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Chapter: 6

"Felix, my father is coming in tonight. Please have him come straight to my office. Keep everyone else out until I'm done. If there are any problems, I trust you to deal with them accordingly."

Felix nods at me, but doesn't say anything. I carry on, walking toward Jenks, when I'm stopped by Tanya.

"Sir, I have some news that I would like to share with you."

I turn and face Tanya who looks like the cat who got the cream. "Tanya, I'm very busy, it'll have to wait until tomorrow."

I move away from her, but she grabs my wrist pulling me back. "It's very important, Sir."

I yank my arm away from her, turning to face her once more. "Tanya, don't tell me when I will speak with you. I'm busy, so unless you're going to die in the next five minutes and need me to call an EMT for you, I don't want to know. And never touch me again without my consent!"

I walk away without waiting for her response. As I approach Jenks, he shakes his head, looking behind me at Tanya.

"Ah, still trying to get your attention then?"

I nod at him, opening up my office.

"I'd stay away from that one; she's clearly after money, fame and quite frankly, has 'whore' written all over her."

I chuckle a little at his quite accurate synopsis of Tanya. "Yes, I know. Those are the main reasons I have always refused her, that, and she makes me lose brain cells every time she opens her mouth. But enough about her, what did you find out."

Jenks looks at me sadly and I can clearly see the worry on his face. "This is not going to be easy to read. Even harder for you I'd say, because you've become somewhat involved with the girl."

I nod at him in understanding. "Just show me."

I watch as he rubs his face and takes out a folder from his briefcase. He slides it across the desk to me. I take a deep breath and sit in my chair, before opening it.

I look at the photos at the top of the page. It's clearly a shot of Bella taken at the hospital. The photos start at her feet. The first large bruise was on her left leg and it took up eighty percent of her thigh. The next showed her middle area. I was sickened to see a clear foot print on the right side of her body. I could even see the number of the shoe size clearly: a size thirteen, and for someone that's just five foot two it almost covers the entire side of her body. I move on seeing bite marks on her upper chest and neck. I close my eyes and take a minute, before moving on to the ones of her face. She has a swollen eye and a busted lip. She also has smaller bruises that cover her whole body, including the ones on her hands caused by her fighting back.

I look up at Jenks. "How did he get away with this, there's clear evidence here that he hurt her!"

Jenks doesn't say anything, just pushes two discs toward me.


I put in the disc that's marked one. I have to hold back the vomit making its way up my throat as I sit there, watching my beautiful girl being dragged into a bedroom as she pleads to be let go. My eyes only leave the screen when I see Paul strip her, and then begin to touch her.

"I thought she wasn't raped ... I can't watch this if she was."

Jenks shakes his head at me. "If you're asking me if he broke her hymen? The answer is no. If you're asking me if his penis enters her lower parts, then answer is no. But, to me what he did to her, I'd say was borderline rape. He touches her when he had no right to. His fingers do enter her lower part, but that's when she fights back more. He rubs his penis between her breasts."

******END OF DETAIL******

I close my eyes, unsure if I'm able to carry on watching this. When I open them again, my father walks in. I fill him in and he looks at the pictures. I end up drinking an entire glass of Scotch before watching the rest of the disc. I smile a little when she fights back. I can see it on her face, the knowledge of what he was planning to do and the determination to not allow him to do it. I look to Jenks even more astounded that he got away with this.

"Before you ask, look at the second disc, this is the one that was given during the investigation."

I feel the anger fill my body as I see that someone has edited this to make it appear that Bella was a willing part in this.

"During the investigation, things got a little ... sicker—is the best way to explain how I feel about it."

I look at him unsure of how much sicker things could get.

"What do you mean, sicker? This fucker slipped her alcohol and stripped, beat, and sexually attacked her with the plan of raping her. How can it get sicker than that?" Carlisle interrupted.

I look at my father, stunned at the tone he is using.

"When she filled the report out at the campus police station and didn't back down, pictures of her that night were placed all over the campus. Someone even photo shopped pictures of her with different jocks. From what I could find, there were five different people that were involved in that: Paul, the guy who attacked her; Jacob Black, who did most of the photo shop edits and was the one who started the whole bet; Brady Fuller, Embry Call, Quil Ateara, and Jared Cameron, who are all jocks that were involved.

"They didn't just put photos up of her, but they pretty much slandered her name all over. I have recorded accounts that state they took turns with her in her dorm room all hours of the night. They spent endless hours calling her and harassing her online as well. It took two months for them to turn the whole college against her.

