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MHN: Epilogue – Ten years later.

I watch with Aro and Sulpicia as our kids play together. AJ and Chloe dance around the hall. They're both eleven now, and AJ seems to have picked up his mom's knack for dancing. Well, all of our kids seem to have picked up on it actually.

We are a large family of five—three boys and two girls. When AJ was five we welcomed our second son, Jonathan. Then our twin girls, Jennifer and Eva, joined us three years ago. And lastly, we had our third son Stephan six months ago.

Even with Bella and I being on our toes, running around after them all, we still find time for each other, both in our vanilla and Dom and submissive relationships.
I still work mainly at the club. Bella now teaches dance at her studio full-time and tutors part-time free of charge.

It's not just our lives that have grown. Seth and Claire are now married with a little girl named Faith. Due to complications while having Faith, Claire is unable to have any more children. Phil and Maggie are also married and have three children. Rose and Emmett had a girl, Samantha, five years ago and are happy they have one of each. Alice and Jasper have just the one, a boy named Calvin.

My mom and dad ended up adopting Robbie and Lilly when they were still with them, after three years. They still do foster care, too, and we've had many children pass through the doorway. A lot of those kids have kept in touch with my mom and dad, letting them know how they are getting on.

I cheer at the end of AJ and Chloe's dance, and the other kids come in to join them for one last group dance. I smile seeing my girls dancing in their tutus; I knew they would look great in them.

Everyone stands up giving the children a well-deserved round of applause. I sit and wait for the other child to come out before heading to the back with Stephan on my hips.

"There's my baby boy, mama missed you," Bella says taking him.

"He missed you, too. Looks as if we may have another dancer on our hands, by the way, he was bouncing about." Bella chuckles kissing my lips.

"And, I am so proud of all of you, you all did great," I say pulling each of my kids in for a hug.

After we're ready we all get in the car and head home. When we walk in, the kids start doing their chores as Bella and I get dinner ready.

"I'm so looking forward to the weekend and having you all to myself." Bella looks at me nodding.

"I want to play, too, AJ," Jonathan shouts.

"No, it's mine and I don't want you to play," AJ shouts back.

"Can we play, too, AJ?" Eva and Jennifer say together and that's all it takes before they're all screaming at each other. I drop my head on to Bella's shoulder.

"I better go deal with them before they kill each other."

I walk out with a long sigh and head to where the screaming is coming from.

"Enough!" I yell and my tone is enough to make them all look my way.

"They started it," AJ says first, and that's all it takes to set them all off again.

I slam my hand down on the table and change everything about my stance and tone. It's clear I need to show them I mean what I am saying.

"Each of you go to your own rooms now. Eva, you can go to my and Mom's room and sit on the sofa. Not one word out of any of you until I come and speak to each of you. Move it, now," I say pointing to the stairs. They all move quickly and I let out a breath, and begin my punishment plan.

I detach the cords from the x-box. Then get their cell phones, laptops, and tablets for those that have them. Since Eva and Jennifer only have learning tablets, I take them and take two of their other favorite toys. I take these to my office and put them in the time-out closet.

I walk in to speak to Eva first. I tell her that the yelling and hitting of her brother and sister was not called for. I then tell her what she lost for the next twenty-four hours. She nods saying she's sorry and walks down to help Bella.

I do the same with each of the kids leaving AJ to the end.

"What was that about?" I ask sitting down.

AJ just sighs. "He's always copying me and as soon as he's there, then the girls turn up."

"Jonathan just wants to be like you, and wants to be your friend," I say slowly, but AJ rolls his eyes at me.

"AJ, don't be rude, or I will be adding another day to your punishment," I say looking down at him.

"But that's not fair, I didn't do anything," he cries and I give him a look.

"You hit your little brother; I'd say that's doing something wrong," I explain and AJ opens and closes his mouth.

"He was annoying me. I just wanted to play with my friends."

"AJ, you've been told you cannot play online without your Mom or me being in the room with you, and what is wrong with playing with your brother?"

"He's stupid and gets me killed," AJ says still sounding in a huff.

"Your brother is not stupid and don't use those words; I have told you before about that. Words can and do hurt people just as much as hitting does. AJ, he loves you and he wants to spend time with you. I'm not saying that we're asking you to be his best friend or play games with just him, but be nice. We only ask that you try and remember that he's your brother and sometimes, it's okay to play a game or two with him. It's only fair after all; he always shares his toys with you."

