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Track 5 - The Sun Shines At Night

A song of rain pounded through the streets that evening. Seated in the middle of the living room - or at least what passed for a living room - in Eren's tiny apartment, the constant pitter patter of the falling water through the closed windows and doors sounded like a muffled heavy metal drumbeat : powerful and incessant.

The digital watch on Mikasa's hand beeped at the turn of the hour, its robotic cry barely audible over the noise coming from the outside.

"It's 10 o' clock," she stated, looking across the small coffee table at Eren who sat with both legs tucked against his chest.

"Damn it. Just my luck. Finally got a date, and then this happens," he mumbled as he tucked his chin in the crook between his knees.

"Well, at least it was a good idea for you to ask me to come up instead of wait for you downstairs. Otherwise, I would've been caught in the rain."

"Yeah, I guess."

"So, you've never been on a date before?" Mikasa asked, a sly smile finding its way onto her face.

"Well, no."

"That's strange. I always imagined that a musician guy like you would be up to his neck in girls," she replied, enthusiastically playing air guitar with her hands. "Maybe it's cos you're such a night owl. Not everyone is nocturnal, you know?"

Eren was taken aback by her words. "Does it bother you?"

Mikasa leaned back against the wall, casually tucking a stray lock of hair behind her ear as she observed Eren's features. "Well, I'm not exactly a fan of going out at night," she said, "but I'm okay with it. The time of day doesn't count right? As long as we spend time together."

"That's good to hear," Eren replied with a sheepish grin.

"I'm always dead tired the next day though. Makes gym a killer."

"Sorry about that."

"Like I said, I don't mind." Mikasa got to her feet and started stretching. "What's got you so busy in the daytime though? I mean, you do your music stuff at night, don't you? How do you get any sleep?"

"I'm just not much of a day person," Eren answered. He got to his feet as well and busied himself with the kettle and cups on the counter in an effort to avoid the subject. "I think I'll make some coffee. Looks like we aren't going anywhere tonight."

"Yeah. Guess I'll just head home after the rain stops. Unless you have an umbrella?"

"What? No!" he exclaimed, spinning back to face her. In his haste, he knocked one of the mugs off the counter, adding a sharp punctuation to the song of the rain in the form of shattering ceramic, like cymbals crashing at the end of a composition's first movement. "Ah, damn it!"

"Are you alright?" MIkasa quickly walked over to him, gingerly stepping between the shards of broken mug as she took his hand in hers. Firm yet gentle, her fingers ran across his palm, searching for cuts. "You're so clumsy."

"No, I'm fine. Thanks," he said, though he was in no hurry to pull his hand away.

Mikasa squatted down to pick up the broken pieces of mug. Eren tried to help, but she pushed him away. "No, I'll handle it. Shoo. Go stand over there."

"Come on, I'm a grown man. And it's my house." He squatted down as well and started angrily picking up pieces of the mug. Mikasa glanced at him silently, a thin smile spreading across her face as she watched him pick up the shards with his fingers like a bird pecking at ceramic worms, his movements quick and decisive. He picked up the first worm and put it in his palm. He picked up the second worm and put it in his palm. He picked up the third worm and put it in his palm. The fourth worm however, had teeth.

"Ow!" Eren cried out when he cut his finger - a short, sharp accent that punctuated the sound of rainfall. Mikasa hadn't said a word yet. All she did was sigh, and when he shot her a defiant look, she sighed even harder. She took his hand in hers again, though this time she was much more gentle.

"What am I going to do with you?" she asked. A crimson stream of blood flowed out of the wound. "Eren…"

"I'm fine," he said, though he didn't stop her from holding onto his hand. He was looking at the cut when his gaze fell onto her lips, so close to his finger that he could almost feel their softness on his skin. "Are you gonna ki-" he blurted out without thinking.

"What?" Mikasa replied, looking up at him.

"Nothing! I meant the kit. Yeah. The medical kit. It's up there!" Eren pointed at the top of the counter.

"Okay. Hold still." Mikasa chuckled. She got to her feet and took the kit before leading him over to the other side of the room. She opened up the box but was bemused to find that it was practically empty, with only a bottle of antiseptic and some old looking pieces of cotton gauze inside. "What? How do you live on your own, Eren?"

