I adore this movie~ Newt is adorable. And baby Kaijus are adorable.

Umm...disclaimer...I don't any of this stuff, except for my Kaiju design(s).

The last thing – absolute last thing – Newton Geiszler wanted to do when the Kaiju War was over was to go back to his parent's 'estate'. (Estate was definitely an overstatement, he always thought; the cottage could only be described as quaint, and the only overly-large feature was the backyard.) At least his parents weren't home, and wouldn't be for a couple months.

Sure, it would have been easy for Newt to find an apartment or something, but he wasn't exactly rich; now that the Kaiju War was over, no one needed his expertise anymore. The Jaeger pilots would always be rockstars, even the ones that had given their lives, but no one cared about the nerdy little scientists who had made all that possible.

A stubborn scowl had been plastered over Newt's face for days, and it remained firmly in place as he jerked the door open with a little more force than was strictly necessary. The key had been hidden under the mat, as per usual; his parents never listened when he told them the hiding place was too cliché. After all, if someone wanted to break in, that's the first place they'd look for a key, right?

Shaking his head slightly; Newt tended to get sidetracked quite easily; the scientist pulled the door shut and jiggled the doorknob till he heard the familiar click that told him it was fully latched. He had to resist the strong urge to flop down on the couch and take a nap, as he hadn't slept in a day or two. He was worried, as much as he hated to admit it. Kaijus had been his life for as long as he had been working, and he didn't want to do anything else on daily basis. After gigantic, inter-dimensional, cloned monsters, pretty much anything on Earth was about as boring as a sack of Kaiju shit.

Take that back; even Kaiju shit was more interesting than anything on Earth (at least, to Newton).

Sighing grumpily, Newt scrunched up his nose and crossed his arms, looking for all the world like a little kid pouting over his favorite show being canceled. He threw a kick at the nearest wall as he made his way out to the kitchen and back porch, but his boot just bounced off the baseboard.

"Ah, screw… Well, I'm here." Newton leaned his forehead against the cool glass of the sliding door, his fingers idly playing with the latch as his breath condensed before him. When he finally flicked his eyes upwards, the patch of glass immediately visible was completely clouded, and he made no move to wipe it clean. He knew exactly what the backyard looked like, and the glass felt wonderful against his aching head.

Though Newt insisted he only needed fourteen hours of sleep a week to be his usual, hyperactive self, the familiar exhaustion he had been carrying for days began to tug him towards his childhood room. As he turned however, something in the yard caught his eye; something big.

Furrowing his brow, Newton slid the door open as quietly as possible and crept onto the porch, trying (and failing) to remain hidden. His first thought was that someone had set up some sort of meth lab in his parents' yard, which terrified him. There was no way he would be able to fight off anyone who didn't want to leave; his brain was the only muscle in his body that got any sort of regular workout (and the brain technically isn't a muscle).

As he peeked over the handrail around the porch however, he realized that what he thought was a bad situation was actually worse; much, much worse. His fingers shook as he pulled out his phone and frantically began dialing.

"Hello? This is Dr. Hermann Go-"

"I know who this is," Newt hissed. "H-Herm…you're never gonna- you have to- There's an effing baby Kaiju in my backyard."