I was standing behind the stage watching my dad performing. My name is rin I am psycho's only child my father knock up some women and was stuck with me because she didn't want me. I am very shy person I am very afraid of my father he was abusive the only good part about living with my father is that I got to be great friends with a doll I always thought he was a cute little doll he was always so polite and nice to me. My father calls him shitface I don't call him that but my dad sure does so do everyone else. I have brown hair and tan skin I look like my mother I should be pale because most people here is pale but I am not. I am 11 years old.
When father performance was over he handed shitface over to me
Psycho: put shitface back in his cage im going to the bar,he said sternly
Rin: y.. ,i hold shitface in my arms and walked to the cage
Rin: i..im sorry i to put you in cage
Shitface: it ok
i place him in his cage and locked it then i sat down and watch him he look back at me
my eye's wide then i turn away blushing
Rin: well g..good night
He gave me his sweet smile which made me blush again
Shitface: good night to you to rin
I blushed but nodded I walk to my room I just went to sleep