*two days later*

"Fuck Ellie! Get over it!" Rosie shouts at me.
I ignore her and put my headphones on. My Chemical Romance blasts into my ears.

Long ago
Just like the hearse, you die to get in again
We are so far from you

Burning on just like a match you slide to incinerate
The lives of everyone you know
And what's the worst to take
From every heart you break
And like the blade you stain
Well, I've been holding on tonight

What's the worst thing I can say?
Things are better if I stay
So long and goodnight
So long not goodnight

Rosie rips my headphones off.
"Listen to me! You can't go around being upset all the time. He's done on youtube, deal with it!"
"You don't fucking understand! You will never understand..." I say.
"Make me understand!" She shouts.
I guess I can understand her anger. Or maybe she's just worried. I stomp out of the room and slam my bedroom door. I make sure it's locked and run over to my window seat. I stare out at the tiny people and cars. One of them is Dan. And I owe him everything. When I was thirteen my only wish was to die. I wanted nothing more. Everything I did was shit and I couldn't make my parents or friends happy. I didn't fit in and I didn't have many friends. I was on the verge of killing myself when I discovered Dan and Phil. I found Dan first. He made me laugh for the first time in a long time. He made me smile and made me feel like I belong somewhere. Like I was good enough. And he doesn't even know.