AJ starts to look a little more sheepish and nods at me. "I'm sorry, Dad."

I nod at him giving him a hug. "Come on, let's go and help Mom finish dinner."

"Okay," AJ says and walks out of his room.

This is not the first time they have all fought and I am sure won't be the last. When they do things wrong they always get punished fairly, as well as spoken to. Bella and I agreed when we had kids, that we were their parents not their friends. We didn't want to be the cool new-age parents, just good parents. We strive to make sure they're taught right from wrong.

Dinner thankfully, goes without any more fighting and the kids all seem to be talking to each other. I clean up as Bella does the bedtime stories for those who want one. When she walks into the living room, I pull her to me kissing her lips.

"Daddy, you forgot to hug me," Jennifer says, and I sigh moving away from Bella. I take Jennifer's hand, taking her back to bed, give her a hug and tuck her in.

"It's bedtime," I say as I turn back off her light.


Bella and I wave bye to the kids as I drive away from Mom's house, heading to the club. Tonight, I am doing a demonstration with Bella for the newer Doms and submissives. After that we will be splitting and having meetings. Bella, along with Carmen, Vicky, and Sulpicia will be holding a submissive group meeting. James, Aro, and I will be handling the Doms.

Soon as we are both ready, Bella kneels in her inspection pose.

"Are you willing to accept this collar, and be my Little Girl?"

I watch her slightly move her lips, but she does not answer me.

"You may answer me, Little Girl."

"Yes, Master, your girl agrees to wear you collar."

I kiss her head and remove her general collar from her neck replacing it with the one I have in my hand.

"Are you ready for this, Little Girl? You may answer me."

"Yes, Master, your girl is ready."

I put my hand out and help her to stand. "Let's get this party started."

I walk out with Bella walking behind me. I help her onto the stage. I remove her housecoat leaving her in her bra and panties. Her body shape has changed over the years, and carrying five kids has given her a fuller figure. For me she's just sexier than she was before.

"Welcome to this evening's learning demonstration. A warm welcome to all Dominants and Dominatrices, as well to all submissives joining us this evening."

I take a moment to look over the crowd and notice many of the club's older members, as well as many new faces. I knew the older group would be in full attendance tonight. Every time Bella and I have put on a demonstration, we've had a full audience. I know it's my sweet wife and submissive's charm that draws them in, not my skill.

"For those of you who don't know me well, I'm Master Edward Cullen. This is my bonded submissive and wife, Bella. After this evening's demonstration there will be two group meetings. The Dominants and Dominatrices will meet here in the main room. There will be an election of officers for the next year of the club. The submissives will all be meeting in the large private room – that's room three. If you have any questions, please be sure to ask.

"For the demonstration this evening, we will be showing you the use of leather strap, restraint bondage and aftercare. The items we are using for this demonstration you will find on the tables in the bar area. Without further ado, we shall begin."

I turn and see Bella is still standing where I left her and her head is turned down. Her feet are shoulder width apart and her arms folded behind her back. I walk in a circle around her, without saying a word.

"Little Girl, you may answer all questions asked of you. Do you know your safe words?"

"Yes, Master, your girl knows her safe words."

"What is your color, Little Girl?"

"Master, your girl is green."

"Very well, follow me," I say stepping over to the whipping bench that is dead center of the stage. "On the bench and lie back. Hands above your head and put your feet flat on the table."

I watch as my sweet girl follows all my orders. I grab the buzzer and show it to the crowd. "This is a buzzer that my submissive will have in her hand. I will be gagging her with the use of a ball gag. Since I'll effectively be removing her ability to speak, this will be her way of signaling me. If she needs to stop, she will press the button once and not let go until I stop. Like this," I say tapping Bella's thigh.

She holds in the button and the buzzing sound is quite noticeable. When I stop tapping her thigh, she lets go of the buzzer.

"If she wants me to slow down, since she can't say yellow, she will push and release the button in sets of three buzzes." I pat her thigh again and she sets off the buzzer in three short rips.

I grab the ball gag and hold it up for all to see. I move to Bella's head and stroke her cheek. "Lift your head, Little Girl." She does as directed and I place the ball gag in her mouth. I strap the gag into place and check it for snugness. "Using your head movements in response, can you breathe okay?"

