Lucy was having the most fun she had, had in months. There was nothing like music and dancing in Narnia to lighten her spirits. She could sense the confused and disapproving looks from her fellow classmates and teachers. However Lucy was home and did not care for trivial details such as these, she was having too much fun to care.

After a while Lucy grew tired not having the stamina she used to have to keep up with the fawns all night long. Sitting down back up the main table she was handed a glass of wine by Peter.

"Looks like you might need it" He chuckled as she sipped at it frequently to attempt to draw some energy to reply.

"Yes well at least I was having fun unlike some people I could mention" Lucy said staring pointedly at the table of students who were still looking a little shocked. "I know this must be hard on them but I'm sure we were never this bad when we first came to Narnia…"

"Yes they seem to be taking it a little hard, I'm actually waiting for Mr Johnson to come up here and try to talk to me or yell at me for drinking or letting you drink..." Peter chuckled "He's been confiscating wine all evening from some of the older students"

Lucy laughed as well "Wow… that's why he has all the wine jugs around him I thought that was because he was drinking it all himself…"

"Not quite…sorry to ruin the mood a little but is it only me who thinks that this is only the beginning of a whole set of problems…"Peter sighed staring at his goblet intensely.

"I know what you mean Peter but we can't really do much about it at the moment but wait and see what is thrown at us now…" Lucy said sombrely. "I do think that I would feel better if I had my crown though, it might help them to get used to everything…" Lucy said nodding in the direction of the teachers.

"Yes I was talking to Giles about that earlier, I think they are just resizing some of them as our heads are a little smaller… well maybe not Ed's" Peter joked, causing Lucy to burst into joyful peals of laughter.

"Why do I get the sense you are laughing about me in some way…" Ed's head poked through the thrones making Lucy jump slightly.

"I have no idea what you are talking about dear brother now if you would excuse me I would like a little fresh air, this dancing has made me a little tired…" Lucy said poking Edmund's face gently before walking away gracefully towards the balcony.

Lucy walked the familiar path through the little corridor to come out onto the white stone balcony. She could hear the sea below crashing against the rocks and the cry of sea birds overhead. Leaning against the rail Lucy just breathed in the salty air and smiled.

"Hello Little One" A quite purr came from behind Lucy to turn and shout in delight. For behind her stood the great Lion himself Aslan.

"Aslan! I've missed you so much!" Lucy cried giving him a quick curtsey before throwing her small arms around his thick mane and hugged him tightly.

"I told you I would see you soon little one, besides I am always with you my Valiant Queen." Aslan said softly lifting a giant paw to hug Lucy back.

"I know Aslan…" Lucy said quietly pulling away to look at the lions face properly.

"Now little one no tears, I have brought gifts for you and your siblings." Aslan said brushing Lucy's tears away gently and revealed 4 beautiful lion shaped gold pendants.

"Oh Aslan they are beautiful" Lucy said reaching out to pick one up gently.

"Haha, they are not just decorative either my child. I know it is hard for you to return here especially with your ages reduced so I have bought these pendants for you to age your selves if ever you are in need. The can also return you to the form you have now as I have a feeling that you will find need to be younger than you seem…" Aslan said as Lucy put the delicate chain over her head feeling the solid weight of the pendant around her neck.

"Oh Aslan that's wonderful how can they change us though?" Lucy said staring at the golden lion reverently.

"Just hold the lion in your and think hard of your older form." Aslan said simply.

Lucy grasped the lion tightly and shut her eyes thinking of her older self. A slight tingling feeling enclosed her body which started at her toes and worked its way quickly up her body. When it stopped she opened her eyes and looked down at herself noting the ground looked at lot farther away than it had moments ago.

She looked up and the lion who was smiling at her gently.

"Lu? Are you still out here?" Peter called from inside the passage.

"She is here, Young King." Aslan called. Lucy could hear the footsteps stop and then the sound of running feet came closer.

"Aslan!" Peter shouted not even bothering to bow before he pulled the lion into a large hug.

"Lu what happened to you…" It was Edmund this time, and Susan was staring at her open mouthed. Peter turned only just seeing the change in his sister.

"Haha, ask Aslan not me…" Lucy chucked quietly fingering the pendant lightly.

She watched quietly as her siblings all hugged the lion tightly and took delight in the awe she saw on their faces as Aslan explained what the pendants could do.

"I think we have stayed here long enough" Aslan said simply nodding towards the sun which was beginning to sink slowly down into the sea.

