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Meeting Her Needs

By: WeeKittyAndTAT

Chapter: One

I let out a sigh, looking out the one way glass across the bar. Everything looks good, the same as always. I thread my fingers through my hair gripping the ends and shake my head. Lately I feel like I am in purgatory. I really don't understand why I feel like this, I have a great life. I just turned thirty a few months ago. I am stinking rich, well-educated, and charming. I have a great family and I have never been healthier. I know I have good looks, hell I was just rated as number three on the best looking list from self-made men of the world. I have access to any type of sexual experience I want, pussy is in no short supply. I go on dates, but no female has held my interest for long, however I've always preferred it that way. You ask what the problem is, well that's just it—I have no fucking idea what is wrong.

I am a Dom, and I love having control. I have always loved being in control, since when I was very young. I guess you can't help the way your mind, body and soul direct you. I didn't choose to be a Dom, it chose me. My family has been great; they stand by my choices in life. They support me, and are always respectful to any submissive they have met. They know the difference between a submissive and a vanilla girl.

I have been in vanilla relationships and in collared relationships before, but never at the same time. When I am in a relationship, I'm true to that person. I never—I repeat never have a sub, and a girlfriend. I have been lucky that the girls I have dated have all been kinky, so I've been able to bring a little of my Dom life to each relationship. I've always been up front with them too. Each time I'm with someone they know how I choose to live. Sadly nothing long term has ever panned out for me, relationship wise. Nevertheless, I haven't really given up; just so far nothing has developed past casual.

As for my times when I have collared a submissive, those times have lasted longer. Though after a short time of collaring one submissive, I find myself becoming bored and needing to end things. I've been lucky and all my subs have been great and truly bring the Dom out of me, but there has always been something missing.

See here is the thing; I don't have a sad story to tell. I've never felt like someone was just with me because of my looks, money or name. I've never had my heart broken, and I've always tried to spare anyone else's feelings. In fact I pride myself on clean breaks without drama. Each time I find myself in a relationship, there just has always been something missing. It's like I can't find that other half to make me whole, or there's always a piece missing.

I rub my face walking to the window where I can see the whole bar area and there's a bank of monitors for viewing the entire club, including private rooms and secluded areas. You see this is Seattle's most upstanding BDSM club. As I glance around the room, I see a young woman-girl who is looking lost. I let out a sigh and pick up my jacket. I hate the beginning of the new college season. We always and I mean always get the sorority or fraternity houses—sometimes both—sending pledges here as a joke.

I start to make my way over to the girl, before I approach her, I size her up. She is very small, five foot, maybe a slight bit more. She is very thin and I would venture to say that her height to weigh proportions is dead on perfect. As my eyes trail up her body, I notice how long and lean her legs are for such a tiny thing.

She is wearing flats on her feet, skinny jeans, and a red sweater that is baggy, all her clothes are rather loose fitting or wrongly sized. I always pay extra attention to a woman's chest, what can I say, I'm a boob man. Her long hair is beautiful and appears to be a naturally deep shade of brown with some natural or very professionally set high-lights. I notice she is wearing a necklace, but it is clearly not a collar, so I'm sure she isn't meant to be here. Her face is a little pale with a blush and she looks really young, maybe twenty tops. Besides her slight blush, the only other color is from the frames of her glasses.

It's very clear that she has no idea where she is, or what she's walked into by entering this establishment. Just as I reach her, another Dom speaks to her. I wait and listen, because you can tell a lot about someone from how they speak.

"Little One, are you here with anyone?" he asks keeping his hands to himself. That's a sign of a good Dom. No one should never touch another Dom's sub and just because she's not traditionally collared, doesn't mean she doesn't belong to someone.

The girl looks around herself. "I am not really sure Mr..." her voice trails off not knowing his name.

I raise my eyebrows at her response. Where she was polite and respectful with her reply, it was certainly not a typical response for a submissive. This is just further proof to me that she doesn't belong here, nor does she know what this place is.

"SIR!" he booms at her.

I roll my eyes at James. He's a very old school Dom and expects everyone, even those who aren't of our preferred lifestyle to bow at his feet. Other Dom's and I have spoken to him before about this, but he just can't keep a grip on it. As much as we would like, not everyone knows about or is into this lifestyle.

