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It was raining.

The black and grumpy clouds were bursting through the angry sky, releasing frightening roars, while the residents took shelter at their home from the violent storm. The streets of the village were deserted and silent, being only heard the angry and furious screams that were launched on his habitants.

Far from the buildings and people, were the training grounds, muddy and filthy, flooded by water that falls frantically on the ground.

But unlike the streets and shops, these fields weren't lonely. The two corpses stretched side by side drenched in their own blood, that flowed freely with the water, stared with eyes, already demoted of life, the battle that was raging between gods. They were both with the illustrious and respected ANBU uniform destroyed, showing the injuries they suffered and, consequently, led them to their death.

The slaughter sighted there, could put the strongest and toughest men to vomit his entrails.

The legs of each body had small cuts where it could be found tiny splinters of wood and traces of dirt, due to the various attempts of escaping from their attacker. But these attempts were throw into the garbage from the moment that they were hit in the column, incapacitating them of moving their legs.

The torso of each body was in a deplorable state.

The chest and the abdomen were cut open, the ribs of each side were visible, such as the remaining organs that still hadn't been devoured by the hungry insects, eager for more food.

An open book ... that's what the bloody and morbid picture reminded... an open book, ready to publicize and show everything he had, leaving everything and everyone to see its interior.

But the face ... Oh, the face...

Although they didn't had nothing more than a scratch, their face, their expression was what made us petrify. They were pale, with sunken cheeks, mouth slightly open, hiding a suffered scream that had been forced to stay closed. The wide eyes betrayed fear and desperation felt moments before.

A little farther in the forest, we could hear the accelerated footsteps among the groves. A slender young woman with rosy hair and green eyes, slightly more than sixteen years old, ran desperately, as if the devil himself was pursuing her.

For her, this wasn't much different from the reality.

Her clothes, like the other two shinobi, undid itself while she ran, jumping from tree to tree, trying to get away as far as possible from the site and the people that she wanted to protect so badly. Several cuts covered her arms and legs, and her bare feet that made contact with the trunks were a painting of trodden blood and blisters.

She knew she was in trouble, but unlike the other two dead man, her face didn't show any signs of fear, distress or despair, but of determination and courage, showing willingness to confront what or who followed her.

Her tired body, however, had other ideas and unable to move any further, she stumble in her knees. The girl gasped, sweat mixing with the rain, dripped from the temple to the neck.

She prayed that she managed to mislead them, because in spite of being ready to fight, she wasn't stupid, and knew that if she was found, the results weren't going to be satisfactory.

But her prayers and desires were nothing more than a false illusion. She knew perfectly why they were after her and what they wanted. Taking the concealed object beneath her blouse, she buried it, hoping that later her teammates found him in time to save her.

They would notice her disappearance not long after the storm, and they would take even less time to find the corpses that once belonged to her squad. The tatters of her clothing left behind would be enough to find where this was hidden, and hopefully, from that point they would pick up her trail.

They were close, she could feel it.

With effort, she rose and stood in possession of battle, ready to fight for her freedom or even for her life.

A shadow approached, steps were heard and when Sakura turned, her eyes sent a spark of anger and hatred when she found herself staring into two rubies filled with insanity and malice.

- I found you, little girl.

And they disappeared, leaving the small village, named Konoha, screaming from rage and mourning his loss.

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