"Isabella found out that Paul had raped three girls when he was seventeen. The other girls dropped the charges and he was let go. There was another four girls that have claimed he did stuff to them. Ironically, none of them made it to court. Bella threatened his father that she would go to every paper and tell everyone that he had eight different girls saying that he had sexually assaulted them. She claimed to him that people would say no one could be a liar when there were eight others. She said she knew he was covering for his son. Paul's father had decided to run in the elections, so of course, he didn't want this getting out, neither did the University's educational board, since it was made clear during it that Paul did try and rape her. So they granted her the transfer to come here."

I rub my face. "Find all the girls, every single one of them. Tell them we would like to file a lawsuit. Paul and his father need to be taken off the streets. Make sure they know that the lawyer will be paid for by me."

Dad comes up placing his hand on my shoulder. "No, it will be paid by his family, and I'll call Eleazar tomorrow."

I look to my father in gratitude, nodding at him.

Jenks gives us a firm nod and stands up. "I'll keep in touch." I watch as he collects his belongings and leaves.

I rub my face and turn to my father. "She ... she didn't tell me what he did, only that he tried to rape her. I knew she skipped around the events a bit, but I didn't think it was going to be as bad as that. You've seen her, how could anyone do that to her?"

My dad lets out a sigh before sitting back down. "How did she seem when she brought it up?"

Pouring some more scotch into our glasses, I think back when she was first here. "She seemed to be okay at the time." I furrow my brows together. "I knew he did something to her. I could see the anger and at the same time, the relief of being able to get away from there. Why are you asking, Dad, is there ... am I missing something?"

Dad takes a drink before looking up at me. "I'm not sure, but from what I have seen, she tends to brush things off and makes them seem less than what they really are. From what you've told me about her parents, she never had anyone to actually care for her. She pushes all the hurt and rejection down. I'm worried about when the train crashes and she explodes."

I rub my face, before pulling at my hair. "I know. I am so pissed at her parents, both of them. The girl can't lie for shit. How can they not see that she's unhappy? How can they not notice how she has no desire to be a lawyer? Her eyes are so clear, and they tell you everything that her mouth doesn't. I have known her a few weeks and I know her so well, yet they don't. Her dad wasn't even worried about her when she was in the hospital, and he's a cop, for God's sake. Her worthless piece of shit father is a cop. He had to have seen these pictures. Why in the hell wasn't he on the first flight to protect and fight for her?"

I watch as my dad shrugs his shoulders and shakes his head. "I have no clue. I know your mother was ready to take on the whole football team when you were roughly tackled during a high school game. I can't imagine sitting back in a case like this."

I smile remembering that day. I was so embarrassed when she first marched on the field. But, I was laughing my ass off when she got in the referee's face, because according to her, if he didn't know how to use his flag and issue fouls, she would make sure he was never able to referee another game again. Then, she proceeded to rant at the other team's coaches as well, for not doing a better job with their players.

"If Bella was ours, your mother would've killed him, no questions asked."

I groan, because there is no way I want to think of Bella as my sister.

"I want to kill them myself, and there is no doubt your mother would also, if she knew about this. I can't really say what her parents' problem is with her, but sometimes you don't know what you have until it's gone."

I nod at him.

"I'm going to call a car in to take us home, be a good son and pour me another glass."

I chuckle and pour us each a triple this time. I know that I will be driven home safely.

"The car will be here in ten," my father says picking up his glass, downing the contents. "Ah, now that is some good scotch. You do know that you'll need to tell her that you had her checked out."

I down my drink. "I know—and I will. I hope she understands why."

We sit in silence, until Felix rings me to say our car is here. I lock my office and follow my father out of the club.

"Well, come on, son, I need to get home to my wife for some hot sex and maybe some sweet loving after that."

I look at him in disgust, shaking my head. "Daaaaad—"

He turns and looks at me. "Edward, I'm close to sixty and it takes me a little longer to get heated up for round two, but don't worry I make sure she gets hers."

I close my eyes turning my head, when I hear a chuckle coming from behind us, no doubt from Felix.

"Dad, can we not do the whole share everything thing! I really don't want to hear what you and my mother are up to."

He chuckles as he gets into the car. "Your mother and I don't like to hear about our children either, yet we have, and believe me, hearing while it's happening outshines hearing about my plans."

I stretch out in the back seat and lean back on the head rest, closing my eyes. "That's your other son and daughter, I'm a good boy."

I open my eyes looking at my father as he chuckles. "Yeah, and Emmett is a vegetarian. We've heard you."