"I've been meaning to refill it. I forgot. Just haven't had to use it for a while."

"Wait, let me check my bag." Mikasa picked her bag from beside the coffee table and ran her hand through its contents. The bag was cloth and medium-sized. Not as feminine or impractical as a typical ladies' handbag, but not as crude as a rucksack. "Ah. Looks like you're in luck." She pulled out a crumpled up adhesive bandage. It was bright pink and had pictures of cartoon kittens dotting its length.

"What? You want me to wear that?" Eren scoffed.

"No arguing," Mikasa said, wrapping the bandage around his cut. The pain was stinging, but Eren lightly bit down on his lip and shrugged it off. "No taking it off. Not even if the whole town laughs at you," she continued. "Seriously Eren, I never knew that you were such a baby."

"Yeah, whatever."

"The rain is letting up. I guess I'll head home then."



"Don't go. We could-"

"It's really late. There isn't really much we can do now. You know how early the restaurants close around here. Let's just do it another time?"

Eren's eyes scanned the room desperately, as if he was hoping that some solution would magically appear in front of him. His pearl white guitar leaned against one of the walls.

"Do you want to go watch me busk?"


"Yeah. I go busking in the entertainment district all the time. People stay up really late there. It's a little far from here, but that's okay right?"

"What about your finger? Can you play like that?"

"It's my strumming hand." He lifted his hand up for her to see. "And it's a good thing that it was my middle finger that got cut. Won't need that."

Mikasa started to laugh, prompting a quizzical look from the boy. She walked over to the guitar and picked it up. "Okay, but I want to carry it. Then people on the street will think I look cool!"

"Alright! Let's get going then."

The song of the rain stopped.

Outside the house, just as Eren was locking the door, they ran into Hannes.

"Oh, who's this?" he asked when he caught sight of Mikasa. He flashed a warm grin at her, which she returned in kind.

"Mr. Hannes! Um. This is Mikasa. Mikasa, this is Mr. Hannes, my neighbour." Eren stammered.

"Oh, so you're his neighbour. Nice to meet you, Mr. Hannes. Eren's told me about you." She afforded him the honor of a low bow, something that he was obviously not accustomed to.

"Woah, no need to do that, Miss." Hannes said quickly, his discomfort evident in his voice. "I'm just an ordinary old man."

"You've been out drinking again, haven't you?" Eren asked when he smelled the alcohol on his neighbour's breath.

"Ah. I did have a few drinks."

Eren looked like he was going to berate him again, but his features softened when he noticed Mikasa looking at him. "Mr. Hannes, you've really got to stop it, you know. You're not young any more. If you're not going to take care of yourself, then who will?"

"I- I guess you're right," Hannes replied. He was somewhat taken aback by Eren's out of character tact. "Well, I really should go in and take a shower. I'm beat."

"Yeah, let's go, Mikasa."

"It was nice meeting you, Mr. Hannes. Please take care of Eren if you can. This boy is such a baby."

"Mikasa!" Eren whined.

"I'll try my best, Miss," Hannes said with a warm smile. "And I'll ask the same of you. Take care of him, please." He bowed his head to her.

"See you later, old man." Eren said, and then he pulled Mikasa away by her hand. Further down the hallway, he glanced back.

'Protection!' Hannes mouthed silently.

Exasperated, Eren waved him off before looking away.

Never thought I'd see the day when someone could change that stubborn boy. I guess miracles do happen, Hannes thought to himself as he unlocked the door to his home.

"Damn, I need to get myself a girlfriend," he said aloud.

"Looks like the rain's letting up," Connie said. "Can I go home now? We've been staked out here for ages."

"No! What kind of bro are you?" Jean peeked out of the corner that they were hiding in. A canopy saved them from being drenched by the rain, but it was still a cold night. He stared at the entrance to the apartment block. "She's been up there way too long. You don't think they're…"

"Who knows? I haven't seen the guy you're talking about, but he's gotta be A grade stuff to woo our very own Mikasa. Even Monsieur Jean the sexy sexy lovah couldn't do it." Connie nudged him playfully in the back. "Who knows what sort of naughty things they could be up to?"

