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When Naruto's woke up the next morning, the first thing he noticed was the weight on his chest. Looking down, he smiled when he saw it was Kin that had her head on his chest and was hugging him with a tight grip. Thankful for the training in his mind, Naruto could now make a seal less Shadow Clone, which he used and switched with. Walking over to Sakura, he checked to see if she would wake up "Hey, hey Sakura"

"Wha?" groaned Sakura as she groggily woke up "Ow, my head" she whined as she clutched her head.

"Yeah, getting beat will do that," commented Naruto. During his training, both Ventus and Aqua managed to make Naruto forget his crush on Sakura, now knowing that she would never return his feelings.

Sakura looked around before spotting Sasuke in a very uncomfortable position. She ran over to help and saw a bruise on his forehead and cheek from Naruto punching him and knocking him out "What happened?" she asked.

Naruto sighed, knowing that this will not end well "When I woke up yesterday, I saw you and Lee unconscious. I then saw two of the Sound team walk away"

"Two?" repeated Sakura in confusion.

"Yeah. The mummy and the spiky haired guy" replied Naruto.

Looking even more confused, Sakura asked "What about the girl?"

At first, Naruto didn't know what to say, but then decided to get it over with "When I saw Sasuke, I saw him about to rape the girl" Sakura gasped at this "I stopped him and then knocked him unconscious" He then pointed to his left, towards the clone and the still sleeping Kin "Next thing I know, she was crying into my chest and then fell asleep. Team 10 then came here and help out before leaving"

"T-That can't be right!" she said loudly "Sasuke would never do that! It has to be that mark!"

"Possibly" said Naruto in agreement "But he still tried to and he was still be out for a while" Sakura just shook her head and went back to helping Sasuke. Naruto didn't say anything as he walked over to his clone and Kin. The clone saw the original walk over and quickly substituted with him before dispelling. Naruto gently shook Kin's shoulders and woke her up.

Kin opened her eyes and then closed them, feeling rested. It was then her memories resurfaced, causing her to have a slight panic and widen her eyes. She looked around frantically before seeing the blue eyes of her savior 'H-He's still here!' she thought happily.

"Are you ok?" he asked gently as he sat up, not noticing that Kin was comfortable in his lap.

Nodding, Kin realised something. They don't know the others name "M-My name's Kin, Kin Tsuchi"

Naruto gave Kin a soft smile, making the girl blush a lot "I'm Naruto Uzumaki, it's nice to meet you" He then helped her stand up "What are you going to do now? Your team mates abandoned you and you won't be able to advance in the exam unless you find them"

Kin looked down sadly "I don't know. My team hate me and are probably happy, thinking that I'm dead. They might be near the tower" she said, not noticing Naruto's look of anger.

'If I ever fight them, they're dead' he thought with his fist clenched.

"I guess if I see them, I'll have to go with them. But if I don't then I...don't know" she finished.

"Why don't you stick with me?" he asked with a light blush "At least until the end of the exams, then you can go back home,"

Kin looked away with a blush and a sad look 'Why is he being so nice to me? Once he finds out about the final part of the exam, he'll hate me' Putting on a fake smile, Kin said "Sure" Once everybody was ready, Naruto created a clone to carry Sasuke before they all headed in the direction of the tower. As thy walked, Kin noticed a mark on Sasuke's neck and widened her eyes 'The curse mark?! That explains the markings on his body but why would he send us to fight him? Was he expecting us to lose?'

They all walked towards the Tower that they could see in the distance. During this time, Naruto and Haku talked and were getting to know each other better. Sakura was too busy looking over Sasuke to hear anything "So what's Sound like?" asked Naruto, surprising Kin with the question.

"Why do you want to know?" she asked in confusion.

"Well I've only ever left Konoha once and that was to Wave. So I've never seen another ninja village before and was wondering if it's similar to Konoha" Naruto explained.

Kin thought for a moment before answering "Well our village is hidden like the other villages, but not like you'd expect. I'm afraid I cannot explain it, it's the law of course" Naruto nodded at that "It's kind of lonely to be honest. Everyone mainly keeps to themselves"

"Did you have any friends?"