Bella gives me a nod.

"Lie back, if you need me you know the instructions with the buzzer as you demonstrated for us all."

I turn back to the crowd. "First, I will be using fur-lined cuffs. These are nice as they don't cause chafing and can be worn for hours on end." I strap a cuff on each of Bella's wrists and ankles.

I pick up a leather strap harness and explain it to the crowd. I fit the neck opening over Bella's head and help her lean up. I fasten it on her body and look at the way it wraps around her body. There is a leather strap crossing her chest, with a solid O ring between her breasts. The halter strap opening for her neck and the crossed straps all meet together and buckle on each side. This is a nicer design, so that the buckles are not digging into the submissive's back.

I turn back to the crowd, and show them the next restraints. "These are a leather buckle closure restraint that allows me to keep my submissive's legs bent."

I move to Bella and straighten her leg slightly and strap the restraint to her thigh. I bend her leg back up and strap the other half to her calf. I check to make sure they are secure, and then I lift her foot off the table, showing how her whole leg will move. I do the other side, and once they are done I can't help but stroke my thumbs over her inner thigh flesh.

Next, I pick up a carabiner clip, and show it to the crowd and explain the uses. I move to Bella and using the clips I bring the D ring from both ankle cuffs up and connect them to the large O ring between her breasts. When I'm done she is lying on her back with her legs spread wide and ankles secured to her chest. I then use another set of clips and secure each of her wrist cuffs to the D rings on the top of each thigh.

I step back and show everyone how secure my girl is. Everyone claps and I raise my hand. "Now, the most important part of using any types of restraints is proper aftercare. I should always remove things efficiently, and be sure to check the muscles for cramping. Check skin for any signs of discoloration or cuts."

I move back over to my girl and I first remove her ball gag, since it had been on the longest. I stroke her jaw muscles and gently wipe her mouth, because ball gags always make a person drool. I unhook the clips from her wrists and ankles. I then remove the thigh restraints. I rub down her legs and calves. I remove her wrist and ankle cuffs rubbing them all down.

As I remove everything and rub her down, I explain beat for beat what I am doing and why. Once I have all of the restraints removed from my girl, I help her to stand. I kiss her hand and turn back to the crowd.

"Thank you, everyone, for your attendance this evening. Please show your appreciation to Bella for being a great submissive this evening."

Everyone claps.

"Now, there is a light dinner being served, please help yourselves. In one hour we will break apart to have our meetings. Master Aro and submissive Sulpicia will be available in the bar area to answer any questions about the restraints. Master Caius, and Master James are also here to help field questions. Thank you again for your time."

I signal Bella and she follows me as we make our way back to my office. Once the door closes I turn and pull her into my arms.

"You did great, love," I say into Bella's ear softly.

"Thank you, Master. Your girl wishes to ask a question?"

"Go ahead."

"Will Master please do that again soon in private, so that Master can play with his girl?"

"Little Girl, are you feeling needy?" I ask knowing she is. I could smell her arousal as I was binding her thighs.

"Master, your girl is needy, but trusts her Master to decide what she needs."

"You have twenty minutes to make me come, you may only have your release if you give me mine first. Now undress me, your time starts now."

She makes quick work of removing my shirt, wife beater and jeans. She pulls down my boxer briefs. When she stands up I pull the bra and panties from her body. I pull her over to the sofa and sit pulling her on my lap.

"Ride me, Little Girl."

Within seconds she has lowered herself down on me and is bucking her hips wildly. I do my best to hold off, but my girl does know my body, just as I know hers. Within minutes she has me crashing over the edge and I pinch her clit. "Cum now," I order and my girl moans out her release.

I help my girl up and help her clean up. I quickly feed her a few bites off of the fruit and cheese tray. I make sure she drinks a bottle of water. We get dressed into club clothes and get ready to head out. I remove my girl's in-use collar and put her every day collar back around her neck. I place a kiss on her neck and the lock of the collar and thank her for her submission.

"See you in a few hours," I say before I kiss her lips and wink at her.

I move to the main room where all the Dominants are Dominatrices are sitting. "Does everyone have a drink?" I ask as I pour myself a Scotch from my own private stock.

