger sister. He had a thing for heads, that one. Whether by his sword or mace, heads were flying left, right and center throughout his games.

Female: Cashmere Beacon
Age: 26
Victor of: 64th Hunger Games
Strengths: Knives, hand-to-hand combat
Weaknesses: Poor stamina, can be clumsy
Kill count: 7

Equally beautiful and deadly. Flawless with knives. Whether throwing, stabbing or cutting, blades moved naturally with her.

District Two
Male: Brutus Keystone
Age: 45
Victor of: 43rd Hunger Games
Strengths: Hand-to-hand combat, mace, agile
Weaknesses: Arrogant, short-term thinking
Kill count: 9

All brawn and no brain. Without any hesitation (or thinking, really) he killed anything and everything in his path - muttation, tribute, or innocently wandering puppy.

Female: Enobaria Vice
Age: 30
Victor of: 62nd Hunger Games
Strengths: Hand-to-hand combat, knives
Weaknesses: Slow runner, slows down very quickly with no food
Kill count: 8

She is notorious for her teeth, but her Games were one of the most entertaining before the infamous finale. Careful and methodical torture was her trademark; the Gamemakers even had to censor her twice.

District Three
Male: Beetee Drigs
Age: 51
Victor of: 33rd Hunger Games
Strengths: Traps, extremely intelligent
Weaknesses: Physically slow and weak
Kill count: 4

A clever boy, who hid in one of the Gamemakers pre-made hiding spots for a week and a half, then designed a brilliant trap to wipe out his remaining competitors.

Female: Wiress Caverston
Age: 40
Victor of: 48th Hunger Games
Strengths: Intelligent, very observant
Weaknesses: Physically slow and weak
Kill count: 7

I'll rarely say it, but she is one of those from the underlying districts who truly deserved her victory. She figured out the tricks of our arena and carefully lured tributes into dangerous territory. She has the highest kill count for a District Three victor.

District Four
Male: Finnick Odair
Age: 51
Victor of: 65th Hunger Games
Strengths: Spear, trident, swimming
Weaknesses: Hand-to-hand combat, cannot handle surprises well
Kill count: 7

The Capitol will be sad to see such a wonderful...commodity go into the Games, and yet they will be equally pleased and entertained. I doubt he will have any difficulty in securing sponsors this time around.

Female: Mags
Age: 82
Victor of: 9th Hunger Games
Strengths: Resourceful, trident, swimming
Weaknesses: Slow runner, cannot function with small amounts of sleep
Kill count: 6

The first female victor from District Four. In her prime, her beauty surpassed even those of the District One tributes.

District Five
Male: Art Reid
Age: 51
Victor of: 38th Hunger Games
Strengths: Spears, gathering food
Weaknesses: Poor eyesight, cannot see long distances well
Kill count: 5

He turned out to have a propensity for spear throwing during the training. All of his kills occurred with their backs turned, including in the finale. He was too sneaky even for the Capitol Gamemakers.

Female: Cassee Tamers
Age: 22
Victor of: 69th Hunger Games
Strengths: Climbing, bow and arrow
Weaknesses: Poor ability to handle confrontation
Kill count: 3

Cried, and cried, and cried throughout her whole time in the arena. The Career pack passed her twice and spared her, because she looked so pathetic. She won her Games when the two remaining Careers fought each other to an inch of their lives, ignoring the trembling girl but two feet away from them. She crept up, and finished them off.

District Six
Male: Jules Pike
Age: 62
Victor of: 24th Hunger Games
Strengths: Camouflage, darts, stealth
Weaknesses: Muttations
Kill count: 6

Camouflaged his way right into a tree on top of the Career campsite. He has gone down in Hunger Games history for single-handedly bringing down all six Careers. Threw his darts into their bodies, poisoned with a substance that killed quickly and painlessly, no matter where it hit.

Female: Leen Rettyon
Age: 64
Victor of: 47th Hunger Games
Strengths: Camouflage, poisons
Weaknesses: Has a crippling fear of the dark
Kill count: 10

Leen was clever and targeted what all tributes soon to learn is the most precious thing in the arena - water. She poisoned the only supply of water on the first day, after taking only one bottle for herself that she rationed carefully. Within two days, most tributes had died of dehydration of poisoning.

District Seven
Male: Blight Jontri
Age: 35
Victor of: 58th Hunger Games
Strengths: Ax, sword
Weaknesses: Tires quickly, not a likable person
Kill count: 5

Blight's claim to fame was winning the famous mace arena. He was the only tribute with years of experience in wielding a weapon as heavy and sturdy as a mace. Even the male Careers, used to spears and swords, were no match for him that year.

