(Ever since seeing Man of Steel I've this had idea bouncing around in my head. This Kara will not be like the Supergirl from the comics. She will be older, tougher, and a member of Zod's followers. The story will jump back and forth with flashbacks similar to the movie.)

"Freak!" one of Kara's attackers shouted as they knocked her to the ground. This wasn't the first time Aethyr-Zer, Car-Vex, and Quex-Ul attacked her but this would be the one she makes them regret it. She retaliated by kicking Car in the knees and Quex in the groin. Both of them dropped, surprised by the violence. Kara shot up and tackled Aethyr to the ground, unleashing a fury of fists that turned her fellow cadet bloody. Freak. Weakling. Abomination. Those were just a few words that were used to describe her. On Krypton, natural births had been banned centuries ago. All Kryptonians were born in test tubes and large lab vats. Only a few bloodlines were used in the process of a caste system. Warrior, Worker, and Leader were only a few varieties created and had no way of changing their fates. If you were a soldier, you stayed a soldier for life regardless of your own choice.

Kara-El was born to be a soldier but something went wrong with her genetic makeup. Normal traits excluded from Soldier Class were in her DNA. Emotions especially compassion were things that were not wanted on the battlefield. But the codex process wasn't perfect. Sometimes children were born with a flawed genetic makeup. Hundreds of years ago, Kara would have been killed off as a flawed template but those days were long gone. New laws since then allowed defects like her to live but they were practically blacklisted from the moment of birth. The Kandor Military Academy had no room for failure. You either passed whatever challenge you were given or you didn't graduate. Kara was the runt of the litter as far as the rest of her classmates were concerned. It wasn't that she was inferior physically. She could pass the obstacles courses, hand to hand combat, weapons training, and everything else just as well as everyone else. But in the back of their minds, the emotions she felt inside of her made her weak. Kara had been provoked into so many fights she lost count of all of them.

Kara didn't know how long she had been hitting Aethyr she was pulled off. Car and Quex tried to hold her but a head butt and elbow to the head later, they were stumbling back. Aethyr knocked Kara's legs out from under her and once again the two were brawling on the ground. It didn't matter how many blows she received from Aethyr or kicks to the sternum from Car and Quex, Kara never stopped fighting back. Then a quick movement of something massive, it was all over. An eight foot tall Kryptonian named Nam-Ek grabbed both Car and Quex, lifting them off their feet and tossing them aside. It was meant to break up the fight rather than inflict harm but it was still impressive feat of strength. Aethyr quickly got to her feet and backed away.

"This is what our warriors have been reduced to?" asked a low but commanding voice. Kara quickly got to her feet and stood at attention as did the others. Commander Dru-Zod, probably one of the greatest soldiers alive approached with a disappointed look on his face. He assessed the perpetrators one by one until his eyes stopped on Kara. "A bunch of pathetic squabbling children who don't know the meaning of the word discipline," scoffed Zod.

"Sir we were…" Aethyr protested and instantly regretted it.

"Did I give you permission to speak?!" snapped Zod. Aethyr shook her head. "You called Kara-El a freak and defective and yet you are the ones I see as defective and useless. If you cannot maintain discipline when you are off duty then you aren't worthy of standing in these halls. You three are dismissed." Kara's attackers quickly saluted and made themselves scarce. Now Zod turned his attention to her. "Who threw the first punch?"

"I did," Kara immediately answered. She made no excuses as there were none.

"Your father assured me that your genetic flaws would in no way impede you in maintaining military discipline. Perhaps he was wrong and perhaps you should reconsider your place here. You are dismissed," Zod replied coldly. Kara saluted and walked away, certain her future in the army was over. True soldiers carried out their duties and let nothing get under their skin. And yet Kara could be so easily provoked by the simplest of words. Freak. Weakling. Abomination. If someone said these words to General Zod would he strike them? He probably wouldn't even care. His discipline and composure under duress was something to admire and emulate. But Kara never could be like him. He was the perfect soldier and she would never be. She was imperfect both genetically and emotionally.

It wasn't like she could go somewhere else. The Kandor Military Academy was where the future commanders and generals were trained and molded and it was obvious Kara wasn't going to graduate with honors here. Maybe she could try enlisting as a common soldier, not a commissioned officer. That's where all the so called genetically flawed soldiers were sent and they seemed to adapt to their positions quite well. The only reason Kara gained entry into the most prestigious school was because of her family's connections. Her guardian Zor-El was the Krypton's top military scientist and the head of their house Jor-El was friends with Zod and used their connections to get her here. And Kara turned out to be a big disappointment.

