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This is the harem for the story. Naruto/Hinata/Ino/TenTen/Haku/Kin/Soi-Fong/Yoruichi. Not Sakura.

"FIVE-PRONGED SEAL" Orochimaru yelled as he rammed his hand into Naruto's stomach. The blond gasped as Orochimaru dropped him onto the branch they were standing on, making Naruto fall to his knees. The Kyuubi's chakra slowly re-entered the seal as Naruto turned back to normal. Chuckling, Orochimaru simply kicked Naruto, forcing the Jinchuriki into another tree "Like I thought" spoke the Sannin "You are no where near Sasuke's level and therefore are of no use to me"

Unknown to anyone, Naruto was unconscious and was now in his mind, but not with the Kyuubi.

(Naruto's Mind)

Looking around, Naruto didn't know where he was. It definitely wasn't the Forest of Death because all he could see was mist. He didn't move, not trusting where he was, but as he waited he knew he was not alone. Finally, after what seemed like hours, he saw a figure emerge from the mist before the person waved their arm. The mist then lifted up to show that Naruto was on top of the Hokage Monument "Why am I here?" questioned Naruto out loud.

"To learn," said a voice from behind.

Naruto turned and saw five figures. All five had no features. No eyes, nose, ears, or even hair. The only way you could tell the difference was that each were outlined with a different colour. From left to right, the colors were red, blue, purple, green, and brown. Although both the blue and green ones seem more feminine than the other three "Who are you?" asked Naruto as he let his left hand hover over his kunai pouch in case this was a trap.

The purple one stepped forward "We are apart of you, apart of your soul" he said in a sage like tone.

"Ok?" said Naruto not really believing "Um...what are your names?"

The blue one spoke this time "Usually you would need to go through a test to be able to hear our names and use our abilities" she said, with her voice being calming and soft "But because of your past and life, we have deemed you worthy. My name is Aqua"

"Pyro" said the red one in a light, carefree male voice.

The brown one spoke with a deep, gruff voice "Terra"

"Ventus" said the other feminine shadow with the same type of voice as Aqua.

Naruto looked at the last one "Raiko" he said before stepping forward "Now, I think it's time we explain what it happening"

"Good idea" said Pyro "It doesn't look like the kid knows what's happening" Raiko looked at Naruto and could clearly see the confusion on the young teens face.

Raiko then went on to explain about Soul Reapers, Zanpakuto's, Hollows, the Soul Society, and how Naruto was now effectively a Soul Reaper. Naruto stood their in shock for a few moments and all he could say was "Whoa" After another minute, he managed to find his voice "So...I am now a Soul Reaper and I have to stop these Hollow's from killing innocent people"

Ventus nodded her head "Yes, you are. You can also use each of us as your Shikai, which will mean you will get different abilities as well"

"We will also be spending this time on training you as well as everytime you go to sleep" said Pyro "We are currently in your mind so we can speed up your thought process and make your time here even longer" He thought for a moment "Three days at most"

"How long will that be outside?" asked Naruto, happy about getting training.

"About three hours I guess"

"So a day in my mind is an hour outside" realised Naruto before smiling "So when do we start training?"

For some reason, Naruto could tell that the five individuals were smirking, even though he couldn't see it "Right now" said Raiko as they all charged at Naruto.

(Three hours later, The Forest of Death)

Sakura didn't know what to do. She was facing off against three Sound Genin all by herself. Rock Lee did help but a sound attack hit him and he was now out. Sasuke woke up but something seemed to possess him as he began to beat down on Zaku, one of the Sound Genin. He broke both arms and looked for his next target. His eyes looked around until he saw Kin, shaking as she stood, not knowing what to do. Sakura was unconscious due to the beating she had and Dosu, the last Sound member, already ran away with Zaku. Sasuke had a maniacal grin on his face as he stalked forward. He grabbed Kin by the neck and threw her into a nearby tree "You beat that bitch Sakura" he said as he again walked slowly towards the scared girl "And before the first test you moved fast"

"W-What?" stuttered Kin.

"That already shows that you are worthy" he stopped right in front of the girl and slammed his hands next to her head, trapping Kin onto the tree "I think you'll do. You could become one of my wives"

Kin just stared in horror as the Uchiha started stroking her cheek in a non-pleasant manner. His other hand was slowly gliding down and he seemed to enjoy the fact that tears were streaming down Kin's face. Sasuke grabbed a kunai and cut Kin's shirt, showing her black bra. As Sasuke stared at girl, Kin was thinking 'P-Please! Someone help! Anyone!'She shut her eyes, whilst the tears continued to flow, wishing it would stop.

