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Chapter: 14

"I love you Mom, and want you in my life," Bella says.

I feel my heart start to race, but I hold back the yelp that wants to come out. I'll beg her if I have to; I need her in my life. I can't live without this girl. She may've only been in my life over a short period of time, but she has quickly become everything to me.

"And I hope one day you can forgive me," Bella says looking to me as she speaks. "But I need Edward more, a lot more. I know that I will never be enough for you or for him, no matter what I do. I know that Edward deserves so much more than what I can give him."

I shake my head and walk in. "Not true," I say with a smile.

"But, here's the thing, he's a good man, Mom. He has such a big heart and he would never hurt me physically in any way. When—and I know it will be when—he leaves me, he will make sure that I am still okay. He makes me happy. He makes me want to live. He's the reason I'm still alive." Bella's eyes fall to my feet.

"Don't start that silliness again, Isabella." Renee starts chastising my girl.

I walk right up to Renee and glare at her. "Quit treating her like a pet; she's your daughter."

"Say your goodbyes, Isabella. You're coming home with Phil and me."

Bella shakes her head. "No! I can't and won't leave with you. I love you Mom and I will be here when you forgive me, but I'm staying with Edward, if he'll still have me."

I move quickly to Bella and look into her eyes. "You're more than enough for me. You're so much more than I ever dreamed of. I'll always have a place for you in my life." I lean my forehead against Bella's.

"Whatever – it's all bullshit, and you know it. If you don't come home with me right now, then that's it, I mean it, Isabella," Renee says carrying on with her rant.

"I'll always be here, if you change your mind," Bella says looking down at the bed. I lift her face so she is looking at me.

The next thing I hear is the door slam closed. "I'm so sorry, Tizzy, I'll talk to her. I'll get to the bottom of this; call me, okay?" I move a little as Phil comes up still looking shocked. "Edward has my number, just please ... call me."

Bella nods at him, and I turn to shake his hand. Phil is at least trying to be there for my girl. "Thanks," I say.

"Edward, I'll make sure we're out of the house by the time you get back. Please let me know how Tizzy's getting on." I nod at him.

"PHILLIP!" We all look to the door when Renee's shriek comes from the hallway.

"Bye, Tizzy, it was really good to see you. We'll talk soon ..."

"PHILLIP! NOW. I WANT TO GO!" Renee again screams from the hallway.

Phil kisses Bella's head and then leaves the room. I move so that I can lie beside Bella and I pull her toward me. I'm worried about her, because she's not even crying; she's just lying there. I hug her tighter knowing that she's trying to shut herself down, at least shut down her feelings.

"Beautiful, you need to let it out, please don't hold on to all this hurt."

Bella shakes her head at me. "I'm okay, really I am. I knew she would give up on me; it's the way she is."

I sigh and hug her even tighter to me. "I swear to you, I'll help you through this," I say in her ear. "Now, look at me for a minute," I say, and when she lifts her eyes to mine I kiss her pouty lips. "Just so we're on the same page – I will never leave you. If you leave me, I'll get on my hands and knees and beg you to find a space in your life for me. You're my everything."

Bella looks at me with misty eyes and I kiss her lips softy. I pull back when the door opens.

"Hello, Isabella, how are you feeling?" I turn my head seeing Bella's doctor and Carlisle standing at the door.

"I'm feeling rather tired, but I'm okay, I guess."

He nods and walks over to the bed. "We would like to keep you in here for observation tonight, and maybe you'll be better enough tomorrow to go home," Bella's doctor says.

Bella looks at me almost in a panic. "Bella, Edward, I really think this is the best choice. The allergic reaction was quite severe to the peanuts. There's still quite substantial swelling and it is best to make sure you're monitored correctly. Edward, we've gotten it cleared, and you're welcome to stay at the hospital tonight. You can stay in my office, but not here in Bella's room."

I let out a sigh and nod at Carlisle. "Okay, can you have Mom go to the house and collect clothes for Bella and me to come home in tomorrow?" I ask looking at Carlisle.

He nods and hands me his office keys. "I will," he looks at Bella and gives her a wink. "Bella, I am glad you're looking much better. I hate peanuts, too; never trusted them and now I know why. They don't like a family member of ours." Bella chuckles lightly at Carlisle's lame joke, completely overlooking his proclamation of her being family.

After Carlisle and Bella's doctor leave, my family comes in. I know by the look of them, that they're a lot angrier than what they were earlier and that worries me. They seem to keep the talking light and after a short amount of time they say their goodbyes leaving Bella and I alone.

