The Boy Who Cried Kyuubi

A/N: Here you go! This is the sequel to 'The Boy Who Cried Sasuke'! Fun Fact: Did you know that the title of this story is the original title to the prequel? XD But I changed it because the Fox wasn't a big part of the original. Anyway, this takes place a few weeks after the first story. (Post-chunin exams). ENJOY! (PS, this is my first story with Sasuke as the main character so let me know what you think of his charatcer so far.)

Chapter One

He was exhausted. It was just one of those annoyingly hot days in the Hidden Leaf Village that should make any person, in their right mind, just want to go home and take a nap...should. But, of course, it couldn't be that easy with Naruto Uzumaki around.

Even though Kakashi, himself, had offered to let his students have the day off, Naruto had whined and moaned so loudly about it, that eventually, they gave up. And off to the training grounds they went.

You know, it was times like this that Sasuke wondered why he'd gone after that little moron when he'd dissapeared a few weeks earlier. Technically, if he'd left it alone, that pest would have died and Sasuke would be home in the air conditioning right now.

But no. That would be wrong, now wouldn't it? Sometimes, he really hated that conscience of his...

Currently, the blonde annoyance was standing across the training field, chatting mindlessly with his other teammate, Sakura. She seemed to be scolding him for something, but only half-heartedly so. The heat must be getting to her too.

Sasuke wasn't really listening to their conversation, so he doesn't know what had caused Naruto to suddenly burst out laughing. A little grin tugs at the corner of Sasuke's lips. Sure, Naruto was annoying and loud and goofy and immature...but he was still Sasuke's friend. Probably his best friend. So, when the little knucklehead had suddenly dissapeared without trace, it worried the Uchiha to no end.

And, to make things worse, Sasuke was the one to find him. And Naruto was in less than ideal condition, at that point. Just the thought of all that blood sent a shudder down his spine, despite the heat.

But, what really disturbed the raven, was what happened after that...


Eiji's knife sinks into the ground, under the puddle of blood Naruto had left. Except... "What the...?" He turns around. Where was Naruto?

Something catches him by the back of the neck, slamming him to the ground. Eiji's heart stops for a split second. What was happening?!

Sasuke stares in shock at the bloodied, battered form of his best friend. Crouched over top of his enemy with his face twisted into an expression of fury.


"AGH! LET GO OF ME!" Eiji shouts as he squirms, furiously, beneath Naruto. "GET OFF ME!" But his pleas were hopeless. Naruto, obviously, wasn't planning on releasing him anytime soon... Instead, the blonde begins to put pressure on his arm which was twisted behind his back, threatening to pop it out of joint...or break it. Immediately, the other boy's shouts go silent. His body going very still.

"Naruto..." Sasuke says, standing upright again. "What are you..."

"AHH!" Eiji cries out in pain as Naruto gives his arm a sudden jerk, but not quite hard enough to snap the bone.

Sasuke steadies himself and takes a small step forward. "Naruto." He says. "Okay, that's enough. He's not gonna fight us anymore. There's no reason to-"




Sasuke flinches away from the rest of the memory, not wanting to relive the image of Eiji howling in pain as the bone is snapped. Or the morbid laughter that escapes Naruto's throat afterward.

The Uchiha's eyes scan Naruto's face. Bright, sunny and happy. Like normal. Not even a hint of the darkness that had surfaced before. He finds himself frowning, deeply. Naruto...what happened to you back there?

As if the other boy had read his mind, Naruto glances over at Sasuke. His expression was suddenly blank, unreadable. There was just the tiniest hint of curiosity in his eyes. But then-

Naruto scowls at him from across the field. "Huh? What're you staring at, Teme?" He shouts, loudly. "You got a problem?"

Sasuke narrows his eyes. God, he hated it when he was loud like that! "Hn, don't flatter yourself, moron. I wasn't staring at you."

"Tsk! Yeah you were!" Naruto counters with a roll of his eyes.

"No I wasn't!" Sasuke barks, angrily.

"Oh great..." Sakura sighs, folding her arms. "Here we go again."

Just then, Kakashi drops down from his spot in a tree, landing between the bickering boys. "Alright, that's enough. Knock it off you two." He sends both of them a warning glare before digging his 'Come Come Paradise' novel from his pouch and turning away. "Since there seems to be no more training anymore, why don't you three call it a day?"

Naruto groans, loudly but doesn't argue.

"Hn, I'll be glad to get away from here." Sasuke grumbles to himself. Because, suddenly, he forgot why he'd saved Naruto in the first place. And was really starting to consider killing the idiot, himself. He needed space. Now.

"S-Sasuke-kun?" Sakura calls after him, in sad voice. "Now look what you did, Naruto! You made him mad!" She hisses.

"Pff! Serves him right-OW!"


There was nothing but darkness inside the small house when Sasuke slid his front door open. He momentarily hesitates on the threshold, reluctant to go inside and be alone again. He had that feeling again...

The Uchiha boy's hand moves to his neck. He could still feel that freak's teeth sinking into his flesh. Ever since the Forest of Death...he got an eerie feeling whenever he was alone. Like he wasn't really alone anymore. He feared going into the dark room...almost like, if he let the darkness swallow him, he might never emerge.

Sasuke shakes his head, furiously. Knock it off, Sasuke. He tells himself. You've never been afraid of the dark! And I don't plan on starting now. So he forces himself to enter his home, despite the chills. Just like he had every night for about a week now.

However, he makes sure to flick on the lights before closing the door behind him. Hmm...this reminds of... Sasuke groans and runs a hand through his hair. Why did he always have to get so sentimental when he remembered those things?! Uchihas don't get sentimental...right? Right! But still...

Naruto is alone too, isn't he? Sasuke could still remember the shock he felt when he and Sakura had gone to Naruto's apartment to look for him. They'd heard he'd been checked out of the hospital and thought he'd gone home. Only to find out they'd gotten there before him. His apartment was almost worse than this place. He tells himself.

Sasuke lowers his gaze as he enters his bedroom and flops onto the bed. Naruto...lately, it feels like there's a lot I don't know about you... Propping himself on his elbows, Sasuke stares at the ceiling. His eyes tighten. But there's one thing I'm certain of.

I need to know what happened to you back by the river. I need to know why you were acting so...not-Naruto. And I'm gonna find out.