"One" she answered with a smile "Her name is Tayuya. Out of everyone she was the only one to be nice to me. She even taught me how to use Genjutsu" Kin then took out a few senbons with bells attached "She uses a flute and taught me how to use bells for my Jutsu"

Naruto smiled "She sounds like a nice friend"

"Yeah, she is" Kin then looked at Naruto "What about you? Do you have any friends?"

'Not as many as some might think' thought Naruto "Yeah I have a few" he replied "And I've recently gained a new one. She's great and friendly. She even knows Genjutsu"

Kin smiled "Really? What's her name?"

"It's Kin," he said with a cheeky smile.

At this, Kin blushed but then realised what he said "Wait, you consider me a friend?" she asked, astonished "Why?"

Shrugging, Naruto replied, "I just do. To be honest, I don't have many friends. Like you, my team hates me and my village ignores me so when I meet someone new who doesn't hate me, I think of that person as a friend"

Kin stared at Naruto before smiling "Thank you," she said, "You're my friend as well"

After another hour, the team plus Kin finally reached the Tower. They stayed outside and Kin looked at Naruto "You're going to search for your team?" he asked the girl. Kin nodded, albeit sadly "Good luck then. And when you get to the Tower, we can talk some more" Kin nodded and turned around, only to hesitate. Naruto was about to ask if something was wrong, but stopped when Kin turned around and hugged him.

"Bye" she said before kissing his cheek and running away with a heavy blush.

Naruto just watched as she ran with a light blush before closing his eyes and smiling 'I hope she'll be ok' he thought before turning to Sakura who was leaning against the Tower "Okay, we need a plan on how to get the last scroll" he said, showing the Heaven Scroll they were given at the start of the exam.

"Maybe we can help," said a feminine voice. Both Naruto and Sakura tensed and looked as two women appeared from the forest. The second he saw them, Naruto blushed and couldn't help but think that they were beautiful. The woman on the left was taller than the other and had dark skin plus purple hair and golden eyes. She was wearing an orange over shirt and black suit. The other woman had pale skin, gray eyes, and dark blue hair that almost seemed black. She was wearing a black suit under a white haori and there was a sword strapped to the back of her waist.

Shaking his head to get rid of the blush, Naruto steeled his features "Who are you and what do you want?"

The smaller one smirked "At least he's vigilant" she said.

"Now, now, you can't blame him," said the taller one. She then looked at Naruto and spoke "My name is Yoruichi Shihoin and this is Soi-Fong"

Naruto didn't so much as move "What do you want?"

"All will be explained when we talk to your Hokage" said Yoruichi "Anyway, don't you need this?" she asked, revealing an Earth Scroll.

At first, Naruto didn't do anything. But then he dropped his guard and asked, "How do we know this isn't a trick? And if it isn't, why help us?"

Soi-Fong sighed, "This isn't a trick. And, as Lady Yoruichi said, all will be explained when we talk to your Hokage"

"Alright then. When we enter the Tower, I will see if I can get the Hokage for you. I need to speak with him anyway," said Naruto before Yoruichi tossed the scroll they needed. Ignoring the shocked look from Sakura, Naruto and the two strangers walked into the Tower. A minute later, Naruto came back out and grabbed the back of Sasuke's collar and Sakura's hand before dragging them both inside.

Once inside, Sakura shook her head "Naruto, why did you trust them?" she whispered quietly, thinking that the two women couldn't hear her.

"Does it matter?" asked Naruto "We've made it into the Tower and we have a couple of days left" When he finished talking, he opened both scrolls. When smoke started appearing he quickly threw them across the room. The scrolls stopped and there was poof. Everyone looked and saw a man wearing a Chunin outfit and a scar over his nose "Iruka-Sensei?"

Iruka smiled when he saw his former students "Congratulations Team 7 for passing the second part of the Chunin Exam" It was then that he noticed the others in the room "Uh...Who are you?" he asked curiously.

"Hey, Iruka-Sensei?" said Naruto "Is the Old Man here?"

"Yeah" answered the Chunin "He's at the top of the Tower, in fact he's waiting for you. Now what happened to Sasuke?"