"I love my family, but I'm sure glad they've gone for a while. I've been dying to get you alone all day." Bella gives me a weak smile and I move up onto the bed again to lie next to her. "I'm here, Beautiful; you've got me and you always will have me. I know that I'm no replacement for your parents, but no matter where I am—where you are—if you need me, I'll be there. I will always find a way to get to you. And I'll be here when you're ready to talk to me."

Bella moves closer to me without saying a word and lays her head on my chest. I run my hand through her hair and hold her close to me. Her silence is still worrying me. Each time Bella has been hurt or upset, she has opened up to me after a short time. This time it feels to me as if this was the last straw for her, the straw that broke the camel's back. She's completely shutting down. All I can do is be here for her, as her friend, her Sir, and above all, her boyfriend.

"I'm sorry, Sir, but it's time for you to leave." I look to the nurse and nod. I move a little only for Bella to tighten her grip on me.

"Beautiful, I'm just going to be in my dad's office. If you need me, you can call me or text me. I'll be back first thing in the morning." Bella nods and lets me go.

"Beautiful, what do you need?" Bella looks to my face and I can see the pain in her eyes. The pain that I can see is so visible. It's making me hate Renee so much more.

"I'm fine; see you in the morning, Edward."

I frown at her knowing there is something in her tone telling me she's not okay, she is far from okay. I lean close to her. "Little Girl, do you need to use any of your code words?"

Bella tilts her head at me, and then shakes her head. "No, really, I'm okay."

I let out a sigh and nod, not liking this at all, something is very off. "If you do, text me or call me and I will be right back here."

Bella nods at me and then leans in and gives me a kiss on my cheek, before wrapping her arms around me. I hug her for a few moments, until the nurse clears her throat. I kiss her cheek and smile, before walking out of the door. I walk to Carlisle's office still feeling off.

I know that Bella needs me, but she has to say she needs me. I can't tell her how to feel, and she has to trust me on her own. I feel all of the trust Bella and I have built up over the last few months has been destroyed because of Renee. That woman really is something else.

I recline back on Carlisle's sofa, trying to calm myself so I can get some rest. I feel like I'm just about to turn under when there's a knock on the door. I walk over to it to see it's Bella standing there shaking.

"Beauti—" before I can get her name out she throws herself into my arms.

"Please don't leave me! This girl doesn't want to lose you, she ... please ..." I bend my knees and pick Bella up and carry her back over to the sofa.

"Beautiful, I'm here, hush now," I say as I hold her in my arms, much like a mother cuddles a baby.

"No, please you can't leave me ... please. Not you, you can't be like everyone else and leave her. She doesn't know how to be anything different than what she is. She loves submitting to you, it makes her feel strong, needed, and wanted. You always tell her when she's done well. You tell her that she makes you proud; no one has done that before. Renee, Charlie, they never seem to agree. This girl can never please them; she could never please both of them. They made her feel like she was choosing one of them over the other.

"Her teachers always told her they expect more, want more from her; they keep changing the goals posted without telling her. She couldn't make friends; they used her so that she would do their work. They never wanted to spend time with her unless she was doing something for them. So she kept to herself, she tried every now and then, but ... Jacob and Paul. She wanted to die, she didn't see the point, no one would miss her ... but then you, you came and she doesn't think she could lose you. She doesn't like to feel so needy—needy for you to take care of her. She knows through everything she has done in the past for Charlie and Renee that it takes so much out of the person physical, emotionally, and mentally. She doesn't want to hurt you. She's rather hurt herself than you. Please tell her what to do, she doesn't know what to do—the pain—it's too much."

I close my eyes try to calm myself from the overload of information Bella has just spilled to me. "I want you to take a few deep breaths for me. Can you do that for me?" Bella nods at me.

"Yes, this girl can do that," Bella says as she looks into my eyes.

I watch every breath she takes, happy when it starts to slow down.

"Now, tell me what do you need?" I say each word slow and clear so she knows I'm not asking her I'm telling her to tell me.

"This girl needs you; she needs her boyfriend and Sir, please?"

I nod at her. "Little Girl, until I tell you otherwise, we are in Dom and sub time. You are to follow everything I say right away. You have to answer and respond to any and every question I ask. Do you understand me?"

"Yes, Sir, this girl understands."

I narrow my eyes at her a little. I hope with the next thing I say she gets just that she's mine to me.

"Not this girl, you are my girl, now answer me again.

"Your girl understands."

I smile at her. "Do the nurses know that you have left your room?"

"No, Sir, sorry Sir, your girl was bad and she snuck out afraid if she asked they would say no."