There are mumbles of yes and I walk over taking my seat. "Did you enjoy the show?" Aro asks to open the meeting.

"Yeah, it was great. I wish my submissive responded like Edward's does," Billy says a little sadly. "It was like she was reading his mind, she was able to adapt so quickly to what he wanted and sometimes it felt like they were almost dancing together up there."

I look to Aro and James who are both grinning away.

"We have been together for over ten years now; we have learned a lot about each other's wants, likes, dislikes, and needs. Our ability to move together like that is from experience, and we can anticipate each other's movements."

"Edward is very modest; he and Bella have a real unique relationship. Aro and I have seen them together from the moment they met, and they've always seemed to have that strange ability to read the other without words. However, Edward is right in saying that things come with time. Just because you are a Dom doesn't mean you know everything, or that you won't make mistakes yourself. You will make mistakes, because we all do. I still make mistakes; we're all human first and foremost. Learning about your submissive and her wants and likes, will also help you learn and teach her your own."

They all nod at us. "Have you ever had your submissive be with another girl? How does a Dom such as me, convince my submissive to be with another woman, and that it would great?"

"You can't and won't," I say a little harshly and Daniel looks at me.


I shake my head at him. "Daniel, this lifestyle and choice to be a part of this lifestyle is about both of you. You and your submissive can't make the other want something you or she did not want going in. That's why we have lists and contracts. We all have limits, a Dom can only push the boundaries so far, before it is an issue of disrespect toward your submissive," Aro says softly.

"But, Sir James, for example, I've seen him and Vicky and the other young chick," Daniel says while looking at James.

James chuckles a little. "Daniel, I love my wife, and she is my submissive, but she also has some Dominatrix side to her personality. I will never, ever, be a submissive nor will I be even a soft switch. I knew this side of Vicky before we married and before we had our Ceremony of the Roses. This is a part of my girl. We have very detailed rules regarding Vicky with her submissive, she can do what she needs, but within our own rules together. As for Carmen, she's been in this life for years. Her Master and husband passed away and she doesn't want another, at the same time, she misses this life and what she's always gotten from it. Tia has been our friend for years and she likes be to be displayed a lot, so she enjoys the public displays."

Daniel nods in what seems to be understanding.

"But, like Aro said, this is about both parties wanting and coming together. I would never allow Vicky to touch a male submissive and where I can watch the show, I can't touch her submissive."

Daniel lets out a sigh. "It's just… the film you did they were bad ass. Even my girl thought they were amazing. Watching the things your girl had Tia and Carmen doing. The ways it was all done, it was so erotic and I truly enjoyed it. My girl loved all the aspects of it. I talked to her, but she just didn't want me touching other people or having some other than me touching her. She is perfectly fine with the voyeurism portion of it and was really turned on by that part."

"How does she feel about the other people touching each other as you are touching her or not touching her?" James asks and Daniel just looks at him.

"You could do that scene we did. You could touch her, tie her up, but then have other Doms and submissives start to play with each other around you all. You have to slowly test boundaries, you never know they may grow as she is introduced slowly and more hands on. Just be sure to always first and foremost protect her boundaries."

Daniel looks intrigued about what James said and I smile know this is something Bella and I have done with Vicky, James and Tia. They never touched my girl and I never touched them, but it was hot. We did a huge role play scene and it was really erotic and hot. I got to play a bad guy that was trying to get information from the young, hot, cop's daughter.

James, Vicky, Tia, and I were playing the bad guys. We staged it like we were breaking into Bella's house. The idea was I needed information, but also wanted to corrupt the little girl. Bella played her part well. I brought her to the bridge of having an orgasm before stopping. She was panting away as Tia started to fuck Vicky with her tongue beside us. Vicky then started to fuck Tia with a strap on. Every time Tia came, I would spend time whispering many different erotic nasty things in her ear. While Vicky was fucking Tia, I would use a crop and pleasure spank my girl. Bella was panting away; I knew she wanted me to fuck her hard.

So I took the game up again by putting a butt plug in her that resembles a hook. Then I bent her over the bed, where she could still watch Tia now licking Vicky, as James was down her throat. The hook-like plug had a chain that would go snug with each thrust in my girl and it would pull her nipples and clit in the most delicious way.