As if someone answered her prayers, Sasuke was suddenly sent flying in the opposite direction of Kin, courtesy of a single punch. Kin slowly opened her eyes, hoping that it was over, and saw another person standing in front of her. It was Naruto and he looked at her. Thinking he was going to continue what the Uchiha was doing, Kin curled up into a ball and sobbed in fear. Naruto knelt down and gently touched her shoulder, which made Kin flinch at the contact "It's ok" said Naruto quietly "I'm not going to hurt you" Kin slowly stopped sobbing and looked at Naruto, only to see kindness and sincerity in his eyes. Naruto saw her shirt and quickly took off his own jacket "Here" he said with a kind voice "This should help you"

Kin stared at Naruto, contemplating if this was a trap. Eventually she decided to trust the boy and took the jacket "T-Thank you" she stuttered as she put the orange jacket on. Kin sighed in relief slightly, feeling safe.

"You're welcome," replied Naruto "Please stay here. I'll go take care of that bastard" Kin flinched when the Uchiha was mentioned but quickly calmed down when she saw Naruto smile at her. Turning around, Naruto quickly saw Sasuke glaring at him with his Sharingan activated "What is wrong with you Sasuke?" asked Naruto.

"That bitch-" began Sasuke as he went through hand signs "-deserves what was coming to her! She should be thankful that an Uchiha took interest in her!" He made the last hand sign and shouted "Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu!" A large fireball was then blown straight towards Naruto, who just stared in boredom.

Naruto sighed and vanished and reappeared in front of the fireball, making it seem like the Jutsu went through him "Is that all?" asked Naruto before pointing at Sasuke with two fingers "Because I'll just end this. Bakudo #1, Sai!" Suddenly, Sasuke was paralysed and couldn't move as his arms locked themselves behind his back.

"What?!" shouted an angered Uchiha "What did you do to me?!" Naruto appeared in front of Sasuke and quickly knocked him out.

Sighing, Naruto muttered, "Damn, he was annoying" He then looked towards Kin and walked towards her "Are you alright?" he asked gently as he knelt down in front of her. To Naruto's shock, Kin suddenly latched onto him and began to sob into his chest. Quickly hugging the girl back, Naruto began to stroke her hair in a soothing manner. Eventually she fell asleep, just as Team 10 entered the clearing. Team 9 also entered the clearing but they just took Lee and went away.

"Naruto?" said Shikamaru as he looked around "What happened?"

"Well long story short, we fought Orochimaru of the Sannin. I was knocked unconscious and when I woke up I saw Sasuke about to rape Kin here" explained Naruto.

All of Team 10 stared at Naruto in shock until Shikamaru sighed, "Only you would act like all of that was an everyday thing" Naruto just grinned in response.

Looking at his fellow blond, Naruto looked confused "Aren't you going to help the Uchiha?"

"If what you said was true then I don't want to be anywhere near him" she said before spotting Sakura and running over to help.

Shikamaru eyed the girl in Naruto's lap before asking, "Isn't that one of the Sound Genin that attacked that Kabuto guy?" Seeing a nod he continued "Then why is she asleep on your lap?"

"She's exhausted because today was too much. You can't blame her, I mean, she was about to get raped and her team mates abandoned her," said Naruto, angry with the Sound team and Sasuke.

"Sasuke's going to be out for a while. I'd say a day at most" said Ino "Sakura should be up by morning"

Naruto smiled at Ino "Thank you. Could you do me a favor?" he asked, getting a nod in response "When we get to the tower, could you please go into her mind?" he said, indicating to the girl in his lap "What Sasuke did probably traumatized her so she will need some help. I would ask you to do it now but it would be safer in the tower"

"Sure" Ino said with a smile. She then looked at her team "We should get going" They nodded and left Naruto and his team.

Naruto sighed before getting Sasuke and Sakura back into the tree. He dropped Sasuke onto the ground, not caring if he was all right or not, and gently placed Kin into a comfortable position. He was going to move away but Kin had a strong grip on his arm, not letting him move away. With a sigh and a smile, Naruto laid down next to her before going to sleep.

Two sets of eyes watched the scene that transpired. One seemed to be a dark skinned woman with long purple hair. The other seemed to be lighter skinned with black hair and two rings attached to the end of two hair tails. "So it seems our fiancé is alive after all…I'm going to kill Sarutobi"

"Agreed Lady Yoruichi," said the smaller one.

"Shall we my little bee?" she nodded before they both jumped away.

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