I sit up, open and close my mouth a few times. "With whom?"

The fucker just laughs at me some more. "Gianna, when you took her crying ass to the bathroom. I think even our neighbors heard that one."

I look at him rolling my eyes. "Dad, you don't have neighbors; the closest person to you is five miles away."

He gives me a smug look. "Yeah, I know," he deadpans. "Then there was Samantha, when you were seventeen. Your mother almost had a heart attack that day. You must have known we heard you, she sterilized your entire room the next day!"

I hold up my hand. "Fine, you've heard me, no more sharing."

He nods, giving me a quick hug before getting out of the car. "See you tomorrow, son." I wave as the car pulls away to take me home.

The days go by quickly. Bella and I have met up at my house a few times, and had dinner together. I have yet to talk to her, about what I know of her attack. We have talked in detail about how she should address me and speak out in the open at the club. We've decided to forego the Mr. Cullen part, and instead she will call me Sir.

Today, I text Bella, letting her know that her card for the club is ready. After looking through all of the pictures I have taken of her, I settle on the one where she is sitting on my lap. It's also another way to get across to others that she's here to be with me. I, however, don't tell her that her collar is ready. I want it to be a surprise for her.

I cannot hide the smile I get when she calls me right away after getting my text. My smile even gets much larger when she asks if she can come to the club this evening. I say "yes" right away and without thought, and remind her on speaking properly. It isn't until after I've said yes, that I remember the exhibition scene I'm teaching is tonight at seven, which means I'll be busy, and I hate leaving her alone. I calm down when she tells me she is working until nine and will be in after that.

Last week I decided I was unable to do the scene properly. After I analyzed my state of mind, I discovered because of my own feelings for Bella, I'd be unable to do the scene properly. So, I decide an upcoming Dom named Eric, training under Sam, will be standing in as the Dom in the scene.

Carmen, Eric and I have already spoken about tonight's lesson and exhibition scene in great detail. Carmen will call me Sir Edward, as she has for years. She will address Eric as Sir. We have a scene contract about what will take place, and her safety words are set. With Carmen, we're using the standard, red to stop, yellow, to slow down, and green to carry on. If she's unable to speak clearly, either because of being gagged or unable to find her voice, she'll open and shut her hands three times fast to stop.

Carmen and Eric are in one of the private rooms with Felix outside. I turn off the camera in my office and get ready for the scene. I put on my faded black-slash cut jeans, l like these because they are soft and very comfortable. I put on a black wife beater, a black vest and my black Doc Martens. When I am at home in my own playroom, I hardly ever wear anything other than bottoms.

I make my way to the room they're in. I allow Felix to go back to the main door, telling him that Bella will be coming tonight. Once he has left, I knock on the door firmly, to alert them of my presence. I stand quietly with my hands folded and eyes closed to completely get in my mindset.

A few minutes later, I see Eric join me and I feel the movement of air by our feet. I look down and see Carmen is on her knees beside Eric. He is dressed similarly to me. I have trust in his abilities or I'd never have asked him to stand in for me. I was happy to see that Carmen was comfortable around him, too.

"Eric, are you ready for this?"

"Yes, Master Edward."

"Carmen, are you ready for this?" I ask as I put my hand out, helping her to her feet.

"Yes, Sir Edward."

"Look at me and tell me what your color is."

Carmen raises her head, looking to my face. "This submissive is green, Sir Edward."

I nod at her. "Are you both ready to head out?"

"Yes, Sir Edward, this submissive is ready."

"Yes, Master Edward."

I smile at Carmen squeezing her arm a little in reassurance. Carmen is my own Mentor Peter's submissive and widow. I turn and Eric walks beside me and Carmen follows behind.

Entering the main room, we walk up the stairs to the stage. I watch as Eric and Carmen take their positions and I observe Eric giving Carmen a hand signal to remove her robe. This leaves her in very small black leather G-string and a matching bra. There are some Doms that would expect their submissive to be naked—even ones who aren't in a full contract with each other.

I, however, feel that the submissive during a lesson scene such as this, should have some cover on those areas, even more so if the submissive is like Carmen and Eric.

"Welcome to this evening's learning demonstration. A warm welcome to all Dominants and Dominatrices, as well to all submissives joining us this evening."

I look around the room seeing that we have some new and old members here, and I'm proud of the amount of people present.