When I was about to come I'd stop everything and slowly fuck her with the hook only. James told Vicky to fuck him hard in the meantime so she is now riding his cock. I watched Bella as I fucked her, and she was watching the goings on close to us. Tia was now on her back as Vicky's face was buried against her pussy while James was behind and inside of Vicky.

I'm not sure what the hell happened, but the next thing I know, I'm under Bella balls deep in her ass and fucking her hard. I just managed to get hold of the vibrating clip attached to her clit and flip it to full speed. I gasped out for her to come as much as she wants. My recovery time was not an issue, I had other plans. After removing the equipment from my girl, I ate her pussy through two more screaming orgasms.

After all of that I ended up fucking her for two hours before I allowed myself to come again. Both of us fell into a heap on the floor.

That was the only time we've ever done something like that, we both enjoyed it, but I know that it's not something we will do often—if ever again.

The rest of the questions seem to be the general stuff. How to handle worries of failure, not sure when to punish, if they're not doing it right.

Between the three of us we are able to answer their questions. We finally go over the list of officers, and much as I expected nothing changes. After the vote, all of the current officers remain seated.

It's really late tonight when we lock up and Bella and I head home.

"How was the meeting?" I ask when we're stripping for bed.

"It was good; there were only a few things we had to go over. One of the submissives felt that her Dom was pushing her into some things she didn't want."

"Sheila?" I ask knowing that's Daniel's girl. Bella looks at me nodding a little. "Daniel also talked to us. We had a word with him."

Bella smiles and lets out a breath. "Vicky shared some of her experiences with her, I did, too. I told her that I found it erotic; however, I was glad that I didn't touch another and either did you."

I smile at her before kissing her head. "I only want you—only and always—just you," I say kissing all around her neck.

Bella and I fall into bed and I spend the next few hours showing her just how much I love her and what she still does to my body.


We're having a family day and I am packing the car when Bella goes to get the mail. I watch her as she's coming back and I notice immediately she's reading a letter and frowning.

"What's wrong, love?" I say when she reaches me.

"Charlie," is all she says as she looks down at the kids. She hands me the letter and I take a quick look at it. I see that it's a request for her to come and see him.

"We'll talk later," I say kissing her head before opening the car doors for the kids. I open Bella's door after all the kids are strapped in. I make sure she is settled and walk around to my door.

"Is everyone ready to go to the water park?" I ask and there are echoes of yeses from them all. I smile as I set off.

We arrive at the water park a little after ten, I take AJ and Jonathan, and Bella takes Eva, Jennifer, and Stephan to get changed. We meet outside the changing rooms before heading to the pools.

I spend a little time with Stephan as Bella teaches the girls to swim with AJ and Jonathan's help. When they're done and the girls have the floaties on their arms, I take the four older kids to the slides. Bella keeps Stephan to the softly plays for the under ones.

AJ is the first to go down followed by Jonathan. The girls being a little younger and scared, they sit on my knees of the family slide. We slide down together and they giggle the whole way. We all land in the water and go under and I pull them to me standing up.

"That was fun, Daddy," Eva says, I chuckle and nod at her.

"Dad, can we play volleyball, you and the girls against me and Jonathan?" AJ yells standing near the net.

"Sure, hop on my back girls," I say as soon as they are both on I start to swim over to the boys.

We have been playing for about ten minutes when AJ tells the girls to join his winning team. So right now it me against all four of my curtain climbers.

I hit the ball gently over the net and Eva, who is on AJ's shoulders hits it back. It goes to the side and I swim over to get the ball that landed at the feet of a woman standing there.

"Sorry," I say and the woman removes her glasses and gives me a look over.

"No problem, are you babysitting?"

I chuckle a little and shake my head. "No they're all mine," I say waving my hand toward my group.

She looks at the kids and back to me. "They're all beautiful, must take after you," she says trying to give me a sexy smile.

"Nah, not really, they all take after their beautiful mother and here she comes with my baby boy," I say seeing Bella walking toward me.

"Hey. Beautiful," I say when she reaches me.

"Hi, I just came to see if you were ready for lunch yet?"

I kiss her lips pulling her into the water with me carefully as she's holding Stephan.

"Not that kind of lunch," Bella says as she smiles at me.

"Yeah, lunch sounds good, let's go get the monsters," I say.