She made her way back to the dormitories to pack up her things. Class was dismissed for the next several days due for the Rao Festival Holiday and Kara had plans to return home to see her guardians Zor-El and Alura. If Kryptonians still physically gave birth, they might be considered her parents. But now that their entire race was genetically engineered, caregivers to the young were called guardians. Granted she called them Mom and Dad just as Zor-El called Jor-El brother. Life wasn't always easy with them. Zor-El was always busy with one of his science projects that Kara would sometimes not see him for entire days when she was a child. But Kara wouldn't trade them for anyone else on the planet.

"Cadet," chimed in Xaroz as it hovered towards her. The lantern-shaped machine was personally in charge of delivering messages to all personal on the academy grounds. Because of its close proximity to the Tower of Rao, the capitol building of Krypton, no com unit or unauthorized communication device was permitted in the vicinity. Security reasons was always the excuse they always gave for it but Kara personally thought they just did it to have more control over the students. "You have message from Zor-El."

Xaroz's three dimensional display formed into the face of Zor-El. "Sweetheart I heard you had another fight in the academy. That's the fifth time this semester," it spoke with Zor-El's voice. Correction, it was now the sixth time. "Zod's pull with the school can only go so far. Look I know they're provoking you and they deserve every black eye and bloody nose you give them. But if you're expelled, whatever opportunities you have in the military will be gone. Wait a second…Damn it another circuit breaker! I have to go. We'll talk more after the demonstration later tonight. Everything should be great assuming it doesn't blow up in my face."

Sub-Commander Kara El's eyes snapped open as a klaxon went off. Her shift was going to start soon and she needed to get ready. Like other Kryptonians, she didn't require much sleep but that didn't help if you couldn't get any sleep at all and even when you did you would dream of days gone past. She was so naïve and young then, back when she actually had a family and a home. Kara wanted to be the big hero fighting injustices until the harsh reality of the universe took away everything that mattered to her. Krypton was gone, her parents were gone, and everything worth fighting for or even living for was gone. Kara was sure most of the crew felt the same way and only Zod's guidance truly kept them all going.

General Zod was the leader Krypton needed and when he failed, so did Krypton. In a strange way, Zod's condemnation along with his followers had been their salvation. They survived the destruction of their planet but that left them without a home and as an endangered species. Without a Genesis Chamber to spawn more of their kind, eventually they would die off. Even with their extended lives due to genetic engineering, death was inevitable for all of them.

Kara changed into her dark skin suit, the family crest of the House of El the only real standout feature. At times she just wanted to rip it off her clothing. It was supposed to stand for hope but what hope was left? Her uncle took away Krypton's hope when he stole the Codex. Betraying his own people, Jor-El sent it along with his infant son on a ship that was destined to who knows where. The look on his face that day when he first saw her, it looked like he had seen a whole different person. Perhaps he did.

Kara and Commander Faora-Ul took up positions at the door to the Council Chambers, plasma carbines readied in their hands. Having caught them off-guard, the Sapphire Guard (The Council's Elite Guard) were easily disposed of. They had never imagined their enemy would be Krypton's own military. While the others readied themselves, Zod moved to the door and placed breaching charges. The General was taking point as he felt it was only appropriate that he be the first one those fools see. For years Kara and all the rest of the Sword of Rao had waited for this moment and now it was finally at hand.

Years ago, Zod had grown more and more resentful of the Council and their decadent ways. He originally obtained his position as leader of Krypton's Warrior Caste not just due to his skill and valor but also his indifference to the politics. He would always follow his orders and never ask questions. But as time went on, Zod became more and more vocal about his objections to the Council's decisions. They always had their critics but never someone in charge of their own military. Banishing him in any way was out of the question as Zod had become a hero among the Warrior Caste and the Council feared alienating them. So he was sent off to the other side of the planet to deal with minor rebellions and insurrections to keep him occupied and more importantly silent.