"I'm … I'm sorry, what? I mean, I'm a girl so why are you calling me sir?"

I bite back the chuckle, because she really does look puzzled by his response.

"No, Little One, you should say Sir when speaking to me? Now are you here with anyone?"

This time the girl shrugs her shoulders and bites her lip. I move over to them, knowing that James will just get more pissed off at her.

"You will show me respect." James makes a move to touch her, but I grab a hold of her arm pulling her toward me. Fuck she's really small. I notice how much, as I tower over her. I know that I'm tall standing at six-three, but I have a clear foot over her.

"James," I say his name and James sneers at me and walks away. "You, come with me."

The girl looks at me in shock and shakes her head as I look at her face. I can see that she's a beautiful girl and she has really pretty eyes. I swallow trying to get my mind working again, because all it's doing is trying to convince me of what I need. It's like hearing a looped recording of, 'You need to dominate her and fuck her into submission.' Now that I have her here with my hand around her arm, I can see what wound James up so much.

"I can't leave the main area though, I am waiting on someone, sorry," she says in a very light voice.

I raise my eyebrows at her. "I'm the owner of this place, and you need to come with me now." I watch her looking around herself before nodding her head.

I take her to my office and over to the chairs in front of my desk. "Why are you here? Is this a sorority pledge stunt?" I look at her again knowing that I need to know her age, because the stuff that I want to do to this little girl is illegal in more states, than it's legal in.

I watched her shake her head no, as she mumbles out a low no.

"What college do you go to?"

She bites her lip again and my pants immediately feel tighter. "I just transferred to UW."

I nod my head at her. "What year are you in?"

She blinks looking at me. "This is my junior year."

Thank God, she's has to be twenty-one, or at least almost twenty-one. That means there's only a nine year gap between us, that is not too bad, but she's still the youngest girl I've wanted. By God, she's really fucking beautiful.

"Why are you here?"

She looks at me, before looking at the ground. "Well today is … it's my birthday. My roommates found out and said that we had to have a night out. They said to meet them here, but I think I got the name wrong or something."

I shake my head, there's a part of me that say yes she's twenty-one, but there another part that worried about how sad she sounds. I smile at her thinking that maybe I should get to know her a little and then give her a very personal birthday gift. I would even wrap it, well, I would need to, as I never go bare-back with someone I haven't had checked out.

"Did you get anything nice?"

She shakes her head. "No, I don't usually celebrate my birthdays."

I lean my head to the side. Something in the way she said that makes me feel like there was more behind her words. It was like she needs to believe her own words, more than she wants.

"Have you called your friends?"

She nods her head. "They're not really my friends, I don't really know them. Well, except for Jessica, but she truly has never liked me too much. I tried calling the one girl, but it rings straight to voice mail, and I don't know Jessica's number. I really don't think it'd be a good I idea to call her mom and ask for it."

I frown at her words, it sounds as if this Jessica gives her a hard time.

"Would you like a drink?" I point to the bar and she shakes her head.

"Oh ... um ... no thank you, It's bad enough that I'm in a club while under age, I'd rather not add drinking to it."

I look at her puzzled. "I thought today was you birthday?"

She nods her head that it is her birthday.

"Then how can you be underage?"

She looks at me and it appears as if she is ashamed. "I just ... well, today I turn eighteen."

"But you're a junior in college?"

"Yeah, you see, I skipped a few years during school."

I swallow knowing that I've been having dirty ... really fucking dirty thoughts about a kid. Fuck and she just became even more beautiful. Oh, fuck, I've officially booked my one-way ticket to hell.

I just look at her wishing she never said those last words, because I can never have her, and I don't think she'll be single three years from now. Fuck, I don't even know if she's single right now. My silence must've made her nervous, because she begins talking again.

"I think that's why Jessica doesn't like me. I was in her graduating class in high school. She's always hated that she lost Valedictorian to me, it's not like I really wanted it."