I take Stephan from her and she kisses my lips swimming over to the kids and coming back to me.

"Sorry again," I say to the woman before bouncing Stephan in and out of the water.

"So how about lunch then we go to the zoo?" Bella says.

The kids all quickly agree. It doesn't take us long to get dressed and find a nice little bench to eat our lunch. The kids all help clean up and I take the trash over to throw it away.

"You have a really nice family," someone says beside me and I look to her seeing that it's the same woman as before.

"Yes, I know that I do."

"She's very lucky to have someone like you."

I shake my head. "God, no, I'm the lucky one. She's an amazing woman, wife, and mother," I say looking back at the woman.

"You don't remember me, do you?"

I tilt my head trying to work out if I've seen her before. She looks to be in her thirties a little overweight, but wears clothes that seem suited for her figure. Her hair is a dirty blond, and she's not wearing much makeup.

I shake my head at her. "Sorry," I say and she looks a little embarrassed.

"I am not real sure I should say, maybe I should leave it alone..."

"Honey," Bella says as she comes up to me her eyes go from me to the woman next to me. "Lauren?" Bella says after squinting her eyes.

That's when it clicks. The woman I have been talking to is the girl that helped make Bella's college life hell.

"You look different," Bella say as Lauren pales a little.

"Yeah, I'm wearing clothes that fit. I'm not bleaching my hair or wearing more makeup than Bozo the clown. Those things alone would do that," Lauren says with a little chuckle.

"You look really good, Bella, and I really would love to know what moisturizer you use because you still look eighteen."

I smile a little hearing Lauren's words to be filled with truth.

"Don't really do much just the same old coco butter creams," Bella says looking to watch our kids playing tag.

"What about you, how thing's been?" Bella asks and I put my arm around her waist kissing her head.

"Not a lot, I just got divorced, actually."

Bella looks at her sadly. "I am sorry," Bella starts to say, but Lauren shakes her head.

"I found him balls deep inside of Jessica. Apparently, she thought that I'd still be okay with the sharing. Which she knew was a pack of lies—she knew how much I loved—love Eric. But you know what, it's his loss. I wanted kids, too, and he didn't so here I am thirty-three, single and no kids. Hell, I don't even have a job now, because I worked for him at his business."

"Lauren, I'm really sorry that all happened to you. If you give me your number and what kind of job you looking for, I can call you if anything turns up."

Lauren just looks at Bella before taking the paper and pen I hand to her. "Bella, I know it was long ago and I am sure it's not keeping you up a night, but I would still like to say I am sorry for how I behaved and what I did to you. I was filled with anger and hate. Basically a shit a lot of stuff happened to me, and Jessica took me under her wing. I thought that she was helping me, but I see now she just wanted a puppet. I'm really sorry, if I could go back and change it I would. Please know that I am not that girl anymore."

"If I thought you were, I wouldn't have motioned to Edward that he should offer to help you," Bella says. "You seem calmer and much nicer."

I have to agree with Bella's assessment, there even seems to be a change in how Lauren even speaks.

"Well, I'll let you get back to your family; it was good seeing you again." Lauren waves and walks away.

"Oh, wow," Bella says and I nod at her.

"Really is a small world," I chuckle and walk to the kids.

"All right, let's get over to the Zoo," I say and we all walk back to the car.

The rest of the day goes by and when we get home after eating out, the kids are all falling asleep. I put the girls to bed and Bella helps the boys. As soon as they are all tucked in, Bella and I head to our room for an early night.

"What do think Charlie wants?" Bella asks as she folds her clothes.

"I'm really not sure. Do you want to go and see him?" Charlie's name has not been spoken in over seven years.

Bella looks at me and sighs. "No, I don't want anything to do with him. If he wants to tear me down, I won't deal with that. He's twenty odd years too late to say he's sorry. That ship has sailed. In the letter he said that he also asked Seth, though. I have a feeling Seth will want to see him and I don't want him to be alone. So, if Seth agrees to see him, then I would like to be there, too. And, if possible ... you, too?"

I pull her to me. "Of course I will be there for you. If that's the case and Seth wants to go, we'll work it out. Don't worry about it tonight; we'll find out what Seth thoughts are tomorrow."

Bella kisses my head and pulls me to the bed. "Come to bed so I can show my husband how much I desire him."