Naruto blinked "Oh yeah" he looked at Sakura "Can you take him to either the Med-Bay or our room? Either way he'll wake up, and please keep him away from the Sound Team" Sakura nodded before lifting Sasuke arm over her shoulder and dragged him along. Iruka quickly caught up to her and carried Sasuke to help.

Naruto looked at the two strangers and signalled them to follow. It only took a few minutes to reach the top of the Tower and even less time to find the Hokage's room. When they reached the door, Naruto knocked "Enter" they heard so they opened the door "Ah, Naruto I see you passed-" he was suddenly cut off as both Yoruichi and Soi-Fong ran at him and tackled him to the ground before pummelling him.

'What the hell?!' thought Naruto with a sweat drop. Usually the ANBU would stop this but everyone had a feeling that Sarutobi, the Third Hokage, deserved this for some reason.

After a while, the woman stood back with satisfied expressions "Why...did no one help me?" groaned out the Hokage.

"Because you deserved it" said everyone else, making the aged leader cry anime tears.

Yoruichi then stepped forward "Okay, Old Man, do you want to explain to us why our fiancé is alive when we were told he was dead?!"

"Wait" said a now confused Hokage "You were told he was dead? Who told you this?"

"Danzo" answered Soi-Fong with a frown.

At this, Sarutobi also frowned "I see" he said angrily "He was the one who told me you left"

Naruto, who was clearly confused, decided to speak "Uh, what's going on?"

Everyone looked at Naruto, before Sarutobi sighed, "Naruto, this is going to be hard to believe but everything that is said in this room, is true" He took a deep breath, seeing Naruto's confused and slightly nervous expression "You full name, is Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze. You are the son of the Fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze"

Naruto froze when he heard this 'My father? He's the one that sealed the Kyuubi into me?!' he shouted in his mind "Is...is my mother still alive?"

"Your mothers name was Kushina, and no. I'm afraid she died when the Kyuubi was sealed into you" Sarutobi then went on to explain about the night and what he knew of it. He also told Naruto how much his parents loved him.

'So they did love me' thought Naruto with a small smile and a tear falling.

"There is something else you must know. You are the last of the Uzumaki's, which means you are going to be put under the CRA, the Clan Restoration Act. This means you are to take on multiple wives" Naruto's eyes widened in shock before blushing like mad. Sarutobi almost grinned at the sight "And these two women are your fiancés"

When that was said, Soi-Fong suddenly grabbed Naruto's shoulders and brought him into a kiss. Even Yoruichi was shocked at this "Whoa" whispered Naruto with an even heavier blush once he was let go.

"So how was he?" asked Yoruichi with a grin. She nearly laughed when she saw Soi-Fong also had a blush but was not answering. Deciding to find the answer, she grabbed Naruto and brought him into another kiss. When she let go, she whispered in his ear "That Sound Girl can also join in" That did it for Naruto because he fainted, making the others laugh.

After a while, Naruto woke up again 'What a dream' he thought before he heard people talking. Looking, he saw he was still in the Hokage's office 'Wait! It was real?!' he thought in shock before remembering the reason he wanted to see the Hokage in the first place. It was then he noticed the others looking at him "Old Man, I need to tell you about what happened in the forest" Seeing that he had everyone's attention, Naruto went on to explain how Orochimaru attacked and used a seal on him, how Sasuke was bit in the neck, and how Sasuke was going to rape Kin. He then explained how he unlocked his Zanpakuto.

"I see," said Sarutobi with a serious look "I will need to call my other student if Orochimaru is truly here. I can also get him to look at that seal Orochimaru put on you" Naruto nodded and was about to leave until the Third continued to talk "Also, because you know of your heritage, you are now able to live in the Uzumaki clan compound. Even though your mother was the last, she believed that one of her descendants would eventually join the CRA"

"I'll look at the place once the exam is finished" said Naruto before saying goodbye and leaving. He walked through the Tower, wanting to find his room and sleep. He eventually found it and saw that it had a single bed with an en suite bathroom for everyone. Just as he was about to get ready, a knock at the door alerted him. Opening it, Naruto breathed out "Kin?"

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