If she just turned eighteen today, she's only a kid. I know I need to get her out of my club, but my need to know her is too strong. Before I can process my words and ask her to leave, I turn more inquisitive. "So, what college did you go to for the other two years? I mean, I take it your parents kept you close, because of your age?"

It seems that my brain has lost control over my mouth, and it looks like my cock is doing the talking. Right now, my cock is screaming out to me about how much he wants her lips wrapped around him, immediately. I'm brought out of my stupor of thinking about my cock, as she snorts out a laugh.

Shaking her head as she calms down, I close my eyes.

Yeah, her parents should keep her really close, because of perverts like me.

"No, I went to Harvard University. I didn't want to go there. I knew by going there, that I'd be alone, but my parents were so pleased about it ... they were happy, so I stayed quiet and never told them."

I nod my head. "So, what made you come here?"

She looked at me shrugging her shoulders. "A lot of things, mainly because I didn't feel like I belonged at Harvard. A few other things went down, and I just couldn't be there anymore. So I applied to places closer to Charlie, my dad. Forks, is my home town, but the community college nearest to Charlie didn't have any courses for me and well ... anyway UW had some space for me."

"Are your parents not together?"

I watch her close her eyes. "No, they divorced when I was five. At first I lived with Renee, my mom."

I nod my head at her and smirk. "You call your mom by her first name?" I meant it as a joke to lighten it up a bit, but the look she gives me tells me that it didn't work.

"She ... well, I know she loves me ... just ... well, she's not good at the whole responsibility thing. I dealt with most of the household stuff, and planned all my own visits with Charlie."

I look at her with a furrowed brow. "You mean your mom let you deal with money matters."

She nods her head. "Renee doesn't have a good memory with anything really. She even forgets birthdays, well, apart from her own that is." Her voice lets off at the end and it hits me, her mom forgot her birthday.

"Your mom forgot your birthday?" My voice must show more emotion than I intended, because her eyes widen.

"It's okay, she forgets everyone's birthday. I buy Phil stuff for his every year and send it to her so she has it to give to him. She just ... I don't know ... she's never been good at looking after herself, never mind anyone else. It was just the both of us from when I was five and I learned quickly what to do, but she was never happy, till Phil came around. Phil plays baseball, so when they married, I told them I would live with Charlie so that she could spend time and travel with Phil. Phil looked after me, but he doesn't really know me that well, so there is no reason for him to know my birthday."

I let out a sigh, needing something to take my mind off what she just said. I move to my mini fridge and get out two bottles of water and hand her one.

"What about your dad, you call him by his first name too. You said you came back to Washington for him?"

She takes a drink. "As I said before, they divorced when I was five. I would spend three weeks with him every year, but that was all the time he would get off. You see, he's the chief of the police in Forks, so that was the only three weeks that he'd get each year. He would do his own stuff, like go fishing and hangout with his friends.

"I'm not that great on boats, so he couldn't take me along when he would go on fishing trips. I was always just left with the women. When I was fifteen and Renee got married, I moved in with him. We didn't really know each other, and he's not really a talker or one to hug and say I love you, but I know that he cares. When I moved in with him, nothing changed. We still didn't spend a great amount of time together, and it was much like living with Renee.

I washed his clothes and made dinner, but I pretty much ate by myself every night. He was always telling me to hang out with my friends, but he didn't know that didn't have any. You see, I was fifteen, but in with eighteen year olds who thought I was too young for them. The fifteen year olds thought I was a snob and know it all."

I chuckle. "I would have thought you would be running away from them all."

She shakes her head no. "I have no one but them, and as I said living with Renee or with Charlie it was all the same. I was doing stuff for them, and they didn't appear to notice me otherwise. I mean, I knew they were there and they liked the things I did for them. Charlie ate all the food I made for him. When he'd see me he'd ask how school was. I liked those days, because it was nice knowing he cared and I had no one else.

"I wanted to come home to Forks, because Renee doesn't really have one place she ever stays. She travels a lot with Phil; they're always on the move with his baseball team. Then Charlie started dating, and he and Sue got married last summer.