"Tonight, we'll show you spanking as forms of discipline and pleasure, and the difference between them. We're also going to talk about how to communicate with your submissive. Later there will be a short demonstration on Shibari to wrap things up this evening, in a matter of speaking." I smirk, hearing a few chuckles coming from the audience. "After the lesson, exhibition scene, and demonstration, Master Aro and Master Caius will be here to answer any questions, as well as Sulpicia will be here for any submissive. Before we begin, I'd like to introduce myself, the Dominant in training and our submissive for this evening's presentation. I'm Master Edward Cullen, this is Sir Eric, who is an apprentice under Master Sam and the submissive this evening is Carmen."

I turn facing Carmen, who is kneeling in a normal presentation or inspection pose. I then look to Eric, and give him a nod.

"Carmen, please stand," Eric says.

Carmen stands facing the floor.

I turn to address the audience. "First, before you discipline your submissive you must be clear on what happened. This means you find out from your submissive, their point of view, if their actions require punishment. Just because you saw or heard something, it doesn't always give the whole story, so speaking to them is imperative."

I move over toward a chair, and stand off to the side. I motion for Eric to start the scene we came up with together.

"Carmen, please come and sit in the chair. Feel free to speak and answer my questions."

Carmen complies and looks at Eric. "Yes, Sir."

"What is your color?"

"This submissive is green, Sir."

Eric looks to me and I again direct my attention to the group watching.

"Tonight, we've made up a situation about what Carmen has done wrong. They were at a party and an ex-submissive came up to Sir Eric and claimed that Carmen was mean and unkind to her. The ex-submissive has a new Dom, and is no longer Sir Eric's responsibility. She was known to not always being truthful, and therefore he released her from his collar. When he's told of Carmen's disrespect to another submissive, he reprimanded her at the party immediately. An hour later, he found her in a fight with the ex-submissive; the latter now has a red mark on her cheek. The ex-submissive tells Sir Eric again that Carmen attacked her, but this time it was for coming to him and tattling the first time.

"They leave the party and Sir Eric's feeling embarrassed. He takes her home and straight to his office.

I look around to make sure everyone has heard the scene and understands it. Once I'm sure, I motion for Eric to begin.

He moves and stands in front of Carmen. "Kneel on the floor, Carmen."

She stands and then drops to her knees against the hard floor.

He begins pacing in front of her. He begins by telling her how bad she's behaved and how she's an embarrassment to him. He tells her how the behavior she exhibited this evening bothered him and how much he's disappointed in her. He makes sure he bends down, grabbing her chin, and looks her right in the eye, when he tells her she's an embarrassment to him over and over again.

Carmen plays her part well and sobs saying she's sorry over and over again. She tries to make him understand why she had hit his ex-submissive, adding a few buts here are there, interrupting Eric. This only makes him angrier, because she does not understand how he's feeling.

"Tell me why you thought it was okay to embarrass me?" he barks at her, which only makes her cry harder. "Carmen, shut up and answer me!" Eric does well making sure his voice is full of anger and Carmen shies away just a little from him and remains quiet.

Eric looks at me, and I raise my hand, stopping the scene. I take a step forward and look back to the crowd.

"Can anyone—" I stop short when my eyes land on Bella and I wonder when she got here. As I look at her, she gives me a shy smile and Aro nods to say that he's looking after her. I clear my throat and continue. "Does anyone know why Carmen remained quiet, and what all went wrong in this scene?"

I get some silly answers from both old and new submissives. Most say she needs a firmer hand, and some say her clear disobedience deserves the addition of more spankings to her count. No one gave the correct answer.

"Does anyone else have any other ideas about what exactly was wrong in this situation?" I wait a minute, but no one adds anything new. "I will even give you a clue. Eric, the Dominant in this scenario, was the one in the wrong."

As I glance around, I see some of them frowning at the thought of a Dom being in the wrong. I look at them all and I see Bella edges her hand up, but pulls it back down again quickly.

"Bella, do you have a better idea?"

She looks up at me blushing and biting her lip.

"Bella, please answer, whatever answer you'd give couldn't be worse than what we've heard already."

She nods shyly at me. "Sir said that the ex-submissive had a new Dom, shouldn't she have gone to him about the altercation so he could then address the issue with Sir Eric? It seems that this would have given Sir Eric a chance to talk it over with his submissive, before Sir Eric and the other Dom addressed the need for punishment?" she states questioningly, but I don't call her on it. I'm still thriving from her addressing me correctly and as Sir.

"Also, Sir Eric, during the rant ..." Bella blushes when she says the word 'rant' and she looks around the room.

I let out a light chuckle. "Yes, it was quite a rant. Now during Sir Eric's rant, what else? Bella, please carry on."