I let out a small chuckle. "Well, I guess it's best that we get you back there then." Bella starts to shake her head and I feel her grip on me tighten.

"I will remain in your room with you. I won't have you sleeping on the sofa, as comfy as it may be." I stand up and guide Bella out of Carlisle's office as I call him.

"Edward, what happened? Is everything all right, is Bella okay?" Bella looks to me and my cell. I'm more than sure that she heard Carlisle's frantic voice.

"Nothing really happened per se, and no, not really. Beauty is with me, and she is rather upset. Could you call the nurse's station and let them know I'm bringing her back up to her room. You may need to tell them that since she's extremely upset, I'll be remaining in the room with her."

"Edward, I'm really not sure ..."

I cut him off. "I wasn't asking, Dad. I'll be staying in her room. She needs me; I really don't care what they say. I'm staying. As her boyfriend and Dom, it's my job to care for her and be there when she needs me. Right now, she needs me, more than she ever has before."

I hear my father sigh. He knows by my voice there's no point in arguing with me on this.

"I will call Walter," he says.

"Okay," I say, before hanging up.

"When we get back to the nurse's station, I will do the talking. If they ask you a question you have to answer. You will tell them the whole truth and you will do so right away. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Sir, your girl understands."

I nod, pleased that she seems to be calmer than what she was a half hour ago.

"There you are, Isabella." I look to the older nurse and smile.

"If you leave the ward, you have to tell one of the nurses first, okay?" She carries on talking as she walks toward us.

"Yes, I will, I'm sorry," my girl says.

The nurse shakes her head, waving Bella off as she looks at me. "And you are?"

I smile at her again, but she frowns at me. "I'm Edward Cullen, Dr. Carlisle Cullen's son, and Isabella's boyfriend. I was spending the night in my father's office to be close to her. Bella was a little upset over everything that's happened to her today and came to me."

She looks more sympathetic and nods at me. "Well, thank you for bringing her back. You can head on back to your dad's office now."

Bella steps back shaking her head and looking right at me. "Please ..." is all she manages to say.

"Hush, my love, I told you I won't leave your side and I won't. No one can make me," I say loud enough for the nurse to hear.

"Oh, believe me boy, I could. Isabella, come to me dear right now." Bella looks at her and moves closer to her. "Would it make you feel better if he was in a bed next to your bed?" Bella started to nod the second she knew what the nurse was going to ask.

"In that case, Dr. Cullen's son, you can walk Isabella back to her room, while I get you a bed and some blankets." I tilt my head looking at her, almost shocked that she gave in so easily. "I will always do what's best for my patients. After the day she has had, if it would help settle her by having you in her room, then that's what will happen."

I nod and smile at her. "Thank you," Bella bursts out loudly and the nurse chuckles.

"It's fine dear, just next time, let someone know before you leave the floor. We could've been in a real panic looking for you." Bella nods again and the nurse winks at her before walking off.

I walk Bella back to her room and tuck her into her bed. "I want you to go to sleep now, Little Girl. We have a lot to talk about tomorrow." Bella pales and I lean closer to her. "Don't worry about it, Little Girl. I do understand, but there are a few things we need to address. But you need to know that you can trust me and count on me always. You're my girl, my beautiful sweet girl. And you, Little Girl, have pleased me so much from the very first second I met you. We'll get through this together. Now close your eyes and go to sleep."

Bella nods at me. "Goodnight, Sir, thank you." I smile and kiss her head as she closes her eyes. I sit on the bed and Bella puts her head on my lap right away.

"Anytime, Little Girl, anytime. You really need to learn that I do really mean that," I say as I run my hand through her hair and softy start to hum a tune.

I look to the door as the nurse comes in with my foldout bed, but keep humming to Bella. The nurse doesn't say anything and just takes a quiet look at Bella, before walking back out the door. As Bella's breathing evens out, I let out an angry breath I've been holding inside of me.

I run through everything Renee had said to Bella and what Bella said back to her. Then I go through what she said to me in my office. The pain hits me as I remember that twice now Bella has let it slip that she had feelings of wanting to die, before she met me.

The thought of Bella lying cold, pale and unmoving without a heartbeat makes me want to crumble to the floor, and beg to go with her. I can't believe Renee knew this and brushed it off as Bella just being silly. No wonder Bella was so open to me the first night we met. I was more than likely the first person that had asked her what happened, and truly wanted to hear her answer.

I close my eyes knowing that I'll need to talk to Jasper and Carlisle about this. Where I don't want to betray her confidence, I know that I may need more information on how best to help her. I need to help her, she's mine. She's my girl, my dancer. I absolutely hate that between Charlie and Renee's visits, this girl has almost hit complete rock bottom. It's no wonder at all that she took all the shit her roommates threw at her.

