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For the first time in years, Newton slept completely peacefully; not even an innocuous dream interrupted his slumber.

When the morning sunlight all but stabbed through his eyelids in the morning, it took mere seconds for the man to shoot into a sitting position, eyebrows furrowed; he never slept this well, and it was slightly disconcerting. Feeling as though he had forgotten something important, Newt wrestled his glasses open and onto his face, then cast a sweeping glance around his room. Nothing out of the ordinary presented itself, so he rolled onto the floor and made his way to the bathroom, still vaguely concerned about the nagging feeling in the back of his mind.

Once he had relieved himself and washed his face, Newt popped a toothbrush in his mouth and walked out to the living room, leaving his boxers on the floor where he had dropped them the previous night. This was his house after all and-

What the hell was he forgetting? That was so infuria-

Newt suddenly registered the large, boulder-like mass in the middle of his living room.

Oh, right. That Kaiju was still a thing.

The nagging sensation, which Newt now remembered with disturbing clarity was the Kaiju's consciousness, morphed into a distinctly amused mass of foreign thought that clashed horribly with Newton's own surprise and embarrassment. Hoping to regain some dignity, the human ducked back into his room, throwing on a new pair of sweatpants on his way to the sink.

Wait, since when did he care if an animal saw him naked? That's kind of like your dog watching you have sex. It's uncomfortable, yeah, but you're not actually embarrassed…

Except that there was a mind inside his head that was not his that reminded Newt how intelligent this particular creature actually was. Definitely smarter than a dog. In fact, Ziyou was probably smarter than most humans.

"God, this is bizarre," Newton murmured to no one in particular as he shuffled into the kitchen, ignoring Ziyou, who was now watching the human with his many-eyed head propped on an end table. "I thought I told you to clean this mess up," said Newt exasperatedly as he stubbed his toe on a pan half hidden under the counter. The Kaiju simply continued to stare until Newt rolled his eyes, picked up said pan and began foraging for breakfast, chucking pots and pans onto the counter whenever he came across them. Thankfully, whoever cleaned the house for his parents knew he had been coming, so the kitchen was stocked with the essentials, eggs included.

Once all the dishes had made their way back to the hanging rack and a heaping plate of extra fluffy scrambled eggs had made its way into Newton's lap, the biologist turned his attention to Ziyou. The Kaiju hadn't moved.

"You're not going to do anything I tell you to, are you?"

No, came the amused reply. Newt jumped slightly, still unused to the sensation of a voice inside his head that wasn't his own.

"Well, you can go outside if you want. Don't you have, ah…business to do?"

There was that awkward growl thing again; the more he listened, the more it sounded like laughter.

"What's so funny?" Newt crossed his arms, almost dislodging his eggs from his lap. He made a mental note not to eat on the sofa without a tray.

I haven't eaten anything.


So I do not, as you say, have business do to.

Newt furrowed his eyebrows, his inner (or not so inner) biology nerd rearing its head once again. "How does that work? I mean, I still crap when I don't eat for a few days," he said as he shoveled eggs into his mouth.

The Kaiju finally stood, stretching not unlike a cat. My digestive system is extremely refined, and my body requires different sustenance than yours.

"Well aren't you fancy. What exactly does that have to do with anything?"

Ziyou stared down at Newton for a moment before snorting and turning away. I produce less waste when I do eat and make use of everything I have when I don't eat. I'm more efficient than you.

Newt thought on this for a moment before finishing off his eggs and shrugging. "That makes sense. I guess it just seemed like you all crapped a lot because your big brothers were a lot…well, bigger than you." The human stretched as he stood, then crossed the room to stick his plate in the dishwasher. "So, what's your favorite food then, so I know what to get you?"


Newton stopped in his tracks, suddenly eyeing the Kaiju warily from his place of relative safety behind the island. "Uh-"

Hush. I'm not going to ask you to murder anyone to feed me, and I'm certainly not going to eat you.