I'd planned to move home, but when I was home during spring break, I learned about the upcoming wedding. I overheard him talking with his friend Billy, how Sue was moving in with him. He said Seth was pleased to have the basement as a room and how he was planning to pack up my stuff and put in the shed so Leah could have my room. Leah and I are the same age, her birthday was yesterday. Leah and I don't get on so well, so sharing a room is out the question. So instead of saying something, I kept it to myself and just went back."

I look at her not knowing what to say, but still not knowing what changed, what made her come back. "What happened to make you come here?"

She looks at me again and I can see for the first time tears in her eyes and I know this is not going to be good.

"Nothing really happened. I just find it hard to make friends. With me being so much younger and always with people older than me, I'm never into what they are. When I started college, I was still a few weeks shy of my sixteenth birthday. Everyone I met was drinking and fucking."

I frown as she swears and see her blush under my scrutiny.

"Sorry, I mean having sex. Well, anyway, I didn't feel like I could deal with the emotions attached to having sex on a one night stand, and no guys wanted me any other way.

The girls wanted to shop, but I never had much money. I had a job, but I was only paid a small amount, mainly because of my age. So I was alone, then last year Jacob started at the college. He's Charlie's friend Billy's boy, and I was glad to have someone I knew there. We started hanging out, but he wanted something more then friendship.

We were never really friends back home, but when he got there, he was new and leaned on me. I watched out for him. That was hard, because I was seventeen and he was nineteen. He became what I thought was my best friend. He kept pushing for more, he wanted more from me. I tired, I really tired, but I just didn't feel it.

When I told him I didn't like him that way and that I wanted to just be friends, it was bad. He was so mad at me and said it was because I never let him really kiss me. He told me that he loved me, and I should give him a real chance. So I tried to give him a chance, it only lasted two months.

After the two months of feeling nothing for him, I made up my mind to stop. So I told him that I cared for him, but didn't see myself ever loving him or being in love with him. He said he didn't care and that he was fine with me just caring about him. I told him that was unfair to him and to me, because I wanted it all. I want to be with someone who I'm madly in love with and they felt the same about me. I told him that he should want that too.

After that, he stayed away from me and other guys began asking me out. It was a few months later that I found out that Jacob had a bet going with nearly every guy at college. The bet was to see who could pop my cherry. The money went really high with so many guys trying.

"Anyway, one guy, Paul, decided that the bet was to pop my cherry, nothing about me giving it up. He came really close to doing it too, too close. When Jacob found, out he blamed me for it and everyone said that I was making a bigger deal then needed out of it. Never mind I broke my hand fighting him off of me. Paul's family is very well known, and they have money behind them, so of course he did no wrong."

She waves her hand and skips over a bit. "So I asked the board to transfer me. I told them that I'd go to every newspaper if they didn't agree, in the end they agreed to transfer me here. The only problem is, I had a full ride there, and here I have to pay for my own room and board."

I bit back a growl and the anger about what she just told me. How the fuck can anyone have done all of this to her? I look at her and go through what she said again. "So you're still a virgin?"

She blushes and nods here head. Then she looks around herself. "Wow, I know people say that they talk to bartenders when they're having a bad day, but I never ... well I'm sorry. I didn't mean to unload that all on you."

I give her a smile. "It's all part of the services ma'am." I tilt my head a little and she laughs and the sound is quite musical. The happiness in her laugh and the smile on her face it lights up the room, and makes her look even more beautiful.

"I'm sorry, I don't think they're coming after all and it's getting late. I should go." She stands up and her bag falls to the ground and everything that was inside falls out.

"Here, let me help you, Beautiful." I help her pick up her stuff, hoping she missed my slip up. I hand it all to her and she shoves it back into her bag.

She looks around the club again, before turning to me. "What kind of club is this? I mean this isn't like your normal everyday dance club is it?"

I chuckle and smile. "No, this isn't your normal kind of club. This is a private club that caters to the BDSM lifestyle."

She presses her lips together. "Nice, I mean the club, it's nice. Well, thank you for keeping me company and listening to my sad life." She looks at me as if she's asking my name.

"Edward Cullen, but you Beautiful can call me Ma ... Edward." Fuck I was about to ask her to call me Master. I look at her and see she's smiling at me.

"Well, thank you Edward, I hope you have a good night."