But Zod used that time to gather good loyal soldiers to his cause. Kara was among the first to join him along with Faora. Others joined such as the massive Nam-Ek, the sadistic Tor-An, scientist Jax-Ur, and many others. Zod declared that they were the Sword of Rao and that they usher in a new dawn for Krypton with force if necessary. And when it became clear that it would, Zod cautiously and meticulously began assembling the pieces to launch a coup. He wanted more time but a dreadful piece of news came to everyone's attention. Jor-El reported that the recent seismic events around the planet were a sign that Krypton was going to explode. Harvesting energy from the core had damned them all. This forced Zod to launch his takeover early. They needed to seize power and save their world before it was too late. They were launched the coup ahead of schedule and that came with its own risks but waiting would be worse.

Zod entered a command on the charges and stood ready. The detonation created a blast that forced the door open but left anyone close by unscathed. Kara marched alongside the General as they entered the Council Chambers. She felt a feeling she hadn't felt in years. As if she was finally doing something important, something that mattered to her entire people. The shocked guards inside reached for their weapons but were quickly picked off with blaster fire. "This council has been disbanded," announced Zod.

"On whose authority?" demanded an outraged Ro-Zar, leader of the Council. Kara had never met the man but from what she had heard of him, that was probably a good thing. He was a stubborn old fool that religiously held onto the ways of the past. Zod answered his question with a blast from his rifle, killing the man with a shot to the chest. The rest of the councilors recoiled in horror, wisely remaining silent. Kara nearly gasped, relying on her training to suppress her horror. Zod always told her that sympathizing with enemy was not a trait that soldier should have and being considered the freak forced her to prove she was a soldier every time she went into battle.

"My own," seethed Zod. The rest of the soldiers were unfazed by the violence but deep down it unnerved Kara. Killing the man was unnecessary. They were trying to save lives through this, not add to the bloodshed. Kara knew they would have to kill the Sapphire Guards but not unarmed civilians. "The rest of you will be tried and punished accordingly," Zod declared as Faora, Tor-An, and several others moved in to secure the councilors.

That's when Kara finally realized who was also in the chambers. She knew that Uncle Jor was presenting another plea to evacuate the planet but Kara had hoped that the councilors would dismiss it quickly as they had before. She didn't want him caught up in this. "What are you doing Zod? This is madness," Jor-El snapped as he stepped towards his former friend and colleague.

"What I should have done years ago. These lawmakers with their endless debates have led Krypton to ruin," Zod spoke, the answer more directed at the councilors who were all forced off their chairs and shoved to the floor.

Jor-El's eyes met Kara's but he didn't need to say a word to her to know he was shocked and disappointed. Kara suppressed whatever shame she felt as her uncle turned his attention back to Zod. "And if your forces prevail you'll be the leader of nothing," he said grimly.

"Then join me," pleaded Zod, placing a hand on his former friend's shoulder. "Help me save our race. We'll start anew and severe the degenerative bloodlines that led us to this state."

Jor-El's eyes narrowed. "And who will decide which bloodlines survive Zod? You?" he challenged.

Though he masked his emotions well, Kara could tell that Zod was not pleased by the answer. "Don't do this El. Your own niece has taken up arms with me," explained Zod, indicating Kara standing beside him.

"Is this what you've become Kara? Is this what Zor would want you to be?" snapped Jor. The words stung but Kara refused to show it. After being insulted and mocked for so many times, she learned to mask her emotions from anything. And nothing stirred up her emotions more than mentioning her father.

"Be reasonable Jor. The last thing I want is for us to become enemies El. Join me and save Krypton," Zod begged.

"You've have abandoned the principles that bound us together. You've taken up the sword against your own people," Jor answered. "I will honor the memory of the man you once were. Not the monster you've become."

Zod's eyes went from pleading to dead cold. "Take him away," he ordered Tor-An and three others. They seized Jor-El by the arms and led him away.

Kara watched them leave with concern. "Sir what are you doing to him?" she asked.

"Relax Kara. I have no intention of killing him. Once our victory is assured he'll come around," assured Zod. Faora shoved a councilor towards an exit along with the rest of the council members. "Only one thing left to secure," he spoke to himself as he tapped the communicator on his wrist. "Commander Gor report in. Do you have the Codex?" static was Zod's only answer. "Commander Gor report," repeated Zod but still no answer.

Gor's job was to lead a team to infiltrate the Genesis Chamber and take the Codex by force if necessary. Such a mission was beyond vital and Zod gave Gor some of his best men. If they had failed then the Chamber's defenses were far superior then believed. "Kara take a squad and reinforce Gor's men if they're still alive. The safety and acquisition of the Codex is your top priority. Bring it to me at all costs," ordered Zod.