Female: Johanna Mason
Age: 23
Victor of: 72nd Hunger Games
Strengths: Deceiving, ax
Weaknesses: Careless, impatient
Kill count: 6

Played a scared little girl for at least half of her Games, then went on to kill most of the remaining tributes in a manner so savage that it caught her final opponent, a hulking girl from District Two, completely by surprise.

District Eight
Male: Woof Gartner
Age: 72
Victor of: 13th Hunger Games
Strengths: Survival skills in nature
Weaknesses: Hand-to-hand combat
Kill count: 2

Woof was one of the least memorable victors so far. His arena was an icy wasteland and he managed to forage supplies and build shelter long enough to outlast most tributes. His final two opponents were riddled with frostbite and fatigue, yet he still had difficulty killing them. Pathetic.

Female: Cecelia Charleston
Age: 31
Victor of: 57th Hunger Games
Strengths: Weaving, knitting
Weaknesses: Has a hard time keeping quiet and hiding
Kill count: 5

Cecelia really demonstrated the talent of District Eight - producing textiles and fabrics. With much help from sponsor gifts, she created intricate nooses that she would drop from trees around the necks of unsuspecting tributes. Whatever she did was astounding. They were almost impossible to get out of and she slowly strangled her way to the Victor's throne.

District Nine
Male: Seth Mares
Age: 29
Victor of: 60th Hunger Games
Strengths: Scythe, lifting heavy weights
Weaknesses: Not too intelligent
Kill count: 6

One of the younger Victors, he won at 15. For a young boy who had been working in the fields almost everyday for twelve hours, he was as brutal a match for the other tributes as the Careers were.

Female: Leah Valery
Age: 61
Victor of: 51st Hunger Games
Strengths: Running, climbing
Weaknesses: Weak, hard of hearing
Kill count: 3

It was a wonder she ever managed to win, but could she ever run. She outran the entire Career pack when they tried to hunt her down and had an incredible advantage in the mountainous arena when she showed tremendous talent in climbing up the unstable edges swiftly and safely. She got lucky in the finale when the mountain started to tremble and her opponent lost his footing as they were engaged in hand-to-hand combat.

District Ten
Male: Jerard Sky
Age: 37
Victor of: 55th Hunger Games
Strengths: Hunting, spears, hand-to-hand combat
Weaknesses: Succumbs to hunger and dehydration much faster than normal
Kill count: 9

Jerard had a unique talent. Instead of processing the normal livestock (pigs, cows, chickens) for the Capitol, his job was to poach the 'rarer, exotic' animals that rich Capitolians wanted on their dinner plates, backs, and walls. His experience in hunting and killing all sorts of lions, tigers, and bears, made the other tributes seem like child's play to him.

Female: Macey Bromley
Age: 19
Victor of: 73rd Hunger Games
Strengths: Knives, stealth
Weaknesses: Gullible, emotional
Kill count: 6

This country girl proved to be far more deadly than the Capitol had imagined after her interviews. In swift silence, she moved at night, carefully avoiding the Careers, and slit the throat of four sleeping tributes in the span of two days.

District Eleven
Male: Chaff Levest
Age: 44
Victor of: 45th Hunger Games
Strengths: Hand-to-hand combat
Weaknesses: Slow
Kill count: 6

He really could never stay out of a fight. He killed all his victims with only his bare hands, and even managed to overtook the Career from District One when he sliced his hand off with a sword.

Female: Seeder
Age: 60
Victor of: 33rd Hunger Games
Strengths: Knowledge of plants and medicine
Weaknesses: Any kind of weaponry, fighting
Kill count: 5

When the two remaining Careers found her, she bargained with them to heal their severe injuries if they let her live. She created a salve out of different leaves that immediately started to relieve the female from District Four of a knife wound in her rib cage. Once they trusted her and let into their camp, she poisoned them and went off to kill the final remaining tribute from District Ten.

District Twelve
Male: Peeta Mellark
Age: 17
Victor of: 74th Hunger Games
Strengths: Hand-to-hand combat, lighting heavy weights, camouflage
Weaknesses: Lack of medicinal knowledge
Kill count: 1

He's only going to remain alive as long as Katniss is. Unluckily for him, she has made quite a few enemies of the Career districts.

Female: Katniss Everdeen
Age: 17
Victor of: 74th Hunger Games
Strengths: Bow and arrow, stealth
Weaknesses: Hand-to-hand combat
Kill count: 4

Girl on Fire .. If not for the damned Seneca Crane, those mutts would have eaten her alive a year ago. This time however, I will let nature run its course. If she comes out of the arena again, I will be the first to truly say she deserves it. And if not, then let the strongest survive.

So hopefully that was ok! Do you guys have any favorites that you want to win so far? Or, anyone you didn't like? As I said I don't know where this story is going yet so suggestions would be much appreciated!