"Your girl is so ready to call you Master, Sir." I look at Bella seeing that she's asleep, but talking to me. "I love Master's touch. That's tickly, Edward," she moans out with a small smile on her face.

I smile down at her when I see the smile on her face, but suddenly her face is full of pain and panic. "Please, I swear that I love you." I close my eyes hating that she seems to be reliving the memory with Charlie again. "Edward… Master, your girl loves you, please ... you have to ... please forgive her, she doesn't want to leave you."

I look down at her hearing my name as she pleads to me. I pull her closer to me.

"I'm not going to let you go, and you have nothing—and I mean nothing—to ask forgiveness for. Please believe me, my love," I say it over and over into her ear. I'm glad when it appears that she has settled into a deeper sleep.

"Edward," I hear my mother say. I slowly open my eyes and see her looking down at me. I turn and see that Bella's still sound asleep. "Son, here's your bag of clothes for Bella and you. I just dropped Phil and Renee off at the airport."

I nod and know she is holding back on telling me something. "We'll talk about it later, Mom. I'd promised Bella that I wouldn't leave her." I look back at Bella who starts holding me tighter when the word leave left my mouth.

"I know my sweet son," she says cupping my cheek as she looks at me with her proud mom face. She moves slightly and looks to Bella and I see sadness and the need to protect her flash in her eyes.

"Give her time, Mom. She still doesn't fully trust that I won't leave her, much less anyone else." I feel Esme touch my shoulder.

"After everything you told me about Charlie, and meeting Renee and spending the night with her, I can't say that I am surprised. But you'll show her, and then your family will show her she has a place to call home, people to call family." I nod at my mom and give her a big smile.

"Thank you, Mom. You have no idea what it means to me to hear you say that."

Mom leans forward, places a kiss on my head. "Always, Edward, I'll let you get some more sleep. I'll call you later." I watch as my mom goes out the door. I smile and look at Bella and place a kiss on her head, before closing my eyes letting Bella have a few more moments of sleep, before I have to wake her, to face the day.

I lay and just watch her sleep. It's a little while later and the door opens again, but this time it's Bella's nurse.

"I'm sorry but we need to wake her up so the doctor can check her over. We'll be back in a few moments."

I let out a sigh. "Little Girl, it's time to wake up." I kiss her lips softy, and feel hers follow mine as I pull back.

Slowly, her eyes open as she looks at me, before she kisses my lips again. "I think I should remind you that we're still on Dom and sub time."

Bella nods at me. "Thank you, Sir, for reminding your girl."

I nod at her. "As much as I want to kiss you, we don't have time as the doctor is coming to look in on you. Like last night, I want you to answer all of his questions."

Bella nods. "Yes, Sir," Bella says as the door opens.

"How are you this morning, Isabella?" Bella bites her lip before looking at the doctor.

"I'm better? Can I go home, please?" I watch the doctor chuckle a little at Bella.

"Let's do a quick exam and check you over first."

"Can Edward stay in this room with us please?"

"Of course, whatever makes you most comfortable."

Bella nods and the doctor starts checking her over.

"That was a rather bad reaction that you had to the peanuts. After looking over your records, I noticed that this is the fourth time, you've been admitted, due to ingesting peanuts."

Bella nods and looks to me. "The swelling in your face and neck have come down a bit. I'm happy to send you home. I really would recommend that you monitor your food more closely, the next time you may not be as lucky."

Bella smiles at him nodding. "I will."

The doctor gives Bella a gentle smile and walks to her room door. "I'll get your discharge papers ready for you. It should only take an hour at the longest. I really want to be clear that you need to watch for anything that has peanuts in it, each case seems to be worse. If you were still a minor I would've reported this to the authorities. I was informed that your mother put the peanut butter in the food, I think you should seriously consider speaking with the authorities yourself. For certain, be sure that you no longer trust food unless you can be sure of it." I nod, too, and watch him as he leaves.

I turn back to look at Bella. "Are you ready to go home, Little Girl?" Bella smiles at me and nods vigorously. "Good, go get washed up, and get dressed. I'll get our breakfast. Esme dropped off these clothes for you," I say putting Bella's bag on the bed. "You have thirty minutes, do you understand, Little Girl?"

"Yes, Sir, your girl understands. Sir, could your girl ask Sir to do something for her, if Sir has time?"

I smile and nod at her, happy that she's actually asking me for anything. "What would that be, Little Girl?"