"Ferme ta guele!" Jean scolded. He pushed Connie roughly before returning his attention to the entrance. "Look! It's them!"

"That better not have been some old French curse or something. I swear to god, if I never get married or if my children have uneven eyebrows, I'll-"

"It means shut the fuck up. Happy? Now shut it."

Still grumbling, Connie came up next to Jean and joined him in his observation of the couple. "I didn't know that she played guitar!" he said, noting the instrument slung behind Mikasa's back. She and Eren were walking side by side, their fingers intertwined as they made their way towards the bridge. Eren said something, and Mikasa laughed happily, her eyes positively twinkling under the moonlight.

"Wow. I've never seen her so… So happy before." Connie put a hand on Jean's shoulder. "Are you seeing this? What happened to Mikasa the ultimate fighter?"

Jean didn't say a word. All he did was stare hatefully at Eren, his fists clenched tightly by his sides. "We've got to follow them," he whispered.

"What, and torture yourself some more? You into that kind of stuff?"

"Sometimes I wonder why I even hang with you."



"Dude." Connie shook Jean roughly by his shoulder.

"What?" Jean yelled unintentionally. He quickly glanced over at Eren and Mikasa, hoping that they hadn't heard him.

"Look!" Connie pointed at the other side of the bridge. A group of people were walking together and making a ruckus, their speech loud and annoying in the quiet of night-time. "They look like trouble, man."

"So, this is nice." Mikasa gave Eren's hand a firm squeeze.

"Yeah. The knight and her bard. But you're carrying the guitar, so I'm the knight now, right?"

"Nothing wrong with a knight being kind to her servant."

"Kind? Really?"

"Oh. Have a complaint?"

Eren grinned at her. "Well, you could be kinder."

"Kinder? What? I'm carrying your guitar." Mikasa pressed her lips together and glanced over at him. "Or you want more special service?"

They were at the bridge now. Eren noticed the group of people ahead of them and was eyeing them cautiously. Something didn't smell right. He wasn't paying attention to his conversation with Mikasa any more, so he just said "Yeah."

"What? Eren!" Mikasa said, her cheeks turning red. It took her a few moments to notice the group of people. There were five of them, all big and tall. They didn't seem to take any notice of Eren and Mikasa at first, but when they passed them on the bridge, one of the men grabbed Mikasa's shoulder and pulled her back.

"Hey, I know you! You're that MMA fighter!" the man said. "The Bloody Scarf!"

"Hey, hands off!" Eren yelled, slapping his hand aside. He pulled Mikasa back and wrapped an arm around her waist. "Don't be rude man."

"Oh, is this your boyfriend? Scrawny little kid, isn't he?"

"Can you please just leave us alone? We don't want any trouble," Mikasa said coolly, though the look on her face and the stance that she was in suggested that she was ready to deal with any trouble with extreme prejudice.

"You don't want any trouble, huh? That's grand. You lost me and my boys a lot of money when you thrashed the Wasp in that fight. I'm thinking it's fate that brought us here tonight. Maybe someone up there thinks we have a right to collect."

Just then, Connie and Jean ran onto the scene. "Woah, woah. Hold it there, man. Let's just let bygones be bygones and go on with our lives," Jean said, trying to defuse the situation.

"You brought your entire possy, huh? Pussies, the lot of you. You think we're scared?" Without warning, the man threw a wild haymaker at Mikasa. She barely had any time to react, but years of training and experience had honed her muscles and her mind to a knife's edge. She did not have to think. Her instincts would move her body for her so that she could dodge the blow. The only thing that she was thinking about was how badly she wanted to hurt him.

Jean saw the punch coming, but hesitation stayed his body. Eren however, had none of that. He quickly moved in front of Mikasa and took a glancing blow to his head. He fell backwards into Mikasa's arms, dazed.

"Eren!" Mikasa yelled, her voice full of alarm..

"You fucking asshole!" Eren said through gritted teeth. His vision was still filled with whiteness and stars, but his body moved of its own accord. Without a second thought, he dove into the the hostile group and ignited a brawl.