She nods, taking a deep breath. "During Sir Eric's rant, Sir Eric never asked his submissive what had happened. This girl is not sure this was right, but Sir Eric took the word of someone Sir Eric knew has lied before as the whole truth. Not once did Sir Eric ask his submissive for her side of the matter. Then, at the end, Sir Eric gave her two different commands at the same time. It seems like this would confuse her as to which one she should obey. Should she dare speak and say yet another thing Sir Eric didn't want to hear, or remain quiet and possibly take a punishment that is non-deserving?" Bella swallows at the end and my eyes flick to Aro, who is grinning widely at what Bella said. I can't stop myself from doing the same thing.

"Sir, may this submissive add to what Bella has said?"

I turn to look at Sulpicia. "Yes, Sulpicia, you may add to the topic."

Sulpicia looks to Aro who gives her a command that says she can look up while speaking.

She raises her head and speaks out. "Sir Eric was speaking to his submissive while showing clear signs of anger and aggression. Not only the movements of Sir Eric, but the voice and tone as well, were harsh. Sir Eric was looming over his submissive, and behavior from Sir Eric like this would make even the best submissive shut down. In this submissive's knowledge of the lifestyle, a submissive should never be afraid of her Dominant partner, even in a short scene. Sir, this submissive would also like to point out that the only thing Sir Eric's submissive didn't do, was use her safe words."

I smile broadly at both of them. "Very well spoken, both of you, and between the two of you, you've told us all of the wrong doings."

I motion for Eric to carry on as planned with the scene.

"Carmen, can you please stand and tell everyone what really happened in the scenario we set?"

I see a small smile on her face, as she stands. She's more than likely pleased that there have been at least two submissives—well technically one and a half—with their heads screwed on correctly.

"Sir's ex-submissive had cornered me in the bathroom. This submissive kept her head down and told her that this submissive respects Sir, and didn't wish to discuss the scenes we do. The other submissive became angry and began to scream at this submissive, so this submissive left. The next thing this submissive knew was that Sir was angry and raising his voice at this submissive in a crowded room. This submissive didn't speak up, because this submissive felt embarrassed that Sir had brought it up in front of his peers. This submissive remained quiet and thought that she could speak with Sir in private.

"Later, this submissive had gone to get her jacket as directed to, and the other submissive pulled hard on this submissive's arm. This submissive asked her nicely to let go, but she didn't, and instead she dug her nails into this submissive's arm. When this submissive was hurt, she lashed out and slapped the other girl. This submissive knows it's wrong to place hands on another Sir's submissive and she's sorry for that. This submissive only wanted the other submissive to leave her alone and let her leave. When Sir brought this submissive here, Sir didn't listen to what this submissive had to say, and it made this submissive feel as if Sir didn't trust or respect her. This submissive became afraid at how angry Sir was at her. This submissive was confused by the differing commands, and was too afraid to call red."

Eric nods at her. "Thank you, Carmen." He signals her to sit on the chair again and turns to me.

I turn to again address the room. "Never speak, or reprimand your submissive in front of other people. Punishments should always be carried out privately. Never speak to your submissive in an angry tone, regardless of what they have done. Always have your submissive in a seat or kneeling if you are speaking about something and discussing their actions. Always, always get their side of things, no matter who has spoken to you. Your submissive should be your top priority, and trust is important, don't ruin that by jumping the gun. You have selected the submissive that you have kneeling before you; trust in your judgment to weed out the truths in any situation.

"Be clear when giving a command, and do not give a double-barrel command like Sir Eric did. This only causes confusion for the submissive. Be clear to say what you mean, and mean what you say. Your tone shouldn't always match how you feel. Just because you are angry, doesn't mean your tone has to be harsh. If you need to, dismiss your submissive to their room, until you're able to speak without anger. Never loom over your submissive, or say things in anger, because once you've crossed that line, you have hampered the trust set forth in the Dom and sub relationship. When you as a Dom screw up, and we all do and we all will, we must apologize to our submissive."

I notice some of the Doms and submissives looking between me and Bella, but I don't pay them any attention.

"Now, if the submissive has been bad or naughty, and after it has been talked over, the Dom may choose to discipline the submissive. Discipline can be many things, even a simple look from her Sir, Ma'am or Master." I take a second to give my particular look to the crowd as an example. "Make sure that you have noted during your talk what discipline will take place.

"When choosing to spank as form of discipline, there are many things a Dom should follow. Most importantly, if the skin breaks, stop straight away and treat the wound. Make sure that your tone and body language is different from when you're using spanking for pleasure.