"Could Sir, tell the administration staff about your girl's change of address? Your girl still hasn't received a bill from when she was in here with the wound on her neck."

I frown that this is her worry and concern. Out of anything she could ask of me, this is what she wants me to do, and then I remember I never told her I took care of the bill.

"Sweet girl, I already paid the bill for the last time you were here. I covered your medical bill then, just like I will this time." I see the panic start to come over her, so I nip it in the bud. "Little Girl, you're my submissive, and this is a part of what I do as your Dominant. I'll always cover your medical care and bills, and furthermore you're my girlfriend. One of the things that I already planned to do was add you to my own personal medical insurance. When we get home, I will be putting you on my coverage, you have no say in this. I will do what I please with my money. Now, go and start your shower, before you end up with a spanking first."

Bella's face pales a little, but I see that she accepts what I say in her eyes. I may have even caught a little note of desire when I talked about spanking her. That's really something I'll need to show her and soon. Of course it'll be to pleasure her and not punish her. "Thank you, Sir, for taking such great care of your girl."

I lean to her, pulling her fully to me and I kiss her soft luscious lips. "Go, now," I say as I slap her ass then knead it gently before letting go. I watch as Bella holds back a moan. "I really can't wait to show you this side of things. I have a feeling that you will enjoy it just as much as I do. I'll be back in half hour, get busy, Little Girl." I place one last kiss on her lips, before turning and walking out of the room.

I call and place an order for pick up at the nearby café, and then I give a few more people a call. By time I get to the café our meals are ready. When I get back to Bella's room, I check the time and am glad it only took me only twenty-four minutes. I walk in and see that Bella's just finishing getting dressed. I move quietly into the room, but she must be able to feel me the same way I can feel her.

"You look beautiful, Little Girl." Bella blushes and for the first time, in what feels like a long time, she gives me an honest meaningful half smile.

"Here's your breakfast, now come and eat before it gets cold." Bella does what I ask and we sit and eat together. I keep our talking light and just say enough to keep her thoughts distracted from where we are. Thankfully, her doctor comes and lets Bella go. We leave the hospital and head straight home. After I put our bags away, I decide that it would be better to have my talk with Bella sooner rather than later.

"Come to my office with me, Little Girl, there are things we need to talk about." Bella pales, but follows me. "Please take a seat," I say to Bella. She sits on the chair in front of my desk and I sit on the edge of the desk in front of her.

"I'm doing this now, because I want it out of the way, I don't want it hanging over your head or mine. I understand that you're still upset over what Renee has said and done. The things I saw her do and overheard her say to you were abusive and cruel. I'm not going to keep her from your life, but I am going to protect you. Just like Charlie, if she calls, emails or anything, you are not to respond until I am with you. Do you understand?"

Bella nods at me. "Yes, Sir, your girl understands," Bella says softly.

"Were you feeling alone, worried or abandoned, before I left the hospital room last night?"

Bella gulps and nods. "Yes, Sir, your girl was ..."

I nod already knowing Bella's being truthful. "When I asked you if you needed to say your code words, why didn't you?" I keep my voice firm, but make sure there is caring in my tone, too.

"Sir, your Girl is sorry. She knew she made a mistake and messed up after you left, that's why she came to you. At the time, she kept hearing Renee's voice tell her that you'll get tired of helping her. That she was being too needy, and requiring you for simple things. And that she should be able to handle things and be better and stronger."

I let out a sigh and stand up. I put my hand gently under her head and tilt it up. "I understand, Little Girl, I really do. But, I have told you about using your code words and colors. I have been very clear with you, that if you need to use them, then you should do so. You have these code words and colors for a reason. I trust you to use them, just as you should know that you are always to trust me to help you when you use them. For that reason, I have decided that I will give you an assessment to do.

"I would like you to write an essay of no less than five hundred words, covering three topics. One, what role a Dom plays in a submissive's life. Two, what role a boyfriend plays in his girlfriend's life. And three, combine the two, and tell me what the differences are, if any. I would like it completed and ready for me to go over by Saturday. The other thing I would like you to do is write in your journal. You have by tomorrow morning to complete a journal entry and put it on my desk.

"I would like to stay in Dominant and submissive time until we come back from the doctor tomorrow. We will end the time after returning home tomorrow and not go back into Dominant and submissive time again until Saturday at six in the evening. We will end our time as always on Sunday evening, are you agreeable with what I've said, Little Girl?"

Bella nods. "Yes, Sir, your girl is agreeable."

I step forward and bend to face her level and kiss her lips. "Do think you are able to work tonight?" Bella nods and pales looking at her watch.