Mikasa immediately threw the guitar on her back to the ground, a sound of wood and the resonating of open guitar strings filling the air like a chaotic song of battle. She quickly closed the distance between herself and the first man, adding some baritone beats to the song in the form of heavy punches to his body. He put his hands together and swung a hammer blow down at her, but he was far too slow. Deftly moving out of range of his attack before it could connect, Mikasa stepped back in range before he had time to react and delivered a powerful uppercut that immediately dislocated his jaw and knocked him out.

To the side, Jean was trading blows with one of the other thugs. His opponent was strong, but he lacked the technique and endurance that they spent countless hours honing at the gym. And Jean was no stranger to street fights. He ducked under a punch and in the same motion leapt upwards, sending a flying knee right into the thug's skull. Two down.

"You really wanna try me, pipsqueak?" said Connie's opponent.

"Who you calling pipsqueak, asshole?" Connie sidestepped the thug's high kick. One quick jab to his midriff and he was bent over. One strong elbow to the back of his head and he was down on his knees. All of Connie's short statured fury infused into one kick to the head. Three moves, the thug was out for the count.

Eren on the other hand, was getting pummeled. He was not a fighter, but that didn't stop him from attacking his two much larger opponents like a rabid dog. They tried to get hold of him, but he kept moving and jabbing, though his technique left much to be desired. Mikasa rushed forward to help him, but time seemed to slow down for her when a punch from one of the remaining thugs finally connected to Eren's jaw. The force of the blow lifted him off his feet. Off the bridge. And into the river. The final note of the battle song was a loud splash.

"Eren!" Mikasa screamed. She ran over and looked over the bridge's railing. The heavy rain had raised the currents of the river significantly, and what had once been a serene and calm river was now a raging body of water that swept Eren away. Behind her, Jean and Connie faced the two remaining thugs. Not wanting to get their asses handed back to them, the two ruffians wisely turned tail and ran for the hills.

Mikasa grabbed Jean by his shoulders and shook him. "We need to save him! He'll drown!" she said frantically. Her voice shook with fear and she was on the verge of crying. The French boy had never seen her like this before. Neither had Connie. They just stared at her, mouths agape.

"Do something!" she screamed before pushing him away and running off. She turned into a street that ran parallel to the river bank and started sprinting after him.

"Damn it. Come on, what are you waiting for?" Jean said before running after her. Connie started to follow, but stopped when he noticed the guitar still laying on the floor. He quickly picked it up and slung it over his back before making chase.

Eren didn't know how to swim. He never had the chance to learn, nor did he ever have the need to. Right now, he was afraid. He was scared to death. And he was scared of death. Was this how it was going to end? In a flurry of rage, fists, and a watery grave? The sound of the water rushing all around him was the most horrible music that he had ever heard. Intense. Deafening. Choking. He coughed and sputtered every time he surfaced, his lungs desperately pulling what air they could, but his respite was always short-lived as he was pulled under time and time again.

As he struggled against the current, he swallowed some of the water, the liquid feeling deathly cool against the inside of his throat. He was starting to cry, though he couldn't tell. Water was everywhere after all, so it was all the same to him. He felt his consciousness starting to drift away as his chest started to clench tightly. The song of death was nearing its crescendo. Eren felt an arm wrap around his chest, but it could easily have been a piece of driftwood or just his own imagination. He didn't know which way was up or which way was down anymore. He felt a force push against him, and slowly but surely, he was being pulled against the current. He didn't know that though. He didn't know anything anymore. His vision went black just as he was pulled out of the water.

"Call an ambulance!" his savior said to his two friends on the river bank before kneeling down and putting two hands onto the boy's chest, one on top of the other. He kept his arms straight and pushed down firmly, performing a chest compression. He continued the process calmly, determined to save Eren.

The second man in the group quickly pulled out his cell phone and dialed for an ambulance.

"I think you're gonna have to do mouth to mouth on him," the man said to the girl in their group.

"What? Why me?"

"I don't know how, man. Come on, just help me."