I smile walking to the bed. I start chuckling as Bella ties my hands to the bed. This is something we do now and again and I really love Bella tying me up and having her way with me.

"Ready for me, hubby?"

I smirk at her. "Do your worst, love," I say and that's when she starts her sweet torture on me.


Just like Bella thought Seth wanted to see Charlie, so the four of us, because Claire wanted to be here for Seth, too, all go together. We are all sitting at the table waiting for Charlie to come in. I watch as the door opens and Charlie's led in.

"Hi," he says as he's seated in his chair across from all of us.

"I didn't know that you were coming, too," Charlie says looking at Claire and me.

"We're here for them," Claire says looking right back at Charlie showing him she's not afraid of him.

"How have you two been?" Charlie asks as he rolls his eyes at Claire.

"We've been good," Seth says as he takes Claire's hand.

"Any kids?"

"Bella and Edward have five, three boys and two girls. Claire and I have one girl," Seth says with a little sigh.

"Just the one? You know I would like to have known, gotten an invite to the wedding or something."

Seth stuns us all by laughing loudly. "You haven't tried to talk to me in over eleven years, you disowned me and you thought I would tell you about my life? Why did you want to see Bella and me? Is it to go through everything you missed over the years?"

Charlie just looks at Seth more like shocked about how angry he seems to be. "I miss you, and your mother no longer has any contact with me. Leah stopped, too, she says it was all my fault—that I should've let Sue go, left her with Harry. If I did, she would be free to live her life in the outside world and not rotting away in prison."

I roll my eyes over the fact the Leah still seems to be blaming everyone for her own actions.

"So, because the queen of darkness no longer wants to be a part of your life, you thought, oh I have two kids I can have them back in my life, and we'd just come running?" Seth asks sounding even angrier than before.

"I'm dying," Charlie says lowly and Bella looks at me then back to Charlie.

"What?" Bella say weakly.

"I have cancer, throat and lung. I've known for a few years, but there's nothing left for them to do here. I just wanted my family, wanted to see my kids, my grandkids before I die."

Bella starts to shake her head. "No, you can't see my kids. I'm really sorry that you're going through this, but I was never a part of your life—why should I be a part of your death? It took years—years of talking to Dr. Banner—for me to heal from what you did to me. Seth, I'm sorry, but I can't sit here any longer." Bella stand up and hugs Seth and Seth looks to Claire.

"Go with Bella please," he says and Claire looks at me then to Seth.

"I'll stay; tell Bella I'll be there soon."

Claire gets up and goes out the door to get Bella.

"You allowed someone who tried to rape her stay in your house, even after you saw the video of what he did to her. You stayed in contact with Jacob, the guy who more or less put her in that room with Paul. You chose him over her time and time again. You always chose everyone and anyone over her and you think she would allow you to see her kids? You didn't even say you were sorry," Seth says as the tears he's been holding back fall.

"I didn't—"

Seth holds up his hands. "Don't say it, don't bother. The truth is you didn't care. You just don't want to die alone now so you attempt this act of pure bull. It is an act, I can tell. So what is the real reason we're here, is it money for treatments not available to you for free in here that you are after?"

Charlie looks down at the table showing that Seth may be on to something.

"Well, save yourself from asking me. I'm just a school teacher and Claire is a nurse, we don't have much. What we do have I wouldn't give up for the likes of you. So not only can I not help you, but I wouldn't if I had the means," Seth says pushing his seat out.

"What you can help, there must be some way? They alone have more money than they know what to do with," Charlie says pointing at me. "He's loaded, you could get it from him, ask him for it," Charlie yells as he pulls on Seth's arm.

"What? Why would I do that? He's sitting right here. If you think he'd help, ask him yourself."

"You, boy have always been a disappointment! You just couldn't choose us, could you? You had to be with that slut who has five kids now. Does she even know who the fathers of them are? She's even making you and your wife work when you could be home with your kid, is that being a good sister? Don't make the same mistake you did all those years ago, this time choose me," Charlie says with a sneer.

"I see you haven't changed at all. Why did you ask her here if you still feel that way about her?"

"It was the only way to get you here, please Seth. I don't want to die, you have to help me, and I'm all you have."