"It's okay Little Girl, I called the college when I was getting you breakfast. I informed them that you were admitted to the hospital after having a severe reaction to peanuts and would not be in today. I know you have assessments that need to be handed in. I have also called Jasper who'll be coming by to collect them and hand them in for you." Bella gives me a smile, still on the forced side, but it's getting better.

"Thank you, Sir, for taking care of your girl."

I kiss her head. "Always," is all I say to her.

"I want you to bring me the assignments, and I will give them to Jasper when he arrives. After that, I want you to go to our room and write in your journal. Once your journaling is done, your time is your own to do with as you please. I would like you to come back to my office at two this afternoon. Do you understand, Little Girl?"

Bella nods. "Yes, Sir, your girl understands."

I smile at her and kiss her lips again. "Good, bring me the things for Jasper and then I'll see you back here at two."

I watch her walk out and let out a breath. Within a few short minutes she returns and hands me three separate folders, each labeled for three different classes. I pat her bottom and she goes out of the office. As soon as I know she's up in our room, I call Esme.

"Edward, dear, I have been waiting on your call. How is Bella?"

"Bella's well. She's still rather quiet, but she's slowly coming out of it. I have given her some stuff to do. Hopefully, it will help," I say with so much hope in my voice.

"I'm sure it will, dear, she just needs time." I nod agreeing with what Esme said, though she can't see me. "Now about that dreadfully awful, deplorable excuse, of a mother ... she destroyed seven thousand dollars of your belongings. Alice and Rose helped clear it up. Emmett and Jasper are already out getting the replacements. They will get them into the pool house when Bella's not there. I don't think it will do her any good to tell her about this."

Again I nod, agreeing with her. "I know it won't. I swear I could kill them, Renee, Charlie, Jacob, Paul, the whole lot of them. It's so hard for me to tell which one of them has done the most damage to Bella." I can hear and feel the anger slowly coming back, so I close my eyes and start to control my breathing.

"We are here for you, Edward and Bella, too, when she's ready. Give Emmett or Jasper a text to let them know when you leave, I love you."

I smile at my phone. "Love you, too, Mom, thank you." I hang up and write in my own journals, both my Dom and personal one. I also call Jenks and have him look up the account that Phil was talking about. Jasper comes and I give him Bella's assignments that she brought to me. I also take the time to touch base with him in person about when he and Emmett can replace everything at the pool house. I let him know when Bella and I are leaving to go to the club.

It's just past one when there is a knock at my door. I look up to see a crying Bella, kneeling at the door.

"Little Girl, come here, what's wrong?" I say. Bella almost runs to me and hugs me tight.

"Your girl is sorry, Sir. She's sorry for keeping you out, please forgive her, Sir."

I smile and kiss her head. "There's nothing to forgive. I've told you that already. Just next time let me in, let me help you. I will always be in your life. I'm not going anywhere, not ever, even if you order me away. You're stuck with me, not even death will keep me from you."

Bella nods. "Your girl is finding this out, but she's still scared, Sir. Your girl is used to always waiting for the other shoe to drop. She's accustomed to all kinds of bad and hurtful things happening when she gets something she wants. Like you – dancing for the Christmas show, those are the things that mean the most to your girl. Charlie left her and now Renee has, too. So when something good comes along, your girl loses something, too. Sir, you're all that your girl has left to lose, and if Sir were to leave her, that will hurt the most." I sigh and hug her to me. "Can you, Sir, help her?"

I nod at her. "Yes, Little Girl, I will help you," I say. I look to see that she has brought her journal with her. "Was writing in your journal what brought this on?" I ask and Bella nods at me.

"Yes, Sir, your girl started to see that she was hurting Sir by keeping him out. Your girl didn't mean to hurt you, Sir."

I frown slightly, finding it unsettling that somehow she turned this all about me and not about her. "I would like to read what you have. You may remain here with me." Bella nods and looks happy about that.

December seventh to the tenth.

Sir has asked his girl to do something very difficult and she's never done it before today. This girl found it hard, and she feels she failed many times doing it. At one time she left the room without asking first. Her sir explained things to her and reprimanded her. As soon as Sir was done with the reprimand it was over, gone and done with. This girl felt happy about that. Normally, if she did something Renee or Charlie did not approve of, they would always bring it back up.

Sir touched his girl for the first time and her first time ... well of being touched, when she wanted to be touched. Something I will need to ask ... if Paul's touch was unwanted and I said no, does it still count? I don't want it to count. Your girl is going to move on.