"When spanking for punishment, the Dom can use a whip, flogger, paddle, brush, crop, cane or any other item that the Dom and sub have already approved for usage in their limits and contract. Anytime an item is used, the Dom should prepare the skin for the spanking using warm up strokes. When stating the punishment of spanking, the Dominant should be clear on how many swats and with what will be delivered."

I again turn back to Eric and give him the nod to continue.

"Carmen, please stand from the chair and walk to the spanking bench."

I watch as Carmen moves to the table, and stands by the bench as directed.

"Look at me," Eric says in his Dom voice.

Her eyes meet his, but only after finding his feet first and slowly moving up.

"I expect you to speak and answer my questions. Do you understand why you are being punished?"

"Sir, this submissive understands she didn't use her safe words."

"Why are those safe words available to you?"

"This submissive has safe words to protect her, Sir."

"That is correct, and the spanking you will receive will help you to remember that. You'll receive five warm ups with my hand, and then you will receive ten with the paddle. You will count each one out and thank me for them. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Sir."

"What is your color?"

"This submissive is green, Sir."

"Turn around and lie on the bench face down. You can hold the handles, but if you move, I will add five swats with the paddle, after I tie you up."

I watch as Carmen quickly follows Eric's instruction. I know after years of her submission to Peter, that the paddle won't really hurt her. I watch as Eric checks with her on her color at least once during the punishment. He's not spanking nearly as firmly as he would if he was really punishing a disobedient act. They make it through the spanking for punishment, and he makes Carmen again kneel in the inspection pose and looks to me.

I turn back to the crowd. "Now, you can see the punishment was delivered and clear information on why and how she was handled. I would like to now move on to spanking for enjoyment. A Dominant gets much enjoyment out of watching a submissive's body react in a sexual manner to spankings. It's truly amazing to witness a submissive being pleased by a spanking."

I turn back to Eric and give him a nod.

We all observe Eric turning back to Carmen, and asking her color. She responds with green again, and he orders her to stand and walk with him to the St. Andrew's cross. I move closer, as per my contracted agreement to be close in case I'm needed. Eric has her face the cross, and secures her to it. He picks up the rabbit fur flogger, and a riding crop. He places the crop in his back pocket.

"Color?" He purrs the question out.

She takes in a labored breath, and it's a clear sign of her anticipation. "This submissive is green, Sir."

He lifts his arm and swings, allowing the ends of the flogger covered in fur to go down her back. Her body doesn't move, however anyone within thirty feet can see the instant gooseflesh across her skin. He moves down her legs, and across her arms and back. Once her body is almost begging for more, he sets aside the flogger. He asks her color again, and she pants out green.

Using the riding crop, he delivers several lashes to the curve of her ass, and the inside of her thighs.

I can see the wetness, and I know she is close to showing the crowd just how much she enjoys spankings of this kind.

He reaches up wrapping her pony tail around his hand, and he pulls her head back slightly.

"Are you aware, submissive, that you are making quite a mess down your legs?"

"Ye—es, Sir."

"Do you want a release?"

"Only if it pleases you, Sir," she pants out.

"You may have your release," he says, as he lets go of her hair.

Eric goes back to delivering the swats where he knows she needs them most. With a good flick to her clit, she moans out her release. When she comes down, he places the crop down and helps her off of the cross. Quickly, he is rubbing down her limbs, and he gives her a bottle of water and has her drink it.

I quietly ask if she is ready and able to continue. She nods, and I look to Eric. He asks her what her color is and tells him green again.

I smile, pleased with both of them, and then speak to the crowd. "Now, we'll show you the mastery of Shibari. The demonstration tonight is called the Dragonfly Sleeve."

I grab the forty-foot-long, black, 7/16 inch, single-braid nylon rope. I move over to where Carmen is kneeling beside Eric and look to him. Eric asks her to stand and she does with her back to the crowd. I hold the rope up at the halfway point and show everyone how to start the Shibari knotting for this design.

Once I have the two loops, I look to see Eric has the same, and motion for him to continue. He slides the rope up Carmen's arms, and positions it correctly on her shoulders, and makes sure that everyone can see. I instruct him as he works his way down her back and arms, making the knots and looping her arms into the intricate weave.

Once it reaches her hands, I have Eric help her turn to face the crowd. I instruct him to bring the rope between her legs and up her torso. Knotting into the first loops that went around her shoulders, the rope is hugging her body erotically. Once the last knot is tied, Eric walks Carmen around so that everyone can see the knotting up closer. After everyone has had a chance to see the knotting, they walk back to the stage and Eric looks to me.