"Alright." The girl came up to Eren's body and kneeled down. The man was still performing chest compressions on him. "Move aside." She pushed away and lowered her face to his. She put her hand on his chest to steady herself and was about to put her mouth over his, but he suddenly started coughing and sputtering. He coughed out the water in his lungs and started drawing breath desperately.

"Eren!" Mikasa yelled when she saw him lying on the ground, surrounded by the three people. She doubled her pace and slid right next to him, pushing the big man aside. "Eren! Are you alright?"

"Don't worry, he'll be fine," said the girl. "Did you throw your boyfriend into the river cos you were angry, Mikasa?"

Mikasa looked up at the girl. "Annie," she said through gritted teeth. "Reiner. Bertholdt," she continued with far less hostility.

"We called an ambulance. It should arrive soon." Reiner put a comforting hand on Mikasa's shoulder. "He'll be alright."

"Thank you."

"Why don't you wait here with them till the ambulance arrives, Reiner? You don't need us here. Bertholdt, let's go back to the gym."

"I think I'll wait with Reiner. You go on ahead."

"Suit yourself," Annie said before leaving the scene. The moment she was gone, Jean and Connie finally arrived, both of them panting heavily.

"You guys look like you've run two marathons," Reiner said, chuckling. "But Mikasa looks like she just went for a stroll in the park."

"Ferme ta guele!"

When Eren finally came to, they were in the general ward of St. Maria's Hospital. His vision was still blurry and all the sounds that he heard were muffled. He thought he heard someone say "Doctor!" and he heard some footsteps sounding off the smooth floor. It took him awhile to register his surroundings and regain his bearings.

"Eren!" Mikasa said for the umpteenth time that night when she re-entered the room with a doctor. The doctor checked his eyes with a flashlight and his heartbeat with his stethoscope while asking generic medical questions like : "How do you feel? Does your chest hurt?" and "Can you breathe properly?".

"Looks like he'll be fine. He can leave as soon as he feels ready."

"Thank you, doctor," Mikasa said.

"You're welcome." The doctor left the room.

Then Mikasa slapped Eren, stunning him.

"You idiot! You-" She was crying now, and she pressed a hand against his chest. "You idiot!"

"MIkasa, I-"

"Shut up! You reckless idiot!"

Eren pushed himself up onto his elbows. "I was just defending you! Those dogs deserved it!"

"Who are you to defend me? That was probably the first fight you've ever gotten into in your life! I'm a fighter, I can take care of myself! But you almost got yourself killed!"

"I couldn't just stand by and watch you get punched in the face!"

"I was ready for it! He didn't stand a chance against me. Unlike you!"

"Don't treat me like a kid! This is why I won't tell you-" Eren checked himself too late. He let the words slip.

"Tell me what?"

"Nothing. Nothing. Forget about it. Can we go now? I want to go home before sunrise."

"Eren." Mikasa pointed at the window. The blinds were down, but the dull orange glow of dawn could be seen between the slits.


"What is it you're not telling me?"

"It's nothing."


"Calm down. We're in a hospital."

"You idiot," Mikasa said before seating herself on the chair next to his bed.

"Mikasa, I-"


"Yes, I'm an idiot."

"Good that you know."

An uneasy silence ensued as the both of them avoided each other's gaze.

Jean walked into the room just then, a cup of coffee in his hand. "MIkasa, I got this for you," he said. Eren looked up at him and their eyes met. "Oh. Hi, I'm Jean. Mikasa's friend," he said with the slightest hint of irritation in his voice.

"I'm Eren."

"Jean, can you leave us for a moment?" Mikasa said, her tone cold and harsh.

"Okay. I'll put your coffee here." He placed the cup on the end table before reluctantly leaving the ward. He stole a glance back before he shut the door, but neither Eren nor Mikasa paid any attention to him.

"Disaster of a first date, huh?" Eren said after a while.

"I deserve as much, Eren," she said, ignoring his words.


"Tell me what you're hiding. I deserve that much."

"Why would you deserve to know? No one's ever cared to know. And no one cares after they know."

"I'll care. And I'll keep caring."

Eren looked up at her. "Why? Why would you care, then? Is it because you think that I saved you that night? You want to repay me because you think of me as a hero? I'm no hero. I'm not even human."