Sir asked his girl not to wear panties and it felt good, even more so when he was touching her, but she wanted more. He could do anything to her at that point and she wouldn't have cared as long as he kept talking and touching her more. Is that normal?

Renee was not happy with her meal, but this girl told her no for the first time. It—in one way it felt good, but there was so much guilt there, too. But, Sir made his girl able to do it. Saturday was not fun. Renee was really pushing Sir; his girl could see that he was holding back even if Renee was not. His girl felt embarrassed about the way Renee was speaking and acting. But each time, Sir's girl was able to say no and mean it.

Sunday, again Renee took up much of Sir and his girl's time. Renee was being mean about Sir and his girl told her to shut up, but after that, she didn't respond to Sir's girl any longer. Sir's girl used her code words given to her by her Sir, and he did everything he said he would, which made her feel better.

At dinner your girl fell ill and it was Sir that she wanted and could feel the whole time. When she woke up and Sir wasn't there, she panicked. Renee told her that Sir had left her, that he told Renee he was sick of her and got what he wanted from her.

I feel my hand roll into a fist, the fucking evil bitch. That explains Bella thinking I was going to up and leave her. How can someone be so cruel?

The doctor came in and Renee had to leave. Sir's girl felt like her heart was breaking and she just cried. But then Phil told her when he came back in that Edward was waiting to see her, and was very worried about her. Sir's girl didn't understand and looked to Renee who was mad at Phil. She made her choice, but the pain that Sir's girl felt over thinking she lost her friend, boyfriend, and Sir was too much. Sir's girl knew then, that she couldn't cope with the loss of him ever, so she chose him.

Renee left telling Sir's girl that one day she'll come crawling back to her. Sir held his girl the whole time and his girl repaid him by not letting him in. It was a cruel and an unkind thing for her to do, and she hopes that Sir will forgive his girl.

"Little Girl, sit on my desk please." Bella does what I ask quickly. "I really don't know what to say." I let out a breath; just looking at her beautiful face makes me calm. "We will work on your abandonment issues together. Jasper is going to talk to his friend Dr. Banner and get you in as early as next week. I really would like you to open up to Dr. Banner about all of this," I say, tapping the page she just wrote.

"As for Paul, the answer is no; what he did to you does not count." I close my eyes as I hear the anger in my own voice. I open my eyes and look into Bella's worried face and I know now she's worried about me.

"What am I going to do with you? You need to learn to put yourself first. I say we should have some relaxing time before work. Now, tell me what would you like to do?"

Bella bites her lip and looks at me. "If Sir is agreeable, your girl would very much like to watch some cheesy movies, and cuddle up with you."

I nod at her. "Go and pick out the movie and grab a blanket for us, too." Bella does what I ask and I head into kitchen to grab us snacks. Bella hugs into me as we watch the movie. I let her be, but make sure I touch her as much as possible and each touch is as soft she is.

Time seems to pass quickly, and I feel like no time at all was able to be spent together, before Bella and I are heading to the club for work. At the club, I didn't get any work done as I was trying to keep my eyes on Bella the whole time.

I know she's opening up to me, but there's still a shit load of hurt right there at the edge, and the last thing I need is some bitch like Tanya, Jessica, and Lauren, hurting her more. But as the night goes on, I slowly see the girl that I've been falling in love with come back.

"How are you, Little Girl?"

Bella smiles at me and the first time in a week it's a real big true smile. "Your girl feels good, Sir. Vicky was here tonight and she was—" Bella blushes and snaps her mouth shut.

"She was what, Little Girl?"

Bella looks at me. "She was chasing Sir James. Sir James looked a little scared, and your girl has never seen him like that. At one point Sir James tried to hide behind your girl." I raise my eyebrow at her. "It was funny, Sir. Your girl thinks Sir James forgot how small your girl was. Sir James never touched her just stood behind her back. Sir James was on the dance floor and your girl was on the third step. Vicky could still see Sir James' head over the girl's. When Vicky pulled Sir James away he muttered about choosing to hide behind Tinkerbelle."

I chuckle looking into her eyes. "I'm glad you had a good night at work, Little Girl. How about we head home for the night?"

Bella nods at me. We leave the club and head for home. I know the guys have everything replaced and locked up. I'm excited to get home and have time alone with my girl. I pull into the drive and we head into the house. I promptly lead her to our bedroom.

"What color are you, Little Girl."

"Green, Sir, your girl is Green."

I nod at her. "If I said we're sleeping naked tonight, what would your color be?"

"Green Sir, your girl would be green."

Again I nod at her. "If I told you, Little Girl, to undress me what would you be then?"

"Your girl would be and is green, Sir."