"Thank you, everyone, for your attendance this evening. Please show Sir Eric your appreciation for being a wonderful Dom-in-training this evening. Please also show your appreciation to Carmen for being a great submissive this evening."

Everyone claps for them both.

"Now, Master Aro and Master Caius, as well as submissive Sulpicia, will answer any questions you have, while I make sure the aftercare is completed correctly. There is a step-by-step instructional sheet, as well as equipment information on the Shibari. Thank you, again for your time."

I turn to Eric, who ushers Carmen off the stage. I wink at Bella giving her a smile, before walking to the private room with Eric and Carmen.

"Eric and Carmen you did great, really well. The scene is over. Eric I'll help you get Carmen out of these ropes," I tell him moving behind Carmen. "This is what you use if you ever have to safely remove the ropes in a quick manner," I say as I use the cutter, down the center of the ropes to remove them the fastest way possible. "Take care to only use the safety guarded cutter and always cut away from the submissive."

I watch as Eric rubs Carmen's shoulders and I'm happy to see that he will be a caring Dominant.

"Carmen, are you doing well?" I ask.

"Yes, thank you, Edward. You have a fine Dom-in-training here, and your instruction of him was spot on. Peter would be so proud of you tonight. Not only that, but you seem to have a great girl in the waiting, if I picked it up right."

I nod, smiling at her. I watch as Eric starts applying cream to her arms and wrists.

"You have no idea how pleased I was when she answered my questions. She's only just been introduced to this lifestyle a few weeks ago."

Carmen has a surprised look on her face. "Wow, she seems to be doing really well. I know I was terrified during the first few scenes I witnessed and she seemed to be relaxed. She looks so young, but you can tell by the way she held herself that she has much respect for others. You need to hold on to her, Edward. Keep giving her the right information. She may have her head on straight now, but that won't stop some of the asinine Doms from trying to get to her. Please keep her safe. I think she is a diamond in the rough."

I nod my head and see Eric drop to his knees to apply the cream to her backside.

"I'm worried I may screw up with her, she's young, only eighteen. She doesn't have many ... well she doesn't have any friends apart from me. She's in her third year in college, and not really treated fairly by her peers, mainly because of her age. I want her to want this for herself, not for me. I worry about that a lot, because she is a pleaser. Her parents kind of made her that way. She's even going to college to be a lawyer and she hates it and has no interest in law at all." I stop talking, shaking my head, unable to say what I'm thinking out loud.

"And you're scared that if she's doing this to please you, that when it scares her, or she's not comfortable with it, you'll lose her?"

I look up at her, nodding.

Carmen shakes her head at me. "Take your time with her. Make sure she knows that you are there, no matter what her choice is. Feel free to give her my number, and I will gladly speak with her if she needs or wants an understanding ear. Most importantly, don't underestimate yourself. You have become a great Dom—one of the best—Peter would be so very proud. I believe in you and know that you'll make the right choice when the time comes."

I smile at her. "Sulpicia is her mentor of sorts, though tonight is the first time they have really spent any time together."

Eric stands as he is done with the aftercare.

"Is there anything either of you would like to speak about—the scene that is?" I ask as I stand.

"The scene was great, but I was just disappointed that the Doms didn't pick up on what I did wrong. They all seemed to miss it completely," Eric says sounding disappointed.

"I agree, I'm thinking of holding some classes during the submissive group, but I need to speak with Sulpicia first. Other than the non-reaction to the mistakes, it was great. I think I miss this more than I thought, but I know I can't have another Dom. Peter was it for me, both as a husband and as a Dom."

I nod at her in understanding, before hugging and placing a kiss on her forehead. "Yeah, I miss the old grump, too. He would've ripped through some of the Doms that were sitting here tonight. Remember, I'm nearby if you need to talk or need anything at all. Thank you for tonight, Carmen. I know you don't enjoy doing scenes with just anyone. Thank you for trusting in my judgment. I believe this young man will make a damn fine Dominant."

"I want to say, I'm proud to have had such a fine submissive as you to do a scene with me for this exhibition tonight," Eric says kissing the back of her hand. "Thank you Master Edward, the rope work is really interesting."

"You did very well following directions and your ropes were very consistent in tension," I say as I shake Eric's hand before he heads out of the room.

I hug Carmen, and when she lets me go she pats my arm. "Go get your girl; it's been forty-five minutes now. Maybe the next time you have to do an exhibition scene, I'll be here to see it and watch you perform yourself with the lovely Bella."