"All staff report of the bridge immediately," came Faora's voice over the intercom, snapping Kara back to reality. It must be important if they were summoning the entire crew. After strapping on her Kryptonian Battle Armor, Kara made her way to the bridge. The Black Zero was massive and originally a prison barge but now it had become something more. After years of scavenging among the ruins of the various Kryptonian colonies, the ship was now merged with a World Engine and had underdone years of retrofits to make it capable of supporting the crew for centuries. Ironic how a prison barge that was used to keep criminals away from Krypton had become Krypton's last hope.

There were twelve survivors onboard the ship. General Dru-Zod was the one person who kept the crew going with his passion and charisma. No matter how hopeless their mission seems he always kept everyone driven and committed. Commander Faora-Ul was second in command and one of Zod's closest confidantes. The fact that she was so close to the General made working with her difficult at times. Kara always considered Zod to be a father figure after Zor-El died and had what could be considered a sibling rivalry with Faora. They loathed one another and yet they trusted each other to watch their backs.

Kara was next in line in rank as Subcommander. Her authority over the others hasn't been easy since she was still considered to be a freak among them, especially among the ones she went to school with such as Tor-An, Car-Vex, and Quex-Ul. The largest and strongest among the survivors was the silent Nan-Ek. He was rumored to be the result of genetic engineering to create the perfect soldier but Kara didn't know whether those rumors were true. Doctor Jax-Ur was the only scientist and medically trained individual onboard making him both the Science and Medical Officer. Dev-Em was born of High Councilor Lor-Em's house and yet his loyalty to Zod far outweighed any other loyalties he might have had. Aethyr-Zer and Az-Rel were the two most experienced pilots left alive and as such they divided their time among either helming the Black Zero or piloting one of the shuttles. The final member Tyr-Van was just a soldier who had the misfortune of being chosen by the Council to be punished with the rest of Zod's top followers. Others committed more serious crimes but he was picked among the normal soldiers to serve as an example. Kara might have empathized with him if he wasn't such an asshole.

When Kara entered the bridge, she found the other eleven crew members already waiting for her. "Glad you could join us Subcommander. Hope you didn't overslept," mocked Faora.

Kara was about to retort but Zod ended the verbal fight before it could begin. "Enough," he ordered. The two women calmed down. "We're all here now explain why Tor."

Tor-An activated a display screen which formed into a three dimensional representation of a planet with a series of pulses coming from its southern pole. "General we've picked up a signal coming from the third planet of a nearby solar system. It's Kryptonian," he answered.

Kara was just as shocked as the rest of the crew. After scavenging the various former colonies for years, they found no evidence that any other Kryptonians were still alive. The only exception was Jor-El's son Kal who was launched into space with the Codex. Something Kara could have stopped.

Kara zoomed through the sky on her single rider speeder all the while Zod's forces clashed with the Council loyalists. Dozens of massive cruisers fired streaks of plasma while smaller drop ships strafed one another. Resistance was more intense than Zod predicted but the dice had been thrown. It was too late to turn back for Zod, Kara, or even Jor-El. Her uncle managed to break into the Genesis Chamber during the chaos of the fighting and steal the Codex. Such an act was beyond treason to jeopardize the only thing that can allow Kryptonians to continue their race but it didn't make sense. What could he possibly hope to gain by taking it? Was he trying to keep it away from Zod or the Council or even both? There was nowhere on this planet he could if he did.

When her squad arrived at the Genesis Chamber and discovered what had happened, Kara knew exactly where Jor was going. In the chaos of the fighting, she broke off from the rest of her men and made a decision to go against everything Zod taught her. A soldier maintains discipline and to carry out their orders without hesitation or regret. She should have gotten onto a drop ship with the rest of her men and ordered them to the House of El's Citadel. But there were some loyalties that couldn't be broken in a person such as the one to your family. So Kara deserted her post to find her uncle and take the Codex from him before he got himself and possibly Aunt Lara killed as well. If Kara brought it back to Zod, he wouldn't retaliate against Jor-El or at least she hoped.