Relaxing marginally, Newt tried to look natural as he awkwardly reclined as far away from Ziyou as he could. Nothing like hearing your new pal ate your fellow human beings to give a little perspective.

I haven't eaten humans before. It is simply the only taste the Collective supplied me with.

This peaked Newton's interest. "That sounded like a capital 'C' to me."

Ziyou settled onto his haunches and inclined his dragonesque head. Yes…the Collective Mind, the…hivemind, as you would call it. The consciousness of my fellows. We were all connected, you see. When you destroyed the connection between our worlds, their voices fell silent. I needed something to fill the void, so I searched your kind's collective consciousness and discovered you. You did not loathe us as the others did, so I resolved to make you mine. He snorted out loud, baring his razor-sharp teeth in a predatory excuse for a grin. And so I have.

Throughout this little speech, Newton was stuck between utter terror and fascination. Out of the six billion people in the world, this Kaiju had chosen him to fill its mind space…it could definitely be seen as a blessing or a curse.

"O- Okay, well…we're definitely gonna talk about this later, 'cause I have to be honest when I say that I've wanted to talk to a Kaiju for literally years, so I wanna hear all about your society or whatever, but right now…" Newt trailed off as he realized that he really didn't know where he was going with that particular sentence. He really didn't have anything to do at the moment. It was too early to go shopping (it was actually eleven o'clock in the morning, but Newt had decided long ago that nothing but science could be accomplished before two) and inviting some old friends over was completely out of the question, so… "Well, right now I have to unpack," he finally finished rather lamely before retreating into his bedroom once again.

Several minutes later found Newt sitting cross-legged on the bedroom floor surrounded by piles of folded clothes; he was internally cursing his inability to organize when a puff of hot breath on the back of his neck caused the biologist to flinch violently and externalize a few choice words.

"You could announce yourself, you know!" Newt's voice was unusually high-pitched, but yours would be too if a giant six-legged monster had just snuck up on you in your own home-

Ziyou chuckled inside Newt's mind. You seem affronted when I initiate conversation as well. It is…apparently not normal for human beings to speak with their consciousness.

Newton sighed and leaned back, using his outstretched arms for support. "It's not abnormal so much as it is impossible. Well, I guess some people are supposedly psychic, but that kind of seems like a load of bullshit in my opinion…and there is the Drift, but that's not exactly-"

That is how you contacted the Collective?


This Drift process.

"Yeah, I did. A few times."

And the consciousness that accompanied you?

Newt couldn't help but smile sheepishly. "Yeah, that was Herm. He came along the second time so I wouldn't die. Well, he says he did it to prove he was right about the triple-event, but I'm still ninety-eight percent sure it was to keep me alive."

Ah, your non-mate again. Newt went brick red at this statement, but Ziyou continued speaking, either oblivious or uncaring regarding the human's apparent discomfort. You said he is to join you here? I am anxious to meet him.

"Please tell me you're not planning on eating him or anything. I actually kinda like the guy."

Ziyou snorted. Of course I'm not going to eat him. I'm curious as to how he worked with you for ten years without realizing your feelings for him.

If possible, Newton's face turned an even deeper shade of red. "You're inside my head, that's not fair."

The Kaiju's expression seemed to soften, though Newt later realized it was probably just a brief emotional leak from the creature's half of their mental link.

I do not need to see your thoughts to understand the look in your eyes when you talk about him, hatchling.

Newt slammed his face into a pile of clothes in front of him. Not only was there a Kaiju in his bedroom, and not only was it breaking down every carefully-erected mental wall around Newt's true feelings, now it was talking to him like he was about three.

"Just shut up," Newton mumbled through the fabric covering his still-burning face. The following growling laugh made him want to punch Ziyou in the face.

Too bad he was a giant, inter-dimensional lizard created only to destroy mankind: not really something you wanted to punch, no matter how much he reminded you of your mother.