She moves to open the door of my office and my hand shoots out keeping it closed. I take a deep breath, fuck I don't want her to leave. I go to talk, but realize that I don't know her name.

"What's your name, Beautiful?"

I watch the blush appear on her face. "Isabella Swan, but I like to be called Bella."

I smile at her name, Bella means beautiful. "So I have been saying your name then, Beautiful. Well, Beautiful it's early," I say looking at my watch seeing it's only eight o'clock. "Have dinner with me? Every girl should be taken out on her birthday, more so when it's her eighteenth. So what do you say, Beautiful, will you eat dinner with me?" I speak against her neck and I see the blush deepen on her skin.

"I don't ... I ... I mean..."

I frown at her stuttering and it comes to me that she's nervous, because I have her pressed against the door. I have one of my hands by her waist and the other above her head on the door. My whole body is pressed against hers and I'm more than sure she has felt EVERY part of me.

I drop my hands taking a step back from her. "Beautiful, I mean you no harm. I'd just like to take you to dinner. Everyone should have a birthday treat." I would really like to give her another kind of treat. "Besides, I haven't eaten yet and I hate eating alone. Please, eat with me, and I swear I'll take you home tonight after dinner."

She turns looking at me and I watch her eyes scan my whole body. Her eyes stay on my crotch a little longer then I think she realizes. I'm not all that surprised by her focus there, as I feel as if it is the size of Texas right now. After another glance at my pants, she looks me right in the eye.

"I'm sorry ... I mean ... you look like a nice guy and all, but well the last two guys I thought were nice turned out they weren't. I just don't want to make another mistake that would be pretty fu ..." she stops midway through the swear word, "stupid of me."

I frown at her trying to think of a way to spend more time with her but I'm also pleased that she is cautious and watching out for herself.

"What if I order something and have it brought here? Please, Beautiful, don't make me beg, really I'm not the one for begging."

I watch her scan the room. "The door will remain unlocked? And I can leave at any time?"

I nod my head at her. "Beautiful, I promise that I won't hurt you." I smile as she steps forward, moving back to the seat that she was first sitting on.

"Would Chinese be all right?"

She looks at me biting her lip and nods her head. I swear I've had subs and a girlfriend or two that have had the habit of biting their lips and none have ever turned me on as much as what she is.

"Chinese is fine. I like most foods, apart from peanuts. Well, when I tried them I really liked them, but if I eat them, they have this thing about trying to kill me."

I chuckle at her innocent humor. "Okay, allergic to peanuts, got it." I move over to my desk, picking up the phone and place a very large order. I make sure to inform them of the allergy and that there are no peanuts in or around our food. Then I begin questioning Bella again.

"Tell me, Beautiful, what you are studying to become at UW?"

The light that had started come back in her eye goes away and I frown.

"A lawyer, I'm going to become a lawyer."

I look at her puzzled as to why she would say that she has to become and not that she wants to. She must read my confused look, because she begins explaining it.

"Renee wanted me to be a doctor, but I passed out as soon as I saw blood. Actually even the smell makes me pass out, so being a doctor is kind of not possible for me. Charlie wanted me to become a lawyer, so that's the only choice I could do, so here I am."

I give her a smile. "What about you, Beautiful, what do you want to do?"

She shakes her head. "God, no, everyone I tell looks at me like I'm nuts." She shakes her head then sits up straighter. "Isabella," she says mimicking a snobby voice. "God gave you a very high intelligence and the college gave you a free ride to become something great, and you're telling me that you want to dance? That's not a job for a good girl, that's a job for a trailer trash looser."

I chuckle and smile more at her. "A dancer, really?"

She nods her head. "I love dancing. I mean, all kinds of dancing. Here's the thing, I'm not stupid, but I'm really not super smart either. I have a photographic memory, as soon as I read something, it sticks. Not having friends meant I spent a lot of time reading. But dancing, it makes me feel more ... free." She shakes her head and blushes. "I even took a pole dancing class, it was so much fun. I really don't think people, even women, understand the amount of work goes into that type of dancing."

Oh, fuck, I am going to jiz in my pants.