Mikasa slapped him again. The sound was short and sharp, like that of a cracking whip. Some of the occupants of the other beds craned their necks to see what was going on with these two young people.

"Stop it. Stop saying things that will make me want to leave."

"Then just leave."

"I don't want to."


"Because I've lost enough people in my life. I don't want to lose you too!"

"We've only known each other personally for a few months."

Eren felt his heart seize up when she did not reply. Did he finally push her too far? Was she going to just leave him?

It's better this way. She has no life with me.

"I just want to be happy," Mikasa said. Her eyes met with Eren's. "Is it so wrong to want to be happy?"

"No, it's not."

"Then don't ask me why. Because I'm happy when I'm with you, Eren. When I'm with you, I feel like I can do anything." She gently caressed his face with her hand. "You taught me to fight Eren. And I know you're fighting now. But please, don't fight alone. You can tell me." Mikasa pressed her forehead against his and ran her fingers tenderly through his hair. That was enough. Eren's walls finally came crashing down. As did his tears.

"I just-"

"Slowly. Take your time," Mikasa whispered.

Eren steeled himself. He took a few moments to collect his thoughts before finally revealing his secret. "I have a disease called Xeroderma Pigmentosum. If I'm exposed to sunlight… I'll die."

Mikasa pulled away and looked at him. Her eyes darted around in their sockets as she observed him silently. It was like she was struggling to process what he had just told her. The gravity of it seemed to weigh into her gaze.

This is it, isn't it? The same old story. She won't want to be with someone like me. Too much hassle.

Eren took a deep breath. "I understand."

"You understand nothing, Eren Jaeger," Mikasa whispered. She moved closer to him, her movements slow but deliberate. He raised a hand to push her away, but she grasped it tightly with her own. She moved in ever closer, Eren's eyes widening when he realized what was happening. Mikasa's lips parted slightly, revealing the pearly white teeth within. He could feel her breath on his face now, hot and steamy. She stopped just inches away from his face, and Eren gulped nervously. She kept staring straight at him with her dull grey eyes. Her lips continued to hover tantalizingly close to his, almost as if she was taunting him. Egging him on.

Her hand still grasped firmly onto his. His heart pounded at a million miles an hour, and when she stroked his palm with her fingers, that speed tripled. That was the only sound that he could hear right now, aside from her rhythmic breathing.


Eren closed the distance between them, pressing his lips against hers for the first time. Mikasa involuntarily squeezed Eren's hand even more tightly the moment she felt contact. She closed her eyes as he savored her soft, velvety lips. Softer than anything he'd ever known. Their lips danced upon each other, a slow but beautiful waltz against the tempo of their hot, sharp breaths. Eren's inexperience showed at first, his lips showing little movement. But in the spur of the moment, he drew upon all the cheesy, romantic kisses he'd seen in movies over the years and placed his free hand behind her head. He started to caress her lips with her own, countering each of her movements instinctively. His hand made its way down to her back, and he locked both his lips over her lower lip. He pulled away slightly, catching the tip of it with the gentlest of nibbles, inciting a sharp gasp from Mikasa. Eren could feel her lips curl up as she smiled against him. He could taste her smile. It was as sweet as honey.

Their kiss was moist. Passionate. Somewhat clumsy. But it was wonderful. When they finally pulled away from each other and ended their first ever kiss, Mikasa couldn't help but return and peck his lips again and again, creating their second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh kisses.

"Wow," was all Eren could say when they finally stopped. He had the goofiest smile on his face, and his head was red as a beet. Mikasa was much the same.

"Yeah. Wow," she said dreamily.

"So, what now?"

"What now?"


"Nothing. You're still my bard."

"Nothing?" Eren's heart dropped.

"Well. I guess boyfriends can do bard stuff too," Mikasa said, leaning in to give him a peck yet again.

"Okay. I like the sound of that," Eren said as he stroked her hair.

"Then play me a song, boyfriend." Mikasa leaned forward again.

"What song?"

"I don't know. A song of love."

"And you call me cheesy." Eren chuckled. "Well, what does it sound like?"

"Like this." Mikasa planted her lips firmly over his again.

It was their ninth kiss, and it was brilliant.

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