As she exited the city and headed to the outskirts, the fighting diminished until she soared out into the wilderness and all was peaceful. Glancing underneath her feet, she saw genetically engineered Rondor beasts roaming the fields oblivious to the fighting amongst the Kryptonians. Almost all of Krypton's natural wildlife went extinct millennia ago and the planet was repopulated with genetically modified organisms to help re-invigorate the environment. But it was all for nothing if Uncle Jor was right. If this planet was in its final days then it was imperative that Zod gain the Codex and ensure that their species can continue on another planet.

Once the Citadel was in sight, Kara readied her plasma carbine. She had no intention of harming her own family but she couldn't take the risk that they might try and stop her. The fate of their entire people was at stake and Kara could not let anyone get in her way. As she set down on the landing pad, she noticed a dead war-kite. Another genetically modified flying creature but she recognized it from her childhood when she used to ride on it with her father. Poor H'Raka had blaster burns on its body and was motionless as Kara knelt down and gently checked for a pulse. She had to hold back a tear when she felt none. Whatever sadness she felt quickly dissipated as she lifted up her rifle and advanced into the building. The entrance opened for her automatically, something that surprised Kara. Although the security systems were programmed to allow her access inside, Kara assumed that her aunt and uncle would have disabled her access after what happened in the Council Chambers. Clearly they hadn't had time to do that.

The Citadel was completely silent as she made her way through it, moving as quickly as she could without recklessly charging into a potential ambush. The fact that there were no traps or security drones attempting to stop her which meant she probably wasn't expected. With such a massive building to search, Kara needed to narrow down where Jor-El was but thankfully the sound of wailing screams narrow it down. The cries of a newborn were coming from the observatory at the top level. Uncle Jor always did seem to enjoy stargazing but who was this infant they had? Did they finally decide to adopt a clone of their House to raise as their own child? That was the traditional way on Krypton.

Rifle raised, she made her way up through the access stairway and could hear voices inside. "We have to say goodbye Lara!" shouted Jor.

"No! Let me look at him!" screamed Lara. "We'll never get to see him walk. Never hear him say our names…"

"I know. But somewhere out there amongst the stars he will live," assured Jor.

Kara was starting to get a bad feeling about all of this and hastened her pace. When she entered the room, she found her aunt and uncle underneath a small spacecraft where an infant child was being strapped into a cradle in what seemed to be part of the ship. Where they launching this baby into space? And if so why did they need the Codex? Kelox, a personal robot that had served the House of El for generations, turned towards Kara. "Welcome Kara Zor-El," it chimed.

Kara didn't need to see Lara and Jor's faces to know that they were stunned as she emerged from hiding. "Where is the Codex?" she demanded before suddenly blasted Kelox, knocking the machine to the ground. Lara screamed in shock but Jor maintained his calm. "Sorry Kelox but I can't let you try that blinding trick on me," spoke Kara. She turned her weapon on Jor. "Just give me the Codex and I'll leave. If the General has come here himself to find it I can't guarantee your safety."

"None of us are safe Kara. Our planet is on the verge of destruction. What you and Zod are doing is not just madness but pointless," said Jor.

"Zod is trying to save Krypton. If bloodlines like those on the Council hadn't existed, none of the radical decisions that are destroying our planet would have happened," explained Kara.

Jor took a step forward. "Are those your words or Zod's? Have you forgotten that Zod considered you a freak just like so many others? You are in that uniform not because of him but because of yourself and your father who believed in you." The words stunned Kara as she tried to maintain her calm. Zor-El was the one who told her she could do anything she wanted to and was the main reason she endured the insults and fights in the academy. The words also had the intended effect as Jor used the opportunity to rush forward and slam his forearm into Kara's face. Stunned, Jor ripped the rifle form Kara's hands and knocked her to the ground. Jor brought the butt of the rifle down on Kara's head and everything started losing consciousness. "I'm sorry about this Kara," was the last thing she heard before everything blacked out.

"Heresy!" shouted a familiar voice as Kara regained consciousness. She opened her eyes and though hazy, she could make out Zod and two others staring down at Jor-El now dressed in Kryptonian Battle Armor and armed with Kara's own blaster rifle. Lara was at a control panel typing rapidly all the while seemingly ignoring what was transpiring around her. "Destroy him!" ordered Zod. Jor blasted both of Zod's men before they could react. Zod charged into Jor, the two fighting over the weapon until Zod managed to knock it out of his opponent's hands.