"It's been such a long time since I last danced. It was my real reason for agreeing to come out tonight. They told me that this club had an amazing dance floor and that we could even do some pole dances here."

"Come with me," I say standing. She looks at me and I wave her over. "I want to see you dance and you said it's been a long time." She gives me a shocked look. "Please, you just talked about dancing with such passion. You looked so happy and you said you wanted to dance."

She bites her lip and her eyes light up and she nods her head before grinning at me. I take Bella back out to the main bar area. I grab the remote from the back bar and click through some music channels and I smile and stop when I see her eyes light up at the beat of the music.

We start walking to the dance floor, when I feel Bella jump back into my arms and I eagerly take her in. She looks at me wide eyed as we keep moving. "Did that guy just spank that girl?"

I chuckle looking back at Corin and Taylor. "Yes, he did, he's her Dom."

I see Bella nod her head. "Was she a bad girl?"

I chuckle raising my eye brow at how calm she's speaking about seeing someone being spanked. Before I can answer she continues and it makes me laugh.

"Because if she was bad, he needs to find another punishment, because she looks like she enjoyed that a lot. Even I know rewarding bad behavior is not a good thing."

I let out a laugh and she turns looking at me. "Beautiful, she was bad, but more of a playful bad." I grin at her and she nods her head.

"So are you a Dom? Isn't that what you said he was?"

Again I nod my head. "Yes, I am a Dom, Beautiful. There are a lot of Dom's in this club and the people like that girl who was spanked is a submissive."

She nods her head. "Can ... well ... do women dance here? I mean, I don't want to upset anyone like that last guy. Sir James, was it?"

I shake my head taking Bella to the dance floor which is empty. I leave her there and sit across from it, before answering her. "No, Beautiful, I own this place and no one will be upset with you or upset because you're dancing for me."

I watch her look around. I can see that she really wants to dance. I smile at her. "Don't worry, Beautiful, just dance—be free."

That does the trick, and I watch as she removes her glasses and red sweater. Revealing the tank top underneath, she walks over to me and hands me her discarded items. I can't help it as my eyes go to her tits which are much better and bigger than what I thought and they look fucking real.

"Are you really going to sit there and watch me?"

I nod my head biting my bottom lip and wiggle my eyebrows at her. I hear her giggle as she walks back over to the middle of the dance floor.

Bella closes her eyes and it looks as if she's listening, and feeling the music. When she begins to move her body, I'm shocked to see that she can really dance. Bella can come here every fucking night and dance for me. She's my beautiful dancer.

Bella has her back to me and look's over her shoulder to me, which makes me fucking rock hard. My cock is pulsing to the beat of the music, it wants out and it wants her. I stand and move to her unable to stay away. As soon as am right behind her, she wiggles her body down mine with her back to me. When she reaches the floor at my feet, she twirls so the she is facing me. Placing her hand on my leg, she slowly moves up. I hiss as her hand grazes my swollen cock. Fuck, I'm about to jiz on myself, and I haven't done that in years.

Once Bella stands fully she only reaches my chest. The next thing I know, her right leg is in the air and against my chest. She's standing on her tip toes of her left foot to make herself taller. Fuck! I run my hand down her leg till I get to knee and I pull her closer, so that her leg is down and wrapped around my hip and we begin moving together.

"I thought you were going to watch?"

I look right in her eyes. "You're really fucking good and I couldn't stop myself."

I lean forward to place my lips on hers, but before I reach her skin, I'm interrupted.

"Sir, your food just arrived."

I turn looking at Tanya, whose eyes are directed at the floor, but I can see that she's unhappy. "Thank you Tanya, place it in my office and get a bottle of 1990 Dom Perignon on ice in there too."

Tanya walks away and Bella watches her go.

"Beautiful Dancer, let's go and eat our dinner."

Bella nods her head at me and I make my way to the office. As I walk with her, I see that other Dom's are now checking her out. Too late fuckers, if she's going to be anyone's sub it'll be mine.

I help her to sit, before placing the food out. Tanya walks in and hands me the glasses and places the wine bucket next to my seat, before walking back out. Again Bella watches her go.

"That was Tanya, wasn't it?"