"Yes I think we have disappeared for long enough" Peter chuckled, his voice deeper and richer than it was before.

They four siblings walked back to the Great Hall with Aslan, where they could still hear music, laughter and the clatter of goblets.

They paused briefly outside of the door to the hall.

"Well it's not going to do us any good just standing here and wondering what will happen…" Edmund said with a sigh.

"We know that but things are complicated enough with the other students here his may only make things worse." Peter said his hand sifting through his golden locks.

"What will be, will be Peter… You cannot predict what will be only hope it will go in your favour and if it doesn't you can act accordingly. Do not worry I trust your judgement on this matter" Aslan staring pointedly at them when he said the last comment.

"Thank you Aslan I think we needed that." Lucy chuckled stroking the lion fondly, who only purred in response.

The siblings still stood in the corridor which was getting a little stuffy now with all of them standing in the small passageway.

"Ugh lets go if we're going" Lucy said getting a little exasperated. She strode forward and threw open the door and walked gracefully in.

The music stopped abruptly and Lucy could see the shocked faces of the Narnians and the confused faces of the Londoners.

"Well don't stop on my account" Lucy jested causing the Narnians to chuckle. "I know this must be a little confusing but you can blame Aslan for that, you know how he is…" This comment caused more laughter.

"Yes I must agree with my dear sister on this one, this one we can blame on you slightly." Peter said. The others had followed Lucy out onto the dais except for Aslan. Lucy could see the Lion sitting in the doorway looking quite content.

"Hahahaha" His loud booming roar like laughter filled the hall, scaring the Londoners but bringing even wider smiles to the Narnians faces.

"I suppose a little blame would not be unjustified…" The lion stalked forwards now into the light causing a few screams from the students.

"GET AWAY NOW BEFORE HE ATTACKS" One of the teachers shouted, the students who had frozen in shock and fear now began to run towards the doors screaming.

"Really he may be a lion but he's not going to hurt you... And here I thought you were supposed to be clever Mr Williams…"Edmund drawled loudly causing the crowd to stop as the Narnians laughed raucously.

"B..Bu… …"Mr Williams spluttered.

"Do not fear Son of Adam I will cause no harm to these children." Aslan purred making the students relax at the calming presence Aslan presented.

"Ahh well I…" Mr Williams continued his mouth hanging open.

"I think that's enough from you today" Peter said which had a tone of finality to it. "Now I think a little music and some more wine may be necessary." He smiled making many of the girls from Susan's class blush.

"I agree however I must say this is must unfair, how come you get to be older again…" Corin grumbled.

"Who said you could have any wine…" Edmund ruffled Corin's hair as he said this causing the younger boy to open his mouth in shock.

"Thank you I've been telling him all night now you can look after him for me" Cor joked, making Edmund pale slightly.

"Hey who are you to say I'm his babysitter, he's your brother you look after him…" Edmund said crossing his arms childishly.

"Ahh thanks does that mean you'll look after me dear brother" Peter joined in then making Lucy and Susan laugh loudly.

Lucy could hear the music had started up again, but it was even louder than before and the laughter was more frequent but that could have just been the wine which was now flowing freely around the room.

One or two of the students had now begun to join in the dance, especially the younger girls from Lucy's class. But she still got many confused stares from the teachers and the other students.

'Well that's one problem out of the way but we still have a lot of explaining to do, I wish Aslan would send them back now, but seeing as he hasn't mentioned it they are probably here for a reason which means something big is going on and nobody knows what it is… Ohh… Why must life be this confusing, especially when everything seems to be going right for a change...'

At the training ground 2 hours earlier:

Matt was tired and hungry.

He had been forced to walk for hours on end and now they were supposed to follow these stupid horse people and stay with them.

'When my father hears of this I'll finally be able to leave this stupid school and never come back… Seriously why would anyone trust that Oreius guy, I bet it's just a costume meant to scare us, but then again what if it's not… what if this is just some horrible nightmare… Now this is real I can tell I have too many bruises from sleeping in that forest for this to be a dream.'

Matt was annoyed now, they have been walking for ages and were now apparently at a 'training ground' but they couldn't leave yet because some people were lost.

'I hope it's that stupid Pevensie boy… It would do him some good to get lost and then people will stop seeing him like he has a halo around his head. I know he has a secret I just need to find out what it is and expose him.'

