"Hermione, Hermione, quick, get up!" George's frantic whispers woke Hermione from her deep, comfortable sleep. "What's up?" she said groggily, rubbing her eyes to get the last of the sleep out of them. "It's Fred! He's looking for you! I didn't set the alarm!"

Hermione stumbled out of The Den and ran down the stairs. She was just wondering where to go when she felt the urge to vomit. Running into the nearest bathroom, she got down on her knees and promptly threw up last night's dinner. She felt someone pulling her hair off her face and holding it in a ponytail-grip behind her head. "Fred?" she croaked. "Hey, Hermione. You were here. I was worried. I didn't know where you'd gone." Fred said. Hermione was about to answer when another wave of nausea ran through her whole body, causing her to vomit again. Once it had subsided, she felt loads better. Standing up, Fred gave her a big hug. "What's up with you, Hermione? I never see you any more… You keep throwing up…" Fred had a confused look on his face. "I don't know, Fred." Hermione said honestly, looking up at him with what she hoped were innocent-looking eyes. Fred sighed, and said she should get something to eat.

Holding Hermione's hand, Fred led her down to the kitchen where Mrs Weasley was making pancakes. Mrs Weasley widened her eyes in alarm as she saw Hermione's pale, feeble, and gaunt face. "Hermione, dear! What's wrong?!" she fussed, pulling Hermione over to the nearest chair. "I just threw up" she managed to gasp out. Mrs Weasley enveloped her into a big motherly hug which, to Hermione, was the best thing in the world. Hermione smiled at her feebly. Mrs Weasley got up and served Hermione some pancakes and a tall glass of water. She ate and drank eagerly – she desperately needed nutrients after throwing up.

Mrs Weasley, Fred and Hermione were sat on the sofa listening to Celestina Warbeck – much to Fred and Hermione's dismay - and reading the news when George came down. Mrs Weasley and Fred greeted him, but Hermione just bit her lip and looked at him. George gave her a knowing look, and went to dish himself up some pancakes. Mr Weasley was just coming down the stairs when George came back into the sitting room, with a hefty serving of pancakes. "Fred, are you ready to go?" Mr Weasley asked. "Yeah dad, just give me two secs." Fred replied. Fred gave Hermione a kiss goodbye and promptly left with Mr Weasley.
After a minute or two of a somewhat awkward silence, George spoke up. "Can I see you in the hall for a sec, 'mione?" he asked. Hermione went slightly pink but Mrs Weasley didn't think much of it – she was knitting and humming along to You Charmed the Heart Right Out of Me, one of her favourites.

As soon as George and Hermione were out in the hallway, he dragged her into the bathroom and muttered the charm muffliato. Hermione was just wondering why when he kissed her intensely, full on the mouth. Hermione eagerly responded. George took his mouth off hers and looked her in the eyes. "I want to always be the last one you kiss." He said, and continued, "Now… how about we relive the first time we did it?" he growled passionately. Hermione desperately resumed the kiss. She and Fred's unfulfilling experience last night had left Hermione feeling discontented.

George turned on the shower and let the room fill with steam whilst he and Hermione tore each other's clothes off. Hermione did the leading this time and dragged George in the shower after her. They kissed passionately and were all arms and legs as they scrambled to get closer to eachother. George took his kisses down to her neck and gave her left nipple a cheeky nip. Hermione let out an involuntary groan and threw her head back. She reached her hand to her mouth to stifle her next moan, remembering Mrs Weasley's presence in the next room. "Be as loud as you like, 'mione, I cast a charm, remember?" George breathed. Hermione did so immediately, stuttering grateful mews as George's kisses reached her clitoris. Pushing her up against the shower wall, he gently sucked on her clitoris, increasing Hermione's moans more. Kissing his way back up to her mouth, George thrust his fingers into her awaiting hole and pushed his fingers in and out. George felt the familiar feeling of Hermione's muscles clenching as she found her release. She moaned and let out a sigh of content. "You're incredible, George." She whispered in his ear. Hermione noticed how full his erection was now, and thought she ought to do something about it. She was pushing down on his shoulders for support to climb onto his member when George realised what she was doing, and cupped her behind to lift her up. He dropped her onto his penis roughly and Hermione cried out. She could already feel another orgasm coming as she pumped herself up and down. George gasped with every thrust whilst Hermione kissed his neck. She was pretty sure she was leaving a love bite when George clenched and came inside her. Hermione came with him.

"Oh, 'mione! How am I going to hide this from Fred?" George was sat in The Den looking at his love bite in Hermione's handheld mirror. Hermione walked over to him and put her arms round her neck. "I like it. It shows you're mine." She grinned and gave him a kiss on the cheek. "Now, come on. I think your mum has made dinner."

"Mmm, Mrs Weasley, that smells really good." Hermione said as she and George walked into The Burrow's little kitchen. "Thankyou dear, it's just pasta though." She replied.
As they ate, Hermione was almost certain Mrs Weasley kept shooting looks at George's neck. She was thankful she didn't mention anything. For a few days now Hermione was certain Mrs Weasley suspected something. Hermione and George were upstairs all day; obviously she didn't know for certain that they were up there together but she thought it probable.
George and Hermione excused themselves and went up to bed. Mr Weasley had phoned to say him and Fred had had to travel upcountry on Ministry orders. Hermione was glad of this, for it meant more time with George.

Hermione woke up that next morning feeling incredibly dizzy. She thought it might be hunger, so went to the kitchen to grab some breakfast. Fred, George and Mrs Weasley were already down there. They were just saying their hello's when Mrs Weasley noticed Hermione's pale face for the second time in two days. "Hermione, dear? You look pale again." She sounded concerned. Before Hermione could reply, however, she ran to the kitchen sink and threw up all of the toast she'd just stuffed into her mouth.

Mrs Weasley ran over and held her hair back for her, whilst giving her shoulder a reassuring squeeze.
"Gosh, Hermione. The last time I was that sick I was pregnant with Ginny!"

There was a resounding silence throughout the room. Hermione nervously giggled, and said it obviously wasn't true. She must have eaten something bad.

Mrs Weasley took her aside after the episode and gave her a pregnancy test. "Do it now." She said, looking stern.
5 minutes later, Hermione emerged from the bathroom with the test in hand. She didn't feel nauseous anymore, but was sure she was white as a sheet. Shaking the stick to see the result, she gasped. It was a plus. "Pregnant." She muttered in disbelief. She looked up and there, was a Weasley twin. Her charm had worn off.

Who knew she was pregnant, Fred or George?