Seth shakes his head. "No, Charlie that is where you are completely wrong. I have my Mom, we may still not be as close as what we were but we're better. Her new husband treats her well and he is damn good to me and my family as well. I work in a job that I love. I have my family and Edward's family. I have the best sister in the world that never turns her back on me no matter what. To top it off, I have a beautiful wife and daughter.

"You know, Charlie, marriage is not easy and it the hardest job next to being a dad there is. Bella and Edward are always there to help me when I need it. When I screwed up and lost Claire for that month, it was them that helped me. They're the ones that got me to see I was being a jerk. It's a shame you never saw her for the wonderful woman she is.

I am sorry to hear of you illness, but there nothing I can do for you. Goodbye, Charlie, for the last time." Seth stands up and walks out and I smile happily that Seth got to say the things he needed to say.

"What the fuck are you grinning at?" Charlie asks.

"Nothing, you really have no idea what you threw away all those years ago. But all I can say is thank you. You gave me a great girl, who's a perfect wife and mother. Because of your stupidity, I also gained a great brother-in-law, who I think of as my family in every way. Goodbye, Charlie," I say standing up but Charlie loses it and comes at me.

I enjoy the few punches I get in before he is dragged away. The warden comes and apologizes for not having better control of Charlie. I just tell him it's okay, while inside I'm happy I finally got the chance to hit the fucker.

Seth and Bella seem to be a little quiet on the way home, but it only takes seeing the whole family to have them smiling again.


It's been six months since we went to see Charlie. Last week we got a call saying that he passed away in his sleep. The family organized a small send off for him. It was more for Bella, Seth, and Sue to get some closure. They along with Claire, Eleazar, and I were the only people there. Once Charlie was in the ground we went home to be with the rest of the family. I had been thinking of the others that had hurt Bella and where they were now.

I already knew that Lauren was now working in the bank and is seeing a new younger guy but seems to be happy. Jessica is single mom. It turns out Lauren's ex-husband didn't stick around when Jessica told him she was pregnant. So now Jessica is a single parent of six children. All of her children have one thing in common; they all have different fathers.

I spoke to Tanya's father a while back. It turns out that Tanya is still single and no longer in the BDSM community. She is actually working for a living in a factory in Wisconsin.

Paul and Jacob are still in prison, where they will live until they die. Due to the markings they have, they were unable to hide the crimes they did. Several of the other inmates found out the full story and there have been many attacks and fights. In one attack they actually killed someone and now have life sentences each for that murder.

They were both moved away from each other and into new prisons. Somehow word got around the new prisons, too. Soon the wrong person found out that they believed that no woman could say no to a Dom, and now they both have become everyone's favorite bitches at the prisons where they reside.

Renee and Leah, who are at the same prison, are not doing that well. Neither of them have aged well, and Leah was in a scandal just last month when it was found she was fucking some of the guards to get out of doing work. But, of course, when it all came out she played the poor me card. She claimed they made her and forced her, but yet again the full thing was taped. The guards lost their jobs, but Leah was shown to be the liar and whore she really is. She also shanked a guard for not lying for her and now is facing more time for that.

People may think that her punishments are a little harsh, but she even offered the judge a blow job if he let her out early. When he charged her with attempted bribery, she stripped naked in the courtroom. Apparently, that was a show that now everyone present wishes they could burn from their brains.

Renee seems to have quieted down. She really hasn't aged well and her health, too, has taken quit the hit. Ironically, she has developed an allergy to peanuts. She has been taken to the prison's infirmary six times due to eating them. She really is stupid. She hasn't tried to contact any of us, and for that I'm thankful.

I'm happy to see that AJ is off to stay with Rose and Emmett. Jonathan wanted to go spend the night with Phil and Maggie and play with his cousins there. The girls go to mom and dad, and Alice and Jasper take Stephan for the night. As Alice and Jasper leave with Stephan, I close the door and smile against the side of Bella's neck.

"How are you feeling, baby?" I ask.

"I'm okay, but would really like to play for a little bit if that's all right?"

I watch as Bella bites her lip as her blush appears. Fuck, I still love that blush so much.

"Little Girl, you have half an hour to get yourself ready and be naked in the playroom waiting for me."

Bella smiles at me before running off to get everything done.

I am not sure where the next ten years will take us, or what the future holds, but I know we'll face it as husband and wife, Dom and submissive, and mostly as a family.


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