Matt was jolted out of his plans but Jack who had shoved him and was now pointing towards to people galloping towards them on horseback. The boys looked to be about the same ages as them if a little younger. Matt also noticed they were completely identical apart from the colour of the clothes they wore and their horses.

The horse guy was now talking to them. Matt couldn't quite hear what they were saying from where he was standing but it appeared Mr Johnson could.

'Ugh I hate that man as much as I hate Pevensie. He looks at Pevenise like the sun shines out of his arse or something…'

Matt was once again distracted by his thoughts and so only caught half of what was being said by Mr Johnson.

"What the hell is going on here..." Mr Johnson was beet red and the horse guy and the two kids were looking sheepish.

Matt was now listening intently as were all the other students to this new turn of events.

"I must demand an explanation from you sir or from these two children…" Mr Johnson's was doing the eerily calm voice he had just before he began to shout at people.

Matt wasn't looking at the teacher though he was looking at the horse guy who looked like he was about to speak when one of the kids shouted with a condescending look on his face Matt admired.

"I am not a child sir, I am the Prince Corin of Archenland and neither is my brother Cor, who is the Crown Prince."

This new announcement was almost as shocking as their entrance to this weird place.

The other boy 'Cor' hit his brother over the head and muttered something to him. He gave him one last glare before turning back to the teachers.

"I'm sorry Mr…" he spoke his voice quieter than his brothers.

"Johnson" The man ground out still looking a little red in the face.

Matt tuned out as the boy began to apologise not interested in his fancy words. He turned to look at Jack who felt his gaze and turned giving him a questioning look.

"What do you…" Jack started to say before being interrupted by Ms Jackson.

"Come along now children we're going up to the castle for some food" She looked a little pale but gestured to the retreating figures of the horse guy and the two kids who were now walking away from them.

"Something is wrong here I can feel it…" Matt said as the group gathered their belongings and began the long trudge up towards the fancy looking castle above them.

"I know what you mean first we end up in this weird place with all these things… then people go missing and were just supposed to follow the teachers who have no idea whats going on either just because they are older…" Jack replied, frowning as he dragged his trunk over the paved stones.

"Exactly… what do you say when we reach this castle we go and find out exactly whats going on the first chance we get to sneak off?" Matt said with a evil looking smile on his face.

Jack simply returned his smile and held up his fist which Matt knocked with his own.

There was a clattering of hooves from above them which made Matt look up using his free hand to shield his eyes from the sun.


Matt could see more clearly now and saw the younger Pevensie brat sitting on top of a glossy chestnut horse. He scowled at the sight.

'Damn it I thought they had gotten lost… now it looks like I'll have to put up with them all over again. This is a perfect example of when the Pevensie's act all superior like were beneath them or something…'

Matt's scowl deepened when the kid rolled his eyes… However this dark face was replaced by shock when the horse spoke, well at least he thought it was the horse.

"Jack did that horse do what I think it just did or am I starting to go mad here…" Matt whispered to his friend keeping one eye on the group on horseback in front of them.

"I think so but then again nothings been normal since we got here so we could all being going mad and this place is just messing with our heads." Jack replied, looking a little annoyed as the kid began to argue with Mr Johnson again.

"That's true…" Matt mused before being interrupted by the girl Susan.

'Now if the rest of her family was like her I wouldn't mind, she seems alright not bad looking too…'

"Ugh not you too Matt…" A whiney voice sounded by his ear. It was Karen one of the girls in the girl Susan's class.

"Not me too what?" Matt replied looking curiously at Karen, Jack had turned to listen to.

"You like that Susan girl don't you! She's not even pretty I don't understand why you all like her. She's so annoying! Do you know what she did to me this morning…!" Karen continued to whine about the morning's events, while Matt and Jack shared a evil looking smirk.

"Well then Karen do you want to help bring the Pevensies down a few pegs, we have a few ideas for them and we need a girls help, are you in?" Matt said looking her right in the eyes.

"Sure why not they all act like they're bloody royalty and the rest of us are dirt under their shoes… "Karen said after a moment's thought, before narrowing her eyes at Susan's back.

The younger brat one of the twins had raced off up to the castle leaving the rest of the siblings and the other kid with the horse guy. After a few minutes they all left apart from Peter.

"Hello everyone would you like to follow me up to the castle, and we can have some lunch and explain a few things afterwards" Matt just scowled again, it seemed even the sound of eldest Pevensies voice could annoy Matt these days.