I chuckle at her, hoping for that as well. I leave the room making my way back to the main bar area.

As I walk in, I see her kneeling on the floor on Sulpicia's right who is kneeling on the floor to the right of Aro's leg. There is a group of other Doms and submissives there. As I look at them, I see that their eyes go back to Bella and Sulpicia. Both Bella and Sulpicia seem to have failed to notice, and they appear to be in deep conversation. However, Aro has, and I'm pleased to see him keeping my girl safe.

"Gentlemen," I say once I have reached them. Bella's head turns to mine and she smiles at me before dropping her head.

"Hello, Edward, Aro told me this little pet here belongs to you, yet I see no collar on her."

I look at Riley before glancing at Bella, who I see has frozen a little.

"Yes, that is correct, she is mine. You have been a Dom as long as I have. You know that not all submissives wear a collar. Now, be so kind to remove your eyes from her."

Riley chuckles, but keeps his eyes firmly on Bella. "Oh, Edward, I can look remember, as long as I don't touch."

I look toward Bella and put my hand out.

"Bella, come with me, I have something to show you."

Bella takes my hand and stands up.

"I do wonder what you're going to show her, Edward, you may need to give her a magnifying glass to see it."

"Please excuse us gentlemen," I say ignoring Riley's crass comment.

I walk away with my hand on Bella's back guiding her to my office.

"Sorry I was here early, the coffee machines weren't working correctly, so Tim closed early. I should've called or texted you, before showing up."

I shake my head at her. "No, Bella, I'm glad you're here now, and that you were here for the exhibition. I'm always glad to see you, even if it's earlier than planned. What did you think of … of the scene?"

Bella sits down on the sofa, bringing her legs up.

"A part of it, or as a whole?"

I sit next to her looking in her eyes hoping to see the truth of her words. "Start at the top or wherever you'd like. Tell me what you liked or did not like."

"I like what you said about talking everything out to make sure both parties have all the information. The spanking with the crop for pleasure made me a little unhappy."

I watch her blush. "Can you tell me why?" I try to calm myself as I can hear the worry in my voice.

Bella chuckles and looks up at me. "I was ... am very pro animal rights. I tend to get very angry about jockeys using the crops and how they're hurting the poor horses."

I frown a little, unsure where Bella's taking this.

"I've even used the whole 'I wonder how they'd like it'," she says in a funny voice and using her fingers to make air quotes. "But now … well that's been thrown out the window, as Carmen clearly enjoyed it. I think the horse jockeys are … well … they look like they would enjoy it, too."

I chuckle, getting Bella's point.

"Hey," Bella says tapping my hand. "Totally random thought, but do you think horses get off on it and that's why they're ... well ... very big in that area?"

At that, I let out a large guffaw. "That could be the reason. To tell you the truth, I've never thought about it. But the crop does bring a lot of pleasure."

I watch her blush again, biting her lip. "I did like the rope work. I have to twist myself up in Aerial silk when I do fabric dancing. I have always enjoyed doing that kind of dancing. I should show you, and after you see it, maybe I could do a demonstration of it, if you think the others here would enjoy seeing it."

"I never heard of it. You'll have to show me some time, Beautiful. Now, I have a surprise for you. Close your eyes."

I watch as she does as I ask. I walk over to my desk taking the box and Bella's ID card out. I place both of them in her hands.

"Open your eyes, Beautiful."

She grins at the card. "Wow, this looks really good." I watch her blush as she studies the picture on the card. I knew she'd like it. It's a really good photo of both of us. I was surprised to see how close we look in it.

"Now the box, Beautiful."

Slowly, Bella opens the box and looks inside. I take out the leather bracelets that have a lion and a dangling C charm on them. Both are symbols that identify me.

"There you go, now everyone will know you belong to me." I raise my brows and wiggle them as I talk. "Do you like it?"

Bella just chuckles at me. "Yes, I do, oh great teacher of mine, does this mean I call you Master, when I'm here, that is?"

I swallow loudly and my head screams "dangerous territory" over and over again.

"No, this would be classified as a pre-collar. It shows that you are off the market, but still new and in training. It means Doms would understand if you make errors when speaking with them. I didn't want you to be worried about upsetting anyone. However, I do want to tell you just how proud you made me tonight. You spoke of yourself in the third person, and you called me Sir, and were very respectful."

I carefully take the leather bracelets out, placing one on each of her wrists. I feel my insides come alive seeing my symbols on her.

I keep hold of her hand looking at her face as I do. Bella's eyes meet mine and I can see the look of belonging, which gives me hope.

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