I nod at her. "Undress me, Little Girl."

Bella walks over to me and undresses me. I keep my eyes on her the entire time and watch how her eyes linger on my cock which is hard and twitching, like it always is around Bella.

"Now, it's my turn to undress you," I say, moving around to Bella's back. I slowly take each item of her clothing off of her and throw them over to the chair. Once she's naked I look her up and down. "You really are the most beautiful and sexy girl I have ever seen. Come to bed with me, Little Girl.

Once we're in bed, I pull Bella to me, and I begin touching her lightly. Bella isn't moving, like the good submissive. I tug on her ponytail and tilt her chin up.

"What's your color, Little Girl?"

"Sir, your girl's color is green."

"Does my Little Girl want me to show her how good it can feel when her Sir plays with her pussy?" I ask, plainly hearing my own desire.

"Sir, if it pleases you, your girl would like that."

I slip my fingers down and instead of lightly petting her mound, I run my fingers down enough to cup her. I push my middle finger between her folds and I'm met with the dampness of her arousal. I bring my finger up her slit and lightly circle her clit.

"I'm going to make you come, and I want to hear you. Just relax and let whatever sounds come out that want to come out. What is your color, Little Girl?"

"Green Sir, your girl is green."

I circle her clit again, adding a little pressure, and the moan that comes from her mouth, automatically increases my movements. I have no intent on penetrating her in any way, but I will get her off, by stimulating her clit. She's panting and she's moaning. I increase my movements and when her body gives me the obvious tell that she is about to fall over the edge, I order her to look into my eyes.

As she moans out, her eyes show me just how much confidence this just gave her. I hold her and kiss her, as she calms and her breathing becomes normal.

"We have a long day tomorrow, Little Girl, it's time for rest. Good night," I say with a kiss.

"Goodnight, Sir, your girl thanks you."

"You're welcome, Little Girl."


I walk Bella into Jane's office. Jane is the doctor I take all my submissives to, and she's also my mother and sister's doctor, so I know I can trust her to look after Bella.

Jane does all the checks and goes over Bella's medical history. Bella and I had talked a little on Saturday about what she should choose, and we both agreed that she would take the shot, as long as Jane agreed.

"Bella, you seem fit and healthy; everything seems to be right on the mark. Your weight and blood pressure is perfect. I'll start you on the birth control shot today and you will be due on the tenth of March for your next one." Bella nods in understanding.

"You must still use something until all of the tests come back. Your blood test results will all be back by Friday, just call the main desk for them. If there is anything strange on the Pap smear, we'll contact you immediately. If you have any problems, just give me a call. It's been very good to meet you, Bella. Esme has been raving about you for weeks now. Alec will be sorry he missed you, of all the days he had to go on a training course."

I chuckle at Jane. "He'll meet her soon enough. I got my invitation to the ball this morning. I hoping this beautiful creature will accompany me."

Jane smiles happily at me. "Well, I guess I'll see you then. Have a good day, both of you."

I walk Bella out and drive her home. I know that she wants to ask me about the ball. I know she's waiting for me to talk to her about the ball, but I want Bella, my beautiful girlfriend with me that night, so that is who I will ask.

When we get home, I end our Dominant and submissive time, and I tell her again just how very proud I am of her and how well she's done.

"So, about the Ball . . ." Bella's head snaps up from her dinner plate as I bring up the ball. "I give a large amount of money to the hospitals in Seattle each year. So, I always get asked to attend their balls. Esme and Carlisle also attend every year, and I would very much like it if you would accompany me to the ball this year." Bella nods at me and I smile at her. "It's two weeks from this coming Saturday."

Bella looks at me in shock. "So, is this like a date? Will we be out as boyfriend and girlfriend?"

I tilt my head at her, trying to think of why she said it that way. It's not like we haven't been ... shit we haven't. I slap my hand over my face knowing full well I need to kick my own ass. "Oh, my beautiful girl, yes, as boyfriend and girlfriend. In fact, I would very much like to take you out tomorrow on our first date as a couple; what do you say?"

Bella blushes and she nods at me. "I would like that very much, but I can wait 'til the ball, you don't need to rush and take me out, I wasn't meaning like that ..."

I cup her face and pull it to me so I can kiss her. "I know that, but the truth is I think I have seen you as my girlfriend for such a long time, it escaped me that I hadn't taken you out, with you knowing what you are to me."

I watch as Bella chuckles at me and I smile happily that she seems to become happy again. But, I really can't get rid of the uneasy feeling that something is going to happen, and the fact that we've heard nothing from Jacob lately is putting me on edge.

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