I nod my head.

"Is she an ex-girlfriend or another Dom?"

I shake my head. "Tanya is not my ex-girlfriend, current girlfriend or a Dom. Tanya is a submissive and an employee. A submissive is the partner to a Dominant. Like the girl being spanked earlier, that was Corin, she's Taylor's submissive. Taylor is a Dom."

Bella looks puzzled, but nods her head. "Is Tanya your submissive?"

I grin and shake my head. "No, she'd like to be. She is a very good sub, but she doesn't tick a certain amount of my boxes. Therefore, she's been nothing apart from an employee for me."

Bella looks at me puzzled and I realize that she doesn't understand the ticking certain boxes part.

"Tanya is a very nice woman, a very beautiful woman; however she not my kind of beautiful and she don't grasp me. When we talk it becomes," I chuckle, "well, I become bored. She's not a boring person, I'd talk with her, but I find after a few days, I'd need to get away from her for a few months. That's not really a good thing for a Dom and sub relationship, conversation is important."

Bella looks at me and nods her head again. "This is Dom Peringon, it's wine and it will go amazingly well with what we are eating."

I pour Bella out a glass and she looks at it, then to me.

Knowing she is going to protest, I cut her off. "Beautiful Dancer, it's just a glass of wine and it's your birthday."

She nods her head and takes a sip. "Wow, that's really nice. I've had a few glasses of wine before at weddings, but they didn't taste as good as this." Bella looks out the window and scans the club again.

"Can I ask something?" She smiles and shakes her head. "I mean do you mind me asking questions after this one, that is?"

I nod my head and smile at her.

"Is that girl over by the bar touching herself as she dances?"

I almost choke on the wine that I was drinking, because that was not the question that I was expecting.

I look over to where she points and smile, because of course it would be Kate and Mike. "Yes, Kate is a sub and her Dom, Mike, likes her to perform when she dances."

She looks back at me. "Really? Women do that too ... the whole masturbating thing? I thought that was a guy thing?"

I try and swallow, because now not only is she a virgin, but she a virgin that has never been touched, not even by herself for pleasure. I so hope she's not, so far all she said was Jacob kissed her, that fucker.

"Well, it looks like I really missed out in the sex education class. I always thought they were boring and I didn't miss anything, but it now appears that I did. I never got to go as I was too young, but then I was in high school. When it came around again, I was still too young. Then I went to college so I had to kind of read up on this stuff, but I think I may have been reading the wrong book, because none of this was in it. Now I wish that I could've taken the class."

I burst out laughing and shake my head. "No, Beautiful, that was not included in Sex Education classes."

She looks at me with a frown. "Why not? This stuff would be useful in our adult lives you know? Maybe it would keep more people from straying away from home."

I shake my head again, because she never says what I think she's going to say.

I know that I need to move away from the topic of sex. I'm so close to jumping this girl and that would only lead to her being hurt.

"What about Driver's Education, did you get to do that?"

I watch her shake her head. "No, again I was too young in high school. When I was at Harvard, I had free ride with room and board. I had to work so that I could buy my school supplies, personal necessities, and clothes, but that was always close to the dorm. I never really had enough money left over to take a course after I bought my needed things. Now it's kind of out the question, because I had to get two jobs to pay for my dorm fees."

I frown. "Are your parents not helping you out at all?"

Bella shakes her head. "Renee doesn't have any money apart from Phil, and as I said, he doesn't know me. I would feel wrong having him give Renee money just to help me out. Charlie is a small town chief of police and doesn't have much, and now he has a family to look after. So it's all really up to me and it was my fault, since I gave up the full paid ride. But I'll be fine, between my two jobs, I'll make enough to pay the rent, buy food, and have a little left over. I just don't have enough to learn to drive, but that's okay, I don't have a car anyway." Bella takes another drink and looks at me.

"What about you, Edward, I told you almost my whole life story, so who are you? Are you the person that's in the tabloids or are you someone different?"

I look at her in shock, because I really didn't think she knew who I was.

She smiles shaking her head. "Come on, Edward, you're number three in the hottest guys of the world list. You should really have been second, but not first because I don't think anyone can beat Johnny."