Jack nudged him before pointing at Mr Johnson's face. It was a sight for sore eyes indeed. Matt burst out with laughter, Jack joined in a second later earning them a few odd looks.

The group trudged up the hill following Pevensie's horse, seeing as they had nothing better to do and the promise of food was too good for the hungry students to resist.

After a little while the castle's drawbridge came into view, gaining a few gasps and admiring looks. Even Matt had to admit the place was gorgeous, this was a proper castle not like the horrible grey blob they should have been staying in.

"Well let's hope the foods edible here because I only have one sandwich left" Jack joked as they walked into the even more impressive courtyard.

Matt noticed that Pevensie had finally gotten off the horse and was gesturing to the doors in front of them. Mr Johnson said something in return which made him raise an eyebrow and reply sneeringly.

Now Matt didn't mind Mr Johnson being taken down a peg or two but the fact it was Pvenensie doing it made him clench his fists in anger.

The youngest sibling had just dragged Pevensie into the hall saying something which made him laugh, when Ms Jackson began to speak.

"Now children I know this must be very stressful for you but you are still representing your school so I don't want to see any unnecessary behaviour or that is unbecoming in polite society…" She paused for effect before continuing "Yes I am looking at you Mr Philips I would like some table manners not a pig eating from a trough I am sure even you can manage that" She raised a brow challengingly while the poor kid blushed violently.

"Now just before we go I would like to add that if I see any unacceptable behaviour you will be sitting with me for the rest of lunch or with Mr Gooding." Mr Johnson added before beginning to herd the children after the Pevensie siblings.

"I can't believe we just got lectured on manners while Pevensie can do whatever he wants…" Jack muttered angrily.

"I know right but let's just watch for now and see what opportunities we can take advantage of to knock that stick out of his ass…" Matt said looking equally annoyed before schooling his features into a blank mask.

The smell of fresh bread and roasted meat filled his nostrils making his stomach grumble loudly along with most of the students.

"Well this place might not be too bad if the food tastes as good as it smells…" Karen said rubbing her flat stomach to stop it growling.

"Yeah but no matter how good the food is its ruined by the company…" Matt muttered as they entered a giant hall with long tables and a platform at one end.

"Yeah the monsters do kind of ruin the appetite don't they…" Karen sneered at some half goat creature making Matt and Jack chuckle.

"You can sit along this table" A young voice said proving it to be the youngest Pevensie sibling. She was pointing to an empty table that could accommodate the entire group with space to spare.

Matt sat down eagerly with the rest of the students glad to be off his feet and the prospect of hot food in front of him.

Matt was so focused on the delicious looking food in front of him he completely missed the speeches that had been made and only looked up when some more of the freaky creatures started to play music.

The Youngest Pevensie was dancing gracefully with some of the creatures in the centre of the hall. Matt noticed that the rest of them were sitting on a separate table on the platform drinking what suspiciously looked like wine from golden goblets.

Matt was soon distracted by the arrival of more food and began eating heartily. One he had eaten as much as he could without feeling sick, he looked around the hall again.

The Pevensies had gone, but nobody else seemed to notice. Matt looked at the swirling mass of dancers to see if they were there but he could only see the two kids from earlier.

A door banged open from the side of the platform and four figures entered, two men and two women dressed in fine silks and jewels. The music stopped and Matt noticed that even the creatures looked surprised.

The younger woman spoke making the creatures chuckle.

"Who the hell is Aslan?" Jack whispered to him.

"Not a clue… Bloody Hell is that a Lion...!" Matt said his face pale and eyes wide. Some of the girls had fainted including that annoying Daisy girl who fainted every 5 minutes anyway.

"Yep…" Jack started before Mr Johnson started shouting for people to get away from it.

Matt could see the amused faces of the creatures and the four figures which were looking more familiar every time he looked at them. Matt half listened to them say that the lion would not hurt them and they were just being stupid.

"Hey do they look and sound a little familiar to you..." Matt asked Karen and Jack once everyone had calmed down and the music had started up again. He kept one eye on the lion though.

"I know what you mean besides where did the Pevensies go shouldn't they be here too…" Jack said staring at the group who seemed to be teasing the two kids and each other now while drinking and sitting up on the platform where the Pevensies had.

"Yeah they went missing ages ago, but now you mention them don't those four look like grown up versions of them they have the same aura that pisses me off. It's almost like they are them and have just grown up…" Matt trailed off scaring himself now as he realised his words were very true.

The four adults looked exactly like the Pevensies but only 10 yrs older…

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