Kara managed to get to her hands and knees and scrambled over to the dead soldiers. She picked up a rifle and aimed it at her general and uncle but wasn't completely sure what to do. She couldn't fire regardless since the two were constantly spinning and hitting one another. And even if they did stop moving, could she really shoot her own uncle? The fighting ended with Jor slamming Zod's head into the wall, knocking the general to the ground. But when Jor reached down to grab his rifle, Kara aimed and shot the weapon. The resulting blast knocked Jor off his feet but he was otherwise unharmed. With the situation now under control, she lowered her weapon to get to her feet.

"Kara stop Lara! The Codex is onboard that shuttle!" shouted Zod who was still too dazed to stand up.

Kara trained her weapon on her own aunt. "Step away from the console," she ordered. There was an empty look in Lara's eyes as if she wasn't afraid, angry, or sad. She turned back to her console and continued working.

"Shoot her!" ordered Zod. Kara fired a warning shot that breezed past Lara's head but didn't touch her. Lara was startled but still refused to step away.

"Aunt Lara don't make me do this," pleaded Kara. Then an idea came to her and she turned her rifle towards the shuttle. A well placed shot could disable the ship without damaging the Codex.

"No!" shouted Lara, finally stopping.

"Kara don't! Our child is in there. Your own cousin. If you damage that shuttle you could kill him," pleaded Jor as he got to his feet.

"What child and why are you sending the Codex with him?" demanded Kara.

"He is Krypton's first natural birth in centuries. We gave him the Codex to start Krypton anew on another planet. He is our people's last hope," explained Jor.

"Kara shoot it! That's an order Subcommander!" shouted Zod. Before he could scramble to his feet, Jor put him in a chokehold to restrain him.

Lara moved her hands towards the launch button and froze. Was she afraid that Kara might shoot her if she did or was she more afraid that Kara would shoot the shuttle? In the resulting few seconds, Kara wasn't sure what to do. What if Jor was right and this boy was Krypton's only real chance to start anew? Kara believed in Zod's cause but could it actually succeed? In the end, it was one simple reason why Kara couldn't take the shot. She couldn't kill an innocent child. She lowered her weapon and Lara pressed the launch button.

"No!" Kara could hear Zod scream but her eyes were fixated on the shuttle as it launched through an opening in the ceiling and into the sky. The sound of a thud finally pulled Kara's eyes away from the craft as she turned to her Jor dropping to the floor. Zod stood over him, a bloody blade extended from his forearm gauntlet. Kara dropped her weapon and scrambled over to her uncle. She glanced up at Zod who had a grim and haunted look on his face. Kara immediately began applying pressure to her uncle's wound, trying to stop the bleeding. Lara rushed over to his side as well with tears in her eyes.

"Thank…you…" Jor whispered to Kara before clenching his wife's hand and breathing his last. Tears swelled up in Kara's eyes. She killed him. She may not have pulled the trigger but she was an accomplice to everything Zod did and now her uncle was dead.

"Your son Lara. Where have you sent him?" demanded Zod. Already his calm demeanor had returned despite killing someone he called a friend and brother years ago.

"His name is Kal son of El and he is beyond your reach," Lara spoke with conviction in her words. Zod stormed off and after that time just seemed to slow down as Kara kept staring at her uncle's corpse. She didn't even take her eyes off him when the Sapphire Guards showed up to arrest her.

"Are we even sure it's Kal-El who's broadcasting the signal?" asked Jax-Ur as Kara finished reminiscing.

"It doesn't matter. This is the first sign we've had of any other surviving Kryptonians other than ourselves. Set a course to the planet immediately," ordered Zod. Aethyr and Az nodded and quickly began making the calculations for a Phantom jump.

"And if it is Jor-El's son? What do we do about him?" asked Faora.

Kara didn't like the Commander's tone. "You're talking like he's some kind of enemy. For all we know he could reaching out for any other survivors. Perhaps he wants to be found."

"I have no wish to spill anymore Kryptonian blood. Kal-El will be welcome among us if he is willing to join," said Zod.

"And if he isn't?" asked Faora.

"Should Kal-El resist then we'll cross that road when we come to it but the Codex is our first priority," said Zod. Kara didn't know to be grateful for this discovery or angry. Once again it seemed like she was going to be in a position where she would be forced to choose between her family and Zod. She prayed to Rao that this time there would be no bloodshed because she had a feeling it wouldn't be that easy. Experience taught her it never was.

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