I shake my head and grin. "Well, do you think I'm the person you read about?"

She looks at me again, and it's almost as if she looks right in to my soul.

"Yes and no. Where you seem to be a lot nicer, well at least you have been to me. You're charming and cocky, and I'm not sure why, but you seem sad. Not as sad as I've seen you in some of the pictures, but still sad. As for the women, after seeing your club ... just because you had dinner with a girl, doesn't mean that you had sex with them."

I can't help but smile, because every girl I have ever dated always thought that I slept with every girl I've been seen with. Here this barely legal girl is and she gets it.

I watch her eat, and she enjoys her food. I take a few bites myself and await her next question.

"What about your family? Do they know about this or is this the most private part of your life?"

I wipe my mouth and lean back. "First I'll tell you a little about my family. My mother, Esme, is an interior designer and my father, Carlisle, is a doctor and works at the hospital. I have an older brother Emmett, who's a personal trainer and he's married to Rosalie. Rose is a stay at home mom, to my nephew Dean who is almost two months old. She also likes to dabble in rebuilding old cars. My twin sister Alice, loves retail shopping so much, she owns her own clothing shop. Alice's husband, Jasper, you might know, he is a college counselor at UW."

She looks at me and smiles. "Mr. Whitlock?"

I nod my head at her. "Yes, that is him. As for this lifestyle, I came out when I was twenty-three. My family knows of my lifestyle choices and and they have stood by me with my choices. They know me and know that for me, this lifestyle choice is not about me wanting to abuse or be abusive toward women."

Bella frowns. "Why, has someone said that to you, or thought you like to abuse your submissive?"

I nod my head. "Many people think this is what this lifestyle is about."

Bella pulls her eyebrows together. "Well I don't, I don't see anything that has made me think I'm in danger. I mean, I'd need to read up on the stuff first to fully understand it for myself, but the women here seem to enjoy it as much as the guys do. So you know, behind closed doors in all, I can't see it being different."

I nod my head at her. Bella and I keep talking even after we're done eating. We moved to the sofa in my office , so we could sit comfortably and talk. I found as the night went by, we were moving closer and closer to the other. I'm sitting beside her, but facing her and playing with her hair on the right side of her face. My right hand however is ghosting lightly across the knuckles of her left hand that is resting on her right ankle. She, too, is facing me and her right hand is lying innocently on my leg that is next to hers.

I'm hyper aware of her touch, and the charged touch has kept me in a constant state of arousal.

Bella yawns suddenly and stretches her arms up above her head. She's still wearing just the tank top and as her arms stretch up, the top bares her mid-section. The soft looking skin is almost iridescent in the low lighting of my office. Glancing at my watch I'm shocked, and Bella leans forward to look at my wrist too.

"Oh, wow, it's almost two in the morning. I'd better get back to the dorm."

I nod my head agreeing with her, because it is rather late for her. "Since you didn't drive here, how did you get here, Beautiful?"

"I walked here. It only took me twenty minutes."

"Well, Beautiful, please let me take you home. I wouldn't be able to sleep tonight, not knowing if you got home safely or not."

She looks at me biting her lip and nods her head. I help her to stand handing her the red sweater she took off when she danced for me. I collect my things together, to prepare to leave.

"Did you check your coat with the concierge?"

I watched her shake her head. "No, I didn't think I'd be out this late, but I'll be fine."

I smirk picking up my jacket and walking over to her. "You can wear mine," I say as I wrap it round her slowly.

I swallow as I look into her eyes. There is really something about this girl that makes me tingle in a good way. I lead her from my office, and nod to Demetri, so he knows the club is in his hands. I direct her out of the club and to my car. The whole way I have my hand on the base of her back and I have to fight with myself to stop it from moving lower. I open her door letting her in and closing it, before making my way around to get in.

"So, where to, my Beautiful Dancer?"

She looks at me and smiles, but before she can answer another yawn comes out. She blushes slightly and then gives me the directions.

Within five minutes of driving we're almost at her dorm. "Will the door still be open at this time?"

She shrugs her shoulders. "I'm not sure. I've never been out past eight before."

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